kill yourself.
TS, you're a little midget ****.
how about we let the TS go watch transformers and we keep pulp fiction to ourselves? just because you can't handle a slow-paced movie doesn't mean it's crap.

it's one of the best written movies of all time, and if you're too immature to sit through a movie without explosions, tits, and talking robots, then i feel sorry for you.
Quote by the_martyr
my bad. your right. let's list it another ten times, at least.

It's "you're," you pseudo-intellectual blowhard.
i can't choose between the countless occasions in which my friends and i got high and laughed at nothing until we couldn't stand anymore.
hahah you're ugly, TS.
Is this just a very thinly veiled attempt at bragging about your GPA? Because trust me, nobody gives even a fraction of a ****.
You're a ****ing douche bag, TS.
I'm disappointed you didn't have time to blow me tonight.
I don't drink; my dad used to be an alcoholic and I don't like what it does to people.

However, I smoke marijuana 2-3 times per month and I'm glad I do. I have above a 4.0 gpa, run to keep in shape, and consider myself an overall healthy person. I see nothing wrong with occasionally smoking a joint to relax or have fun with friends. It doesn't ruin your life or turn you into a vegetable, like anti-drug commercials try and claim. I've had nothing but fun and harmless experiences while high.
Animal Collective
Grizzly Bear
Arcade Fire
LCD Soundsystem
Broken Social Scene
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Architecture in Helsinki
TV on the Radio
The Strokes
The Who
The Dodos
LA Philharmonic Orchestra
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
No Age
Abe Vigoda
Mika Miko
Lucky Dragons
The Chariot
Death Cab for Cutie
Portugal. The Man
Tera Melos
Of Montreal
Free Moral Agents
...and a bunch more that I either can't remember or don't care about.

aaaaand upcoming shows include:
Explosions in the Sky
Black Moth Super Rainbow
School of Seven Bells
Sunset Rubdown
Grizzly Bear (again)
142 pounds.
The Wanting Seed by Anthony Burgess.

Same guy who wrote A Clockwork Orange. It's one of the more interesting novels I've read. Verrrry dystopian, too.
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You wanna be proud of being Indian, go do something for India. Or if you wanna be proud of someone else, be proud of true greats like Satyajit Ray, Indira Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose. You wanna be proud of having the world's best slums, go off the computer and join the slums. The fact that India has so many slums is a matter of shame.

And the movie is typical commercial feel good flick with no realism whatsoever.

**** off, man. It's obviously doing something right, as it basically swept the Oscars and millions of people, including me, are in love with it.

Then again, the fact that you think that metal is the only type of "real music" automatically makes all of your opinions completely void. So I win.
You know what else ****ing sucked? The Dark Knight. I mean, it was just soooooooo unrealistic. Absolutely no realism.

God that picture makes me want to cry. I will never watch that video.
I hope someone beats the living **** out of both of those kids. Honestly nothing in the world infuriates me more than animal cruelty.
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Anonymous got his Myspace lol

What is it?
I was hoping this would be about dogs...
No one gives a ****. I'm certainly not againsed it because it's a ****ING game. Grow up.
Support Our Troops (Black Angels OH!) by Xiu Xiu

****ing horrifying.
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You are such a ****ing failure.

And I refuse to help you because those are horrible, horrible bands.
It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking Thirteen....

That is the worst setlist that anyone could ever make, ever.
John Wayne Gacy Jr. by Sufjan Stevens
Chain Reaction in Anaheim. 17.
My dog that I've had since I was two recently died, so I know how you feel, buddy

It's tough, but just know that he had a great life (I assume), and he's no longer in any pain. My condolences, seriously.
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Apparently, they also shot off real cannons, Brian swung from a massive bell during Hells Bells, and Angus did a 6 minute solo at the end of Thunderstruck in Fargo.

...DAMMIT. Must stop telling myself about something I never saw.

That sounds like the most embarrassing experience ever.
AC/DC is an awful, awful band.
This thread is such a ****ty and desperate attempt at being funny.
18 hours and 36 minutes of Radiohead.
14 hours and 39 seconds of The Beatles.
11 hours and 29 minutes of Animal Collective.
I was 15 and kind of high at a coed sleep over. Hellz yeah.