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Check out Municipal Waste, they have plenty of sweet bass lines.

Oh yes, MW slay!

Landphil is a killer bass player with one of the best tones in metal around. met him at the show I went to last month, great guy as well.
Turn that contour down! All it is as a mid scoop, the presence is just essentially a high-mid/treble boost, I very rarely need to use them.
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I like 10s best with MAGs but if you're after a 115 try Peavey. I'm not a big fan of the Ashdown 115.

Great purchase, by the way.

Yeah, the ashdown 115 isn't all that great. the 410 is great though.

I also reccomend trying some 12" speaker configs. Now i've got them in my rig I couldn't life without them.
No offence intended in this post. But to me it just sounds like your being hugely arrogant and trying to sound like your above and beyond every form of western pop.

You could spend thousands of lifetimes analysing just whats happened in the last 60 years. Go buy the beatles entire discography and listen to it all, take it in, and be amazed.
The bassline writing is your decision really. There's no way of instantly knowing the best bassline for a piece.

Know what key the song is in, take into account the rhythm and the drummers playing in general. And play what you think best suits the piece.
If I can slap with no problems after some initial adjustment on a 16.5mm string spacing 6 string Ibanez, then you can slap on pretty much anything.
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I don't know what to think of these suggestions really...I've heard polar opposite ones also. I talked about flatwound strings, and the bass instructor at the music shop said it would actually take out the grit in my tone, and be a lot flatter and warmer. Like a jazz/R & B tone. I also just bought my strings maybe a month ago. And whenever I run my bass straight into the amp, the sound is absolute boredom. I'd at least want to run my compression pedal for the attack value.

I'll look into a different amp situation....though it frustrates me greatly because I just bought the Ashdown in January. To give an idea of the tone I long for, listen to Detroit Rock City, and hone in on Simmon's bass tone. Something like that.

And the crybaby I use is just a general, old fashioned crybaby.

Yeah, flatwound strings will do that. i don't really recommend them for what you want to do. As for the crybaby, take that out of your signal chain. That's probably not helping in the slightest, does it even have any effect?!

As for the amp, it's probably the main point of weakness in your tone, but obviously if you just bought it in January you'd be reluctant to upgrade straight away. So it's up to you really, whether you want to save for new gear or not.
A low end amp is a low end amp. It might be the best in the price range, but it's still a low end/intermediate level amp. Right now, that's gonna make the biggest difference in your tone.
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Also.. For a speaker cable, does it make any difference whether I buy a $90 monster cable, or a cheap ass $20 cable? Sound clarity? Static/fuzz reduction? What's the big difference? Or is it just a gimmick..

Monster claim better sound quality. However most (i.e. all) people can't tell the difference,get the cheap one.
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The specs say 17hz response because it has a sub-harmonic generator, which is really just an octave pedal built into the amp. It plays one octave below the note being played simultaneously.

I know, as I said, I owned the amp for 18 months. And I also know that the octave functions doesn't track at all below a C on the A string. If that.
I believe it would, I originally owned Jon's amp and now own the amp in my sig. The low end difference is astounding, despite the fact that the frequency response for my cab is apparently 60Hz to 19 kHz whereas the ashdown is 17Hz to 30KHz. yet my GK cab has tons more low end, presumably because of the fact it's a 2x12 cab.

This is why I don't trust specs and numbers for how good a product is.

So I'd say yes, you will feel much more low end.
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Yes. EB is starting to go the way of Rickenbacker, and is getting rather exclusive about their product. They have discontinued their own SUB line and have canceled their licensing contract with OLP

According to Mr Sterling Ball himself they are currently in talks with a new manufacture for their low end series. As for the SUB he also said EB might as well have put a $100 bill in the case because that's how much loss they were making on each one.

I don't think we'll see the day when EB start flexing their legal muscles when someone tries to make a private sale over Ebay.
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Yup...I'd been putting off visiting a friend in Brighton because I knew I'd inevitable visit GAK and spend all my I have no choice

I've been GASing for a Jazz bass for quite a while now, and a lakland may well be the one I go for in the end. I'll have to head down at some point.
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You want GAK.

Speaking of which...guess what I've just seen:


I see a Lakland in my future.
A good idea may be to take an exiting song and arrange it for bass. Maybe, for example, Yesterday by the Beatles, you can pull of a good version of that if you've got the skills.
Ironbirds are great, I will own one when I have the cash.
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Are Speakon cables generally Speakon/Speakon (on both ends)? I have a weird shaped hole in my SVT3-Pro which I believe is for a Speakon cable, but my cab only has 1/4" jacks.

