STEAM SALE. I have No Time To Explain, DLC quest, and Anodyne in my cart. Anything else from the Greenlight sale that's worth checking out? Or are any of these games really not worth buying?
"I can't speak for all the writers on the show."

I would absolutely love to do this. Been wanting to get into voice-acting/narrating for a while now. Unfortunately I don't have a decent mic on hand since I'm still at college.

But best of luck to you man, I'll definitely check out the finished video if you plan on uploading to youtube or whatever.
I watched that video just for shits to see if I've been restringing mine 'correctly' all these years. I saw that he pulled the extra part of the string up, and continued to wind down. But I've always done one wind around over top the extra, and then all the rest down. I guess its kind of hard to describe that without a video. Does anyone else do this? I guess it doesn't make a difference really. Its just the way my dad taught me.

I have to say that this set the bar for GG animations. I love this shit.
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Discuss short bald men.

I actually just remembered this thread the other day and was going to bump. I recently gave up porn while masturbating, just using imagination now, and its really amazing the difference. I feel more satisfied, and don't do it as often anymore. Unless, of course, I'm bored as ****.
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I'm still taking the time to watch through all these videos. But this. ****ing this. Its amazing.

Edit: Seriously man, I'm hooked. I looked up their albums on Spotify and I cant stop listening. They're probably one of my favorite bands right now. Thanks so much dude, and everyone else who contributed to the thread.
What it do, Pit. I can't believe I just said that.

There's likely been a thread like this before, I didn't bother searchbarring.

Does anyone listen to Asian music? Like I've heard some Japanese rock-pop type stuff on anime, and obviously we've all heard Gangnam Style. But I've always thought it was really catchy, and now I find myself trying to find some really good artists and have no clue where to start.

So citizens of the pit, please grace me with your knowledge of K pop/J pop/whatevah

I have nothing else to add.
By Jove I think Ive found it.

I just stumbled upon this today, and thought it sounded like what you were describing.

Edit: I'm really interested in this now. Ill have to check it out if someone finds it.
I love King, actually last summer I bought a bunch of his paperbacks that were on sale "for my mom" (but really just so I could read them ), but I always just had a hard time getting into his books. Like I have a tendency to start them, get bored, and never finish. Ive only fully read three of his novels (Dark Half, Shining, and 11/22/63). I've started Insomnia multiple times, get halfway through, and find myself busy with school work or whatever. Same with Pet Semetary.

Hopefully this summer Ill have more time to read though
Get a few beers in me and I've been known to freestyle. Sober? HELL NAW
Bummer this is only on the east coast, not in the midwest, but I guess we'll have some right? Just not the swarms they'll have on the coast?

I remember being three or four years old and I was so damn fascinated by these things. My dad would be out cutting the grass and they would divebomb him because the hum of the mower attracted them. The dogs would be grazing through the lawn eating them up
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I came here just to post this
Did anyone else notice that Yun Dong is flipping the bird?

Edit: Also, Dong
I didn't mention Carl because there weren't any drastic changes in his character. I didn't get the impression that he had become any more soulless than he was earlier in the season. But I somehow overlooked the whole thing with his mom dying, and how he was before and after. It was interesting that his character remained static through the whole ordeal, compared to how a normal kid his age would be. And yeah it was significant that they showed that, but I wouldn't consider it development.
My opinion of the finale basically reflects what someone said a few pages ago about it being a good episode, just not a good season finale. I would like to see AMC announce that they pulled an April fools on us and that there was actually one last episode, but obviously that's unlikely.

I'm definitely looking forward to next season though. In Rolling Stone the producers said they felt that they rushed this season, and they'll actually be focusing on character development next time. I don't think any of the characters had actual development this season other than the Guvna and his scientist whose goddamn name I can never remember. And even the scientist didn't have a complete development. Rick became slightly less of a dick than he was at the beginning of the season I suppose. Glenn became angrier. Merle was less racist than the first season. Those are really the only examples I can think of.

But yeah, looking forward to that in the next season. WOO lets hear it for character development! Like, comment, subscribe!
I can't be the only one that thought the kid Carl shot looked so much like Pete Wentz I even googled to see if it actually was him

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Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!!!!!

Slow down...

i haven't been able to look at this thread for just over 24hrs, and i come in here to see people listing Andrea as a likeable character?

The only reason they WONT kill her off is because the desire to see her die is a subconscious drive to watch the show for a lot of people. At least it is ONLY Andrea now.

Yeah I like Andrea I think its just a hangover from her likability in the books.
"Man this is a booorring movie. I liked the book much better."

Really enjoyed this episode. Definitely not my favorite, but still a good one
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Daryl, Andrea, and Maggie can't die. That's for sure!

Why not? Because they're likable characters? Never stopped them before...

The majority of the fanbase says that Daryl is their favorite character. I think he is the least likely to be killed of the three for this reason. If they kill him off a lot of people will get pissed and maybe stop watching. But I think the writers might be going for a big reaction like that.

Andrea for similar reasons.

Maggie is Glenn's chance for a happy life. They're getting married, and she's pregnant. Glenn said he wanted to marry her in case they didnt get another chance to. Foreshadowing?
My theory:

Gov. will definitely die, along with most of his people. His right-hand scientist guy might live and join Rick's group, but I'm thinking there will probably be a scene where he goes against the Gov (again) and Gov just gets sick of it and kills him.

Tyresse his lady will likely realize Gov is a dick, and end up with the prison group.

Out of the prison group, Rick and Carl are fine and I think its safe to say that Glenn is too. I read somewhere that Kirkman killed off Glenn in the books because he wanted to develop the TV Glenn more. Michonne is also probably fine because they havent gotten the chance to explore her character much.

Daryll, Andrea, and Maggie are kind of iffy. I feel like they'll kill one or more of them off to get a big reaction from the audience.

Everyone else dies. Carol, Hershel and his daughter, and Lil Asskicker.
70 minutes playtime before I beat the first level of Super Hexagon. Christ this game is hard, but really fun. Definitely worth the $1.
Ive put some thought into this actually, and I think I would be Finn and Jake's dad from adventure time. His personallity matches mine so perfectly.
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Came here to post this

Has anyone gotten the chance to play this yet? Its called Anodyne and its supposed to be sort of based on top down Zelda games, mainly Link to the Past from what I can see. It looks like it could be a really fun game. Its on sale right now, I just want to see if I can get an opinion on the game before I lay down the cash. Is it worth it?
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Aw you poor thing.
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Bastion is on sale, just not on Steam.

Take a link my good man. And Happy Birthday as well

EDIT: Also, Hotline Miami, and Faster than Light

Oh damn thanks a bunch man for the game and the birthday wish. Though technically my bday was monday, I just now got around to getting something for myself. Do I have a weekend ahead of me
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Binding of Isaac. Do it.

EDIT: Super Hexagon for a dollar? Do it too.

I already have Isaac
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Get Bastion!

Looks like it could be good. I would check it out if it were on sale dude
Hey guys I'm looking to get some games for my birthday. I'm getting Terraria, Meat Boy, Braid (games I've wanted for years but never had the chance). Any other games on the steam sale right now that you guys recommend?

There's this Super Hexagon game for only $1 right now, is it any good? It looks cool as hell.
I considered myself pretty damn smart in high school, comparatively at least. But now that I'm in college I feel pretty average. Maybe slightly above average. I don't know if I got dumber, or I'm just surrounded by smarter people. Probably the latter (hopefully ).
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