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I'm not scared that I'll end up fighting in a war, it's more that I don't want to waste an entire year which I could spend going to Uni. I in Bavaria we already have 13 years of school....(now switching to twelve for lower grades) so we already loose a year compared to other countries. And then a lot of us go to the army/social services...thats another year gone which people from other countries don't loose.
Some may not see that service year as a loss, but I do.

Pretty much any first-world country will either offer you courses while you're serving, or will allow you to postpone serving while you attend a university, so suck it up and go take your test.
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Why not just do it? It'll be good character building and will probably help you gain some muscle.

*Says the boy who lives in the country without conscription*

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In Genesis, I think God made the earth in like, a week or something. Then he made the dude (Adam) and the chick (Eve), and then they like... did it or something? And then there was something about eating an apple? Anyway, God kicked 'em out of a Garden.

God created man, took his rib and from the rib of Adam created a woman. She, being the gullible woman we all know, believed a snake and ate an apple from the tree of wisdom, so God cast them out of the Garden of Eden.

One thing you may want to write about is that there are actually two different accounts of creation in Genesis.
Just go to wikipedia and read about both, and then write based on what you read.
I find it funny how 90% of youth support the democratic party because it's popular.

And because they don't know what taxes are.
Cliffs of Dover!
Facebook went downhill when it became open to the public. It was a great idea to require a .edu email address and didn't have all the dumb applications.
"If you label me, you negate me" - Soren Kierkegaard
I live in the states and I've been warned - but I've been involved in piracy since the beginning. You'll get a warning or two at least from your ISP before they disconnect you, and after that you may be subject to lawsuit. They don't (typically) warn you for excessive downloading, but if a company (in my case, Warner Brothers) determines that your IP has been downloading their property against copyright laws (i.e. a movie/album) they contact the ISP who then contact you.

Edit: And what's so wrong with prison? If you're in the states (or any first-world country) you get housing and food for free, and you don't have to deal with working.
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(I'm expecting a lot of "fag!" posts)

As others have asked already - why would you expect that? We're talking about one of the greatest lyricists to grace the planet thus far and you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone that disagrees.
Drugs are fun if you're dumb.
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fap. obviously.


Anything else is a complete lie and definitely ludicrous.
"Down in a Hole" by Alice in Chains. into college?
Well, the point of the "electric" is to plug into an amp. If you are going to buy an electric-acoustic, you'll also be buying an amp. In that case, since you have an acoustic already I would suggest an electric and an amp.

The only difference between an acoustic and an acoustic-electric is that the a-e is designed to be played with an amp.

But if, for some reason, you're set on an acoustic-electric, I suggest Ibanez. I personally play an Ibanez acoustic-electric and it is an amazing guitar. Each Ibanez a-e I played was fantastic, and I have been pushing them to friends who are actively seeking a new a-e.

But as I said, since you desire to play electric, I suggest not buying an a-e, but instead buying an electric guitar and an amp - you won't regret it.
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Richard Feynman. I read a book written by him and it was amazing.

Feynman was on another level.
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6. He can't even speak english.


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knew maths that only like 4 other people did

Tyrannosaurus Wombat
Traditionally, Epiphone was the lower-end, poor man's version of a Gibson. But in my opinion, Epiphone puts out some great guitars. I know a few friends with Epi Les Pauls that play just as well - if not better - than most Gibson Les Pauls I've played.

Obviously it depends on what you're looking for, but if you're looking for a Les Paul I would not hesitate to try a few Epiphones compared to Gibsons (and I think you'll be surprised).
Maybe a break is in order. Take a week off without touching your guitar.
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Other really good songs are: Cortez the Killer

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he is a 6'4 man
uhm not trying to be a douche but this sentence "His cries for "patriotism" and "loyalty to our country" remind me of Hitler." is retarded. hitler wanted world domination and the extermination of an entire race. bill o riley is a dude on a tv channel that states his opinions. if you dont like it, dont watch it, its that ez right? and just to let you know, the man gets paid to say everything he does. if i got paid to argue with people for one hour a day, 5 days a week and make a lot of money, i would do it in a second.

Not much of a historian, are you?
Ultimate-Guitar is a great resource to teach yourself to play. Just check out the lesson articles and actively practice what some of them teach. Continue playing songs and trying to play songs, as that is not only great practice, but it's fun to do and really helps a lot.
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Out of all the people who play guitar, it's usually a pretty safe bet to guess that someone isn't a professional musician.

As for the analogy, that's really all it was. I'm not saying the two are identical, or even that they're all that comparable at all; I was just saying that fun is fun, regardless of its monetary worth.

I hate this, because I can go on and on (as I'm sure you could, as well).

