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You're the second person saying that and the second person not explaining his point.

“The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.”

This is a quote from Che. He also had firing squads execute women and children.

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"communism, in the presence of capitalism, cannot work."

This applies.

Communist regimes that have worked brilliantly: Soviet Russia [no fewer than 15 million murdered], People's Republic of China [40 million], Cambodia/Khmer Rouge [1 million+] amongst some. Even now communist leaning countries have questionable reputations with their human rights.
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^Why the dry vox? Drums don't sound very exciting Personally think the bass needs to be shaped more.

Yeah I actually agree with you. I will go back at that one I think. I am going to start trying to do one mix a week and get back up to speed. I just thrashed this one out today:

I thought your Alestorm take was ripped from the album hahaha.
I haven't mixed in about 7 months.

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So, this happened. Just shitty bedroom recording for testing mixing. Feedback please, friend-people.

I like that guitar tone!
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I am not expecting much positive feedback for this piece, but I still need feedback nonetheless. I am relatively new to the recording and mixing aspect of music and VERY new to the world of mixing metal music, so frankly I have no idea how to go about properly EQing the tracks for this specific genre so they sit in the mix properly. This is just a couple of riffs and ideas that I have thrown together merely to practice my mixing technique. I have expanded on a few ideas since uploading this piece, but there should be enough on this section alone to get an idea of what the overall mix sounds like. Also, I am aware that there are timing issues with the playing, but all of the tracks were recorded in one take. Again, this is not a full SONG but merely a few riffs and ideas recorded for educational purposes. Any suggestions on how to properly mix high gain guitars would be greatly appreciated.

The equipment that I am using consists of a Line 6 UX2 audio interface, POD Farm 2.0, standard EZDrummer drum plugin, all into Ableton Live Lite 7. I'm playing a Les Paul and a cheap Kona Jazz Bass and mixing through Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones. I'm not sure if any of that information is relevant, but I figured I would include it in my post.

Thank you in advance for any constructive criticism or feedback!

This response is based on hearing your track through headphones:

- I like your guitars, I think it's a pretty good job. EQing: generally I roll off the low-end on hi-gain guitars up to around 150-200Hz, cut the high end a little. Then it's just down to taste
- I would crush the cymbals a little
- Even though these are MIDI drums, the snare is weak. I normally bring the low-mid frequencies on snares up a little. The best way I can describe what it does for your snare over a forum is that it adds some 'doooooshh' to it. My next point is kind of related to this
- Look into parallel compression/EQ on YouTube. Adds some balls to your tracks.

Firstly you're going to need a PC or Mac with a good processor and enough RAM (4GB+ should be fine, could work with 2GB at a push).

some sort of thing with inputs for XLR and Jack
^ Refer to this sticky here, it has nearly all the information you're going to need. Personally I wouldn't go all out on expensive equipment as a beginner. You're going to be terrible - like all of us were when we started. Learn how to use cheaper equipment and get good using those because expensive equipment will not make you sound better (most of the time as a beginner).

As well as interfaces and mics you can buy studio monitoring speakers (studio monitors) for mixing/mastering. For a beginner, this is most of the stuff you will need for a while.
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That's cool, thanks. I'm on that post all their raw files up, I think you have to sign up to it now. Free membership is 16-bit 44.1KHz, paid membership is 24-bit 48KHz so even for free you get great quality audio.

I do have a little bit of a portfolio, going to get as many bands as possible in this last year though

I'm signed up to that place but I don't want to fork out $72 to build my portfolio . I have done a couple of the free tracks recently. Good luck with your band hunt
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I'm finishing my BA(Hons) next year so I've got all this to look forward too :/

I'd suggest starting now! Although it isn't ideal, mix uploaded multitracks to start your portfolio off.
Hi there, I'm Bradley.

I graduated in May 2013 with a degree in BA (Hons) Commercial Music Production (with a 2:1 if you're interested) and I am looking to expand my portfolio of productions.

As I am looking to have some more work to show off to future clients, I seek bands that are trying to have their demo/single/EP/LP mixed perhaps to send to record labels or advertising agencies etc. Since I am technically starting out on my own, I will mix/edit/master your music for unreasonably cheap prices (£25/€30/$40).

I currently do not have to equipment to record artists, but I can mix, edit and master music - if you're in North America, Asia, Mars - I will be able to download your recordings over the internet, produce them and then send your finished music back to you.

