Gravity Force is really fun. There's a PC version though that runs better.

2D side scroller based off Portal

the Classic Reload website is super cool though, tons of old games emulated in your browser.
who let the dongs out
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I only have one. I sell them

ahh that's neat. Is that a viable way to make some cash or just a fun hobby that brings in a little bit to justify it? Not trying to get all personal, just interested.
I still like brick and mortar. Am I a trash pleb normie?
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Hard to beat having a random ass password for every single site like 1gM^1q&kFQCDIrhc. This way I can have one really good password to remember, and don't have to worry about the rest. There's no way I could remember 47 different passwords and which one goes to which site. And screw constantly resetting passwords. Before using last pass I had a good one for my bank, a good one for my email, and used one good one for everything else. When my steam account got compromised (didn't actually lose anything due to 2 factor authentication, but still). I said fuck this and went with last pass. Also nice having it sync up with my phone, so if I'm logging into something on my phone I can just use my fingerprint.

I don't trust the built in browser password managers. Don't know if it's still like this, but last I saw they store them in plain text on a file in your computer. No encryption.

this dictates pretty much the whole progression of me finally opting to use last pass. I even deleted all my Google saved passwords, because if my Google account is compromised, then bam, everything is out. I mean, same for Last Pass, but it's lesser known and no one will even know I have it. Except now. Pls don't hAcK me.

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Anywho, got some Ryzen stuff in today. Now I gotta figure out what to do with it.

How many computers do you have?  
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Why would I use LastPass? I dont like the idea of storing my passwords on it when its been compromised twice.

My old man uses LastPass too so I cant say I have faith in it. Its not hard to remember your passwords the normal way either so I have no reason to bother.

i just cant ever remember my passwords. I never use the same one twice, and when you have 30+ passwords it gets tiring resetting them all the time.
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and not to use silly password managers

have you USED LastPass?
it's life changing tbh
im deleting all my animes
oh yeah, idk about 3D titles but I was playing megaman x4 on my Pi flawlessly.

my Pi has been collecting dust though since I moved, got internet, got my PC running, and now have built a new one. Thinking about wiping it and installing the latest retropie. Fortunately I access all the roms and saves from a flash drive so it should be pretty simple. I've forgotten most of my Pi knowledge though.
I have yet another drive related question.

I've been trying to install programs to my secondary hard drive to D:\Programs, yet while things get installed there, other components still get installed on my SSD in folders such as C:\ProgramData or User\Appdata. This is pretty inconvenient, I'd rather not have things sprawled out across drives, and I'm not going to make dumb symlinks for each individual thing.

I can't find anything useful googling.

It seems this is not possible. I guess if the appdata folder gets too big, junction linking it is.
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Its literally a button that says 'consolidate files'

I'll have to install it again and uh... find this.. button.
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We need to go deeper

Like I always create project folders, save the project to that folder, and tick the box that moves all files to that folder. Is there something else?
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I've been meaning to see if I can figure out a way to clean up my folder full of wav files from reaper without losing anything that actually goes to a project. Didn't think about it at first and now they're all in the same folder

I'm not sure if this help, but every time you save your project, make sure the option is checked that moves all files into the project folder. I forget to do that sometimes, so things get stuck in Reaper Media folder. Maybe there's an easier way of doing this, I had a really old version.
I tried to just delete everything but ran into a ton of permission problems that I couldn't seem to get around. Renaming Windows to Windows.old worked, but a ton of windows program files folders wouldn't budge even when I change permissions for the whole drive to administrator. Ended up just removing the recovery partition through cmd line and doing a full format. Maybe now the drive won't rev up and down randomly when I'm not accessing it. It's legit the only part of my computer that makes noticeable noise.

I moved what I needed to my SSD and moved them back, but I know I lost a lot of things. Oh well. Goodbye Reaper Media folder that probably contained rouge wavs that were supposed to be in their project folders

edit: forgot to move my VST folder whoooops
Oh I actually have a question.

I'm using my old HDD, but I want to keep a lot of the files. Is it okay to organize them in folders at the root of the drive and just delete everything else, windows files and all? Or would it be better to transfer everything to my SDD (if everything will fit) and reformat? Kinda don't feel like transferring everything to the SSD and back again.
I went down the whole keyboard switch rabbit hole a few weeks ago. The only keyboard on display at Best Buy had blue type switches and was fucking loud and I decided against it. Bought a K70 with red switches. I kinda like it. There's no click or tactile response, but the keys themselves are still very loud when bottoming out and going back up. It's comfortable to game on though.

