Still like that garage punk stuff.

Don´t listen to hardcore a lot.... After listen to a band I like, most of the time I mark that they are british and from the 80s and listen to a band I don´t like so much, I mark that they are from the USA and from the 80s.
I´m looking forward to summer when The Lurkers come to Germany again and I´ll also see Subhumans and Drongos for Europe in Enschede.

Anyway nice to see you are still alive and unusually have a band.
Lots of old users here (probably cause there are no new ones).
Stepped by for that requiem.
Mat you should send me some new stuff you´ve made. I play Katzengesang from time to time. When I did it on a regular wednesday meeting at my flat, someone said, that sounds not different from the other punks stuff we´ve heard (he likes the Black Keys so he has no credit). But considering him you sound like Slaughter & The Dogs Doin it Dog Style and Boomtown Rats s/t
seems so.....

Sin Dios
La Stasi
Fiskales Ad Hok
Kaos Urbano
Quote by BrianApocalypse
What up guys, does anyone have any ideas for band names?

Preferably offensive ones.

I know there's an official 'what should i call my band' thread somewhere but I don't want to read through loads of boring names like Chase the Parade and Subkill.

An Essay on Angie. (NSA on Angie)
Lou Reed..... Last year he´s been on tour in Germany and I didn´t see him. I thought there´d be another chance, when I have the money to get a ticket.
Seeing The Boys and The Lurkers on Saturday and in November Oi Polloi and TV Smith with the Bored Teenagers playing Adverts.

I think Mat once said he saw The Bored Teenagers....
Quote by BrianApocalypse
You should check the Partisans, really good band.

Not technically an Oi! band but they are pretty street/UK82. They were on one of the Strength Thru Oi! compilations.

As Mat said, not technically Oi, but really awesome (at least the old Police Story-Partisans. I don´t really appreciate the newer.)

Anyway, I also like some The Business, Oizone, Angelic Upstarts
( )

or more UK82 stuff like Chron Gen, GBH, Chaos UK, Blitz or Anti-Pasti
You was. Nowadays the term regular doesn´t fit to anybody I think.
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"I'm into surrealism, French, erotic, symbolism and existentialism, including:
René Descartes, Marquis de Sade, André Breton, Georges Bataille, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Mira Gonzalez, Pierre Louÿs, Friedrich Nietzsche, Legs McNeil, Tristan Tzara, Benjamin Péret, Comte de Lautréamont, Arthur Rimbaud, Stéphane Mallarmé, Charles Baudelaire, YHWH.

Check out my music taste:"

a bunch of dudes, how gross. i have been looking for lady writers i can vibe to but have not had much luck outside of a few critic/scholar types. :/


I´ve read Breton´s book of black humour. It´s good. It contains Lichtenberg, Grabbe, de Quincey and some other stuff I´ve forgotten that´s really funny.
de Sade is really disgusting thouhg.
Quote by DanRev

You lot need to check Flann O' Brien - Like James Joyce but concise and funnier, and I ****ing love Joyce but then I have no life so can afford to.

O'Brien is absolutely great.

After reading about his atom-exchange-theory (is that the correct expression in english?), that men get bikes and bikes get men, when you ride on them too often and that it is a sin to ride a ladies bicycle as man, I bought the third policeman and really loved that book.

Until now I got At-swim-two-birds, The Dalkey Archive and An Béal Bocht/The Poor Mouth.....
Just a couple of days ago I finished The Dalkey Archive which is my favourite until now. It´s a story about a young man who accidently meets de Selby a scientist who works on a way to destroy the atmosphere and who meets saints. Furthermore there´s James Joyce who...... I better stop here. You should read that all.

(I think the only novel of O'Brien I still need is The Hard Life which was translated to German by Heinrich Böll, the nobel prize winner of 1972.....).

You probably lose a lot when you translate stuff, but I´ve read a couple of poems and short stories by Bukowski, but to me it always sounds like he´s fighting with a linguistic club, nothing subtle and everything straight out.

I also like George Orwell. In his case I prefer the journalistic work, like Hommage to Catalonia or Down and out in Paris and London.
From time to time I also still read Brecht, Tucholsky, a bit Karl Kraus or Heine. They are all really good, but are rather for a short read.