So I guess my question is, does this mean I can't use Speakon cables w/ my setup?

Also, I remember when a local guitar store told me that using an instrument cable for connecting a head to a cab is fine. I was like "Are you SUUUUUURE?!" and they're like "Oh yeah. No worries. Instrument cables are shielded so they're actually better in protecting your tone."

I was really sketched out by them (only went to them cuz they're like 5 blocks away) so I went to the store I usually go to. I told them that some other store had said speaker cables are no diff from instrument cables and they were like "WTF?!"

Why exactly is an instrument cable dangerous?

It's to do with the fact that instrument cables are sheilded, and only need to carry a miniscule current to your amp. whereas speaker cables need to carry much more power, if that power goes through the sheilding of the cable. It can overheat and cause damage. Or at least, so I hear.
I may not be familiar with all this techno-babble but I have a cab with neodymium magnets, and I know it sounds awesome, is easy to move and throws low end out the wazoo. That's good enough for me.
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I'm gonna wish good luck, but don't get your hopes up. I don't think there are many 17 year old sessions musicians about the place. It's very much a "who you know" as opposed to "what you know" as well.

Not only that, the what you know has to spot on.

You'll be expected to have flawless timing to be able to play in any style at the drop of a hat, have numerous basses, effects and potentially amps to have the sound they are looking for. An indepth knowledge of the recording process (which you've already admitted you don't have), a superb sightreading ability, experience playing with other musicians, dedication, perfect chops, and god knows what else.

Not to be a cynic, but chances are it aint happening. Suck it up and get a real job.

having said that, I teach bass for my income, so y'know.

EDIT: I know Jaquo X-III is a somewhat of a session bassist so maybe if he sees this thread he can share some wisdom.
Thanks everyone for the advice, seems I have a good few choices to look into now! Gonna have to try some out.
I'm considering making the switch from the mass of pedals at my feet to a lovely neat rackmounted setup with a midi foot controller or something similar. However, I seem to be at a bit of a loss in finding the sort've unit i'm looking for.

I'm looking for a rackmounted multi-effects processor that has all the common effects integrated, chorus, flange, delay etc. with possibly a built in compressor and noise suppressor. All with a budget of around £300, used is certainly an option.

I did look at the line 6 bass POD, but I fear that all the preamp models would go to waste due to my GK rig giving me all the tone I need, but then are the effects good enough quality to make up for this? I've also heard things about the Lexicon Mxp G2 and the Boss VF1 but they both seem to be guitar orientated units and I can't attest to how they handle my low-end output.

Can anyone offer me some guidance here?
Ah, well if you don't need gig capability then the Laney out of those choices is probably the best. Also have a look at ashdown amps.
None of those amps your listed, or any in your price range for that matter, would be adequate for gigging at all.

Opinions vary, but I personally would say anything between 150 and 200 watts would be the absolute minimum to gig with a decent speaker setup as well. You can just about get away with 100 watt, but no-ones gonna really hear you unless everyone else stops playing.

You might try looking used, you should be able to score a good deal that way.
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I know that's hard, I'm trying to do it. Just damn annoying the bass is so low, and the drums dominate.

As for the music book, Teh-Bassman, it's wrong. I know it is, I've looked at it. It's missing parts. There is no bass solo in it, and it does NOT have the odd time signature written in. If I'm correct, it has them make a tuplet instead, with something like 5 or six notes maybe crammed at the end of a bar of 4/4, and that's wrong. That's why I chose not to buy the MoP sheet music. It was done badly. RtL and KEA were well done, but MoP was a huge let-down, sheet-music wise.

That being said, I'm still going to try and count it out. just wish I could adjust some levels. Damn Lars has to piss me off. I'm pretty sure the timing is three bars 4/4 and one bar 9/8.

Now to get the rhythm down...

That's also how I counted it, think that's right.
A good strap will help immensely with any weight problems, i recently bought a heavy duty 3+" strap and it made my 6 string feel light as a feather (and balance better, too)
I'm in northamptonshire and felt it, and am speaking to my mate in leeds who did as well. Insane.
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The most important thing at the beginning is to maintain their interest levels. One way is by a blend of learning from books, and songs. Learning new stuff will improve self-confidence and learning songs with help keep learning relavant to them.

yes, I currently teach and the most important thing for the young kids is maintaining their interest in what you're doing. They have such short attention span you have to constantly keep engaging them.
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This is downright hyporcritical, but I must say it whenever I can.

