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Oh now that's just splitting hairs. ;p

If you like tapping, that bass tapping part in Metropolis by Dream Theatre doesn't seem terribly difficult, you'll just have to play it a bit slow to start out. >.>

v EDIT: Hey. I'm introing to be very angry. > v

The gallop is two sixteenths and an eight, no staccato. And no, it's not a triplet technically. Having said that, my theory book describes triplets as a group of three equal length notes in the space of two OR THEIR EQUIVALENT for example a group of triplet quavers add up to a crotchet, but technically so do two semiquavers and a quaver.

So it's a debatable point, but really just semantics.

As for bass solos, find a drum track, and play around till your hearts content.
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turn up the mids turn down the bass and treble

Pretty much, a big part of landphils sound is also some tube growl and a heavy attack with a pick with some high-output pickups.
My post still stands as valid.
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Who endorses them?

That's obviously the most important thing to look at.

Hardly, some company's, espcially boutique ones do not provide artists with endorsement deals that provide them with free/massively reduced cost gear so as not to have to make of the sales through regular customers.

I know sadowsky and alembic do this, and i'm sure many amp manufacturers do as well.

There is rhythmic dictation excersise where a rhythm is played and you have to scribe it out. GREAT practice, check it out.
The riff doesn't come in particularly weird at all. Count from when the riff ends the first time, two bars rest, then it comes in. Listen again.
Anyone who claims to be able to do this must post a recording. Else all claims are null and void.
So I recently got back into gaming after several years hiatus. The other day I bought myself a PS3 and GTA IV. Great fun and all that, but i know nothing about any of the newer games out around now. I had a PS2 (and a PS1) back in the day. So I know all the franchises and stuff like that that have continued onto PS3. But can anyone reccomend some newer series out worth checking into?

I downloaded the demo of resistance and thought it was pretty cool, yes/no?
the limited editions were the first run in '98, they had, as you mention, the different neckplate. As well as real inlays rather than the painted ones now.
Ah. Giving that new information it may need to be reconsidered.

Having said that, if you were considering upgrading to a head-cab setup this would be a good start.
What possible reason is there NOT to go for this?

Do it.
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The bass is very good and in excellent condition. The former owner bought it as investment instrument, not to play.

But I am glad you have given me moment to pause and rethink. If someone came to me and said, which would you play more, The Urge II or the PRS? The Urge II still would win the final vote. So it comes down to how long do I really want to wait for an Urge and how much regret would I have if I didn't bite on the PRS.

Thanks for the Shakabuku moment.

I think that if you're GASing for a bass, and then end up going with something else just beause it'll take longer to save up for, you'll probably get it eventually anyway, and just take a loss selling the PRS. I mean, is your husband gonna allow both in the house? I'm guessing not
I'd say go for the Urge II, it sounds like the bass you really want.
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Ignore him. He's not thinking straight. Buy it. It's the right thing to do.

Honestly Forcemaster, how could you be so inconsiderate????

I'm sorry, I just blew a chunk of cash on my Geddy, i'm trying to salvage some vague illusion that i'm sometimes responsible.
Now this depends on how good the bass really is.

If I recall, weren't you saving up for an urge a few months back? Is this bass better than that? By far? if it were me i'd considering putting the money into a new Urge fund.
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Oh yeah, the thread with the tranny lol.

Nice bass Forcemaster, you're building quite the rig!

The advantages of having a job and next to no expenses yelid many a bass.

More shall follow i'm sure... I did see a nice fretless the other day...
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the bridge pup is over a foot closer to the bridge

Nice one buddy.

It's almost midnight, I think I can be excused.

And it sounds, essentially like a jazz bass with more growl and brightness. Slap tone is amazing as well. Only complaint is the stock fender nickel strings are poor, it's hankering for some steel rotos, but i'm a little short of funds right now.
Finally, the GL jazz I ordered a month and a bit ago arrived today. I suppose the advantage is nobody has played it but me. And it's a fine, fine bass.

Imagine your normal jazz bass, now shave down the neck, move the bridge pickup a 1/4" closer to the bridge for more growl, add a BAII. And you have this bass. Crafted in Japan with impeccable quality, not a single build quality flaw at all. Not to mention the GREAT look of these instruments.

I'm probably gonna do a UROTM next month, now I have a sizeable enough setup. But for now, this will do.


Questions, comments, suggestions?

P.S. Apologies for the picture quality, phone camera, of course.

P.P.S. Soundclips possibly coming Thursday, will be a chance to get some in a studio setup, rather than at home sounding rather awful.
I actually thought the Pete Wentz P I played was quite nice.

Anyway, I personally wouldn't do it. The P has an unistakble sound, and sits incredibly well in a mix (something most people here don't seem to realise the value of) and IMO plays nicer than the OLP i've played.
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Isn't the SR506 34" scale and the BTB 35" scale? That'd make a significant difference to how it feels to play.

A good point I forgot about. Havng said that, the SR506's B is more than adequate.
I hvae incredibly small hands and the SR506 fits perfectly for me. Having played it's BTB respective as well I can say I greatly prefer this.

Also, it's always easy to get hung up on tech specs, I say ignore all that for the most part, if it sounds and feels good, it's good.

John Myung's current 6'er is a bolt-on basswood bass. Good enough for him.
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Just remember one thing. Your goal is not to be good for someone who's played only one year. You want to be good period. Keep up the good work.

Great point.

As everyone else had said, attempting that cover was a little ambitious. it sounds like you have simplified the verse riff as well, and the intro, and.. etc etc.

