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That's what I'm telling you to do with shanaproject, set up an account and have the rss feed send the shows to your utorrent since you were having trouble with whatever things you were having trouble with.

It's exactly what I do

I'm saying I can't get utorrent to install. I've been manually adding torrents 1 by 1into Transmission and it's a pain. I wonder what torrentflux is like.
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If you want an RSS feed for anime go to ShanaProject

And josh, that scene is great

I have RSS feeds, but with utorrent I could use them to automatically download anime as they are available.

These Hub shows are weird. Aquabats?
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Hey everybody

I'm bored again

Oh yeah, Sakura Trick is still happening. Shame Transmission doesn't do RSS and I can't figure out how to install this tar.gz for utorrent.

I left the TV on The Hub after ponies and what is SheZow?
-Pinkie Pie, don't be ridiculous!
-But it's what I'm good at!
I put Debian on this computer and have no idea what to do with it. This is going to be a fun weekend. At least I know how to use the web browser.
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don't you already have a patchy neckbeard?

Facial hair is awesome anyway. Grow some, slut.

No. I am completely smooth except for a mustache that I just noticed I had a month ago. I would love a goatee if I could grow one though. Or maybe that thing Lemmy Kilmister does.
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don't use ubuntu, it has some shady stuff going on with advertising and it's really buggy
if you want linux use fedora or debian
try openbsd if you want to dick around in a terminal

I have a feeling if I download Fedora I will suddenly grow a patchy neckbeard, and I've been praising the Great Spirit that I can't grow facial hair.
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I wouldn't say S4's been hit and miss really - my least favourite's probably the most recent one, and that was still really good.

Maybe I've seen them differently because I can barely sleep then force myself up at 10:30 to watch them live, but I thought a lot of the episodes could have been better.
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Maybe so, I don't have that because I started watching halfway through season 2.

I think over the first 3 seasons, for the most part, the good episodes got better and the bad episodes got worse, maybe I'd have liked S3 as much as S2 if it was as long.

S1 was equally great, but in S2 there were some horrible episodes and some fantastic episodes. In S3 it would have been the same but in the limited time it seems there were more bad than good. S4 seems to be really hit-and-miss.

Maybe I could gut the newer laptop and use the 4GB RAM for this Vista one, and the 500GB hard drive. But what do I need to do that? I'll need to research stuff.
Anyone know about computers?

I almost managed to install Gentoo on a newer Toshiba laptop that looks like it came from the dump or an inner city house, but it turns out that the L key doesn't work.

I'm also thinking of putting Ubuntu on this older Vista one. What do you think?
New pone ep. I see what they were trying to do there, but it didn't quite click together like the better ones.

Why are there no good subs for Jigoku Shoujo: Mitsuganae?
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I don't think there's any point with me arguing this any further. There never is. If you can't appreciate solid speed metal then I don't know what to say.

If you two think "Crucified Barbara" is a better band and strong speed metal then there is absolutely nothing more for me to say. Just nothing. God bless.

Crucified Barbara isn't really speed metal. Original Sin of 1986 is good but is actually a fake band made by David DeFeis and some buddies with his sister on vocals.
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I posted a thread of one a few months back. I'm just heading offline right now but you can check through my new thread history if you'd like. If you can't find it, I might try looking for them tomorrow. Can't remember the name, sorry.

Crucified Barbara? Not bad at all.

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Metal archives them for info. Too lazy to type right now. Message me for more...this is the theme of my upcoming metal radio so I don't want to post them all here.

They had me until "bitches from hell".
Anyone know of all-girl speed or thrash metal bands? All I've been able to find are female fronted death thrash like Cripper, but I like clean vocals.
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That's called a Deceptive Cadence, it's pretty kewl

I know what it is, still awesome. Or you can go I V then walk away.
You know what's awesome? Going I V vi.
Can you multiplayer with a non-gold Xbox Live account? If so, I have Call of Duty 4.

Also Wake Up, Girls!
Only true Dexter

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I find out Jeopardy! is pushed back to 9pm.

Thanks Obama!

T thought 7:30 was late.

Meanwhile, Sakura Trick exists.
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I'm actually interested to hear your theory behind what you think it means.

Go on.

I'm not in the writing mood. When I feel inspired I'll write a page or two. Maybe. But Bill Dauterive comes to mind.
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it bugs me how it still has a christmas hat on....

That adds to the depth of a metaphor. I should write an essay about it.
Anyone else notice how deep of a metaphor Chookie's avatar is?
How come I suddenly started sucking at mortal kombat?
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skean, that's amazing
this is the best agile that i've seen

Sweet Jebus.

I found out that the Epi G-400 is made of Luan, and it's gotten me a little worried about things like what if other "mahogany" guitars are made of cheap wood with mahogany veneer. I was going to make a thread in EG but I'm afraid to for reasons I can't place.
Why am I bothering downloading albums? It's not like I'm going to listen to the same band for an hour on end; I barely have time. Even if I did, my MP3 player doesn't want to play them in order.
I got carrot cupcakes.
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I will not tolerate that disrespectful talk.

I'm turning over a new leaf.

Can you turn the leaf again?
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it's not okay with the zoot suit either
EDIT: jj read for whom the bell tolls so you can start a book that has good prose

I'm at page 60 something and it's so slow. There's a cave with an american and some spanish people reminiscing about blowing up a train but nothing's happening. When does it kick in? Although I have to admire Hemingway's descriptive skill.
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Oh my god he's talking about me!

Hey Andrea
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my ****ing god i can feel the hipster just radiating off of you

At least I don't wear a fedora outside of my zoot suit.

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why do smart people say dumb things

One cannot use extremes like smart and dumb; intelligence, along with the world, is a spectrum.
someone come fix my pc for me, I will repay you by cooking a 5 course meal

I doubt I could eat a 5 course meal, but next time I go on holiday in the UK I certainly would. Now to learn about computers.

What do I want to do now? Play Xbox, finish up Jigoku Shoujo, continue reading For Whom The Bell Tolls or do nothing to assorted guitar music?
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me laughing at your dickpics

Only because it's Mio I forgive you for critically looking at dick pics.

I'm starting to get guitarist fingers.

What more do I need to know other than major and minor chords, major, minor, pentatonic and blues scales?

Who else has an irrational aversion to being the first post of the page?
Figured out what an RSS feed is and how to use it to download new anime. But what's good this season? It looks like so many high school girl SOLs and uninteresting magic shows.
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Thanks ESP

You could just ask me, I could give you a rec if you tell me what you like, jj

Something involving magic and character development over storyline.

And happy birthday