$1000 is quite alot of money

you could get a GK 1000-RB head from as well as a decent cab, maybe avatar, though I have no direct experience with them.

If you can save up another 200 you can get a GK NEO 2x12 cab I use the 700rb head and 2x12 NEO cab, and it's an extremely versatile beast I can get every tone i'll ever need out if it.
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You'll have more money to spend on cannabis

This man makes a valid point.
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Lol, you Carvin fanboys, if nothing else, are a persistent lot! But I have to admire the way you have taken to prostelizing the Carvin cause in the Bass forum.

+1 give it a rest
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Well, his "old school Jazz tone" is the tone he's been using from 1993 until now. Trust me - you'll get the sound easily enough. Other than the Jazz tone, his current tone, you can't get a Wal tone and a Ric tone out of any instrument other than a Wal and a Ric.

By old school sound I mean moving pictures/permanent waves era jazz sounds, like on limelight. Though ironically that album was done with jazz and a ric, and is very hard to tell the difference so neh :P
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Everyone goes on and on about Geddy Lee's tone - it's dead simple to recreate. Get fresh Rotosounds. EQ out some ~150Hz and dial in some 2kHz. Get a Jazz bass, put both pickups on. Get some slight bass OVERDRIVE (none of this distortion/fuzz bull****, thankyouverymuch). Play at the bridge. Play HARD. Done.

His old school jazz tone maybe, you won't get the Rush in rio or R30 tone that easily.
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Forcemaster, I am glad I am not the only one. TBH, I have problem finding guitar straps for my 11 year old son for the same reason. A standard strap drops his strat to just about hip level at its shortest length.

Indeed! my current no name strap gets my bass to a good height, but all other ones are a PITA to deal with, then again, I suppose I wear my bass to high to be cool anyway.
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Valid point. In my opinion, the "leather vs. synthetic materials" argument is purely a matter of preference. I prefer leather, as I find it more comfortable. Just try them both, TS, but make sure its a good wide strap. The width is what matters, not the material.

No way man, Leather straps give a better tone!

And +1 to the short people straps, i'm around 5 6"
I have a pair of pickups from my fender I can sell you.

The P is a stock one found on MIM fenders and the J is a 'vintage noiseless' pickup. I'll do you both for £35 shipped?
I tried it, I found the presets not very good at all, and the clean tone not all to impressive.

But apart from that it was very nice and worth it's price new to be honest.
In my experience you don't get much out of wedge monitors at all, especially not bass. You'll want sound from your amp setup, or use in-ear monitors.
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Like you guys said, I'm not bothered if I find something second hand whoch was in good condition, was thinking of Trace Elliott or maybe a GK if I was very lucky lol. Chances are I'll settle for the Ashdown.

And Forcemaster, is there anything you found to be bad about the amp, or did you just move it on for a bigger amp?

There's nothing bad I can say about the amp relative to it's price range, there are better amps out there of course, but they're priced accordingly so. The only reason I sold it was to help pay for my GK rig.
Indeed, the bi-amping system works on a special four pin speakon cable. However, I have heard that there is a way to use the bi-amping function with other cabs. But i'm not sure about it.

I think i'll be purchasing another 1x12 GK cab ASAP, mainly so I can leave a cab at my bands rehearsal studio, but then for larger gigs I can run them both together at 4 ohms to get the full 480 watts.

I haven't had a chance to run the cab in full range mode yet, i'll probably give it a go at some point in the week, but to be honest, this current configuration sounds perfect to me anyway.

12" speakers really are the way to go, I think we'll see alot more of them in the next few years with the advent of neodymium magnets.

And FbSa, you can afford anything if you save for long enough and don't spend any money unnecessarily
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2 different Backline 300s, one into a 210 the other into a 115, and 2 ...700?RB combos.

Well the backlines are meant to be quite dodgy, but my 700rb has none of that, so go try some more! :P
I owned that amp for 18 months and I can't recommend it enough for it's price.

Although, if you have no objections to going used, better deals can always be found.
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It just doesn't please my ear. I think it sounds overly sterile and I have never been able to get a satisfactory tone out of one. The lows seem to fart out a little and the highs seem to clip. Mind you those are pretty extreme words for slight problems. Not slight as in they're not important, but slight as in it's not as bad as it could be.

