thats pretty much ghostwriter by rjd2
it sounds like ****ing ****...
protest the hero
the year before you were born
check out some suspended chords
play a jazz piece. my friend just got in for bass and he played a jazz piece. Theyre not looking for extreme shredders, theyre looking for people that have feeling.
have you not seen the 800 other people that have tried to make threads like this and all of them getting closed?
i feel like youre going for too much of a megadeth style. You gotta be unique man.
if you play classic rock then the sunburst but if u play metalcore then the cream
COB! impress your friends! improve your chops!
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no i dont...let me know? the guy that called me 5'10 and 145 lbs

pics or it didnt happen
That Was ****ing Sickkkkk!!!!! I Loveeeddd It!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow i totally missed that...
peavey valveking 212 ****ing ROCKS!!! i've got one and its really REALLY versatile. Pretty cheap for a tube amp too!
whats your price range?
a pig just sharted
lots of reverb lots of gain lots of treble
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These are great

best picks EVER

i have a stash of like 100 of those
i can! what do i win?
your screamer/guitarist is awesome!
do you have an example where this happens?
those are AWESOME lyrics
don't even try...
a little repetitive but otherwise pretty good. You thinking of puting some vocals in?
dude i actually really like that. good job!
yo thats actually the coolest thing ive ever head! youre the sickest dude ever!!!!
those guys are SICKKKKKKKK
keep the low string palm muted and down pick the a string and up pick the low one.
your voice sounds like the guy from bedouin soundclash
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By my name.