That is not a good band.

Lock yourselves away and work on timing, tightness, chops, just everything.
And either make your singer learn to sing, or get a new one.
My dad is a fulltime musician working as a teaching manager for a reasonably large music store, as well is in his working covers band signed to a well known management company. So I obviously have alot of support for what I want to do.

I'm not naive enough to think i'm going to be a world famous rockstar, but at the same time I think I have enough passion, dedication and talent to succeed in the music industry, if not as a performer than a teacher or something else.

I plan on working extremely hard to get the career I want, and if not, well i'll have a few interesting stories.
I would personally recommend face to face lessons; go down to your local music shop and see if they offer them, you'll get much more enjoyment that way.

AS for the gear most people have recommended good stuff, but it all depends on what you want to spend. One guitar is enough, so I don't think two is necessary at all.

I'd personally say something like a old school british sounding amp most marshall valve amps are the classic sound used by bands like Led Zep. as well as a Fender strat with a bridge humbucker.

Also important are good accessories, a tuner, a strap and good quality cables are all vital things to have.

EDIT: Slats is right, an Orange rocker 30 is probably the best possible amp in this situation. Don't know why I didn't think of that
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I have the L2500 Tribute; the biggest downside for me was that the actives only cut and don't offer any boost.

That seems very odd, that'd take away a major selling point of active electronics surely?
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I'd buy a proper amp first, but that's just me.


You have some perfectly usable guitars. Get a higher end amp, it will do much more for your tone.
This is why people should need a license to use the internet.

If technically accomplished music was all that governed how 'good' the music was these bands would have strings of multi-platinum albums and number 1 hits. Spiral Architect Behold... The Arctopus

More comes into it than technical ability, a simple catchy melody will obviously appeal to more people.

Also, I guarantee you listen to less complex music than those two bands, apply the same reasoning you listen to those bands rather the ones I listed to why people listen to punk and it's derivative genres.
You will, undoubtedly, get a better tone out of a new amp than a new guitar. Probably not what you want to hear, but unfortunately it's true. Pickups will make a negligible difference on an amp like that, and your best bet is to take the money for the guitar, and spend it on the best metal amp you can find. You will have much better tone that way.
You could easily get a 2x12 JCM 800 combo for £600 used.
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Look, I don't believe in God because I have to, and I don't follow the Ten Commandments JUST so I can go to heaven, and I don't need to proove that God exists, because if you choose not to take faith, good for you. There's nothing wrong with that. I take faith in God because that's what is important to me.

What is faith?
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i may get grilled for this but i think it could be jaco... i respect him but i just don find his stuff groundbreaking...
oh pete wentzz is hardly a bassist.. hes a huge scene kid

Jaco pioneered more groundbreaking bass concepts than you've had hot dinners.
The Bartolini's in the majority, if not all Ibanez's are not 'true' bartolini's, they're licensed to another company as faras I believe. That said they're damn good.
I liked the sounds it made, but one major disadvantage is that its monophonic, you can't play chords on it at all, and for that reason, i'd look elsewhere.
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No offense, but you have quite possibly the worst username I've EVER seen. Even worse than those BandName/Musician_YearofBirth names.

Movin on...

A 15" combo is something you DON'T want if you want come clear tones. At that level, you should be looking for 10" speakers (but don't settle for 1). Also, that combo is a bit underpowered - you might want something >200W if you're going to be playing with a band. I always forget the name, but Ashdown has that 185W head that puts out 307W when you hook up another cab.

That'd be the ashdown MAG.

I own it, and that bass. Makes a winning combination, go for it.
This thread is hilarious, Ibanez not good? Fender not for metal?

I give you Martin Mendez, bass player of the prog death metal band Opeth.
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we both now that metalcore and hardcore are more based on punk than metal but I'll shut up.

Depends what bands you look at really, I mean if you look at bands like underoath and stuff like that then yeah. But I doubt you could say trivium is closer to punk than metal.

