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Take the blue pill? >>>>>>>> A6 MUSIC PROJECTS <<<<<<<<<

If you like Fear Factory, Killswitch Engage, Strapping Young Lad, Mnemic, Messhugah, In Flames, Machine Head, Nine Inch Nails. You will LOVE the fact that all of the above has influenced me in some way.


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Hello denizen. Let us keep it simple...

Click here: I am the APEX

"This music is all I can do to keep myself sane. I put every effort into this, and have accomplished all I set out to by finally giving someone the opportunity to press play, and take a listen.

So enjoy it, or don't. Either way... my mind is at peace."

Every song is an achievement, people. **** everything else.
Nice man, thanks for the feedback! Appreciate the ideas!
lol. I am going to your page now, and shall critique your music! Thanks for checking it out dude! If you need to "Tone it down a notch" when you are listening to it, then I have done my job!

Cheers dude!
Reminds me of Frontline Assembly, were they an influence?

I like it man. And when it comes to industrial, I am a hard man to please...
Nope... not in a "Daddy wasn't very nice to me" kind of way. My angst, rage and... well... EVERY single negative emotion and thought has found it's way into the music.

I might just be the ressurection of the nu-metal-evolving-emo-depressive-uber-human.

Or I could just love letting out every ounce of my relentless rage once in a while. Either way, the track is called; Paper, scissors, stone...

...and you need to play it REALLY loud.

One long damn waste faked ascension
I am almost over you
Don't worry about the sins of man
Or the right thing we should do
I am bristling with fervent hatred
Heeding now, my call
I'm a doberman of systems now
that are far beyond control

Violence and victims
are just one small step between
Holding the gun and closing your eyes
to determine who will win
Once braved a summer of blood
I have cast away my soul
Never knowing which God
watches over me, unknown.

I won't stop until I have my prize
Don't need to think or care
Just need to own that pride
I am now lost to you I am now cast to the fires
Don't need to re-assign, courage to hold
the line.

I am all I am. I am all you are
Never failing, never fall
This is righteous, this is wrong
I won't stop until you are down

Once braved a summer of blood
I have cast away my soul
Never knowing which God
watches over me, unknown.

Sever all the strings of my consciousness
I have no plan to save my soul
Damnation. Gets me home...
I won't stop until you are down

Somewhere between defense and hatred
Lies your determined arch enemy
It seeks to claim all that you own and love
Taking all that you hold sacred

I won't take this
I won't take these lies
I won't take this
I won't take these lies

Bolder than the Gods of Greece
And more divine than Angels
I am bristling with all the rage
that was given at conception

You can listen to it... HERE

This is a mother ****ing invitation!!!!

Sick song. Sick tone. Sick playing.


Nicely done dude.
The Project Hate & God Among Insects

Two of the best, most brutal Death Metal bands around.
Hey Nick,

Dude, nothing wrong with simple at all. In fact, my ability to produce and compose far outweighs my ability to actually play the guitar. Which as you might guess, is a bit of a problem sometimes. So for the most part, I tend to stick to what I know. I then write myself some really simple riffs, try to play them in different ways and with tiny variations and then see what they sound like in context.

The simple riffs are often the most effective, and if you can write good drum beats, can often change the whole feel of the riff you are playing. So try to vary the tempo of the drums, fast-into-slow on the same riff, and vary the pace of the track. Once you have your basic riff and a few variations with your drums, try some overlays.

With your basic riff, try some high-scale melodies. Keep them simple, and in the same key. So if you are playing a riff in G, go up a few octaves and pluck a little solo riff while the main rhythm is playing.

Keep it basic. Structure your songs into a formula that will help you see how to compose a full, complete song. It's only temporary, after all, and you can vary it after you get a little more confident. Try it like this;

Intro >> Chorus (Intro) >> Verse >> Bridge >> Chorus >> Verse >> Bridge >> Chorus (END)

This a very basic structure, in which you only really need to write 3 riffs for (The Chorus, the Bridge and the Verse.) Practice, keep it basic, and then you can move onto more interesting composition and writing after you get more confident.

The best thing to do when trying to expand your playing ability, to reflect your composition ability, is to compose riffs that are just slightly out of your reach. (For example, a riff you need to concentrate while playing, or that you can only play for a few bars before going out of time.)

Keep pushing the envelope, and keep pushing just that little bit -more- than what you know. Keep it simple... but always try to get the best out of yourself.

