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GnR would be cool, if not only for the chance to play with bumblefoot.

or Steve Vai, that'd be a good gig.

Also, cool thread idea.

Gnr, because while Axl is probably a little off his rocker, the stuff he's been working on (and has been leaked) is truly great stuff. And I think he's a real musical visionary. And the band he's assembled are all fantastic musicians that i'd kill to play with.

And Vai for a similar reason he's a true virtuoso in every sense of the world, having seen him twice now he continues to impress me with his musicality.
Us made peavey for $40? Deal of the decade.
GnR would be cool, if not only for the chance to play with bumblefoot.

or Steve Vai, that'd be a good gig.

Also, cool thread idea.
Jazzy explained what I was going to say. So yeah.
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We have one. Although we want two. But we should stick to the topic.

SOrry to revert back to this, but i'm intrigued. What amp setup dpo you use with the tbird + flats. I just can't see it sounding that great.
Who knows, I may be wrong. But still.
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I have the same bass and had the same problems with low notes sounding really bland. What I normally do is keep the second nob that controls the pick-up blenidng all the way down, or mostly down, and keep the low end EQ on the bottom of the of the pot-pan no more than halfway up.

Really, I think it's the jazz pick-up that does most of it, it will suck a lot of tone out of your bass if you try to max it out with the precesion.

Unfortunately, you can't mute the P pup and just go solo on the jazz. That would make it a lot better, IMO. You can only add Jazz, not take away precesion.

You're mistaken, you can.
You play a thunderbird with flats? Mud city.

But a line of coke does wonders.
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Fair enough, but it is good to have the knowledge of scales, so you know why things work.

Well certainly, but studying solos along side that and analysying how they're composed with scales etc. is very helpful.
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Hardly a bass solo.

Learning an already composed solo won't really improve your soloing capacity. I recommend learning scales and arps, and how the notes relate to each other.

I beg to differ, studying solos gives you great knowledge of how they're put together and what is effective and what isn't.
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Goddamn that Stiletto 6-string is looking so sexy.

Don't mean to hijack the thread, but should one study more theory to be able to utilize a 6-string effectively? I like the idea of having extra range and all that, but my theory knowledge is little to none, and I can see how that may be detrimental.

Theory helps in every possible situation, so it would certanily be beneficial. But I wouldn't go as far as saying you have to have an extensive knowledge of theory to play a 6.
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Why does musiciansfriend no longer carry them? I find it very odd.

If I remember correctly, they never did.
having said that, I have heard rumors of them being discontinued soon.

Rearrange those words to form a sentence. His gallops are two 16th notes and one 8th note and are performed with two fingers, all that's needed is practice.
I wholeheartedly reccomend the ibanez SR506 that I own. Versatile, easy to play neck, good tone. What more do you want?
I may be wrong here. But i'm relatively certain he uses flatwounds.
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id say no. lotta potential for damaging circuitry with low frequencies

Incorrect. No circuitry can be damaged in doing this. Only speakers of amps.

Learn what you're talking about before spouting off.
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I listened on their site and i like all the sounds.Do they actually sound like that?

Ish, a member of talkbass recently recorded every sample himself to show people the TRUE sound of the variax.
Timeless Winter - Into Eternity
I plan on investing in the EH stereo memory man with hazarai asap.

Smooth delay sound, and a whole host of options including a loop function, reverse echo and the ability to save presets.
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I plugged my ipod into my mates computer once, to get some of his songs...

When he took my ipod out the dock my ipod froze... i held menu and the centre button, and all my music had gone, and it had put his library on

Well that is how it works...
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Q-tron FTW!!! (the one Bootsy uses I believe)

Seriously, it is 'the' envelope filter. Very few come close to the sound it makes.

Envelope filter != Autowah
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because i really dont want a very low end bass, just a decent one. aren't roland cubes guitar amps tho?

They make bass amps as well.

The bass PODxt would be a good choice for a practice amp assuming you have headphones/something to drive it through.

As for the basses, can't go wrong with a fender P or J, suitable in nearly all situations.
Some pedals aren't particularly bass specific, i.e. Delays. But things like wah's and distortions usually work best when their bass pedals.
Quote by anarkee is a good site to start learning to "hear" chords and intervals.

Playing by ear starts by hearing intervals. Playing your scales in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6ths and 7ths can help.

When transcribing or learning a new song "by ear", the best advise I ever received was to use the most accurate instrument I owned--my own voice, first. I find if I "sing" the part first and then try to pick the notes out on an instrument, its a much shorter path than going straight to the instrument of choice.

Follow this advice.
You already have two nice guitars. Why not spend it on a better amp, after all that's where most of your tone comes from.
I own a six. I love it, it's not really about your hand size. more your technique when it comes to navigating the larger neck. My ibanez has a very flat neck anyway so it wasn't a particularly huge difficulty to get over.
Either this guy's a troll; or just really, really, REALLY dense.
I recently played the fretless squire VM series made of agathis. And I didn't like it much, the wood seemed not to resonate at all. And the tone overall just wasn't that great. it was alright, but compared the the MIM fretless I picked up after it it wasn't good at all.
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i've been thinking of modding the bass with clearer pickups, perhaps humbuckers and the works. I forgot to mention. i have the choice between a les paul special bass and a nikki sixx. i'm leaning towards the nikki sixx because the growling sound is what i'm looking for. or close to it.

Why the choice of Gibson basses? While Gibson make (arguably) great guitars their basses leave a lot to be desired. You're money will be much better spent elsewhere. I've played the les paul bass and it really was not worth the price.

Plus, as far as i'm aware, you can't get replacement t-bird pickups. Your only option would be to route massive holes. Costing even more.

Seriously, listen to the people here. Something like a musicman stingray/jazz bass/G&l 2500/etc. would give you more growl than you could ever hope for.
The guys over at talkbass seem to love it. ANd most of them use it for that very function. So it seems like a good choice.
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aye, fast doesn't always mean good in Death Metal... Shaun Malone doesn't shred it up all the time, but damn is he schmexy good.

My dad, who happens to be a huge Dream Theater/Portnoy fan, has a video of Portnoy, Sean Malone, the fates warning singer and paul gilbert doing a cover of YYZ. It's interesting to say the least. Malones fills are awesome.
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and yet he still continues to unimpressed just about everyone

Actually I think you'll find Duff is a great player with plenty of chops, groove, and skill.
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dude check out as blood runs black

Hate to be a metal elitist, but that's deathcore. Not death metal. QUite a difference.

besides that, he's not particularly talented.
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Hell, I introduced Jazzy to DM with Opeth.

If you want a good old heads up on DM, get Ghost Reveries by Opeth. Has great bass playing on it.

What a fantastic album that indeed is.
I have nothing more to add.
He also uses a hell of alot of chorus.
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my music shop still stocks them for $400 au

suckers!!! :P

No they don't.
I use it all the time, the more understanding you have of music. The more you can utilize it to create the best possible pieces. Anything less, and you're only limiting what you can do.
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Did you read the second part of my post? I HAVE added shipping costs etc.

That may well be the case but do you know of the customs/import tax you'll have to pay?
As far as I know you'll have to pay 4% customs and then 17.5% import/vat. Although, if you have relatives I think they can ship it as a gift and the costs won't be paid. I'm not entirely sure.
LOL England and Croatia again.
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I am convinced that all of the scales exercises and finger stretches in the world will never allow my to make that damn PoT harmonic stretch. Unless I get a short scale bass, which some odd sort of stupid pride won't let me do..

Stupid small female hands.

same my hands the same size, if not smaller than most girls.