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Sounds good, just like a random acoustic jam should, although I don't think it's completely random since it seems as though you were familiar with the progression he was playing, but that's okay. You've got a really good melodic sense.

C4C on my UG profile or soundcloud, whatever you feel like.

You right, that was probably about our 4th or 5th time playing it. I shouldn't have made it seem like it was super-random, but there was definitely jam qualities to it. Appreciate the critique.
That was really good man. Great recording quality, I wish i could record drums like that. Overall 7.5/10 i'd say
This is just a random video I filmed with a friend....he's the guy who starts it, he wrote that progession and I kinda just did whatever on it.
That was intense man, I liked it. I'm not familiar with the song but it seemed pretty damn clean.
I liked it a lot man. I think I saw someone say they didn't like how you just kind of speak the words into the melody but that's what I like about it. Really understated lead parts too.

Thanks for the crit on my Naked As We Came cover. I re-did a better version addressing some of the problems if you're interested.
Fixed the audio and updated the link.
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Well the sync is horrible but beside that it's awesome!
The singing is really good, but the guitar playing needs some work
But you really have potential Keep it up

Thanks man! Good to hear a compliment on my voice, this is really my first time trying to sing on a recording. I appreciate it. Some of the other takes had cleaner guitar but places where I'd mess up the vocals too much, but I guess that's just how it goes. Still interwebbing trying to find out how to fix the sync.
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This too. DR DDT's are solid.

What is it that makes drop-tuning strings more suited for drop tunings than say, a regular set of 11's
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You should definitely use Drop tuning strings. Cleartone and DR make good ones. Try backing off on the bass dial, leave mid at 10 o'clock or less, and boost your treble a little.

Unforunate, I refuse to play anything other than Elixers for so many different reasons. (am already using 11's) As far as I know, they don't make anything comparable. I'll try EQ'ing to the desired tone though, thanks for the suggestions guys.
Does anybody have some tips for cleaning up the tone when playing in Drop C? ( full step down )

I love the sound of Drop C but whenever I'm riffing heavy on the bass strings it sounds too muddy. I'm using a Fender Strat w/ Lace Sensors > Metal Muff Top Boost > Peavey Classic 30 if that helps....


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Fender 60th anniversary MIM strat with new body, Lace Sensors, and Sperzels....

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THis is the project. Stew mac body with my original MIM neck. Got the loaded Lace pickguard at about the same time as the body. Immediately after this photo was taken though I replaced those hideous cream knobs with black ones.

Anyways, I was hoping not to have to do a custom from Warmoth because the base price for a custom is like $360 or something like that. I guess I'll just have to consider getting a regular rosewood fingerboard neck from Warmoth and finish the headstock black.

Edit: Would a Jazzmaster neck fit on my S-style body? I was thinking something like this might look kinda cool
Looking for a replacement strat neck with a finished black headstock. Apparently they're harder to find than they seem. Any ideas?
Just got it...I think it looks ridiculously sick and it sounds orgasmic.

Body is southern swamp ash with a flamed maple top. Bought it from
Pickups are Lace Sensors (Emerald/RW Silver/Purple)

It originally was a MIM Strat that I purchased in the 7th grade. I loved it so much that when it came time to upgrade guitars I just wanted to fix up my strat.

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Oh's supposed to have white knobs but for some reason the guy I ordered it from sent it with black. I hated how it looked so I put my aged white knobs on there for the time being
Just got another email offer to trade for a BBE Crusher distortion pedal. Would that be any closer to what I'm trying to achieve? I like the solid metal construction of BBE boxes
Soundgarden-y, RHCP, Incubus
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While it is modded, I would pass. Keep looking, it's not what you're looking for (judging by your rig).

Wise words. I may just do that and wait for an overdrive
Here's the lowdown:

I have a BBE Soul Vibe rotary effect emulator pedal that I don't use anymore and I put it up for sale/trade on craigslist. Some guy emailed me offering a Boss Metal Zone with a "monty allums mod". I do need an overdrive/distortion, but I'm worried the metal zone might be a bit much for me. I'm running a strat with lace sensors into a Classic 30. Heaviest stuff I play is Metallica probably.

So what is the Monty Allums mod?
Pretty close, looks good too. Wish I could match my headstock to the body finish like that. Thanks for the help
Does anybody have a picture of a cherry burst strat with a black pickguard/white pups and a maple neck? I know it's a pretty ridiculous request but I really wanna see one before I drop money on a cherry burst body.,_necks,_wood/Electric_guitar_shaped_bodies/Flametop-S_Front-routed_Guitar_Bodies.html

The top one is what I mean by cherry burst
I thought I'd try recording my favorite Neil Young song, Cortez The Killer. My Peavey Classic 30 is too much for recording so I can't get those oozing tube overdriven sounds on the recording; had to direct line record the lead. Whatever though, let me know what you think.
I'm looking to drop a prewired pickguard (SSS) into my strat at about $250. I've heard a lot about Lace Sensors but I'm just wondering if they're the best value for the buck. If anyone has sound clips of a prewired Lace set (either the blue/silver/red or the Emerald set) I'd love to hear them
My mexican strat pulled the same nonsense with me for months till I finally just put in 5 springs instead of the original 2. problem solved forever
There's this chord that I love the sound of, but I'm having trouble finding other chords that fit with it. I'm thinking maybe if I identify it I should be able to find some chords that will blend well with it. Sucks cause I don't know shit about chord names and theory or any of that jazz. Anyways, this is a tab of it, please help

I had never really looked into why strat sustain sucks so much. Like somebody else said I knew blocking was possible I was just doubtful that I did it right because it was so easy.
So this morning I was playing my mexican strat and was just really displeased with the lack of sustain, as usual. I started feeling somewhat crafty and fashioned a small piece of hardwood (unsure of what type of wood, it was lying in my garage and i know it's a hardwood) and put it behind my bridge and backed the bridge down onto it to transfer the sustain. It might just be me but I think it sounds way better with way more sustain. Anybody heard of anything like this?

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Nice. I always underestimate how good fresh tubes sound, I've been rocking out nonstop
I'm extremely satisfied with these JJ's, good recommendation guys.
Between the two of you, I've decided to go all JJ. Thanks for the help guys, problem resolved. Until next time..
NICE ! Thanks man, really appreciate it
Would you say that the JJs sounded like a pretty good match for the amp?
Could've sworn there was an ultimate tube thread, but whatever. Time to replace my tubes in my Peavey Classic 30, it's got 4 EL84's and 3 12AX7's. I'm looking for a dirty tone, that's the only way to even describe it, just DIRT. What's a good brand to help achieve this sound? If it helps, I'm running a Strat through it
WOW. **** you for completely making my project look like shit You did a great job, it looks fantastic. Mine currently has only the red to white fade but I already clear coated it so I don't think I'm gonna be doing the designs on the body. Anywho, great job. You must have a good hand, I wouldn't have the nerve to handpaint the body
Update: I feel like such a failure for this As with my last guitar painting, I started with the intention of one design and ended with another. I currently have the same red to white fade the original design has, but without the lines and shit. The pickguard is all black with my initials painted on it in a cool-type font. Should be ready to play by tomorrow evening

Catastrophe! The body was dropped during painting and is going to require some sanding. I think i'm just going to go with a stained top finish.
I was reading somewhere one time that if you don't use your two tone-pots on a Strat, then there's a wire you can remove that disengages them and improved your tone or something like that? I'm not sure, it was a while ago. Anybody heard of anything like this?
Thanks guys. I think I'm gonna do the whole design thing in the paint for plastic stuff so the wooden parts look the same as the pickguard.