Hope I helped. I know it's a long message. Let me know how you get on, and link me to any new tracks you make.

Quote by Pond Scum

Ah yeah, I dig.

Cant really hear the lyrics, not that I would understand them. Maybe you dont want me to...

Riffs are badd ass.

Just killed my cat. Dont know why, I blame yer music.

3:01 now we're talking...

3:20 nice break down

I give *****

Nice work!

I will adjust the mix and re-upload the original volume for the vocals. I will also add the lyrics to the newly uploaded track. Cheers for the feedback!
Quote by keyboardcomrade
Dude thats some good stuff you have there. The singing could be a tad bit louder but it was still cool how it was. Keep on rockin man!

It's funny you mentioned that. I had literally just lowered them in the main mix because I thought they were too loud at first. It seems I have gone too far the other way! I will adjust it.

Thanks for the feedback dude!
The track is called; "A determined enemy." And it is from my newest solo project; ENRAGE.
Quote by Undisolved
Hey dude ^^ Bought my UX1 wednesday but gave it in cause its faulty. Really keen to try that out! I came up with some sick sounds when I played around with it, I'll post them once I get my unit back. What software did you use? Sounds awesome! Also maybe check my thread out if you have time Would appreciate it! \m/ KEEP IT METAL!

Hey buddy, the guys above were completely right. I downloaded the "Metal Zone + FX junkie" pack from Line 6 online for the UX1 last night and it is absolutely STUNNING. Get it if you want some awesome tones mate. The "BIG BOTTOM" is monstrous.

People of Earth!!!

I always take critique pretty humbly. Thanks to both of you for suggestions. I will be experimenting with your additional settings, and I will most definitely be buying the Metal Pack.

Cheers guys! I will keep you updated on the progress. :-D
Quote by evolucian
Gives you the feeling that you have an awesome drummer at hand .... AND ... you can tell him what to play and he does it... not like real ones who sulk and drool and fart all day.

That is EXACTLY what I love about it!

"You. I want THIS."
"Yeah but- wow really?"
Electric guitars are basically circuit boards. So the problem is electrical; Loose contact, soldering broken off, crossed wires... But get a mates guitar and try it through your gear -first- to eliminate the possability of it being your stack.
I think you are insane. But I like your thinking!

Dude... buy a cheap bass.
Quote by Undisolved
Hey dude ^^ Bought my UX1 wednesday but gave it in cause its faulty. Really keen to try that out! I came up with some sick sounds when I played around with it, I'll post them once I get my unit back. What software did you use? Sounds awesome! Also maybe check my thread out if you have time Would appreciate it! \m/ KEEP IT METAL!

Really looking forward to it man. The Toneport/Gearbox stuff has really pushed my recording quality out of the park. I'll definitely check up on your tracks and have a look at your thread. In fact, I will just add you as a friend and keep an eye out, then you can just message me when you have done.

As for software, you get the Gearbox with it. All you need to do is plug in your UX1 USB into the PC/Laptop, and open Gearbox after all your install stuff. That is you now set! Any recording program you now use, as long as Gearbox is open and Toneport is selected in the input drop-down folder, will record your gutiar.

I use MAGIX MUSICMAKER Producer Edition 14. Which is as stable as a sodding McDonalds Big Mac, but it's what I know...
Correct. I should have thought about that a little better. I shall re-edit.
Quote by Wesbanez

The Metal Foundry is where its at

What is this Metal Foundry you speak of???

(Goes to You Tube... watches trailer)

You... my kind sir. Are correct. Metal Foundry is indeed where it is at!!! It is essentially, the upgraded version of DKFH though.

Let me know what you come up with man! Thanks for the feedback on the tunage.

YO! This is for anyone looking to get a HEAVY, thick, buzzing, aggressive tone for their guitar, if using Line 6 Toneport.

You will need the following;
Line 6 Toneport UX1 (For about 100 quid.)

Here are the settings to use.

AMP MODEL - Line 6 Spinal Puppet (Cab model - 4x10 2001 Line 6)
DRIVE - 10
BASS - 10

Threshold ( -27db)
Decay - (18%)

STOMP - Screamer
DRIVE - (21%)
GAIN - (50%)
TONE - (68%)

9.4 100
0.8 250
1.6 2.1k
2.6 3.0k

And that is it! For a demonstration on what this sounds like, feel free to click onto the following link, and have a listen for yourselves. Toneport UX1 is a cheap and cheerful option to get a really heavy, violent sound out of your guitar.
(A determined enemy)

For anyone who gives it a whirl, please let me hear what you come up with. Or if you have a better tone, post me your settings!

