Nice opening drive by the lions!
Why don't you just keep your phone close and control yourself when it comes to using it?
Getting her panties? C'mon man, don't be like that. Get her a drilldo.
I'm sorry to interrupt the current discussion, so please ignore me if you are taking part in it.

I was watching this lecture about how "you cannot prove a negative." In the lecture (James Randi @ Caltech - Can't Prove a Negative), James Randi gives the example of how you cannot prove that a reindeer cannot fly. However, I don't know if I agree with the statement that one cannot prove a negative.

Let's say my friend has a closed-top box. I pick it up and it is very light, as if it were empty. My friend claims that there is a crow within the box. I tell him, "There are now crows in that box." Is it not the case that all that remains to prove my statement is to simply open the box, and if there are no crows in there, then my negative statement has been proven? If this is so, was James Randi in the lecture making an overgeneralization about whether or not proving a negative is possible?

Thanks for any responses
Of course! Didn't you know that someone who spends their free time doing something that they find fun but we don't obviously has no free time at all?

I'm liking the plant watering one
My family eats together too. I also hug both of my parents every day and massage their backs since they have back pains.

It's not really weird to me, but I guess it'd be uncharacteristic of most people at my age (18).
Oh my goodness

Ever since I read this thread in 2008, I've been using "k koo" in everyday speech
Reminds me of this (skip to 2:49) of Beyond Belief: Fact of Fiction (who else loved that show?). For those who don't want to click, basically it's a reenactment of an apparently true story where a woman repeatedly sees a monster-esque woman in one of her hallway mirrors. One night, someone breaks into her house and the burglar grapples her in the hallway near the mirror. The burglar then looks into the mirror in the process, sees the monstrous figure, gets frightened, and runs out of the house.

(I go to UCLA.) I hear that downtown is where a lot of the smog is, and also that the area around USC isn't necessarily too dangerous, but it is a poorer area, so it wouldn't be the best place to be. My friends at USC have told me that there's campus security on 3 sides of the campus. You should be fine though, methinks. Congrats on getting in What are you going to be studying?
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They don't always kill the animal. It's usually if they know there have been repeated attacks in the area or if there's something wrong with the animal that would prevent it from safely being left alone that they'll kill it.

Anyways, if you think of us as being wild animals and think of our neighborhoods as being dens, it makes a metric fuckton of sense why our natural response to a threat so close to where we sleep, screw, and eat would be to kill it. You don't see lions entering peace talks with the other wildlife when things get hairy.

Agreed. We're animals just like everything else, are we not? Just with different tendencies and mindsets.
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kirk hammett

He's married with two kids.
Is this really a versus thread? Versus threads are based more on "which is better" whereas this thread is more "which do you do?" even though it has the word "versus" in the title.

Either way, TS, I don't see this thread staying open very long. Maybe you should delete
Everyone here needs to chill It's just a game. Though, it looks a helluva lot more dangerous than planking. It's only a matter of time before someone falls off of something lol.
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As long as I'm not in a bad mood, I'll find good in most everything. But when I'm in a bad mood, you best be playing some good shit.

Same with me
Drinking and driving

It's possible that just you knowing it was a cemetery triggered those feelings. At the same time though. I don't know. Seeing things like A Haunting make me wonder about paranormal activity. I know it's a TV show so of course they overdramatize the allegedly true events, but still.
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1. The two are nonanalogous.

How so exactly? I understand that one seems more of a cultural thing, but eh.

Agreed on your second point though.
Hey all. I've come to this thread with a few questions. For the record, I am for gay marriage.

Many, including myself, have used an argument supporting gay marriage that goes something like this: Not allowing it is discrimination. It's basically saying, "Ok, some people (heterosexuals) can have this (marriage), but others (homosexuals) cannot." However, I recently thought of a sort of counter argument that I wouldn't know how to respond to:

There are lots of things like that in society. White males cannot have quinceañeras (as in, they don't have the option to even if they wanted to have one). Is that discrimination too?

Another argument I've heard is: Why do you have to call it "marriage"? Can't we have two components of union for both heterosexual and homosexual couples? As in, civil unions being recognizable by the government, but "marriage" being a strictly religious thing? Both types of couples can have civil unions, but only heterosexuals have marriage within their own religions/parishes?

How would you all in support of gay marriage respond to this? Thanks for any responses
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Well, my parents arent snoopy at all but they're controlling. They don't know i drink regularly, and have the occassional smoke. They're always asking what I am doing and what time I'm gonna be back its frustrating to keep with their rules. I'm 19, i just need more freedom to go out later and have freedom when i go out, anyone have any ideas on how they made their parents "set them free"? without going to too much extremes cause i live with them and they pay for my education.

I don't see what's wrong with them asking where you are and when you'll be back lol. My parents give me more leeway now. I think they just trust me more since I had to move away to college and am doing well there. I haven't really done anything too st00pid over the years, so they know I'm not going to go out and get in legal trouble or anything I'm a month shy of 19 btw.