That is odd, what gear have you tried?
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Shame about the GK (I hate their gear) but it looks like a nice buy. How is the Neo sound? I've heard it's so fat and deep that there's no real use for a sub cab. True? Congrats.

The NEO is very fat sounding, and it does reproduce my low B very accurately, it has a frequency response of -3Db at 36hz, but I don't like to go off numbers, if it sounds good it sounds good.
I can't say whether a sub would help the sound further, but the 2x12 on its own is more than adequate.

oh, and why on earth would you hate GK gear? :P
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Looks awesome dude!

sounds clips please!

I'm very pleased with the Ashdown btw Can't wait to convert my old combo into another cab and have myself a full stack

You musta been on a treck this afternoon to pick that gear up!

Indeed I was! Was about a six hour drive in all, but certainly worth it!

Glad your like the Ashdown, served me well for many moons that did, saw many gigs including a huge outdoor festival and the 800 capacity roadmender in Northampton!

EDIT: Sounds clips will come as soon as I have the means to professionally record it.
Today I spent £550 of my hard earned cash on a Gallien-Krueger 700RB-II bass amp and a Gallien-Krueger NEO 2x12 cabinet.

And this thing rocks.

While I was expecting something better than my Ashdown (which is a great amp in it's own right and has been sold to Jonomainman) this just BLOWS it away. The Head has plenty of power, plenty of features and a myriad of usable tones from the EQ (one of the best points about the amp IMO, the versatility in this thing is incredible) also the 'bi-amping' feature is great, but i'll come to that later.

As for the cab, as the fitz said in his recent UROTM I believe 12" speakers are the way forward, they have more punch than the 4x10 I used previously, they have MUCH more low end response (part of the reason I choose this, my low B string gets a fair bit of use) as well as lots of clarity in the upper range of my high C string; chords sound absolutely delicious.

The 'bi-amping' system the heads and cabs use are a different beast than conventional bi-amping, rather than having two power amp sections of equal wattage the GK has a 480watt power section for the main speakers, as well as a separate 50watt power amp for driving the horn, the logic behind this is that the GK growl that these amps are famous for is essentially light distortion, which sounds great through the speakers, but bad through horns and this way you can keep the horn sounding crystal clear. I believe the crossover frequency is 5khz. Either way, whatever it does works, and it works well.

To conclude this essay/review/endorsement this amp decimates every other amp i've ever played through (and that is alot) and I look forward to playing through it for a longgggg time to come.

Also, i'll be practicing with the band in the next week, so i'll get to see how it sounds then.

I've been converted to 12" speakers in cabs today, I bought I GK head and 2x12 cab with neodymium speakers, and I am amazed, like tens but with more clarity and low end response, so I reccomend any number of 12" cabs. You won't be dissapointed.
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It's just one of many Junk instruments produced down the years.

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So I'm pretty much set on a new amp, the Carvin bx600, but I'm not sure what cabs to get.

I would get a pair of Carvins, but I'm looking for a 4x10 and a 1x18, and the Carvin 4x10 is 8ohms and the 1x18 is 4ohms, so I don't think it would work.

I'm looking for something between the price range of £200 to £400 for each cab, and I was thinking maybe a pair of Eden of Avatar cabs. Does anyone have any other suggestions on what to get or any opinions on what model cabs to get?

The 4 ohm and 8 ohm cab bring the ohmage down to 2.66666 I think, and according to carvins website, the head does run 600w at 2ohms, so I believe you should be alright.
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Cordell Crockett is his name and I agree he's pretty nuts

I'm sure the guy who posted that 18 months ago appreciates that.
My first bass was a westfield jazz copy, it wasn't great at all. You'd be better of sticking with your stagg and upgrading to a higher end bass when you have the money.
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As far as GK goes, I HATE their made up "biamping" - it's so bloody misleading. I don't even look at GK products because of it. 50W to the tweeter - GTFO! But that said, between the two - 700W is what you want. Again ~480W is a bit thin for a separate head and cab.

It is not indeed true biamping, but it's a useful feature for those with GK cabinets, I shall find out in a few weeks how it all works together!
I want one, difference between this and the previous models is this is just your standard passive american P with another string.
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A friend of mine got a :

And says it's the best he's tried for the price. That's about all I know for products go.