What I actually want to try out is the Razer Ornada. It wasn't out on display, but the box has a cutout to test the keys. That thing is so smooth and has the lightest "click" sound. I think it's like a mech/membrane hybrid or some shit, but I really liked it.
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Pretty sure they sell a Ballistix kit with a silver or camo IHS actually. I bought a 2x4GB Ballistix kit last month when I built that i3 6100 + r9 270 system and it was silver. Grabbed it off amazon actually. Personally I never run fans on my bottom intake. As for your GPU, do you have a custom curve set or are you just using the default fan curves? Setting a custom curve would probably cool your GPU down. 

Ah they do. I definitely would have rather had silver, but either I didn't see it, or I was just going for the lowest price. It's like $10 more a stick for whatever reason and I was like really pushing my budget. And by that, I mean I was trying to max out my Amazon card and couldn't go over

My next build, whenever that is, will be an all white mATX or possibly even ITX and it's gonna be super clean. Aesthetics will be a priority as I'm comfortable building now.
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Its better for sure

I'd probably ziptie the cables from the PSU and make that area neater. I'd also run the PCI power under instead of coming out of the side and attaching your GPU. A PSU shroud would've been really helpful at making it look mega neat but obviously you can't really add one to your case but it might be a thought for future cases. The red IHS on the RAM and the red SATA cable kind of bugs me unless you're going for a Hulkamania look as well but that's just me being nitpicky.

I used that specific SATA cable because the SSD has no locking mechanism and every other cable was really loose. That one seemed to hold the best.
The ram I got just because it was like $82 a stick lol.

a PSU shroud would have been nice, but I'm also wondering if a bottom intake or exhaust fan would be worthwhile. I still plan to add a fan or two sometime. I'm not sure the best config for good airflow. I figure two intake in the front, one exhaust in the back, and maybe something on top or bottom. Nothing is getting too hot, but the GPU can hit high 70s sometimes.
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Oookay, computer question/problem. I got my SSD, plugged it in,(had to steal my SATA from the disk reader, oops) got all my data moved over to the SSD as I don't have too much junk on it. Then the problems came. apparently, HP BIOS/UEFI is made for cavemen that should never know it existed. The computer recognises the drive, obviously, but I can't choose to boot off of it. The BIOS does not allow it. I read that I could unplug the HDD and force it to boot from the SSD but that becomes an issue of installing Windows to the SSD. I don't have a backup disk, and I read that Dell offers a tool to create a recovery flash drive. But it's asking for a service tag, which makes me think I won't be able to use it on my HP unless there's a tag hiding somewhere. 

tl:dr, how do you usually install windows on a new drive? And am I missing something?

EDIT: looks like I was using the wrong tool. Microsofts' media creation tool, not Dell. Still looking for input, just in case I'm missing something yet. 

I'm still a little unclear. You do want to install Windows on the SSD right?

Just boot from a bootable Windows USB drive, and you should be able to choose which drive to install Windows on. I'd also recommend using Rufus to create the bootable USB, there's a nice guide you can Google. Otherwise Windows creation tool should work.

After that, the BIOS should let you boot from the SSD. But maybe you're running into a problem I never have.
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Auto OCing never works out IMO. I always do it manually. Especially since I dont like some of the voltages I would get on some auto settings.

I think this is the first time Ive seen the back cabling being neater than it is at the front.

Haha it actually came like that... Those are all the front panel cables.

I just redid all my cable management, so it's clean in the front, and a little more messy now in the back. I'll get some pics in the morning.

Also my friend just built his first PC and I helped him pick out parts. Pretty similar to mine. I told him to just go prebuilt because I didn't want to basically build it for him with my still pretty lackluster knowledge, but he kinda got set on building, so I did what I could.

i5 8600k
Hyper 212 Evo
PNY GTX 1070
Gigabyte Z370P D3
Ballistix Sport LT 2x8gb 2666mhz
Crucial MX500 500gb SSD
Some 1tb 7200rpm, idr it was the most popular
Corsair 270R case

I skimped out on the cooler, ram, and mobo because he had a budget, but really wanted a 1070. Cheapest new 1070 I could find was $430 on eBay, and he was okay with that. Everything works and probably not as wonky as a build as mine tbh.
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That was mostly why I was asking but there is nothing wrong with having a Z370 if you actually plan on OCing in the future! Otherwise they are a bit overkill.

Also, suites like Aida64 put your computer under way more stress than you would under regular operation. 70 degrees in Aida64 with air cooling isnt actually that bad at all (assuming you arent just running it for 10 minutes and calling it a day) and you wouldnt be getting near those temps during normal usage either way even under load. Aida and Prime95 are good tools to test and stress your build but I personally dont feel they reflect a typical load on your CPU. Theyre called stress tests for a reason.