Do you have your own car? That might help.
Not really. When I go out, I get the whole "Who are you going with? Where? What time?" deal, but that's fine with me. If I were a parent, I'd at least ask what my kid was up to. And no, they don't go through my stuff.
Nice takes so far Mine is up as well on my profile.
Thanks, man, I'll get to it eventually.

Return of the UG Jam?
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He clearly meant that the robber swallowed his pride.

Or the owner's pussy
I was in LA several months ago and there was a day where the high was 114F. Now imagine having to walk 15 minutes just to get to class in that heat. That sucked. No sunburn though

EDIT: Where I live right now though, it's about 60 degrees. Been that way for the past week or so. Cold summers!
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Hi TS. I've never heard of the band Metallica (I don't listen to very much underground music haha sorry!). Could you please show me some songs?

Kirk easily seems to be the most easygoing and down-to-earth member of Metallica. In the Some Kind of Monster documentary, I remember him saying that he tries to set an example for the other guys by trying to have as little ego as possible. He doesn't claim to be the best guitarist, and you can tell that when he's on stage he's up there having a blast. It's also cool to watch those videos of him playing guitar with fans and kids from the Make a Wish foundation. I'm also one of the people here who was inspired by Kirk to pick up playing guitar.

That being said, I think Kirk needs to lay off the wah a bit
I think if the bunny didn't like it, it would've pushed your dad away. Of course, your bunny doesn't understand English or anything, so whatever your dad was doing probably didn't affect if much if she didn't act like she was annoyed. For all your bunny knows, your dad was making random, unintelligible noises while petting her head. At the same time though, I probably wouldn't do that to my chinchilla. Seems a bit mean, even though she wouldn't know any better and wouldn't be humiliated.
Probably wouldn't bother me. If she had the same name as my sister on the other hand...
In said episode, wasn't it snowboarding and Otto broke his leg?

Yeah, traffic there must be fucked if the 405 is closed!
What exactly is "0db" when recording? On my faders in garageband, I see things like -25db to 25db for the input signal. I know for panning, negative db is the left speaker and positive db is the right speaker, but what is it in terms of input signal? I've read things that have said that the signal begins to clip at 0dB. Is the +/- dB scale just a relative scale where it's something along the lines of, "This is how loud the input was, now you can boost it or lower it by _dB."

If that is the case, then how loud should the guitar be when you're actually recording?

Let's say that I have a mic up to my amp whose volume is set to 10. Then the unboosted "0db" signal will be loud. If I have the amp's volume set to 2 when recording, then the original signal will be quieter. Where does this factor in to "0dB" being where the signal begins to clip?
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I don't have an internship but I do have a job. It took quite a while for me to get a job after graduating because of the poor job market, but I got one eventually. I've also seen a couple from my uni and course who seemed to find the same job quicker than I did!

I love the job though, very interesting stuff, and much easier to enjoy than uni work so far. I've only been working for a month and a half though.

Congrats on finding your job What kind of work do you do?
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I stubbed my toe this morning and I only cried for 20 minutes.

I blame the fact I had to google to remember the exactly value of minutes.

EDIT2: And I still got the quote wrong...

Ah well it's been a few years.

Gotcha, bitch!

EDIT: Crap, I got the quote wrong too
I stubbed my toe one time while watering my spice garden, and I only cried for 20 minutes.
So I'm at some sort of impasse where I must decide between mechanical and electrical engineering (I'm going into my second year of university), and, for now at least, I'm planning on doing mechanical with electrical engineering for my technical breadth requirement. Are there any working mechanical engineers who are working or upperclassmen who have gotten an internship of some sort in this thread? If so, what do you guys do? What's your work like? Did you find it relatively easy to find a job?
^Nice, man! What are you majoring in?
Woo mechanical engineering! I'm about to go into my second year and am looking forward to taking my first actual ME class.

Physics: Optics and Electrodynamics
Intro to Linear Algebra
English Composition
Dynamic Systems
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Read this with a critical eye, and tell me that it isn't ackwardly worded, and hard to follow.

Personally, I don't see it as too hard to follow, especially considering when it was written. I can see how people would see it as that way though. Tbh I think it's worded in an almost beautiful way.
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I disagree. It sounds robust, dramatic and inspiring.


How are the lyrics gibberish? It's about our flag waving in the midst of war and surviving.
Alright, I suspected that I'd have to buy an audio interface. Can you guys suggest a nice cheap one that works decently? I'm pretty poor at the moment and don't need anything astounding or super high quality. I only need one or two inputs.
Hey guys and gals. I noticed that when I plug my bass with passive pickups directly into my macbook pro to record in garageband, output is very low. When I record the same way with my guitar and active-pickup bass, this isn't a problem. I suspect it has to do with the passive pickups not providing a loud enough input signal? Does anyone here record with passive-pickup basses in this fashion and get a result that is loud enough, and if so, can you offer any advice? Thanks