The JCA-22 should be perfect for clubs.

Customize that bitch. Select the vintage overdrive and vintage crunch options and you'll be golden.

EDIT: I only just realized that they are only shipping the custom jobs in America right now. So, In light of this I recommend the JCA20HV
Style of music?
Current gear?
Cath has pretty much nailed it on the head. Schallers and leather is exactly what you need. If I may, I would highly recommend Levy straps.
They get more fidgety than usual.
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If you list your budget, current gear, and what you want to sound like we can give some suggestions. "The best" is a really weak request, there's no way to answer that.

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^ welcome to GGnA

You'll fit in here just fine

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I thought about being sensible, and then i bought a hot rod deluxe last night.

I wouldn't mind but i live in a terraced house with neighbours who cant even stand the sound of my Greta.

My gear also lives in the living room where my little boy plays so yeah, practicality isnt my strong point.

That said my little un loves ye ole 6 string so f**k the neighbours.

this is an amazing post, good sir. I commend you.
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None of the above.

Especially since you mentioned acoustic, check out the Peavey Vypyr VIP 3. It's 100W, but it's a 1x12 instead of a 2x12. Much much easier on the back.

No. When in-amp distortion is activated, no matter how good your humbuckers are, there will be ungodly hum (think single coils on high gain).
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In a nod to Cathbard, look at 18w marshall clones as well, they are phenomenal blues amps.

I really think you should have an 18w clone AND a 5E3 clone!!

+123. Came here to say the same thing.
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Marshall JCM2000 DSL401
Peavey Ultra/JSX combo
Mesa single recto 1x12

You can get a head and cab like the DSL50/100 and a Marshall 1960 for under your budget

.... Okay then. What gauge of strings are you using?
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Model T has a 25w/100w switch.

So? Wattage doesn't equal volume. A perfect example being the Vox AC30 (30 watts; Loud as all hell).
Amp first. Though I would compromise and get a decent amp AND guitar, like a mexican Fender and an AC15.

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don't make me post that batman cartoon, arby

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the Hot Rod 2x12 is plenty fine unless your friend doesn't want you using your amp anymore.

to me it sounds like you may wanna look into an effects processor (pod hd500, digitech rp1000, zoom, kemper, axe-fx, etc) or a modeling amp (peavey vypyr, fender mustang, etc) as your budget is pretty small and this will most likely get you your best results.

since you amps are off stage and you don't really need any stage volume then i'd personally go with a mult-effects, probably a HD500. just bypass an amp altogether and go right into the board.

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I thought it was a very, very silly idea that the thinderhorse Explorer comes with burstbuckers. Great pickups for blues, but not ideal for what is considered a 'metal' guitar.

I'd recommend Duncan Distortion in the bridge and a 59 in the neck. Very versatile combination. and the Distortion very closely replicates the Gibson 500T- the pickup the guitar SHOULD have come with stock imho.


You should also take a look at The BKP Miracle Man.
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Buy a new guitar.

I would if I could, but I can't so I won't
As the title says, I am looking for a neck pickup for my Squier strat. The kind of tone I am after is the bell-like sound that the Stratocaster is famous for (which the current neck pickup is doing a horrid job at). I would prefer noiseless, but it isn't nessasary. There is no budget, so there is no need to worry about that. Thanks in advance

EDIT: I can afford a good pickup, but I cannot afford a good guitar at this point in time. I would just get a new strat if I could afford that.
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It's not Dimes tone I'm after, just that raw pummeling crunchy lows.
Thanks guy

6505. Nuff said.
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dimebag was an awesome guitar player with an iffy (IMO) tone. His playing (IMO) is beyond reproach; his tone, not so much.

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Oh, don't worry.. I'll be right back here asking about what tubes I should get after I get a tube amp. =P

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A used Vox Valvetronix or Jet City might suite you better than the Vypyr but why would you want to 'fill a gym' with a $100 practice amp?

Save up.

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on a budget: proco rat, barber dirty bomb, mi audio crunch box are some that spring to mind.

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Damn, Peavey should start paying this forum.

You would think they already do.
If you're that worried then rubber gloves while you do it. Just make sure it doesn't have any holes
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I run Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders in my tele. The bridge one is a ball tearer but the neck one is pretty meh. Not really a lot of twang to it but for what you are playing a QP bridge pup is what you want imo.

Sweet. Sounds good, Cath. Got any suggestion for a neck pup, seeing as the QP's neck is meh?
Happy new pedal day, man.
Alright, as the title says I am looking for a new set of pickups for my Kramer Telecaster. My current amp is an Acoustic brand G20 practice amp but I am planning on upgrading to a Marshall JCM2000 DSL40C soon. I play mostly Punk and classic rock, and I also don't have a budget. Also,I would like to retainsome of the twang tele's are known for, if that's not to difficult.
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I think the Metal Core and Power Stack are honestly a lot better options as far as BOSS pedals go, but I don't really like BOSS distortion pedals in general

+1 the Power stack is awesome as far as BOSS distortion pedals go.
I thought Billy Gibbons used .008's Sounds like those are some decent strings you got there though. I might pick up a set for my Kramer tele.
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Yep it does help a bit but if i turn it to much i get some strange sounds coming out

That's because it's in the fx loop.
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Because some people dont give a rats ass what people think in the internet forums and make their own sound using their own ears? Honestly though, this isnt a first time MT-2 has been used by metal bands, even succesful ones. (At the Gates, In Flames...)

Eh fair enough.
The pedals got a volume too. Use that when the pedal's on

EDIT: I've reread the op and you really need to get that pedal out of the fx loop, that's not where distortion pedals go.
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I knew of a bruutal local BM band that used two MT-2s in front of a dual recto, guitars tuned to B and it sounded horrendously evil.

Oh God, why?
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Try it on a different circuit in your house, away from appliances.

Can you try it at a friends house? You may have dirty power at yours.

Have you tried a new guitar cable?

+1 to all of these.
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The Spandex Super Lead is 50W and goes to 11

Where can I get one?
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My latest gigging rig sitting in the workshop.

Yes, all 6 speakers are hooked up. I rewired the combo to balance out the power distribution.

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what amp btw?

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Both guitars are crap, but if I had to choose, I'd have to go Squier