I saw the Stealth Bongo and I think I may be in love. Maybe infatuated, but definitely interested in takin 'er out for a spin.

I saw Tony Levin play one (not knowing what it was called) and he looked so impossibly cool. Then, I saw one used for $940 in a store, all black and satin, and it looked just so incredible. It had steel strings and such an incredible meaty acoustic tone. Didn't get to plug it in, though.

Also, the 4-band EQ is interesting.

Damn right, my next purchase is either a geddy lee jazz or a bongo! They truly are amazing.
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I wish to hell EB put out a 24 fret Musicman--I'd be all over that like white on rice.

I love my SR800 for the reasons you mention, though I would love an Urge II or a Jazz V 24 as well. The Fender Jazz necks are thinner than their Precision brothers, but not as quick and thin as the Ibanez line. My advise, as always is try a few basses out and see what works for you.

You mean, like the awesome bongo?!
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all right, sounds good.
Thanx all!!

Oh and I saw someone mention about what type of genre i'm wantin to play. Definitely heavy metal. Maybe death/black metal if I can find anyone, so if that helps to give me a better idea, that would be greatly appreciated!!

You need the VALNØTT. Check it out here
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To joe_ayr: I have the Boss SYB-5 synth pedal and I actually like it a lot. It sounds okay and it's really good for jamming funk/rap stuff. Also, I got mine for $60 on ebay. Paying full price for it is kind of ridiculous, so just watch ebay for one if you want one. I found it to be a good investment. Also, Mike Gordon (formerly of Phish) has an SYB-3, the older Boss synth model.

I rarely use effects. If you want a pedal that can alter your tone a lot, though, look into the Boss GEB-7. I have one, and you can dial in some nice sounds with that many bands of EQ (and a look at thefitz's EQ rants). My brother has an ODB-3 overdrive, which sounds good, although bass overdrive can be hit-or-miss. I also have a Morley Dual Bass Wah. Stay away from it. It has an annoying feature where it turns off in the fully-rocked back position, so you can't get the full low-only thing you can with other wahs. Compression sounds really good too though it can take the character out of your bass.

There's a simple mod you can do to the morley wahs so you can get the full sweep so that the pedal only disengages after a second or two of being in the heel down position, I didn't do it to mine myself, the previous owner did but it works great, and the actually sound of the wah is great.
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True confession time. I've done this and while its not a great long term solution for a practice or gigging situation, it does work in a pinch and handles the low end better than most guitar amps. If you don't "crank it" it will be fine. I used a friends for a "coffee shop" gig a while back.

But why are you asking? If you are looking for a good portable bass amp that runs on batteries for practice etc, Roland now has the Roland Micro Cube Bass RX amp, which is a Micro Cube built just for Bass.

+1, my GK rig is currently at my bands rehearsal studio so i'm currently playing through my roland cube 30 for guitar, and no problems as of yet, of course i'm not cranking it loud at all and this is only a temporary solution but still..
if you find yourself the sheet music, then that will obviously have the corresponding key signature on it for you.

Also you don't want to just play a different mode for each chord, you can mix it up with (almost) anything you want, as far as my limited knowledge goes I believe many walking jazz basslines use chromaticism to get to the next note.

However, if you're interested in learning modes relative to chords then check out this article on pitch axis theory.

I'll leave someone like jazz_rock_feel to explain better as his knowledge of jazz playing is vast and mighty compared to mine.
Bongo's are awesome looking, playing and sounding. It's nice to see something other than the re-hashed fender designs over and over again. Nothing wrong with fender designs of course but we need some innovation at some point!
Looking to sell my epiphone les paul standard, less then a year old in heritage cherry sunburst, only one dent in the finish on the back and the few minor scratches barely visible unless in the exact angle of light.

Pics coming soon.

Looking for £170 ONO
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Fascinating fact of the day: Hartke and Behringer are part of the same company.

Source? Or I call BS.
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Ahh... i'll just let you continue to argue about it!

To those who said about my amp not being able to handle it, It is a crap amp but it is in Northern Ireland and i'm in Middlesbrough, so it's not involved here really.

In which case that's probably the bulk of the problem really, lower frequencies just tend not to be heard as much.
QUite surprised that no-one has suggested is simply because your amp can't handle the frequency of a low B, my ashdown wasn't great at it, but now my low B thunders through on my GK rig.
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As much as my distaste for GKs live on, even I couldn't pass up that. That's a real good deal. If nothing else, I'd probably sell it on eBay for close to double

Bales, you need to try yourself a GK once again! There's no way you could dislike them if you played mine!