Right i need some help, pleasee

I went out with this guy for nearly a year, this was around a year ago, we broke up cause he 'didn't feel the same way anymore' and i was pretty gutted, however i got over it. Recently we've been talking more, and getting along more, and stuff ended up happening, it was weird cause it felt like when we were together again, then a couple weeks later i stayed at his house on my own, and it was nice we kissed etc, he acts like he's interested. I got a mutual friend to try and subtly find out if he likes me again, he said, 'maybe' and that he wasn't really sure. That he didn't want to hurt me again. But he also said he would feel like a dick if we got back together and he still liked other girls. That he wants to be with someone that he wouldn't like anyone else with...

so i just need an opinion on this? Is this good, should i be hopeful? or give up?
yes i do like him again and would want to get back together

any comments appreciated
Some weirdo Furby Island thing I saw in spain. It was creepy
We're all naked....

under our clothes

and for me PJs
Whats the guitar one?!
Get rid of the 20 and put umbrella

Yes, yes I am subtle
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Of these movies which should I watch?

-The Professional

I've seen Blow like 10 times already but I love it


Or Blow again!

Today I got up at 10am. Then went out got the train, went and saw my mates. At 8pm came home and went on here. Woop
They last ages!

But at first they really fecking hurt your feet. Expect many blisters

Worth it though!
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I shall try my best good man

why thank youu!
willllyou do bulding the church by steve vai
yourr motherrrrrrr ;p;p
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i actually did that.

i wrote it in small print thinking that it would be erased.

i comeback an hour later and its in huge yellow writing.

haha that would be me
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You spelled calligraphy wrong too. Also, I find that style of calligraphy somewhat ugly. Try something like copperplate.

Well sorry for not meeting up to your standards.
Copperplate is too hard

Bit wonky, had no lined paper.

stupid english class haha
can i have the h4x as well? since im in britain i can help after the wave and during.

i also think KATG!
Make me an attacker please
On the audacity file just click export as mp3 or export as .wav?
Is the second one something to do with the midpoint of each vertexx?
vertex are corners?!
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I would, but it sounds stupid. Just assume that I DO still like doing these things, and they aren't destructive in anyway... its just that even though I enjoy these things, I still end up depressed over it.

Yeah I kinda get what you mean.


I don't get it though haha gawd

Its almost 5 in the morn, i cant think, explain a bit more?
Care to explain...?
Pfftt, cause that usually happens
Yay nice to hear
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I would like to see you say that to their faces. And then when you get the radiation breath, you won't be so cocky. Or a spike tail to the face.

Yeah but a spike tail to the face can't hurt if it doesn't exist! muha
Haha what a freak

and how can someone HATE google!!?
Neither exist and its a fictional TV show??


aww spoilt sport ;P
After a few days mine came back if that helps?
They tell us pointless stuff

Such as what milkshake is better haha
haha get the black filled in more!
hahaha i wrote the sex near UG
Does this guitar
smell like chloroform?

or something along those lines

wait.. that's a pick up line...

They are disgusting really

taste like liquid candy and not even a good kind of candy

I also know someone who used to be addicted to them

pretty crazy really :z
Move out? haha

or let her get on with it? I'm sure she can't stay angry for that long.
Once my friend told me they always went to a kebab place. Then it was closed down 'cause they were using cat meat. mmm tasty hahahah

so sweet
Someone who starts threads like these
only joking

erm when someone can't succeed? i don't really know
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It was a bit dumb, it also sucked that you had to travel around the dresssphere just to unlock bonus powers and things.

I just made everyone dark knights, but it turned out OK, because I killed that high level cactus boss thing at about level 55.

a bit dumb!? it was ridiculous haha I liked how it was in FFX but then I guess the games would be too similar. Well except one was rubbishh
x-2 definitely the worst

what was that dress sphere stuff about? really
Can't you just listen and work it out?
I would but... haha
Let their own marriage break up anyway. haha Most of them do anyway.

But yeah, there are a lot of other people that play and like amazing guitar.
it was well good!!

creepy for kids though!!

no wonder we are all warped haha :p