Anyway, as someone else pointed out most of those bassists aren't really stand out players, that doesn't mean you can't be though, the new trivium album has some decent playing, and while it's newer metal; the situation you describe can be applicable to most metal bands, so check out stuff like Death, Testament and Atheist for great bass playing in metal bands.
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If you've got quite a bit of cash, might want to look into Eden amps.

Another good option I forgot.
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Nicew logic, hypocrite kid. If you're joking, it's poor taste. If you're not, I sincerely feel sorry for you. We don't appreciate that sort of attitude in this parts. It's deconstructive, rude, and is effectively trolling. I suggest you don't pull out that card again. Does anyone here say things about the fact you like Guns and Roses? No. I personally don't like them, but that doesn't mean I'm going to disregard your opinion for it. However, being a jerk will. Nickelback are a great band, you can't deny them that. You don't sell the amount of records they have for sucking. You can argue that point as much as you want, but rap artists sell becaus they're good at what they do, pop groups sell because they are good at what they do. This thread is asking for good rock albums with good bass playing. Nickelback more than meets that requirement, more so than Dream Theater, Symphony X and Mastodon- WHO AREN'T ROCK, BTW, CAN'T PEOPLE LEARN TO READ WHAT THE TS IS ASKING?

Saying that someone has no opinion based on the bands they like is, quite frankly, pathetic.

I'd have to disagree with you here, more goes into selling music than the quality of music itself. Would Bon jovi had sold as many records if they were four fat, ugly balding guys from south latvia?

Good music sells, doesn't mean all music that sells is good music.

To the original question, beatles have some gems hidden away, as does David Bowie.
Do people immediately see 'I need a bass amp' and then reply automatically with Ampeg, regardless of criteria or budget?

Considering that the TS is looking for a clear, mid range sound. I wouldn't think an ampeg would do it. (and given their recent move of production to Vietnam, I haven't been hearing great things about them)

My personal recommendation would be markbass or gallien krueger, go down to your local of guitar center or whatever and try them out, as well as everything else you see.
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Soapbar pickups are single coils but much fatter sounding. In guitar's they're typically creamy. In a bass they give it quite a modern edge as opposed to the familier Fender single coil.

On electric guitars maybe, in which instance sopabars refer the Gibson P-90 pickups. However on a bass, soapbar merely refers to the shape of the pickup inside the housing can be any time of pickup.
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InMe- Daydream Anonymous

Greg McPherson is a BEAST!

I found his bass playing on that album extremely lackluster, he had one or two cool parts, that's it.
Most likely Snakes and Arrows.
Although Systematic Chaos had some cool work.
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The Jaguar does have some special features - parallel/series switching, active/passive switching. However, you CANNOT blend pickups. AT ALL. The pickups have on and off switches. Period.

EDIT: If people think the Jag neck is too thick but the Geddy Lee is just fine, you either have just wrong technique or you're just not a bass player. The Jag/Jazz neck is about as thin as it gets without being comical - i.e. the Geddy Lee neck. It's like a cracker.

I don't think so, if you have girl sized hands like me the Geddy may work better for you. I don't think anyone would ever call a jazz neck too thick but I think going as far to say you must have no technique if you prefer the GL is pushing it a bit.
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oh, sorry i have another question... We're almost finished with a home recording studio, and we'll start recording our songs then. Do you think we should use a mic (kick drum mic maybe?) or record direct for the bass?

The way most studios record (or at least the three i've recorded at in the past) take both a DI signal and a mic'd signal and blend them. I suggest you try both methods if you don't want to do both. Though I would imagine DI would me a more consistent sound.
great amp etc. etc. i've posted so many times about it, find one if you're interested.
Quote by nxtvanhalen
haha all right that's encouraging. plus our band isn't playing staduims...yet... so i guess the most we need to worry about is volume over the drums and guitar, which it seems to do fine.

plus there's a DI for PA's so if we ever get to play something bigger or start gigging that woudl come in handy.

