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Oh yes I forgot. Because presidents normally just snap their fingers, wave their magic fairy wand and solve everyone's problems instantly. GTFO, you naive little shit.

well you see..your used to your bullshit parliamentary system. ever thought that maybe if obama wasnt such a raging liberal socialist...some of his things would be passed quicker because they would require less debate within the house and the senate?
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About 80% of Obama-bashing is by...Yep, you guessed it! REPUBLICANS who cant get over the fact that there is a black-man in charge and doing quite well!

Is he? I cant remember the last time something of his really truly worked. Sure, the stimulus package boosted GDP, but unemployment is still and a remarkable high. And it is a basic keynsian theory that an economies stability is based on unemployment. what else has he done...oh he's about to send more troops into afghanistan. hes about to pass the biggest healthcare farce in the history of the world. Oh..and he closed guantanimo.
lets look at the real facts.
Malpractice is still at an all time high. The public school system still sucks. our debt and inflation are skyrocketing. and partisan politics are still king.
really? what has he done that is so fantastic. Nobody cares that hes black. its completely insignifigant. hes a crappy, inexperienced, non backboned politician.
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The irony is BLOWING MY MIND. greatfull. I 100% think that there is absolutly nothing wrong with our health system. I am also greatful for the amount of time and effort doctors put into training to come out a doctor that is faced with unforgiveably high malpractice rates that the government chooses to do nothing about.
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Because the fact that you don't is the reason that America does terribly on pretty much every single measure of social health.

The fact of the matter is, every faction of America is run by the rich. and the rich dont want their perks and benefits to go away. Medicine is a private industry. the people who spend countless years in medical school and resicency dont do what they do so that they can serve ungratefull shits who want their health care and want it right away. It costs a whole lot of money to train to be a doctor. and with this new bill, doctors will be paid less while the issue of tort reform isnt even being entertained. So yeah..i bet its a REAL good idea to pay doctors less and have their malpractice insurance go up. Lets see how good the doctors are then.
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...that not everyone can have. why does that make the privatised health care system better than a national one that covers every single person in the country, and not just the obnoxious, better-off people?

better quesion...why is this my problem and why should i have to pay for a solution?
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For the love of god, please do that. I want to see your reaction when your hospital bill is $17,000 and your parents are in debt for the rest of your life. I say "your life" because i'm pretty sure you aren't intelligent enough to live past the ripe old age of 25.

"Free life health care"?

you know what the best part about having two parents that are high ranking posistions at johns hopkins...the free family life health care. It's called perks.
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Actually its ok, thats why the UK has both asshole, we care for our poor too unlike your country which has a much higher number of homeless to housed ratio than the UK. EDIT: and ^

Anyway, its customary so i don't see the problem your always going to get people like that!

lets rate this on the scale of how much i care. First off, I'm not poor. actually, far from it. therefore how much the UK houses its homeless is irrellevent to me. I see no reason why anyone would want to pay higher tax to house and medicate other people. but thats ok, while you pay your taxes and help your homeless, ill be attending a 50,000 dollar college and then go to grad school. nice try though...seriously..get on my level.
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Scrap that, dickhead of the week award goes to HIM%(^. And it's only Monday evening.

why is this? because of the fact that I enjoy the fact that my country's health system treats me like a person and not a number? Must be.....
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Do you own a shotgun? If so, please use it on yourself. Thanks.

No thanks, actually, as much as I am beginning to hate america for all the bullshit obama is doing, id much rather live here then the shit hole you call the uk. You know what, i think ill just go tear my acl right now just because i know that with my free life health care, i can get surgery tomorrow..unlike you. Isnt privatized healthcare great?
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...I wonder why.

wait..what country are you from again? oh wait..thats right. I forgot, you irish know all about prosperous countries...i mean..there wasnt just a huge influx of immigrants from there in new york or anything.
Obama is a complete asshole. there isnt a single thing he wont do to get re-elected. he is humping leg of the rest of the world to prove that he is a more "compassionate" president. No thanks, id rather have a president with something remotly resembling balls than this ultra liberal ass kisser. He hasnt brought one ounce of change. politics is still completly partisan and were still fighting a war that doesnt need to be fought. Obama can take that nobel prize and shove it straight up his own ass. Does anyone buy his bullshit anymore? its incredible...he addresses the nation as if were all a bunch of idiots who are completly uninformed about the world.
just dump the eq alltogether. there really is no point becuase if your recording, you can eq during production so that your not recording with a to effected sound and if your playing live you can eq with the sound guy on the mixing board. eqs are one of the most wasteful things you can buy and i still find it incredible that people still buy those pedals.