Indeed it is, I own it and in my opinion you don't get any better for six strings till you severely hike up the price.
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Maybe because that was all that was really available then? Solid states have come a long ways...

with the exception of modelling technology (which isn't really solid state) they've pretty much remained identical.
To be fair, the spider is versatile, it's just all the sounds it makes are crap.
Not sure of american prices, but could he not get a small tube amp for that price?
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Uh. My uncle is in the 'Steve Harley & the Cockney Rebel' band, and used to play guitar for Suzie Quatro, amongst doing regular guitar set-ups for many famous guitarists. He also has a column in Guitarist magazine.

Not sure if that beats it or not

My dad played drums for Mel C and Bryan Adams once. So.. yeah
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So you'll send me a physical copy?

And is it just those three songs? just wondering

nah there's another couple of tracks on there. Depends how you wanna do it really, it's something we're in the process of setting up, so you might wanna wait till the tracks are on itunes or whatever.

Tell ya what, just keep on the myspace and checking it and we'll have something sorted sometime eventually!
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Where do you buy your EP? You're snowcap has some sort of chorus group that you buy from.....

Add us on myspace and hit us up with a message, I think we've sold out of EP's at the moment, but we're getting some more printed shortly. So we'll let you know when.
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What does NWOBHM stand for?

New wave of british heavy metal associated with acts such as: Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, Tygers of Pan Tang, Def Leppard, Motörhead, Blitzkrieg, Avenger, Sweet Savage, Girlschool, Saxon, Diamond Head, Samson and Tank, among others.
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hey forcemaster, how did you get the gig? like what all did you have to do to get in? cause im tryin to get a band together and i really wanna open for random ass rock bands lol, just to get out there. advise? any?

We're quite known in our local scene anyway, so that certainly helps, but the just main thing is just to be good, play good shows, get fans etc. no short cut. ANd be prepared to do a load of **** gigs with about ten people there. It also helps with who you know, the promotions company putting on the gig know us well and we've done some favours for them (like playing a gig at two hours notice) so that definitely helped.
That makes me sound really arrogant, but I assure you, i'm not XD
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19th is a Saturday. If you can put me up overnight and trains run to Chester on sunday, and if I'm not too conkced out after 8 hours every day the previous week working in a pathology lab, you got yourself a roadie

Always wanted to see you guys play after you first introduced the bass forum to your moozak.

Probably can offer you some overnight accommodation, I believe we'll probably end up my drummers house for a good piss up at the end, so as long as you don't mind sleeping.. anywhere. :P

Let me know dude, will be a laugh.
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awwwwwwwwwwwwww sh*t... what day in April is it? cos I have uni exams for the first two weeks, and then straight into work based learning for 6 weeks.

It's 19th April a saturday I believe.
haha, well come down and set my gear up and stuff and you get free entry and beer!
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Skindred= best live band. EVER. I saw them in a gig for about 120 people. Was EPIC.

I may grab the train down and see you guys, if you wrangle me some free tickets You'd do a favour for your fellow bass forum buddy, eh?

be my roadie for the evening and you're in. Seriously. Where are you from anyway?

And last stop toured with skindred at the end of 06 I think, so if you saw them there then it would've been them opening.
Thanks Also note that we're playing with last stop china town on 24th February, who are arguable the UK's biggest unsigned rock/metal band and they've gigged with BFMV, skindred Breed 77 and others.
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Indeed, first time I heard it I LOLd, but he's a good guy.

Cheers the kind words, the promotions company who are putting the gig on posted an ad looking for a local band to get the slot, so we asked and we got it, so that's alright.

Going to be a great night, anyone in the local area should come down.

As for the songs, we have an EP out if anyone wants to buy it, and the songs may well be put on itunes shortly.
So yeah, i'm obviously pretty stoked about the gig, bill is: Diamond Head + The Calling + Still Remains + Overture

Diamond Head need no introduction, classic NWOBHM band, opened for AC/DC, iron maiden, metallica, megadeth, thin lizzy etc etc. named as oneof metallica's biggest influences and they've covered 5 of their songs during their career.

The calling, pop-rock band who had a top 3 hit in the UK in 2001 with 'wherever you will go'

Still remains, US metalcore act frequent video rotation on scuzz and kerrang nowadays.

Overture, my band check us out here

Not really much else to say, but just wanted to share my excitement and if anyone in the local area wants to come along!