At the Drive-In - Relationship of Command
I shook hands with Claudio Sanchez and got an autograph back in '07. I don't really feel like I met him, though.

The most famous person I've actually had a conversation with was Thomas Erak.
I don't visit these message boards for years, and when I randomly just enter a thread on the first page, I still see people on these forums bitching about what year people joined. See you guys never, I'm going ice skating.
Watching that video conjures such terrible memories. I'm going to go eat some ice cream.
I wish Black Dynamite was still on Netflix...
I have watched many, but that doesn't make me brave.
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Marc Gasol is the best center in the league y/n?

The blackhawks are bringing the cup back to Chi-town this year!

And Rockford, I totally agree, they look just as unstoppable
The album 'You Fail Me' by Converge. I think it's on par with 'Jane Doe' but the latter gets all the love.
That's because Rush is all flash and no bang.
I'm the oldest at 22. My two younger brothers are 20 and 14.
The best Kenan and Kel episode, hands down, is the one with the guest appearance by Ron Harper. 90's Bulls for life.
Your dad figured out how to use the internet circa 2003

^ Looks like he's out of luck

Do people drink any Bell's Hopslam around here?
Wow what a stupid, old, stupid video. How old and stupid.
This song makes me feel like I'm at the beach in July, tripping balls on acid. The soloing is especially satisfying.

I hope to hear the rerecorded version of this. The parts you are playing sound cool through the bad quality, so I'm sure it would be great otherwise.
Sounds like it would be awesome music for a dramatic sequence in a film of some sort. Not too shabby at all.
Your band sounds like it's worth checking out. Good job.
Anything by Converge
That Hella song is ballin!

I'm haven't really learned anything new lately. Just writing songs and getting better at recording/mixing/etc.
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It could be pretty cool if they did a spin-off with him piecing together the circumstances of his daughters' death and hunting down the drug-addled scumbag that got her back onto the gear. He was an interesting guy, I'd like to have seen more of him.

This show has mad spin off potential.

That being said, I hope they leave it alone after the series finale.
The episode where Homer eats the insanity peppers and hallucinates a coyote voiced by Johnny Cash always weirded me out when I was 8 years old; that episode always stuck with me.
In my travels, I've found Nebraska to be the worst place I've ever been.
It's good living in the part of Indiana that doesn't get caught up in this shit anymore.

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Don't even get me started on IN drivers. Nearly every near accident I have been in, in my own state, is because I was cut off by an Indiana driver. Not to mention your road system is illogical as **** (though that may be the local areas near me and not the state, so that one can slide).

I say that about you guys! Especially on I-90/I-94!
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I'm an 08'er, am I somewhere approaching being an oldie?

yes, I'd say 5 years is a nice little chunk of time.
You should be playing shows before worrying about album artwork and recordings in general, imo.
Put me in the Cubs slot please.

I think they can play .500 baseball (give or take a few wins) this year. Still probably not going to compete much. Anyone think this, or am I just stupid?
This had potential to be so funny.
Yea, hitting the shelves in the fall of 2046.
Insidious is pretty good until the 3rd act. The first 2/3rds of that movie are pretty good.
My friends are USUALLY as down as I am. My girlfriend only likes to drink and smoke weed w/ me. So either way it's all good.
If I had a time machine, there's plenty of other stuff I'd be busy doing.
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sad for the league with this laker's season. it promised a ton of good on court entertainment but has really just been unable to deliver

I disagree. Watching the Lakers this season has been entirely entertaining for me
^ That is the only moth I've ever seen that I could consider majestic.