I've been playing for two months and want a song which i can play fully (minus the solo)
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Love me some Skyharbor. They're like a thrashier Tesseract.

I watched them live and Dan and Keshav are simply amazing. Better than TesseracT in my opinion.
Anyone here likes Skyharbor?
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Listened to Metropolis Pt 2 in it's entirety yesterday. Tis a masterpiece, that album...

True. Love that album.
Has anyone here heard of Skyharbor?
Check them out, pretty good prog metal almost exactly like TesseracT
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Try taking the (unspecified) tempo down to half, and use alternate picking.

I was being sarcastic.
I actually meant riffs in an actual song, but thanks anyway.
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Well TS you aren't going to learn a song you don't like so first tell us what metal bands you like and we can suggest songs by them.

It's on my profile mate. :P
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try this

e 0-0-00-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-00000---00-0-0-0-000-0-0-0-0-0-0-

It's metal as ****.

Too ****ing hard for me man.
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Did he intentionally want to look like Joey Barton or what...
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Moutinho's not going to go to Spurs.

Yeah exactly who would want to go to Sp**s.
Didn't expect this from RVP.
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Ehh the vast majority of their work is fun to play and very helpful with learning.

I guess start off with Hate to Feel, God Smack, Bleed the Freak, etc. Really though, any of their songs can be a good place to start.

It does if you are Mr. Krabs!

God Smack and Bleed the Freak are pretty good for my level.
Thanks mate.
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Blood and Thunder

Thanks, it's pretty easy.
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I cum blood

Too hard for a beginner.
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Sweet Leaf
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Electric Funeral

All of their shit is easy.

Thanks a lot.
That'll keep me busy.
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The black metal thing was a joke btw but sure.

Have you tried a lot of Alice in Chains? I mean they're not really heavy metal depending on who you talk to, but they do have a wide selection of catchy and heavy riffs.

Im fine with Alice in Chains.
Any particular song?
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Mayhem-Funeral Fog

You said obscure black metal, not black metal

EDIT: Well if the answers weren't great, why even bother asking?

Doiiii, dat man put his leg inside of dat aleegatorr and he bit dat mans leg off! I hope de same aint happnin' to me when I do dat!

I meant that the answers were pretty basic songs like smoke on the water and master of puppets. I wanted to know if there are more riffs which are not so famous but sound good.

Okay sorry no black metal please.
Anything specific? Because i can play most of iron man and paranoid and a bit of war pigs.
Anything except that?
I've been playing for two months and want some easy heavy sounding riffs. Please no obscure black metal.

I can play (riffs only) raining blood, for whom the bell tolls, crazy train, walk, schism, tears dont fall, symphony of destruction and others i cant remember now. Something on those lines would be great.

I know there are other posts on this topic too but the answers given there weren't that great.