So, I've been renting this room for 2 years, and I realized there are two horizontal cracks on two of the windows that would usually be covered up by the curtain. I'm pretty sure this is not my fault, because if that were the case, the window would have shattered outwards. I think there is a high chance that the landlord might miss this, because it is hidden by the installed curtains, but should I report this anyway? Please give me some advice.
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Stupid me, I went back to pick up my Les Paul today and checked out the MiM Strat again and noticed the little "Squier Series" thingy on the tip of the that a deal breaker? Iv'e never heard of Fender making Squier series guitars in mexico.....

yeah, definitely not the same as MIMs. Could be a deal breaker for you
Hi guys,

I currently have Gibson SG Standard as my main guitar, but the body and back of the neck have some icky stuff on them. The guitar has nitrocellulose finish on it, so I instinctively stayed away from using water. Would lemon-oil or alcohol be a better choice?
Hi folks,

I've been playing the electric guitar for a while, and I want to try out the bass as well.
I play mostly classic rock and some Japanese rock, but no metal.
Is this bass a good beginner friendly instrument? Also, as for my amp, I will be using my guitar amp with headphones, so it doesnt screw up my speakers.

Thanks in advance.
Recently, I realized that Gibson started selling SG Standard with P-90 pick ups. (not SG classic). These P-90 installed SG standards are $200 cheaper than your typical Gibson SG standard with 490 R (neck) and 498T (bridge). I've looked up the price on the individual prices of the pick ups, and it seems that 2 P-90 pick ups costs about the same as the humbuckers. So, where does this $200 gap come from?
I've had it for a year, and I can say that it is a very comfortable guitar. However, I did run into some sustain problems, and Edge Trem system was pretty crappy overall. Also, don't expect your volume and tone knobs to do anything.
So, I've been shopping around for Gibson SG standard.
MF has it for 1200, but since they honor coupons, I could get it for $1020. free shipping of course.

On ebay, I could find a mint condition SG for about 850$. With 50$ shipping that is 900$.
I am assuming that these mint conditioned SGs have no signs of use whatsoever.

So is it worth it to buy a used gear to save $100? I understand that a new Gibson comes with 2 years manufacturing warranty, which will be void if I get a used Gibson.

So is the manufacturer warranty worth 100$? What are your thoughts?
Hi guys, I have an Ibanez RG guitar, and my middle single coil pickup, INFS-1, is really weird atm. It sounds fine when I play on any other strings, but when I play on my high E string, the volume gradually decreases whenever I play higher notes, and is barely audible when I play anything beyond the 15th fret. Any explanation on why this is happening?
If I were to play in a hall, let's say that the size is comparable to two classrooms,
how many watts am I looking for? 15w? 30w? 75w?
Hi folks,

I started working for this firm, and my boss wants me to make an excel sheet denoting our total business value.
So, how do I start about this? He already gave me all the charts and cash flows and stuff, but I'm lost in how to start this off
We have four separate investments, so do I add the NPV up for those four and thats it?
How would you go about this?
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There's another difference for the list then

well, that only applies to California; perhaps New York might be different.
Can any practicisng CPAs or anyone who took the CPA verify this?
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9 credits

EDIT: Also, one of them isn't in California.

uh, one says credits, and the other says hours.
at least in my college, credits>>>>>>hours
Hi folks, I'm new to this forum, so please go easy on me.
I was looking at the education requirements for CPA, and this is what I saw:
California - 24 semester credits
New York - 33 semester hours

So what are the differences? In my university, a typical course is worth 4 credits, thus 24 semester credits = 6 courses
But 33 hours of course is like one or two courses.

Can anyone enlighten me on this?
Thanks in advance
So, I have multieffects pedal Zoom G2, and Peavey Vypyr 75 modelling amp.
They claim to reproduce sounds like Marshall Plexi, Mesa Boogie Rectifier, etc...
I've never had the chance to play these expensive amps, so can anyone tell me if these amp settings are even remotely close to the real ones?
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2 lines aren't too long.

What is it you've got to hide anyway?

for example, watching Code Geass at work
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Also think, is your boss in the IT Department?

Does your boss have access to all the IT software/wireless.

Would the IT guys tell the boss you're on a guitar website?

We're generally a nice bunch who approve of you goofing off.

Nope, I work in the financial industry, and my boss shouldn't even be remotely concerned about my "internet activities." So, I don't think he will go outta his way to get his hands on my info. TL;DR, if he has to work for it, he probably won't.
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They can connect to your laptop remotely via the network and view your files and internet/browsing history.

time to clear my web history.
So... they can't, for example, go to a certain page and have my internet history shown in real time?
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It depends, I'm an IT Technician. We have software on all PC's to monitor stuff like that. Mainly because it's a college/school and we don't minors on shit they shouldn't be. If your company has installed anything on your machine that could potentially do that, then no.