this thread is now about meerkats.
torture..straight torture son.
i can bench 340....get at me.
scars of the crucifix-deicide.
just say you had explosive diarehha.
for example...
why were you late to class?
....i was pissing out my arse...
by reading the title of this thread..i SOOO thought this was gonna be some stupid 4chan meme...was it quake?
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There are actually some pretty serious bodybuilders here. (I don't compete, some people do.) That being said, you know your **** and sound like a beast haha.

I would note that some casein protein right before going to sleep is what you should eat if you are hungry. Carbs are a big no anytime before a few hours before sleep if you want optimal fat loss.

ive heard about this casein protein...not to thread jack or anything..but does it reallly do anything? I've heard some mixed things about it but mainly what i hear is that it either does nothing or helps you get more defined..
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protein shakes are for building muscle mass, not making you feel full. if anything they will just make you put on more weight seeing as your only doing light exercises. stick with the sit ups and the like, and just watch what you eat.
check out some body building forums if you wanna know more about protein shakes.

this statement=fail.
protein shakes are normally used as a meal replacement. it has the calories needed to survive a day..without the fat that would normally come with a meal. the best waay to do this is to spread your meals out throughout the day. in order to combat hunger...make sure your working out everyday and drinking a steady supply of protein. avoid eating late at night and also avoid eating big meals. only eat big after you work out and from then on spread out your eating over the rest of the day with protein shakes and bars.
pm me if you wanna know more. i guarentee i know more then probably anyone else on this a 265 college lineman and i bench around 350...
absolutly. i agree with you 100 percent. i actually saw dream theater last night on the progressive nation tour. what was really interesting was the first couple of bands scale the summit and big elf were SO FREAKING LOUD. there was no frequency manipulation or anything. everything just sounded all mashed together in a loud wal of sound. then dream theater came on and it was absolutly perfect. not as loud..but everything just the right level.
these walls dream theater...
inb4 i cum blood.
youd be suprised as to where that could lead you in life.
I think its somewhat sarcastic. because nobody actually laughs out loud over the internet.
except for when i read the responses to this thread.
epic lulz
looks like a jazzmaster ripoff...
david attenborough in planet earth. i watch that everytime i get home when im trashed from a party. **** puts me out like its nobodys business.
tits or gtfo

or free falling
it wont hurt..but if it costs and it isnt neccesary..just dont do it.
if your sound is thin...add MIDRANGE. it is the secret weapon to huge tone.
most of their songs are realy easy. end of heartache is a great song and its super easy to learn.
pirates 2 stagnettis revenge. total garbage.
then id stay away from anymore external effects. shouldbe doing most of the mixing onboardin the recording program. so that the compression and such can be done in the mastering process....
it depends. what program do you use? if your recording with protools..all you really need is some sort of adat interface that can hold many more mic inputs. i use a beringher one. i highly reccomend it.
when i bought the new dream theater album...and i heard the intro to shattered fortress...
i jizzed. in. my pants.
im 18 and i have fantastic facial hair. you lose.
its not that bad in prison. you can always sell drugs in return for things like not raep
ky jelly. how you use it is up to you.
mark III have rediculous amounts of smooth gain. however..they are VERY bassy. like..the only time i used one in a studio..i had to turn the bass almost all they way off..and it was still alittle flabby. greatttt sounding tones though. not sure so much about the lack of the graphic eq but it shouldnt make that much of a difference...
wear a full body condom. seriuosly. i went to one of those and the whole place smelled like aids. if a full body condom is too hard to come by...wear a rainbow thong and a giant bear mask. if anyone picks up that reference...MANY lulz will ensue
i have really long hair..but then 6'4 265 and i bench 350 so im a ****ing beast.