Having said that, still a relatively impressive performance from someone who's playing for just a year.
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I played it and it was shockingly average. Maybe it was because I was playing it with a Furman and a SansAmp that made it sound so average, but that was just the feeling I got. It sounded like every other amp I've ever heard. It'll do fine as an intermediate amp, but it's blown way out of proportion on these forums.

Not for the price, espicially in the UK.
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i didnt set fire to anything

No, but I may or may not have.
When I was in school I used to skive off. Quite alot. And I was predicted all A grades.

Fir me, at least it was just a case of boredom in general at school and I just didn't want to be there really. I wasn't happy with it.

I'd suggest talking to your son about it and find out why he doesn't/didn't want to go. Being angry isn't going to help.
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Yeah but the dollar is tanking like the Titanic, so y'all may be getting the last laugh.

I'd put the bucks towards a better fretted myself, unless an amazing one in a lifetime deal came across for a good fretless.

I dunno, most companies seem to ignore the dollar price fluctuations and charge us the same price even if the dollar is worth next to nothing.
Though you can bet we'd see a price rise if the dollar went up in value.

Having said that, I consider Ibanez very reasonable in their pricing across the globe, once you factor in the extra shipping + tax costs I don't think they really rip anyone off.

Mesa? That's another story.
They've been back a while now, if I remember correctly there are two lines. An american-produced flagship range and a cheaper range made in Asia, should be worth checking out.
I want Nathan East's gig with Clapton, the dude plays so well.
Struggling to see... point of thread... can't find... nowhere to be found....

But do you leave the cable plugged into the bass? that's what drains the battery. Ive had my SR506 for 7 months now and haven't had to change the battery once.
Quote by LK_revival
sigh,well yes you are wrong but I have stated my case numerous times in this thread,what and others have said is there for people to think about one way or the other.

But this is why I don't agree with leftist thought like yours.For the sake of making things "safe" you are willing to create violence with authortian rule,that's exactly why America has a amendment for keeping weapons to prevent authortian take overs like you suggest.It's not about macho it's about that.

Government slowl get guns back?What makes you think people would give them back?And going from that I can only guess what you would do to get them back.Slaughter a few million for the sake of "peace" after I guess ugh?Doesn't matter that most of those people until you made them a criminal had never done anything wrong before.

I don't think I suggested anywhere in my point that violence against the people of a country was a necessary idea. What I was talking about was a gun amnesty, as well as the recovering of guns used in crimes.

If we take your example of the 'security against tyranny' theory I present to you a quote from legal scholar Roscoe Pound.

"legal right of a citizen to wage war on the government is something that cannot be admitted. ... In the urban industrial society of today a general right to bear efficient arms so as to be enabled to resist oppression by the government would mean that gangs could exercise an extra-legal rule which would defeat the whole Bill of Rights"

So you overthrown the government and then what, you get gangs excersises rule of others in a tribal-esque mess of a country. This is of course assuming this all happens, something i would consider extremely unlikely with the current state of world politics, the UN, etc. etfc.

I find it quite offensive that just because I referred to myself (tounge in cheek, mind) as a leftist that you immediately think i'm demanding a stalin-esque authoritarian rule over the country, not at all. Making things illegal does not infringe on rights, what about my rights to drink and drive? Damn them governments.

And finally, yes, guns don't kill people. But it's a damn sight easier with a gun than a knife, i'd imagine you'd have more success robbing a bank with a gun than with a knife, think about it.
A common argument seems to be that the criminals who use guns use them illegally with rubbed off serial numbers or whatever else.
I'd consider that argument completely void, where do you think these guns came from in the first place? With more demand for them, their a more guns in the country to have serial numbers rubbed off and used illegally.

Of course the problem with the US is so many guns are currently in circulation that just plain outlawing guns will mess everything up, in my leftist opinion they needs to be a slow recovering of guns by the government to eventually lead to very strict ownership laws.

The current social status of the US, as well as public attitudes towards guns would also need to be amended, from my observations owning a gun is considered, amongst other things, a statements of ones association with their country and emphasis their patriotism, there's also the obvious macho/power statement that comes with gun ownership.

If i'm wrong in anyway feel free to point it out, i'd appreciate a reply from someone on this.
I consider it a decent multi-effects pedal for it's price. Although certainly not the greatest pedal in the world it does it's job at it's price point.
I believe musicman stated that they wouldn't make a bongo 6 unless a high-profile artist asked for one. Which is obviously what happened.
I found elixers do last a long time, but i'm not a huge fan of their tone. A set of elixers lasted me 6 months before dying, but the stuff on them is weird and sort've flakes off towards the end of their lifespan.

Nickel roto's last me around three months a time, i've just put some steels on my six and their holding up nicely so far.
The EB strings i used barely lasted a month, awful.
I dig it wouldn't mind trying one. Though I love all rics in any form.
The pedal will do the job fine. But as other people have said, there may be an easier solution.

Having said that, stingrays are know for their 'quiet G's' so try another bass maybe.
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Well, I pretty much hate active pickups and death metal, which is about all ESP's are good for. Actually, they pretty much suck all around. I have actually never played their basses, but I hate their guitars so much I don't want to play one of their basses.

Yeah, Ron Wood uses them in his death metal band, The Rolling Stones, they're pretty hardcore.
As much as I love my Gallien Krueger gear, I have not heard favourable things about their lower end stuff, the artists series is great. But response towards the backline series is not good.

Check out ashdown MAG's, they'll be a better quality/price ratio.
Well for the £550 you would spending buying that rig I got my GK 700RB-II head and NEO2x12 cab, a very light, easily portable rig that knocks the socks off my old MAG410 combo.

This was all used of course, is a great resource for finding used gear, always a nice selection and some killer deals going.