y'know, i can think of someone at least as epic as Jesus from Australia...
yeah it's creepy, but i like creepy guys. *shrug*
maybe. but only if i was on it.
whiskey + coffee. best EVAR.
i wish i got pee shivers...
i wish i got pee shivers...
Quote by armon77
ewwww goodness no, i hate centered lip piercings. i'd rather have my ballsack pierced than the middle of my lip.

well, he asked for a girl's opinion.
get one in the center. two is just awkward. or better yet, get a tongue piercing instead.
Dont" Fuc With Cythulu
roll a ****ing joint...
if i'm drunk at home (which i have been more and more lately) i'll go on here, mostly because there's no one else to talk to at like 2 or 3 in the morning.
jack daniels and coke... or vodka and izze...
^ well yeah, but being a girl and having to deal with my own period blood kind of ruins it. blood's exciting, as long as it isn't coming from her uterus.
maybe you could meet halfway... like only have her do parts of the clown costume at first and do a few favors for her?
ate a girl out on her period...

i regret nothing.
music is my crackrock...
lady in the water, legally blonde, bedazzled, galaxy quest... so many wasted hours...
for this, you die.
the link to my list of songs is in my sig
can you make orange chicken?
i used to, when i had a lock on my door... then we moved.
just ****ing own up to it. you made a mistake and things will only get worse if you keep on lying. seriously, can you come up with a good reason to rob your "friend"? i really want to know. or at least see you make an ass of yourself trying to explain... take some damn responsibility for your actions.
yeah dude that confused the hell out of me
why'd you say you were kensai??

and i'm a girl, my number should be in bold...
a lot of really random ****... i don't really know. what am i wearing?
^ wait was that you?
i'm fairly sure i just got a call from one of you guys... i'm stoned as **** though, i have no idea.
you get hyper and happy, everything seems more vibrant, you have increased feelings of empathy/love towards whoever you're with. it's a lot of fun, but dont' do it more than once every week or two.
i was like 11 or 12... i wasn't really masturbating to anything, i was just bored. *shrug*
epic ass****ery.

hells ****ing yes.

go play in traffic
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>.< indeed. WC is an infected pimple on the ass of the Bay Area.
i'm going to catch up on sleep and possibly homework, then go downtown and panhandle to get money for cigs. my life is pathetic.
damn... you need a hobby.
fast food restaurants dont' care if you drink their soda as long as you use one of their cups
i take cups out of the trash too, and throw them away afterwards. the reason your flask smells bad is because you put all kinds of **** in it and don't wash it.
east bay, 925.
USA - Verizon


EDIT: texting is fine if you have Verizon
Jonnie Walker. and this is coming from a girl.