The last book I finished was the debut novel of Magnus Mills. I´ve read two other books by him like two years ago. He´s really good and I´m proud of myself that I also read authors who are still alive.

I came from the same region where Vonneguts parents come from. I also like his work, though not too often and I think he´s better in writing essays like in A man without a country than writing whole novels. I´ve als read Breakfast of Champions, Slaughterhouse 5 and God bless you Mr Rosewater.

A problem for me is that I need books you can read sitting in a train and the versions of Camus novels I have often have a hard-digestible layout, but the time to read him will come.
Quote by DanRev
I envy you, I want to move to Germany for a bit (thinking Hamburg for a few St. Pauli matches and the like) but I'm already getting dragged into precarity.

Pffff Hipster ...... the guy that brought the Skull to St. Pauli is Altona 93 supporter now, as St. Pauli has become a club of those I´m-so-alternative ****ers.
When I saw the Stiff Little Fingers on Saturday, Ali McMordie was holding a sign saying "The Bitch is dead". I´ve never seen any persons death being celebrated that much.
wow.... not been here for more than a week and nothing new......

is this impious?

Yesterday I´ve been to a Sinn Fein fan shop in Dublin and saw a shirt saying "I still hate Thatcher" a couple of hours later I saw the news at the airport
Maybe it´s helpful to PM Sargasm... he´s the canadian here
I´ll fly to Dublin on tuesday to visit a friend who´s doing an exchange semester there

Anyone already listened to the "new" Jimi Hendrix stuff? Is it worth a listen?
The last time I talked to him was, when he asked for venues in Germany. Just bad that the route was like 500 km away from me.
I can hear their austrian accent..... and usually I don´t hear accents that fast
The music is annoying, as are the people here who listen to it.
No offense for you, but here those super tolerant, teacher kind of people like it.
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I care just as much about this pope as I did the last.

I have to. He´s the last autocrat in western europe (at least since Berlusconi has gone)
That´s because you Americans (yeah I know Canadian la di da) don´t find the Sistine Chapel, cause when you are in Europe, you stand in front of the Uffizi and think that´s it and that Roma and Napoli are just names of pizzerias.
Quote by NarwhalG2G

I like The Dead Milkmen, The Vandals, The Varukers, The Adicts, The Unseen, TSOL, The Dead Kennedys, Jello Biafra.

You kind of like anything......that´s good....

For Varukers go deeper into the D-Beat and UK 82 stuff, like Discharge, Disorger, Chaos UK, GBH etc. For Adicts try some earlier UK stuff, but especially the Toy Dolls.
The Unseen are related to Street Punk stuff, such as Krum Bums or Time Bomb. For most of the rest you can simply go with the early hardcore stuff.
I´m no fan..... but I still think that the things people say about him makes him to one of the better (from a pool of bad choices). I don´t expect there´ll be a pope supporting gay rights in my lifetime, but I think the church can do a lot against poverty, and that´s what he´ll hopefully do too.
New Pope...... anybody cares? He sounds a bit more sympathic than Ratzinger, though he ones greeted me.
Whatever you call this music...... Initiated by a punk sampler, I listened to a couple of songs from their first album (It´s quite hard if you want to keep it legal, as the GEMA makes it impossible to listen via Internet to a lot of bands in Germany).

And I think one day I have to get my hands on their first album as it includes cool 77 stuff that reminds my of bands like The Boys, Dow Jones and the Industrials, Nipple Erectors or Raped...... I´ve never seen a thread about them in the punk forum, but I think they deserve one.
There might have been a thread about this earlier, but the search button does not say anything. To me this song is too monotonous, it sounds a bit like Iggy singing a Roky Erickson song while he rather speaks than sings.
Super Bump..... as we are in a sensitive past loving mood

as Nemo isn´t here anymore, I´ll ask something for him:

Which Punk got its name from T-Rex lyrics?

EDIT: This band did a kickass cover of Jeepstar (it´s rather easy I think, but I doubt that anyone really cares enough..... )
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peavey classic 50. got a solid-state bandit now, it's better in every way. although it sounds like a tube amp even though it isn't, so i'm kinda going against my principles by liking it.

i'm sorta ambivalent about x-ray spex. not ambivalent about "oh bondage" though, it's rad.

i don't like slf because they played deep purple shit before they became clash poseurs.