Laters folks.

Thank you very much dude. I shall be doing a few tutorials on how to get the very best out of your home set-up. Or at least how I got the best out of my gear. I appreciate the feedback Mr Massoon.

I mean, METAL OF THE ALL LIVING DEMONIC HELLISH LORD SATAN riffs that get your neck snapped in a moshpit.

lol... I don't know. I guess I just mean very "Metal" riffs. I should have just said that...

Yes. Sorry.
Ignore the Snap-neck bit.

A very basic instruction on how to get those snap-neck, metal palm-mutes into sync with your recordings.

Enjoy. More coming soon. I appreciate any comments, and all questions will be answered.
If you want REAL drums, the best ever... in the world... ever... without fail... is by far...

EZdrummer's Drumkit from hell.

Buy the two-in-one package, and you get the DKFH for free. It's a VSTI, so you will need at the very least, a basic production package to use it. But it is, by far, the BEST ever real-drum emulator in existence.

I still don't know any guitar chords...

Hello! I have been a member for a while, but have only just really started to get myself into a good routine of posting up my new music, sorting out my band profiles and generally getting in order. But after spending an hour doing all of that... I come to realise...

This site is ****ING awesome.

Didn't know where to post it. But the site creator/s have really hit the nail on the head with bringing musicians together. I have already found new bands to listen to, and excellent inspiration to keep making some of my own.

So, hello all you new people!
The idea is...
MAXIMUM production quality attainable, with the LEAST cost.

My solo project is called ENRAGE, and the track is called "Contact."

Me and my laptop. A £112 guitar. Line 6 Toneport. Drumkit from Hell. A glass of water. A lot of freaked out neighbours when I ROAR into the laptop speaker. Oh yes. You can get this quality production if you utilise every last peice of equipment you have.

So there. Hope you like it. It's just me... a 30 year old soldier who gets his frustrations out with solo projects like this.

ENJOY!!! (Or not... I am easy.)
Hello. Been writing with my guitar and a laptop for 8 years. I have no aspirations of grandure, and just tend to do this as a hobby. This is my shit. Please click if you love the following...

Love heavy.
Love sci-fi.
Love dirty.
Love Enrage.
Love smashing people in the face with bruised knuckles until they bleed.


Or alternatively; Click the following.
Sally struthers and the 49.5 lesbians - 9/10 for the sheer reaction it would get.

Basilisk - Grind/death metal.
Brutal grindcore with industrial elements and solid metal rhythms.


Saw this thread, laughed my ass off all day about it.

Bottom line is this.
Amps -do- sound better loud, but its a good way to make yourself deaf by the time your 35. You'll find that -MOST- of bands actually use ear plugs on stage because of the constant battering their eardrums take.
Long term effects of insanely loud noise blaring into your ears is unhealthy, so be careful.
Me and my band practice quite loud, but on stage I always stick in a couple of plugs just to filter out the high-end frequencies that make those little hairs inside your ears lay down.

Rock and roll, all well and good. But its not rock and roll when you can no longer -hear- your damn music.
Does it make you -less- rock and roll? No. The Mr golfskip got it exactly right. The Amp is for -you- to hear what -you- are playing and to create the sound which the PA will then channel.

Sound Engineering tip - This is free.
(Sound engineers, no matter what...ALWAYS think they are the best sound engineers on the planet. They are not ****ing Ross Robinson. They are NOT ****ing Terry Date. So make sure you point at your amp and say "See that? I want -that- sound to sound EXACTLY like that but -now point to the PA- through there and a lot louder.)

Wreck your ears while your just practicing or just jamming is ridiculous. Its like a ****ing race car driver speeding the same speeds while he is shopping as when he is on the track. IT DOESNT HAPPEN! (Exceptions are of course Nigel Mansell, who was banned from driving while shopping in his Merc. HA!)

Turn it down a notch. Your -ears- cant handle the sound when it gets too much, so you miss out on those all important frequencies you pick up of your original sound.

Ive been playing music for a while and I love it loud.
But I also wish to -hear- music in the future.