I actually fucked up right off the bat. The tuning utility in the bios asked me some questions about my parts, like tower cooler, if I'm gaming, etc, and it OC'd the 8700k automatically. It hit 90c and my computer restarted while using RPCS3 lol. That was with my old Hyper 212 though, and that's when I immediately bought the Noctua, but decided not to overclock for now until I feel like doing it manually, if I even ever need to.

My i5 3570k lasted for 5 years and it's still kicking. I had it OC'd to 4.6ghz the last few months. So I figure the 8700k will last even longer. I went overboard but I feel a lot more future proof, all I need to do it get a better GPU sometime. Maybe if ram ever goes back down I can get a faster set, but after some research I'm not seeing a significant improvement over like 2666 vs 3200, at least for gaming.

Also pics. I wasn't going for aesthetics at all, and my cable management is trash. I didn't use the grommets . I plan to tidy up the cables sometime soon though, but I'm having trouble justifying it when everything is fine.
that's nearly double what I make so maybe?
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Bit of a funny hardware mix but sweet anyway! We need pics though

Are you overclocking? I noticed you bought a Z370 and have a K processor.

Mainly got it for the option to, but it runs so hot. My temps are like 70c even with that big ass Noctua in Aida64, and it was only hitting 4.3 on all the cores. I'm not sure how far I could go.

Also I wasn't even aware there were other boards for Coffee Lake besides z370 when I bought everything . I've since learned about H and B boards, and if I were to redo everything I'd probably have saved a bit of money and just got a 8700 and a cheaper board.
Just built my second computer ever. Had to relearn everything.

CPU: i7 8700k 
Cooler: Noctua D15s
GPU: GTX 1060 3gb 
RAM: 2x8gb Ballistix Sport LT 2666mhz 
Board: Asus TUF Z370 Plus 
Storage: Crucial 500gb SSD, and my old 1tb drive
PSU: Seasonic 650w from my old computer 
Case: Fractal Design Define S

Keyboard: Corsair K70 (MX Red)
Mouse: Logitech G402

Watcha'll think? Everything came to about $1100.
I realize the CPU is a bit overkill but I wanted to make sure RPCS3 ran as best it could. Would have balanced it out with a better GPU but prices are crazy and I found that 1060 for $190 and couldn't pass it up.

The upgrade to SSD is also ridiculous. I've never owned a computer where I could just open a folder and it was instantaneous. And having windows boot up in like 5 seconds is nice.
why is music still this cringey
I grew up in Orlando and that's all I have to add

It's better than where I live now.
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42, more impure than not

Damn that's what I got.

You're dirty.
I'm 24 and it said 24. Cool.

Also this was the most British test I've ever taken.
I recently moved to where there is only lower speed DSL and I don't really feel like getting it so I just tether my phone data to everything. It's fast enough to stream Netflix in HD so whatever.
I got into a relationship that I'm still in around the same time I whipped up to courage to start banging people, so only 4.
Vomiting by far.

And I have a lot of stomach problems and constantly have diarrhea so I'm used to it. But like, diarrhea is just diarrhea. It sucks, but you go, deal with it, and whatever. Vomiting comes with nausea and for me that's ones of the worst feelings.
Working night shift, I mainly remember sleeping and working and fucking my schedule up on the weekends and having terrible Sunday nights/monday mornings. So overall it wasnt great and I expect the same for 2017.

Key points tho:
-got hired in at my job right at the beginning of the year (was a temp for 8 months)
-went to Gulfport MS, and then east to Orange Beach, AL on a little vacation
-went to Chattanooga, TN on vacation and did all the attractions
-started renting my own place.
-bought my first 7 string and had a lot of fun with it. Bought another 7 string after that.

Idk that's all I really remember.
I have a bluetooth controller for my phone and play SNES a lot of the time. Or just watch Netflix, or browse random shit.

I have a loooot of spare time at work.
I didn't do Christmas and saved a lot of money not buying things people would take back or not use
The Blackstar could definitely be used as a boost with the drive off, but it's an incredibly expensive unit for just a boost. Although with 3 tone controls it may work even better than a TS style pedal.

I used to use a Boss DS1 as a boost and didn't notice it being much different than a Tubescreamer. Distortion off, volume maxed, and tone to taste.
Hell yeah dude, I was gonna recommend the Helix before I saw that last post. That thing is comparable to the Axe FX at a much lower price.

It could even replace your whole rig too. Try to run an amp model without cab modeling into the power section on one of your amps. You might be surprised.
Is this the only guitar that's done this?
Guitars are equal temperament instruments and especially the B and G strings are not actually in tune with the other strings, especially noticeable on bar chords.

On every guitar I've ever owned, the open and 12th frets will be in tune, but notes in between with often register slightly sharp on a tuner.

If you don't really notice it when actually playing, I'd ignore it. But if you really hear it being out of tune, there may be something going on.
dude this thread is 7 years old.