If you're just connected to the wireless, they will be able to see what websites you have visited they will have to go out of their way to view them.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by "go out of their way"?
Hi guys,

First of all, I'm not doing anything illegal or anything.
I have my own laptop, but I am connected to the workplace wireless internet.
Does that mean my boss can monitor whatever I am doing?
Like me being on this forum right now?
So...which video are we talking about?
All right, I'll definitely look into tube amps. thanks for the feedbacks.
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Personally I would upgrade the amp first, but I'm not a huge fan of the vypyr series(tube60/120 are nice) so I may be biased. Really up to you to decide though, I recomend taking your guitar to a shop and plugging into a few amps to see if you can find any suitable tones. While you're there, plug a strat into a vypyr, that way you can compare your different options and make an informed decision. If you want some suggestions on guitars/amps to try out, provide a budget

I never really cared for amps, more so because I live with other people. The only time I get to play with my amp speaker is when I practice with band mates; otherwise, I have to use headphones I could afford upto perhaps $500, but then the best thing for that price range seems like Marshall MG HFX 100, and I hear that the MG series aren't necessarily better than the Vypers..
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It really depends on the other gear that you are using. Hate to ask it, but what amp are you using?

Currently using Peavey Vypyr 75, so I was deciding whether to invest in a guitar or get a new amp..
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The people who post X% of your tone comes from _______ generally have no clue what they are talking about. Your tone comes from the way your guitar/amp/effects/fingers all interact together.

That being said, why do you feel like you need to switch your guitar? Are you unhappy with the tones you're getting, or do you just feel like you shouldn't be playing Jazz on a guitar geared towards rock/metal?

Well I am sort of not satisfied with how my sound doesn't mix in with the rest of the band, but rather stand out, even in clean tone. Never tried jamming with Fender, but it just seems like Fender has much more to offer than Ibanez in a jazz band. Would I see a dramatic difference in my sound if I were to purchase a Fender?
So... I see tons of posts that says 90% of your sound comes from the amp.
I am planning on playing more jazzy type of music than rock from now on,
but my guitar is an Ibanez RG. So I was thinking of getting a strat at this point,
but seeing that only 10% of the sound is from the guitar, is it actually worth it to switch my guitar? Or should I keep playing jazz with my Ibanez RG o.o?
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Read the pickups thing I wrote.

Are you troll? Too bad for all my effort in the post then

Sorry, forgot to scroll down.
So does the vintage sound come from the amp? If so, then why do people buy 57' Strats and 62' Strats just to get that "vintage" sound?
I get that its supposed to be old and stuff,
but can anyone explain what it actually is?
and how its better than other tones?
So I went to a guitar shop yesterday, with the possibility of buying a SG standard in the near future. However, it was too high up on the shelf, and I didn't have the balls to ask for something that i wasn't gonna buy, so I tried SG Special Faded.
Man, it was like the most awkward guitar i've ever played, its body as thin as the neck.
I truly experienced what they meant by neck-heavy.
So, is Gibson SG Standard essentially the same as Special Faded, other than the appearance? If so, I definitely need to reconsider my options.
Ok, if you had to decide between maple vs rosewood fingerboard,
I'd get maple anyday. Its so much glossier + dust and dirty stuff don't accumulate.
Can anyone enlighten me why pick rosewood? other than for cosmetics?
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I've dealt with people like this for years. Tell him to **** off, seriously, I'm not kidding. You'll feel much better.

I would love to, but then my superiors are all asians, and you know how they have this "you must be always polite and soft spoken" mentality. Even if it is justified, they still won't like it.
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Tell him that you can't do anything, and that he needs to call some department that may or may not actually exist.

He basically has a list of our potential employees, and tries to confirm them one by one and their contact address. Keeps asking me personal stuff, and when he gets hold of my boss, he tells him that I swore at him and stuff. I am totally fed up.
Hi guys,
I am currently working at an overseas office of a corporate firm as an intern.
The day I started working, (mostly answering phones and stuff), this old dude keeps calling me and harasses me on the phone. I think he potentially wants some $$ from our company by annoyance. He keeps saying that he knows the president and stuff, and my superiors do not want to deal with him, so I have to put up with this. I don't want to create a ruckus by calling the police. I thought of hanging up every time, but then my boss might see me as not having respect for customers(?). He keeps saying how impolite I am and stuff. I simply told him that I can't let him directly talk with the president and asked to leave what he wanted to say. He keeps calling me 3 times in the morning and 2 times in the afternoon ;(. What do I do?
Ah, I see. I only looked at the headstock and assumed it was legit.
Thanks guys.
So, I am guessing it is a Fender Stratocaster Standard,,
but can anyone identify the exact model?
Sorry, I'm new to strats.
Hi folks,

I've decided that I want a Fender Strat American Standard, and I have a 15% off coupon from MF. However, Fender is on their gigantic deal exclusion list, but I hear they tend to be quite flexible on the phone. Any tips on haggling with them? What are my reasonable expectations? Any success stories out there?
Hi folks,

First of all, please pardon my ignorance, I'm not here to stir up arguments.
I've been playing the electric guitar for a while, and I now need to fill up the bass position temporarily. It automatically came to me that I could do it just by playing the root notes and some pentatonic scale; am I heading in the wrong direction?
Do you guys think a guitarist can just pick up how to play the bass overnight?
Any tips on learning the bass as quickly as possible?
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If you can't hear it through the amp or if its not affecting the sustain its not a problem (except maybe on acoustic)

I do feel that my guitar has not much sustain, especially on the high e string. Do you think it could be because of the low action? (Btw, I don't hear any fret buzz from my high e string)
Hi guys,

I have an Ibanez RG, and I love my action to be extremely low. This causes fret buzzing, but I don't necessarily see why that is bad. I honestly can't tell the difference if I plug it into an amp; I don't notice the buzz at all. I only notice it when I have it unplugged. Can anyone enlighten me why I should raise the action?