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****ing respect


heres a new one

god that took way too long
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never found them worth the waiting time
just bring in your own cd player or mp3 player with come some small computer speakers
take the pot, sell it, use the money to buy her a hallmark card and leave it where her stash was
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Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd.

#1 acoustic song I've ever heard.

he knows his stuff this playmadness
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Hitler never actually killed himself, His SS buddies were messing around with him and threw him in a freezer and he is now a Frozen Nazi Popcicle that will melt during Global Warming!

lmao that wins
Moggan13 is with the goverment since he says

"I'm 17
And i don't wanna add anything else for security.....Reasons ..."
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You don't need a half stack. A tube combo should suffice.

second that, some of those fender tube amps are WOW loud
Echoes - Pink Floyd
Jimmy Page!

best thing ever
get a second girl friend and try to balance both relationships, theres a game you wont get bored of
Radiohead kinda,

the doors, pink floyd
a kid eating bush
its amazing how no one points out jimmy pages guitar playing sounds amazing even when backwards

***** /5
i plan on doing the same thing, just look for college and university programs about recording and digital arts
progressive rock/ indie/ (floyd + tool + artic monkies + rage agianst the machine + rush)
im getting a mac next year, so what keyboard should i get?
How do you make music like Deerhunter?

Cause its really cool, I imagine majority of it is keyboards and computers but they still play live and stuff. So can anyone help me out making similar style music?
o my god, so many things I could say about Pink Floyd, sooooooo many

edit:sorry didnt realise this was pop punk emo forum my apologies
i saw a stairway to heaven cover played at a talent show, bought a guitar that month
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It doesn't have anything to do with diversity it has to do with the law. We'll let you fly your national flag all you want but you are in America and therefore the American flag's gotta fly higher. The guy did overreact though especially since apparantly the shop owner didn't know of the law.

its rather obvious he was flying them in order of this background, you people have to learn to share cultures not kill them,

its a dumb law made by some over proud american
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lol that response is always used. it's the dumbest logic ever.

we conquered the indians. that's war. not immigration. guess what. the indians fought each other for hundreds of years before us. every one of them got where they were through war. that's how nations get where they are. that's how the anglo-saxons got into england. (the indians also had no immigration laws haha...i'm sure they would have tried to enforce them if they did.)

now we make the laws, and it is our duty to enforce them. duh.

if you don't like the laws, try to change em. that's a completely separate issue.

takes lives for land is not a just cause, just cause people did it before doesn't mean its right,

that sort of thinking causes history to repeat it self, so when America gets invaded and everyone is killed and the cycle repeats I dont think you would be making the argument you are now
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the law is the law.

the flag shouldn't have been flown, and the guy shouldn't have stolen it.

you can't pick and choose which laws you want to follow.

just like illegal immigration. for now, it's still illegal. illegal is illegal.

too bad were all illegal immigrants, unless its legal to slaughter a race of people and take over their land and then deny others entrance
you think Americans would have accepted diversity by now
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God. You keep missing the point. He said she got raped OR she is a slut.

You called him a dumbass because you didn't read what he said correctly.

k i dont know about you but i dont know any 5 year old sluts, speaks for what you do in your free time

god when will people grow up, its a flag
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I did read the article, more blind assumptions. You should really stop talking before you make yourself look worse.

The original arguement you made was "she's not a slut if she gets raped"

There is nothing about her age in that statement.


so if a girl gets raped shes a slut? yea...your a wise one