Do you really need such a big rig?

The ashdown mag's are great value, but you could easily get a much higher quality rig (albiet slightly smaller) for the same price. Even more so if you consider going used.
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Ah, making uneducated opinions and then getting shot down. This must be how everyone else feels when I'm around. But seriously, interesting.

Happens to the best of us
Esp's/Ltd's make some seriously good stuff in their higher end ranges. Although it's a shame they don't have some more options.

LOL @ everyone who says ESP is a 'low-end' brand.

ANd jazzy, vic does have another bassist, check youtube vids
I want to know what sort of company is 'Monster Baby' I mean seriously...
While I don't rate Ashdowns 15" MAG speakers highly I find their 10's" to be a fair bit better. Worth a try.
I'm putting up my epiphone les paul standard in heritage cherry sunburst up for sale.

Pretty much as new condition except for one minor dent in the back. Pictures up tomorrow.

I'll take £180 or best offer.

OR Will trade for Line 6 PODx3.

All the best.
As you can see from my sig I own the 700RB-II head and a NEO 2x12 cab. I love it, versatile, powerful and easy to move.

Although if you're looking at high end amplification then your best bet is to try out everything you can find to really get a feel for what you want.
I own an active P/J bass and the P solo'd is exactly the same as a normal P, no question.
Best bet is to take it to a pro luthier he'll know what he's doing and won't **** it up.

It sounds like it's a set neck and the neck has come completely unglued, so it should be a relatively simple job of gluing it back in. Although I wouldn't recommend you try it yourself.
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Two weeks exactly? As in the 23rd?

If so, I'll see you there (maybe)

That's the one! Should be good, even if if the only band i'm really a fan of are Opeth, all the others are a bit meh.
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You may have heard of a little band called Opeth. They say STFU.

The fact is, jazz basses (and apparently the Marcus Miller sig) have found a home in metal, as they have a very cutting tone, with plently of bass.

I'd play a Bass version of the Wangcaster if it has the perfect tone and feel for me. Looks should never be a deciding feature (unless they are truely terrible, which a jazz bass isn't). They certainly shouldn't be a huge posititve to a bass. If a bass sounds and feels great, looks should either be an added bonus (if you like them) ora nuisance (if you don't).

I am aware of Opeth. In fact i'm going to see them in two weeks

Also your sarcasm detector is broken, might wanna get that checked out.
I agree with kranoscorp.

I saw megadeth a couple of months back and James LoMenzo was using a marcus miller jazz. I walked out in disgust.
Pretty cool, I don't dig much grind stuff ('cept for some brutal truth and carcass) but i've always been partial to a bit of brainpile.

Beware, when people say they can 'play' something, most of the time they don't mean what i would consider to be able to play something. If someone says to me I can play 'YYZ', for example, I would assume they could play it to a degree that they could replace geddy on stage and no-one would bat an eyelid.

Playing a few riffs from the song sloppily means not you can play it.
Also i've been looking forward to the James LoMenzo hyperdrive pedal.

In the LoMenzo Hyper Drive, a band of frequencies within the midrange of the bass signal is filtered out and the distortion effect is added only to this band. The filtered frequencies can be ‘tuned’ to the precise range that gives the optimum effect. The degree of distortion available is variable from a subtle break up to huge overdrive, enabling a new range of extreme effects for bass to be created. The distortion effect can then be mixed with the original dry bass signal to maintain a powerful, full-bodied bass tone with distortion overtones.

All this, as well as true bypass and only £59.99?! I'm going to buy one as soon as I have the cash.
I own a 5xx series and have played the 305's, there is a definite noticeable quality difference between the two. If you have the money go for the 505 no question.
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i have owned Analog SS, Digital SS, and tube

and ill state it as a fact Digital amps have the worst tone in comparison to all
its not real tone its digital jesus christ
take for example the line 6 guitars...your not getting a signal from a guitar, pickups etc. its all digital

yes i can see the advantage of having 100s of amp models at your fingertips, but its all digital just like how digital keyboards can emulate violins organs etc. your line six is emulating marshalls, fenders, etc.

the vetta might be a good amp if your comparing to other digital amps, or really crappy analog SS or extremely crappy tube amps,

but compared to any good tube amps/Analog SS its total crap

and if digital is so great why'd line 6 decide to put tubes in their spider amps????

If you can tell me in a double blind test the difference between a vetta amp and the amp it's simulating in a mixed polished recording and/or a live performance i'll be very impressed.
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I said that

My apologies, take this muffin.
I'm looking forward to the two new GK heads coming out. The fusion with a tube preamp and the mini-sized one they have coming out, that is removable from it's combo enclosure.

Also I think they're out now but the Bergantino Neo cabs. Neodymium is really the way forward.
I think delrium mentioned best bass forumers' band. I think that'd be a good category, there's a few great bands around here.
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So it is really trebly and sharp?

I love how my JBass is low and soft. It kind of has a 'thumping' feel... except for when I turn the volume all the way up on my amp and it has a 'stampede of elephants' feel.

Whereas the JBass kind of like the ocean (strong yet fluid), the Bongo would be the desert (inhospitable and sharp).

Not true, I find humbuckers have a very thick tone to them, that's also very cutting (which is probably what fitz is describing) you're best bet is to try one out.