Honestly, how can you tell who is and isn't a professional guitarist? Do you know enough professional guitarists that you can use statistical formulae to determine the probability of someone else being a professional guitarist? Probably not.

"Fun is fun." To some people, murdering is fun. Because there is no monetary worth, does that make it equivalent to someone playing the claw machine? To betting at a casino? To playing the stock market? To starting a business?

I am Socrates' gnat to Athens, apparently. As I tried to say in my last post before seeing this one, I'm done with this thread and going to bed. I will not check this thread again, so I supposed there is no point in responding to what I have to say.
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I wouldn't simply because I hardly post on these forums. I'm more of a casual viewer. But I'm sure others would indulge in your discussion. However I feel I should warn you, if the thread has no form of question or flow of discussion, it will most likely be closed or just gradually find its way off the first page.

I was just about to edit my previous post before I saw your newest. How would you even define form of question or flow of discussion? By questioning the OPs post, aren't I questioning it? Yes, I took the antagonist point of view, and I admit it, which goes back to your previous post.

I guess, quite frankly, I've grown sick of the immaturity on the internet over the past few years. I honestly do not mean to insult the OP nor anyone in particular. But I'm sure as you grow older, you'll understand that time does, indeed, move slower. In that sense, what used to be casual, "funny/random" stuff turns into unfunny, overplayed immaturity.

I, too, am only a casual surfer of the forums (only from the front page of U-G), and I only post after returning from the bar or a night out with friends. Would I feel any different in my stances in the morning? No. Do I care? No.

No matter your thought or response, I'm done and I'm going to bed.
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If people like to play the claw machine games then what's the big deal? How does it effect (zomg! did I use the right effect or the wrong affect?) you? How old are you anyway? I hope to God you aren't in your 20's or higher considering you are arguing on a forum comprised mainly of young teens. Or are you simply doing it just to throw down life lessons? I'm only assuming you are older and hoping actually that you aren't.

Third ("But you didnt make a second point." Exactly), people waste money on pointless crap all the time. Why buy a hot dog at a stadium when you can go to Wal Mart and buy a whole pack and buns for a little more cash? Why go to the movie theater when you are gonna end up buying the movie anyway?

Now to get on topic, I used to be really good at those claw machines but haven't won a prize in years.

If I were to make a thread stating how awesome I was at buying hotdogs, are you telling me you would be supportive of it? For some reason, I don't believe that would be the case.
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You made your point, and continued to press it far beyond the limits of a casual claw machine thread.

I never said you weren't a musician, I expressed my doubts that you did it for a living.

I doubt Jimmy Page would be seen here starting petty arguments in every thread (you've another one going in the "Stash" thread where you brought up the harm of marijuana for no apparent reason) in an attempt to show off his intellect and say he makes more money than everyone else.

Also, you specified novels, which are by definition fiction, and screenplays, which very seldom depict actual events.

I'm sure you're a smart guy, I just don't see why you're trying so hard to prove it to everyone.

I continued my "point" because people such as you and the OP kept defending and arguing against it. In the midst of an argument, am I supposed to just casually give up arms and walk away? I'll digress this point, because I'm sure you'll say "yes" as if you would have done the same yourself, as would most people...

I still fail to see how being a professional musician would mean I wouldn't write the same things. Again, how do you know I'm not? I never even mentioned music as a profession. For all you know, I may be a successful studio guitarist, or someone who merely sells musical beats. In any case, I could very well be a professional musician. Although I'm not - and I admit it - I know plenty who would be saying the same, or similar things, as me. But don't get me wrong, I do know some professional musicians who disagree with me often. Regardless, nothing I've said would have any indication whatsoever on my status as a musician.

In reference to the "stash" thread, I wasn't the first to mention marijuana, but I was the first to take a stance for or against it. does taking a stance against something, in a situation that involves said thing, necessarily make me not only the bad guy, but wrong? Thank God you didn't live during Socrates' time, because I'm sure you would have been one to elect his death penalty.

Digressing again..

I could go to my personal library - only two flights of stairs up - which has the basis of a real character as either the protagonist or antagonist. Further, I could list hundreds of movies based on events of real, historical individuals. I wouldn't say screenplays nor novels entirely depict fictitious events, nor would I say they entirely depict real events. But in many instances, they are based on historical, non-fictitious characters or events, with embellishment added for situations that are undocumented or would add to the drama/mood of the story/film. Regardless, for some reason I do believe that many of the characters in any era of literature involve some sort of stereotyping. That's just me, though.
I've actually met several people (all guest speakers at my former college) who lived on liquid diets, which is essentially the same [because no person, no matter how holy, can survive without any liquids for an extended period]. People showed before and after pictures of them, and quite frankly, it's horrible to see what has become of them without any food.
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It's more your lack of self esteem. You insult people to make yourself look better, and you hate being wrong in fear of looking stupid, but you just come off as a jerk. If you were an accomplished musician, I doubt you'd need to escape to the internet where you feel safe and superior. Also, I'm not sure I understand how reading people would lead to a good career in writing, as you create characters, not analyze existing ones when writing novels and screenplays.