You can find my current mixes here:

Message me on my SoundCloud, through UG private message or any other way you can get hold of me!

On most videos they get upwards of 300,000 views with many hitting and going over 1 million views.
Wonder if you guys could please offer some advice.

My friend was recently contacted by a popular YouTube channel (they're VERY big and make a lot of money as YouTube Partners) to potentially write music for their channel. I was asked if this offer went through if I would help with the audio mixing/editing/mastering while my friend handles the composing.

I am aware that big YouTube Partners can make a helluva lot of money from posting a video that gets hundreds of thousands/millions of views like this channel does.

However we are not sure what we should be charging them or how we should charge them. Should we offer the audio as a one-off buy with no further royalties or negotiate a royalty based on every 1000 views for the videos our content is in. We're both very new to this so some advice is appreciated.

Not sure if you specifically want courses, but there are tutorial channels on YouTube on recording/mixing/mastering. This is the channel I watch. It has 3 series of '5 Minutes to a Better Mix' episodes on things that can improve your mix. It isn't super in depth but there's a lot of bitesize information you can take in.
Has anyone here made their own acoustic absorption panels? Are they effective/as good as branded panels?
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Are you after live sound, studio work or whatever you can get? I know loads of venues, could pass you on to people there, as it's easier to start off in live work. In fact, on 10th August I'm playing at The Wharf in Tavistock - is that your part of Devon? I can ask the crew there if they know of anybody local looking for newbies

Sadly that's not somewhere I can travel to without a car (no buses or trains to Tavistock in my part of Devon)

I've applied to nearby Audio Visual companies for full-time work, still waiting to hear back from them. I am trying to do volunteer work at a good size music/performance venue in Exeter but I do not think I will be allowed anywhere near a desk, I will end up being front of house staff. I have asked recording studios that I can travel to in Exeter but they do not feel like taking people on - even on a placement/intern basis.

Live sound, I haven't looked around to be honest although I do have some experience roadie-ing and being behind the desk but it was very basic stuff. If you were to get any contacts I would be grateful. I will have a search around for live sound engineers.

Best of luck with your shows. Us Westcountry folk appreciate the fact that bands know there is civilisation beyond Bristol.
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Now find a job... that'll be the real challenge xD

This was always going to be the problem. I live in Devon and there's very little going on. I've applied to a bunch of sound-related jobs and trying to do production on the side and build up a portfolio.
Just been awarded a 2:1 classification for my music production degree. Over the moon doesn't quite cut it!
An iPhone/something equalling that quality of phone for the video would suffice. Phone microphones aren't so great. Like Cavalcade said, record/mix audio separately from the video recording and then sync it with a clap or some other snappy sounding hit.

Be aware that your audio (high bitrate mp3, WAV, AIFF) will be converted into 192kbps AAC if you upload a 720p/1080p video. If you upload with a max resolution of 480p then it will be changed to 128kbps AAC.
Ahh, well if that's the case with links now. I'd really like some crit on my 2 recent mixes (140dBSPL & Arthur Waldin) please. As always I crit back.

soundcloud. com/fendever
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Sounds good. I would put on an overall EQ and scoop the low-mids/mids by -1dB and then raise the high end by 0.5dB to bring out the high end a little bit more.

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Recorded this the other day. Not entirely happy with the mix.

EDIT: That bass drop is there for my brother's amusement, ignore it

I know you aren't happy with the mix, but here goes anyway!
- It doesn't have enough "balls" - parallel compression maybe?
- Bring the guitar down OR bring the drums up by 0.XdB, perhaps 0.3 or 0.4
- I like the riff. I personally think it would be a better a bit faster.

Your mix is good though. It would be brought to life a bit more with a touch of mastering :]

A track I found RAW files of online that I tried mixing and mastering. I think it is my strongest mix so far.
I recently got some KRK RP5s. I think they are a great monitor. They are unlike most monitors in its price range since there is a bass port on the front of them to fire bass towards you, rather than behind it most likely into a wall (where bass frequencies build especially in corners).

I haven't found any real issue with the bass so far, I have them on some Thomann foam pads and then on speaker stands. I think a lot of it is down to learning your monitor and your room and then learning to mix with those in mind. Can't personally say anything about those other monitors you mentioned.
The idea of the track is good. If you're willing would you mind giving me a copy of the stem audio files to practice my mixing on? If it is any good I will definitely send you my mix (not interested in payment if you were to choose it).

