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Holland, what the ****ing **** man. We do not need anymore forwards, nor do we need Dan ****ing Cleary.

like wtf

All of my rage.
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Hooooooly **** Andreas Athanasiou just scored the ****ing sickest goal with Grand Rapids

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Look at that ****ing stick fly

Yeah, I remember calling it that we would win that shootout. Pretty much lost all faith in Jimmy if it goes to a shootout.
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**** the shootout

Let's just start pulling Howard in the last minute of OT.
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christ detroit is poor as shit, pay your electricity bill maybe guys

Someone must have left the lights on in the trophy room.
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what's gonna happen to this thread if the forums are deleted? this is the one community I'd care about preserving

I don't post much, but I have looked at the NHL thread daily for I don't even know how many years, i'd be pretty upset.
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you couldn't sound more butthurt. sorry the wings winning bugs you

Nyquist still maintaining his 82 goal pace.

Nyquist *thumbs up*
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With Oulette being sent down, if there is not a trade moving Kindl and/or Lashoff for at least some late picks, Ken Holland has officially lost it. They've also been practicing with Nyquist on the third line and Abdelkader on the first. Might be paying a lot more attention to Stevie Y and the boys this season.

Yeah, one of the two need to be traded or sent down at least. And I'm ok with Nyquist on the 3rd for now, but the second changes need to be made to that first line, he better be right back up there.
I completely forgot about the draft today, but didn't do too bad really. **** it, I'll take it.
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Everyone knew it was coming, he left the Philly offer behind and stayed with the Wings for a reduced salary and length of contract with the promise of the Wings helping him out next summer. Hes not going to make the roster with all the up and coming rookies this year

Yeah, my thought exactly. No way he makes it.
Ducks in 6
Hawks in 4

Rangers in 6
Bruins in 7
Detroit in 7
Montreal in 6
Pittsburgh in 7
Philly in 6

Colorado in 6
St. Louis in 7
Anaheim in 5
LA in 6
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It's cute when you make up shit about Kronwall being a dirty hitter. You guys are just pussies who can't handle manly hockey like the NHL. ****ing europussies.

Pretty much what I was gonna say. Bitch when they don't got it; bitch when they do.
Got a Nyquist jersey and $125 in stubhub cash, oh yeah.
Better than losing to the "old, tired" Red Wings.
I was a manager at a Tim Hortons and I would roll up cups that fell on the ground and give free coffees and donuts to the people I felt deserved it.
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Yeah, Kindl for sure. He's definitely impressed me this past season.
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Well, Brunner is done with the Wings. Apparently he wanted 3.5 mill per. Ya ****ing right, bud. at least Nyquist and Andersson are staying, Cleary is still up in the air. I think signing Morrow over Cleary would be preferable, however.

So with that...

Zetterberg Datsyuk Abdelkader
Franzen Weiss Alfie
Nyquist Helm Cleary
Tatar Andersson Eaves/Miller

Kronwall Ericsson
Smith Quincy
Dekeyser Kindl

Still not sure how I feel with abby on the 1st line, but I guess it kinda worked last season lol. And please get Morrow so I can get a wings jersey with my last name on it, please!
Detroit re-signed Kindl for 4 years, 2.4m. Happy about that, he could be a big part of our defense in the coming years.
I seriously fell asleep with 5 mins left in the 3rd...Damn work.
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Check it out, budweiser red light

Early birthday gift from my gf's parents

Do want.
Gotta play for more than 6 minutes of the game, Wings...
CHI in 6
DET in 6
VAN in 6
STL in 7

PIT in 5
MTL in 7
WSH in 6
BOS in 6
Yeah, glad Wings made it for the sake of the streak, and I could see them possible stealing first round, but that might be about it. Hope we have a good off-season though and are actually ready for the full-season.
Depends how much you are looking to spend. And don't listen to the reviews, belle isle isn't the best place, so make sure you go with at least 4 people.
Went to that game tonight, too much fun. Kinda surprised with how many Canuck fans were there though?
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Oh hey, its not even half way through season and a beat up Wings team are 2 points out of a playoff spot. Abandon ship!

Right, lmao.
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....and everything falls apart.

Yeah, pretty much. I don't really care what happens this season, as long as we sneak into playoffs and can acquire what we need during the off-season.
Yeah, was rough, but at least we can use the excuse of being rusty.
Yeah, give it back to the canadians please.
Dammit, we need a defensemen. I guess Semin can tag along, too.