Remember you can also get neck single coils as well as the bridge humbucker.
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I bought a head and cab because I like to be able to change my mind, this way, if I'm not happy with my cabinet or find another one I like better, I can go get the new one and swap it for the old one without having the cabinet still hanging off the head like in a combo.

If you find a combo with speakers that you like and you are perfectly happy with though, they are just as good as a head/cab setup.

Oh yeah also, combos are heavier as they are all in on box, head/cab setups are easier to carry in that respect (but still not light!).

+1 on all of this.

Just as there are idiots who think stacks are cooler and therefore better. There's a bunch of psuedo-knowitalls who think combos are the only way.

Both are wrong, use whatever works for you. I currently have a head and 2x12 setup and I like it because it's easier to move in a greater number of trips. As well as I can just take my head to gigs if a backline is supplied and as indie said I can mix and match my setup.

Before this I had a 4x10 combo rig, which while a decent amp was heavy and awkward to move, although it sounded fine.

Also, some setups only come in stack configurations.

Go with what works for you.
Thing is, Billy has an endorsement deal with DiMarzio. He's not going to keep that for very long if he says other pickups are better.
Alot of the sly and the family stone songs are pretty simple and of course, insanely funky. Try friends, one simple slap line repeated if I remember correctly, but it sounds amazing.

Also some of these suggestions are laughable, Primus, queen, the who, DEAD KENNEDEY'S, THE CLASH?!

Those are either not funk or not easy or both.
I have a 7, i'm not a big fan of tuning down but I still like the low notes.
Geddy's on the R30 tour. Just brilliant.
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i was under the impression that Gallien Krueger weren't any good, is this true?
i want to get a quality amp

Ask flea, duff, justin chancellor, and leland sklar (to name but a very few) what they think.

As with any amps, the low end stuff is never the greatest but GK's high end stuff is top quality.
Unless you happen to find a carvin amp to try and you like more than the markbass, it makes sense to go for the markbass really. That way you know what you're getting, and like what you're getting.

Also you might as well try out every single amp you can find to see what you like.
There's a place called Quidhampton? Damn... Beats the crap out of Northampton.
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Yep. It also, like on a vacuum cleaner, stops the sucking.

What bass DOESN'T sound like that when slapping? At all? Especially a $4000 setup? And notice he even complains about the stock bridge and balance issues? And notice he never actually plays normal fingerstyle with anything other than a pickup LOCATED RIGHT AT THE BRIDGE!?

EDIT: Same bass, pre-refinish. Notice the totally **** tone.

The two basses I own, and many that i've tried don't sound anything like that.
How many people complete about stock fender bridges and replace them with BAII's?

As for neckdive, if i'm playing on stage, standing up, it's funnily enough not an issue, wonder why that is?

Now a fender jazz, that's a bass that sucks. Single coil hum, that's a massive design flaw imo.
thunderbird hating fanboys desist!

Muddy tone, bad for slap yadda yadda.. right?
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Hey now, the POD is a wonderful piece of equipment.

The Lowdown combos are alright, but no great shakes. As an amp, it's fine, but on the whole, I wouldn't spend money on it. I'd just get a good amp and effects I'd actually use.

That's what i mean, i'm praising all of those products
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so would the speaker thing work until i get near 350 for an amp?

I doubt you would notice much difference at all, it'd be just a waste of money really.
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My view is that certain things have certain roles. Effects pedals add effects, amps amplify. Mix the two and issues arise.

Line 6 is notorious for providing subpar equipment (excluding their fantastic effects pedals). The load everything they do with effects, when it would serve you much better to purchase an amp purely dedicated to amplifying.

The POD, vetta and flextone amps? etc.

I've never played them, but bass player did give them a reasonably good review, they may be worth checking out at least.
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On the Boss ODB-3. I just bought one of those and like it quite well. (To be honest, I like enough that I am surprised the neighbors haven't started to complain..). I have started to play a bit of punk and alternative (and some T-Rex) on bass and it works well for me.

It is an alright pedal and versatile, but the downside is it sometimes feedsback loads on some settings and the EQ isn't too well.. good.

If you're in a blues rock band I gonna go out on a limb and say you don't need constant fuzz all the time, you'd probably be more looking to simulate an overdriven tube amp. In this instance, it might be a good choice to look at something like the fulltone bassdrive as money is no object.
As much adhered as I am to the GK brand, in this instance I would imagine carvin is the way to go. As IndianRockStar said if it were the GK artist series then I would say different.
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I've never been huge into GK. I've tried a few out and they're all very, bleh.

So you keep saying, but try one out at a good volume in a band situation and you'll see why they're so popular. Mine sounds decent at bedroom levels, but in a band situation is when things open up.
I would recommend looking into GK's neo cabs. I own the 212 and it is a superb cabinet with the biamping system, and chucks out the low end more than a 410 and provides all the clarity at the same time.

And congrats on the new gear, great amps!

There's never enough power sockets, ever.

Plus if you have a power supply for your effects, you'll need them in front of you, not behind you amp.
Roland cubes and vox valvetronix amps are THE practice amps to buy. I have a roland cube 30, is a great amp for high gain, clean and everything in between. The vox is meant to do better at mid gain classic/hard rock situations but i've had no personal experience with it.

What do you play?