Lack of self-esteem? All I initially said [before being insulted] was that spending money to "win" toys from a machine is, in fact, losing money. How do I know? I've been in the retail business.

Who said anything about being an accomplished musician? You said yourself that I wasn't even a musician - that's more insulting than saying claw machines aren't worth the money put into them. Let me guess - if I say spending $100 at a carnival in the goldfish game is worth not only my time and my money, but posting on an online forum how superior I am at it - and you disagree by saying that the goldfish aren't, in fact, worth all that money [because you have experience in the field], you're insulting me?

And who are you to say what a musician can and can't do online? Apparently if a musician - whether it be Joe Shmoe, Randy Rhoads or Jimmy Page - says something similar on the internet, they are not only worthless musicians, but wasters of their own time?

Quote by StraightxXxEdge
Also, I'm not sure I understand how reading people would lead to a good career in writing, as you create characters, not analyze existing ones when writing novels and screenplays.

I'm saying that your understanding of mankind is far above the majority of the world, which would help you create characters based off of stereotypes. FYI: authors use specific traits to create characters. Also, not every piece of literature is centered around fictitious characters.
To be honest, I found it quite entertaining in that "dark" sense. While reading it the second and third times, I had some dark(er) power chords playing in the back of my mind. Due to your response of the Doors-esque style, I pictured it more along the lines of "The Ghost Song" where it is more read than sung, and in that sense I found it pretty appealing.
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I don't smoke cannabis, I eat cannabis.
What now?

I have nothing to say, you've beaten the system.
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You're here making long, thoughtful posts, that nobody cares about.

You got me. Because I'm writing basic paragraphs I'm clearly not a musician. End thread, because I've been defeated. Please, use your superpowers to rid the world of evil - if not for my weak self, but for the very lives of the people you love!

Also, write a novel or a screenplay, because you have an uncanny ability to read people based off of interesting traits and stereotypes.
Before I comment on the song (or any song for that matter), I like to know how it would be sung. Sure, a song can be sung a thousand different ways, but what is the intention of the writer? Is this going to be a metal song? An acoustic song? etc.

Let me know and I'll gladly critique.
I would have to agree that Epiphone produces quality instruments. My experience would lean towards Epiphone.
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Well, you play guitar. I'm assuming that since you're so hardened and wise, you bought your own gear. I am also assuming that music is NOT your career.
So obviously, spending thousands of dollar on gear to not make a single penny off of it isn't "worth it".
People just want to have fun. You don't have to be such a dick about claw machines, of all things.

Arguments aside, what would make you think or lead to believe that music is not my career or a source of income? As per your argument, are you telling me that spending money on a guitar and an amplifier is the same as putting money in a claw machine? I understand your analogy that entertainment is entertainment - I really do. And I'm sure this is the case in at least one instance, but if you can tell me that the OP obtains as much entertainment from the prize won - a SINGLE prize won - from a claw machine as I obtain from a single guitar, then I'd agree with you. But for some reason, I'm inclined to say that well over the majority of the people in the world would spend much more time on a guitar than a stuffed basketball or a stuffed alien.
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So you are saying every person who smokes pot thinks that the world is out to get them. The world isn't out to get them. Hahaha. Most people don't give a ****, let them do what they want.

No, not every person who smokes pot believes the world is out to get them. But quite frankly, the amount of people I've encountered who claim that marijuana is either not bad for the body or is actually healthy for the body contain enough individuals that I can say that the majority of pot-smokers feel that way. But don't get me wrong - if the machinery was available, I'd be willing to bet I've smoked more weed in my life than you have - so I'm not some self-righteous inexperienced asshole.

Twenty years ago cigarette smokers were saying the exact same things marijuana smokers are saying today. And you know what? Although it's inconsequential to say this, I'd be willing to bet my life that in the next 5-10 years marijuana becomes something the entire [educated] world agrees on as a detrimental substance to human life. To put that into perspective, you'd be very hard pressed to find a cigarette smoker today that would disagree that cigarettes are bad for ones health. That will be the same for marijuana within the next 5-10 years.

Agree with me, disagree with me. I don't care. But I find it hard to believe that someone can disagree with 20 years of medical research - which continuously shows negative effects of marijuana. As per my previous example, did your grandparents think cigarettes were harmful? If they did, they were way ahead of their time. If not, welcome to the club.