Example, i've played outdoor festivals and 800 capacity venues with this amp and it's never gone wrong or been inaudible in the slightest.
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wow i din't know you were only getting 185 watts by itself... that's interesting. if he's got the money i think we should at least try the 115 Combo + 2x10 or just the 4x10. if everyone's saying it's better, we might as well just give it a shot.

why is it always money (or lack thereof) that gets in the way of things? eh, that's life i suppose.

It is only 185 watts, but i'll be damned if it isn't a really LOUD 185 watts, i've never have to turn my input level to half and output to about a 10 o clock in any situation.
Quote by nxtvanhalen
Ah, i see you actually have that amp. It's good to know you're reccomending from experience!

if you don't mind me asking, in what way was the 4x10 better? more high end response? or just overall more clarity and response form all frequencies? It's a little over $200 dollars more, and he might not be able to afford the 1x15 for a while until he saves up.

It was just a general overall more clarity as you said. I'd recommend saving the extra $200 for it. I think the 1x15 would be paired well with a 2x10 or 4x10 cab but stand alone I wasn't a fan of it.

I still say the P for the bass, can't go wrong with them.
Not a bad setup, but may I reccomend the 4x10 combo instead of the 1x15. When I was trying amps I played the 4x10 and it was hugely better than the 1x15.

As for the bass, it's all personally preference really but I would go for the precision, they ar perfect for so many genres and there's a reason why they're the industry standard for basses.
I think you would do well to look at some high end modellers like the H&K switchblade and Zentera. As well as the line 6 vetta, which I highly reccomend.
I ordered:

Hold your fire - Rush
Power Windows - Rush
Fly By Night - Rush
Counterparts - Rush

the other day but they haven't arrived yet, before that I bought.

best of Bowie - David Bowie
Exit.. Stage left - Rush
Raising Sand - Plant and Krauss

I like rush.
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roland cube 60.

Learn to read the thread location.

And I suggest Markbass CMD12 or whatever the combo is called, i'e heard great things about them.
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doesnt he use a tech 21 preamp?
that is.. unless the ads in bassplayer are lyign to me.

That's part of his quite expansive rig.
I've played the 2x10 and 1x12, I preferred the 1x12. it was much better.
Quote by vanitybinge

I hope you understand that's actually a hybrid.
Most british voiced amps and a good fuzz pedal will get most of the tones you desire.

Look into Orange especially sounds like it'd fit you to a tee.
Give it a rest already, he knows he doesn't need 100watts, it's a common error.

Anyway, the best advice given is probably for the randall RG50tc, all tube 50 watts (louder than you'll need, but they don't come in any lower wattages) try it out and see if you like it. Over possible candidates are a used peavey 5150 (many mental bands use these) and a used engl screamer, although i'm not sure of the prices as i'm from the UK.
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you cant keep a motherfcker like me down for long. plus i am single now

Now that's hot.
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Damn this thread is good. nice one to all you guys who put time into this. wish it was here when i started!

Bumper that is just fcked up!! where can i can get some?

You're... ALIVE?!?!?!?!!?
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On the whole thing about Gibson churning out top quality instruments, I've heard nothing but bad stuff about the quality of their guitars straight from the factory. My mate bought an SG a year or so ago and it was completely unplayable straight from the box, the action was way too high, the intonation was way off, the neck was bowed and where the set neck had been joined, it had been done very poorly and there was glue all around the joint leaving an ugly look under the finish.

Another mate bought a Les Paul not too long ago as well and by the nut, there was a huge crack between the fretboard and the neck where they had begun to separate.

These are the 2 Gibson nightmares I've seen, I've heard and read about many others too.

I have heard bad things about their QC, but they appear to have stepped it up recently. A store near to me has a large amount of Gibson guitars all of them are perfectly playable and seem well built to me.

Not that i've played all of them of course, but a quick once over leads me to believe everythings in order.
I saw some band in which the bassist had one of those.

I can't even begin to describe how awful the tone was. Worse than any bass tone i've ever heard. Ever. At all. Ever.