damn man, that sucks. (if it is even true)

its weird though, i was listening to '...A Dish Best Served Coldly' off of 'Life is Killing Me' when i got online... O_o
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Dream Theatre hands down. It pisses me off because they're so damn good but LaBrie vocals suck.

i was gonna say the same thing. not on all songs though. caught in a web is and example imo.

same thing with trivium and queensryche
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What has been seen cannot be unseen

i wish it wasn't so! WHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?
it certainly wasnt the moment i first realized how many of these threads will be made over and over and over and over and over and oh you're new. thaaaaat explains it
oh crap. it's been asked...
scott 'wino' weinrich anybody?
'nilla wafers dipped in whipped cream cheese spread... and ritz crackers topped with cream cheese and hot pepper jelly
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Whats the meaning behind geting a pin up girl tattoo?

cause its probably the only woman who wouldn't object to growing old with your sorry ass... not saying you in particular, just in general...
'we're barely out of the jungle on this planet. what we are is semi-civilised beast, with baseball hats
and automatic weapons.' -george carlin
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the only reason i remember this picture is because a chick i knew in school used to wear a shirt with that on it and the monkey face sat right on her nice, round, tonka tits...

and i mean mean BIG tits...
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then don't call it it...

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Opeth - Demon of the fall


slanderous - machine head
trillions and trillions of gallons of sperm just got wasted in boxer's, briefs, and tighty whities everywhere...
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Lol Necker Nymph.

oh thats just dirty...

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A more successful Hudson river flight?

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your head will explode if you use them

woodford reserve for me thank you
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awww man. i miss that system
iron maiden
lamb of god
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Woman spelt backwards is kitchen.

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Did to me until you get your head around it.

you go right on ahead and tell yourself whatever it is that you want to believe...
that was kind of a tough choice, they are all pretty epic (except for bucket head only because i haven't heard it). so i boiled it down to which one i do the most intense air solo for whenever it comes on, bohemian.
order her a chip'n'dale
i'm watching potato skins bake in the oven...mmmmmm cheddar, bacon, chives...nummanummanumma
any colour you like - pink floyd
genghis kahn - iron maiden
stream of consciousness - dream theater
rat salad - black sabbath
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This is my fifth school in four years.

I move a lot, just how my life has ended up. I haven't gotten very close with many people.

Anyone in the pit move often?

dude i know how ya feel. it sucks. i met some pretty cool people in my travels, but just when i got pretty close to them, i got shifted to somewhere else.
i.m.o. as far as promoting your music, you'd be better off with myspace. i don't even think facebook has music players (i could be wrong) but as far as promoting events, i think both would be pretty good.
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really? cause i was just kiddi...but....really!?
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A: By doing your own homework
Q: How do you spice up a grilled cheese sandwich?

A: with ham, bacon, steakums, or if you have the extra cash, prosciutto
Q: how do you get rid of those pesky activists?
'no remorse' for the murderer, and damn 'the god that failed' her...
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I destroyed an entire knife set while improving my knife throwing skills. same with a vast majority of my Pokemon cards...

I also have a tendency to throw cooked pasta at walls in the kitchen.

how about you people?

if you destroyed an entire knife set then you did NOT improve your knife throwing skills...
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then why you trying to **** him like a bitch Brett

Q: How do you cross the forbidden line

you thlap it thilly. pshaw, everybody knows that.

HOW DO YOU, properly celebrate the opening of a new temple?
well, nobody is really all there...
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What path do you think the Jews should take?

the path to hell...
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Also, meet Cerebus the Aardvark. He dominates as a comic-book character, but I wouldn't call him especially super.

o. my. god! and here i am thinking i was the only one who read that comic!!! kudos to you sir...
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There are never any cool superheroes. Batman will explain that

Batman is overused, and robin and batgirl utterly destroyed the old batman movies

So, my favorite superVILLAIN is Clay face (the first one) because his story sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel or something

speaking of villains! Bane, cause he beat the $hit out of batman and put him out of buisness for a while
iron man, spawn, michaelangelo from the ninja turtles, wolverine and maverick from x-men, and ghost rider