watch out everyone genghisgandhi is trying to shake the foundation of UG :popcorn:
I once told a girl that if i was her father i would be embarrassed of her and kill myself....

I think thats the meanest thing i've said to someone.
I only listened to angels, and it sounded like your G string was a bit flat, keep an ear on your tuning.
Awesome work man i really enjoyed it! keep up the good work.
this band "Daikaiju" great guitarists, cool surf music
and she is..........not
lol i live in orlando :P
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So two things...

First one a minor issue...
Any amount of months they really matter/is it a good idea or not?

Second thing slightly more important
I went over it sometime ago with Vad (, 5th post down about s'what Vad told me to go abouts and do

But recently the general problem has surfaced again....

Above was the general problem....and as Vad said, just a confidence problem

Tbh now I just feel as though I'm just not the right person for my gf...(if you understand my meaning)
There is just always someone who would be better suited to be her bf than I am

So any help appreciated...if you understood what I said

Personally I don't care about anniversaries, So they don't matter to my relationship with my girlfriend.

And also if you know your girlfriend well enough to know that she wouldn't do something messed up with another guy. then there's nothing to be worried about, but the reality of it is, if she didn't want you to know you wouldn't know. So don't worry about it, just be like peace. don't make it a big deal.
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im the guy on stage

Well played good sir!

I just saw primus instead of going to work today

I then saw my boss at the same primus show

post recordings of both bands and we will decide....

....oh whats that???

you don't have any recordings??? neither does the other band?????

you both suck.
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reverse headstock = -600 dollars.

you'd have to pay me to play it

how does the guitar play?
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Put on headphones, listen to this: and you'll have all the confidence you need to talk to anyone.

WTF??? my band is called queen of hearts and our show on sunday came up where it says *playing at*

it's at the brewery in orlando
That picture where the guy is watching tv then has a gun pointed to his head with the caption"well thats that" fits perfectly here
I threw a stuffed moose at my girls face last night then didn't apologize....she hasn't talked to me since....

I hate wine....
I'm Keanu Reeves? F*ck having kids. I'm Keanu Reeves!
they become an hero
why did you get punched?
"my brain's the burger and my hearts the coal."
Quote by MB343
also, try this:

It generates a (usually ridiculous) band name, but you never know, one of them might just work!

I just got "I am a cat"

I would actually use this.....
I'm trying it today, I have to be at work at 3 instead of 5 now ok lets see how today turns out.
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Thanks mate. I could have done the solo infinite times better, but i was getting so sick of recording at the time, i just wanted it done.

I didnt even get to do my easy song cause i was getting that annoyed with it.

I thoroughly enjoyed all these entries. And i want to check out Knigits now, that song was sick.

The song is called knights

(monty python humor :P)
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What's the point of that? You would push yourself to being creative? No, it doesnt work like that. The creativy comes on its own.

I think it's great, to be able to pump out good songs at any given makes the spur of the moment/inspired songs much better.

Keep doing it man, and i'd say try different genres too.
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This is just an internet competition guys, no need to be dead punctual about it.

still, things should be punctual so i'm not checking this over and over to see the status of everything only to find out nothing has changed :/

If dates are set please keep to them, so everyone can move on and brag or whatever until next month :P

EDIT: Also when things aren't procrastinated and are kept to strict dates, people can organize their time better/weed out the lazy procrastinators.

I don't like how unlegit this contest is being conducted >
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Ugh, I absolutely despise her. You know how she got her job? She just started fuçking showing up and working, hoping they'd start paying her. Seriously, look it up.

what??? isn't that what everyone does with music?

I'm posting it again, so it won't get skipped over and so niejel won't have to skim through the last pages to find it :P

also any feedback would be shweet
fart with an open ass.

no jeans, no underwear......

always makes me uncomfortable....
i'm going to do K-nig-its by minus the bear, I'll be in the intermediate because i don't feel that this song is really "hard" to play

tell him you need to be paid more to return, if you aren't then you won't go back.....easy money....
I usually practice, study music theory and read charts. That's usually what I do to express my music better.

and by practice it means: playing scales to a metronome, just jamming out with a loop pedal, or just getting stoned and playing random feelings.
can you supply some of your cello-band music?
Quote by TheReverend724

this comic is pretty sick, it revolves around the ppg, but many CN and Nick characters show up everywhere

I read this whole i can't wait for the rest to come out :0

EDIT: DeeDee.....
please put my link on the front page, it seems that i was missed even though i submitted it on the 15th
Here is my entry!!!!!

enjoy i spent some time and many takes doing this :P It's a bitch to do it over cause it's such a long song.

well here it is.

What sound does a mastodon make-fall of troy
read first.

ok so apparently most of everyone had there zodiac sign changed.

since I was born on august 13, mine hasn't changed (leo) ((thebest))

Has your sign changed? What do you think about the change?

Could it be B.S.?

Do you even look at your horoscope?
wtf i thought registration was open until tonight

is it cool if i can still enter?

i wanna do "what sound does a mastadon make" by fall of troy

i would say that is intermediate.