Here's a few mixes I've done. The As I Lay Dying mix is the most recent.
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I've fixed the guitars now, they always seem louder than they are on those earphones and I keep forgetting to compensate. For the compression, I sent the entire kit to the compression track and just crushed it with Modern Compressor (fast attack, slow release, low threshold and ratio set to "Tank").

Ha! I see. From what I've seen from my lecturers and online tutorials, there were different busses for different parts of the kit. Generally I use 2 busses: one bus for kicks, snares and rooms/ambience and another for hi-hats and cymbals (although at times I don't parallel compress the HHs and OHs like in that track I posted). I'm not great with how compressors work, but I think it's better to separate different parts of the kit since certain sounds can handle more compression than others.
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I'm back again, looking for more crit on my mixes. Usual things apply, I'm happy to do C4C and I want as critical feedback as possible. This time it's South of the Water - Actions!.
The horrible autotune is rendered onto the stems as is the less than perfect sound from some of the backing vocals so there was little I could do with that.
I'd particularly like some feedback on the drums, I spent some time messing with parallel compression and sample replacing here because drums are usually my weakest point.

For a mix on very cheap headphones, you could have done a lot worse.

Your drum mix sounds OK, it's a start. I am getting to grips with parallel compression myself. I can't help that the hi-hats are crushed (0.18 in). What was your parallel compression process? Did you send every part of the drum to one buss or to multiple busses?

Overall mix: guitars may need to be brought up a little. The backing vocal doesn't sound great but since that's how the stem came you can't be blamed. For a cheap headphone mix I think that it was good (for what it's worth, I'm just some guy).

I was trawling through Google for raw multitrack files and found an old post on this forum for an As I Lay Dying cover, and I gave it a go.

There's going to be lots of things to improve, but what are the first things I should try and better?
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what do you guys think of the song? the whole thing will be mixed again once we find a vocalist (which is proving to be more difficult than I would have expected) but ideas on the song so far?

Good song idea here.

I like the guitar tone, needs to be beefed up a little I think. Like others have said, maybe add some mids to the tone. I don't really like the drum sound, probably because of the overheads/cymbals - to me they sound kind of 'fizzy'/washy and there isn't any crack when they're hit (but I guess you're using a MIDI drum program). The rest of the drums should be brought up by 2 or 3dB and those overheads changed or brought down by 2dB.

Here's a mix I found online that I did in roughly 10 hours yesterday/today. I have just had my KRK Rokit RP5's come through and this is the first try on mixing with them. I'm at my parents temporarily so I have not got any sound absorption arranged. I have a feeling that I am hearing bass in the room and not my mix, so I have tried mixing in what I think is the right amount of bass. Let me know, thanks :]

EDIT: I suppose the vocals should be brought up a bit more, or turn everything else down.

This place has lots of unmixed stuff you can practice with. I use it.
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England won and Exeter look like they're getting back on form. This has been a good week.
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I got told to remove one because it could end in a courtroom. Brilliant.
University of Chester - BA (Hons) Commercial Music Production.
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David O'Doherty

The 'My Beefs' routines make me cry with laughter so hard.
Your guitar looks better and your girlfriend is a badass.
If a bomb does go off at least some could survive and take part in the Paralympics.

Hello folks, I'm currently having a hair crisis. I need my hair cut shorter but I would like it in some kind of style, yet I have curly hair and a round face:

So I experimented with straightening to see how it fit:

I'm not keen on having my back and most of my sides long at all if I do go down the straightening route. Do you reckon this would work (a bit overweight but I'm dieting/exercising to fix that)? Another hair style maybe? Thanks.

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I have faggy hair right now, wanna get a short haircut but I haven't had short hair in years. What do you guys think would work with my hair? Preferably not something boring like a buzz cut.

A Hitler Youth cut maybe?
Double take would be the better option, otherwise you'll be at risk of getting some phase inversion. Record dry then add effects in the mixing stage.
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It's mostly rail here in Chester. It tried to snow before but didn't get very far.

Oh wow, we go to the same uni (but different campus). Anyhow I've just had hail and sleet all day in Warrington.
Awesome 07ers, always loving everything.
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