I'm just wondering if they have a new CD coming soon, because I want to decorate Matt Bachand from Shadows Fall with multiple copies of it.
who knows when the new As I LAy Dying Cd Is coming out or is one coming out?
sup dudes who likes jamiroquai because i do he has got some good bass lines and i love playing those bass lines what about you guys
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im with ts on this one. they are very overrated. people think theyre sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo super because of through the flams and fire on gh. they arent that great.

thanks dude your the only one whos right
dragonforce i mean this band is nothing but sore losers i read in a magizine that they said,"the human brain can't handle our solos". well if they can't then how do you play, with aliens or something whos with me.what is the point of playing fast if you can't even hear the solo right i mean jimmy page and paul gilbert are way better then the guitar players for dragonforce
I think they are the best because nobody could acomplish what they did, i mean whenever they had a concert it was always sold out and the songs were awsome one of my favorite songs is i can't quit you baby it sounds way better in concert i have it on dvd where they are playing in the royal albert hall its awesome, so what do you think are they great or no?
hey everybody join these two groups i made.
whats does everybody think of the next album of metallica coming out?
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what does everybody think of the new metallica album coming out this year?
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name one of your favorite album of all time mine is the and justice for all album by metallica
mine would be

1. jimmy page
2. randy rhoads
3. george lynch
man dragonforce sucks i think they are a bunch of showoffs that are just trying to be the best and i really think they don't play that song in real life they play it slow first and then when they are finisihed recording they mix it where it goes fast.