This might be a really basic question, but how would my right hand pick this part really fast?
With the first 3 notes I pick them down, up down and move to bottom string but then down, up, down, up, down up? That kind of ruins the flow since it ends on an up and I have to move to bottom string..Is it just a question of practicing it until you get it or is there a better way?

Fuk been playing for like 11 years and never payed attention to actual picking techniques lol

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It's basically a much more stripped down, lightweight version of guitar pro, and it does a great job being that and nothing more. I don't see why people feel the need to compare it to more powerful paid software and trash it based on that.

Well, this is a thread about Guitar Pro, and someone mentioned Tux, therefore I compared the two, and in comparison to GP5, Tux Guitar is shit.
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You're so shit!

Get your sandy vagina checked out please...
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Get Tuxguitar.

Please don't, Tuxguitar is so shit...
When people type in one of the brackets but forget to put the other (like this
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"If Charlie rules the world, I will blow myself."

*Charlie is the master at the computer game*

Dennis blows himself in his sensory deprivation scene.

His perversion just never gets old

also this
Movies bro..

You talkin to me?
how do ya' like them apples?
Know that feel bro, especially when I listened to Death and the Healing's solo for the first..
Dennis is definitely the best character, D.E.N.N.I.S system was probably the funniest moment in all the series.
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I think you should listen to Lord Snow, TS.

The **** is this shit?
Ugly as phuck cat, and it's really rare for me to see ugly cats..
I only receive presents since I'm not a christian.
Shit, you can't do any skateboarding videos now
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I've never had escargot before. I was told they have a similar taste to beef somehow.

beef stock, serious.
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Well, you pointed out that it's funny that people like seafood but not escargot. I was somewhat validating that point by saying that I don't like either.

You're welcome

Was joking man, seafood is awesome though, you need to have quality stuff though and it's usually expensive
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Also, I'm not a fan of seafood at all.

Thanks for continuously describing your eating habits throughout this thread, tells us more please.

edit: ^thanks for putting more info bro, you don't like delicacies too? Oh man
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To everyone going 'eww slimy', you are aware that fish are slimy, right?

Always lol when people have no problem eating seafood but get disgusted at snail

Edit: There's actually sea snails in that pic lol
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This is why I love being vegetarian.
Whenever anyone offers me disgusting shit like this I have a really easy reason to get out of it.

But all vegetarians eat is disgusting shit...

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You're from Lisbon, aren't you?

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I'm quite sure there's much better sources of protein than escargot...

I'm not sure why I'm talking about health, point of the thread is; disgusting looking food can be good as fukk.
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Vegetables are healthier for you.

Getting all your nutrients is healthy for you...

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You are what you eat

Which is not snails. Or oysters. **** that shit.

Would rather be a snail than a vegetable.
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Is that a sauce or just ones that have melted?

It's their juice mixed with spices
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That looks disgusting.

You don't eat the shell bro, just the inside slug looking part, and slugs are cute as **** man.
Feels so wrong eating them but tastes so good.
Bitch got some of Mr. White's blue magic and turned to a walking dead zombie
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I wouldn't mind but I'm pretty bad.

If nobody else wants to collab, I'll do it.

Alright nigga lez do this, choose a song brah preferable with classical, been polishing my fingerpicking skills..
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I recently heard this statement said by a woman

Stopped reading here
I'll do a collab if someone wants, up to play anything from **** the police to I cum blood.
Needs a bit more cowbell
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that's a plasma rifle tho

This is the stupid bastard. Plasma gun / Plasma Pistol. Fuck that little thing.

Plasma rifle + SMG or pistol dual wield = god tier combo in both Halos 2 and 3.

Fuuuck that one is even worse, used to hold the trigger to make the plasma ball but someone would always kill me before I got to shoot.

****ing miss Halo 2 multiplayer
Fukking hate the plasma gun bro, never use that kunt
Best chef in the Pit checking in, guaranteed.
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-so i had to do presentation for class
-awkward as ****
-start working out
-not so awkward
-zyzz is my inspiration
-presentation again
-just keep telling myself "i'm fawkin zeez bruh"
-get confident
-my turn
-i get up there
-start shaking uncontrollably
-start telling myself "i'm fawkin zeez bruh"
-teacher says I can start anytime
-I start off with "i'm fawkin zeez bruh"
-at this point I'm so nervous I blackout
-"i'm fawkin zeez bruh"
-repeat at least 4 more times
-look around the room, people are saying "why does he keep saying that?"
-girls start laughing
-I pass out
-hit head on the corner of teacher's desk
-minor concussion
-teacher thinks I was on drugs
-classmates call my zeezprah
-nickname eventually turns into zebra
-i haven't heard my real name in months
-haven't been this depressed in high school
lol at typing all of that shit.
strong 1996 birth date to post content correlation.
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I simply said to the kids: "excuse me, but I do believe people from the right get priority!".

That sounded douchy in text, can't imagine how much of a dick you must of looked like saying it.
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Screw you, I've got a balalaika.

Been looking for one for ages, along with a bouzouki.. jelly bro
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1) There isn't banjo in Ants in the Sky
2) That bit is pretty piss-poor
3) This is real banjo playing:

Your posts give off really dickish vibes.