I once played a Bandit at a concert, it was probably the worst sounding gig I ever played. Though I admit that I´d never play punk with my Delta Blues.

I like Sham 69 though they were a Bluesrockband before....
I never heard anybody getting such a nice sound out of a solid state, including myself, even all those Vox modelling amps. Tube amps are often enough easy, nice and expensive. I´d love to have a JCM...... but my Delta Blues is really awesome.

Anyway..... After turning older one more time, I got some an Elvis Costello and The Attractions, X-Ray Spex, Boys/Vibrators Split CD and a Punksampler and a ticket for the Stiff Little Fingers concert, which is great, as I´m currently out of money and need to move out of my flat.
While watching TV yesterday, there was a show with Biffy Clyro performing..... I find them really boring, though I saw, that I use the same gear as they do..... a Strat and a Peavey Delta Blues
Quote by sargasm
I saw SLF in paris a few years back and they were amazing. They still put on a great show and played just the hits if I remember!

I´ll return from Dublin just a couple of days before I see them
The friend I visit there saw SLF in Dublin, which is even cooler (though I bet it´s the best if you see them in Belfast)
I´ll see the Toy Dolls next week for the third time and I bet it will never get boring.

Furthermore I´ll also see the Stiff Little Fingers on 13th of April..... cool, eh?

And I will not go to the Festival where all my other friends will go, with the only gig of Black Flag in Germany, The Adicts and Bad Brains
On thursday me and some friends will go to a pub in Castrop-Rauxel (how cool is that?) and see punkband from Russia (how cool is that?). We don´t really know the band, but the last time we´ve been to this pub was a couple of summers ago and we walked through this shitty northern ruhr area town for like an hour until we found the venue to see Oi Polloi. During that time we practically met nobody, though it was a rather big street and there was no stage in the pub and in the end of the evening some waiter had to take care that the pogoing people didn´t crash into the bassplayer of Oi Polloi......
Quote by █▐▌█▐▌

(comment dit-on "time to learn german" en allemand?)

"Es ist Zeit deutsch zu lernen"


easy enough
Nun ist es bereits eine Woche her, dass hier das letzte Mal jemand etwas reingeschrieben hat. Es scheint nicht diskussionswürdiges in der Welt der Punkmusik zu geben oder Internetimponderabilien in den Vereinigten Staaten lassen das Forum still stehen.

Time for you to learn German, eh?
Quote by due 07
u guiz r dumb

hey lavazza, sorry if this is an offensive question to ask and i am going to sound like an ignorant american, but how much offense to germans usually take to "kraut" nowadays? does it vary with generation? (or something else?) i'm just curious. friends and i were arguing about it (that sounds dumb, but basically he declined to use the word "krautrock" 'cuz of its origin and evetually decided he would stop saying "sauerkraut" lol. btw, is sauerkraut called sauerkraut in germany?)

sorry for the dumb questions, yr like the only german person i know.

my last name is of german origin i think, maybe it's french though. but check it out, i'm pretty sure i'm related to this evil dude:

Sauerkraut means Sauerkraut in Germany. I doubt that "Kraut" is really an offense for most people here, it probably just matters how you say it, your tone etc. It seems to me that Adolf Galland was born between where I was born and where I am most of the time at the moment ( I was born in the region from where the parents of Kurt Vonnegut come )

Oh and for Americans those questions are ok. Standing in Rome in St. Peter´s basilica behind a man that asked his wife "Is this St. Paul´s Cathedral?". That´s dumb.

Edit: Oh, and I´m currently looking for a flat, one of the ones I remember from the internet was in the "Krautstraße" (Krautstreet)
A guy who´ve mixed us at some gigs during the last year and also jammed and played with us and used to hang around at our rehearsal room went back to Peru in the end of last summer, but he wanted to move to Germany completely and now he has won "Yo soy Perú" which is the peruvian version of American Idol
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Fuck you all I hope you die.

wow....... Rizzo is my......... na
I´m thinking about reporting this post....... If he´s gonna ban himself?
I remember you......darkly.