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I would imagine that your strat is routed for humbuckers, so if you're willing to eat $10 or $20 for a new pickguard you could expand your options...

I have thought about that. I'd rather not because I hate the look of HSS strats, but I guess if it comes down to it I want tone over appearance.
I'll check out the lace sensors as well then. Thanks
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Probably a hot rails, then. If you don't like the stock single a JB is going to be too similar, EQ wise.

Ah right ok. Thanks for the advice. I'll listen to videos of the hot rails.

What I want really is a Les Paul bridge tone.
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just a thought but a Lace Sensor Red would do the job and retain the positive qualites of a single coil as well (because it is one). it's pretty much noiseless and has plenty of balls for metally type playing.

To be honest I want the humbucker tone too, not just the output. I want to be able to play it with a light amount of crunch too and I find the current single coil in the bridge of my strat to be way too trebley.
I was toying with the idea of buying a cheap LP or SG copy cos I don't have any guitars with humbuckers, but then I thought it'd be cheaper, and I'd probably get a better tone, if I bought a very good replacement pickup to go in the bridge of my strat.

So I want a humbucker that'll fit into it. What are good ones? The only ones I really know of are the Seymour Duncan ones. The JB Jr sounds pretty good in youtube videos, so what about that?

I want it for classic 60s and 70s rock, though if it could be versatile and handle even more gain for a modern tone that'd be great too.
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Also, your guitar may be metric, or not.
Make sure you consider that possibility.

Myself, I would take my guitar to the hardware/electronics/whatever store to match things up.

Well it's a mexican strat, are those usually metric?

Actually now I think about it the allen keys that I've found are metric, so I guess I need imperial ones.
The best sounding fuzz I've played with is the seymour duncan one. Can do classic rock tones like the who, stuff like jimi hendrix, and also modern stuff with insane amounts of fuzz. It's like 6 different fuzz tones in one, very versatile.
I've bought a few sets from a few different shops and I can't find any that actually fit the bridge parts on my strat. It's very annoying. Do guitar shops sell specialised allen key sets with extra small ones that you can actually use on a guitar?

I can't remember the size of the ones I have cos I'm away from home visiting family, but the smallest ones don't seem to fit in it at all.
I concur with all the people in this thread about D'addarios. Most resilient strings I've found.
The rubber things off the top of bottles of Grolsch.

Never failed for me, though I don't swing the guitar round a lot. Worth a try though. You get beer out of it too
I've never had a pick long enough for it to wear out. I always lose it before that happens. I must have like 15 picks inside my acoustic guitar that I've accidently dropped into the hole.
I love Queen. I saw Queen + Paul Rodgers when they were still together and they were awesome. And when I graduated from uni I got a photo with Brian May because he is the chancellor of my university.
I'm a huge huge fan of the Beatles. I moved to Liverpool because of them, and go to the cavern every week (though it's not the original cavern, it was rebuilt with the original bricks).

One of the most underrated songs by them (if you can call any song of their's underrated) is Getting Better. The rhythm section in that song is amazing. So simple, but so good.
Oh My Love by John Lennon used to make me cry when I was madly in love with this girl. The lyrics described it perfectly.
If you're prepared to put in the practice then it doesn't matter what age you start. The only thing is most teenagers not only have the time but the motivation (mainly to impress girls and stuff like that) to practice all day every day. When you have a full time job it can be a lot harder, but not impossible it you really dedicate yourself to it.

Also it depends what you want to do. If you want to shred then that'll take a bit longer. If you want to become a songwriter it wouldn't take you long to learn all the chords and scales that you need.
Probably did what Hendrix did and just flip the nut around.
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It's more likely the playability comes from action/scale length/string gauge. They may raise the action a tiny bit but it's unlikely that it will dramatically change the playability.

Ok thanks, I hope so.
So I should just take it to a shop and see what they say?

I really hope whatever they do to fix it doesn't mess up the playability because it's so much easier to play than any guitar I've ever played, let alone an acoustic.
I have an Echo Ranger, which is over 40 years old and used to be my dad's. Because it's been worn in for so long it's the easiest guitar I've ever played and it sounds brilliant.

But the second fret on the G string only doesn't ring out and buzzes a lot. I've tried different strings, different gauges, but nothing gets rid of it.

If I took it to a shop to get it fixed what would they do? Just file one of the frets down? I'd rather they don't replace the fret entirely cos wouldn't they then have to replace all of them? And then it'd lose it's playability which has been built up over decades. I really don't want to ruin this guitar.
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Always the best option. Don't limit yourself to LPs though, you may find when trying others that you prefer something else. At worst trying others will make you more sure thatthe LP you end up choosing is the right guitar for you.

Yeah I'll try anything I like the look of that has humbuckers. I think I may have said already but someone on another site reccomended the epiphone dot, and I've watched a few demos of it on youtube and it looks and sounds great.
Some of his stuff is amazing. Personally I think his songwriting peak was on Desire, though his best backing band was on Blonde on Blonde.
Thanks for the advice guys. ESP's are out of my price range really and are probably too metal for what I want. Looks like the most common answer is Tokai so I'll check them out, but I'll go to a few shops and try every LP copy I can find. Might end up finding a gem.

It's not gonna be a serious gigging guitar most likely, so I don't want to spend tons on it.

And I don't have any problem buying pre owned, it's just that I'd never buy a guitar without trying it and I don't have a car so I can't go and try an eBay seller's guitar that easily.
I've been out of the loop for years about electric guitars cos I've been focusing on acoustic stuff, but I want something with humbuckers cos I only have a strat and a tele.

I love the look of Les Pauls so I thought I'd get a replica cos I can't afford a real Gibson.

What are the best brands? I only know of Epiphone and Agile (and I don't think you can buy agile here in the UK, and anyway I'd never order a guitar online because I wouldn't get to play it first).

I'm also open to other guitars with 2 humbuckers, like SGs, and someone reccomended the Epiphone Dot which I like the look of.

I want something for 60s and 70s rock and blues. Something I can play fat sounding power chords like Pete Townshend, and a really thick clapton-esque lead tone.

I can't remember what amps I have, cos I haven't used them in so long and I'm not currently at home to check, but I know one is a 15 watt Laney tube amp and a 90 watt solid state fender.

EDIT: Also I'd probably get new pickups for it. Like Seymour Duncans or Bare Knuckles