Have a taste of my permaban tool.
Just to notify you guys that I have started giving out warnings for abusive posts in this thread.

Anyone who messes up the scores intentionally can expect a warning.

That's all, carry on now.
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Can anyone tell me what the Hell is going on with my Leg?
Yes. A doctor.
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you guys ruin this thread
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We're making it better.
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Feel free to join in.
IRISH_PUNK and Zoot, shenanigans like this will not be tolerated. Stop spoiling the fun for everyone and just play along.

This goes for anyone who intentionally messes up the scores. To anyone else, just report the abusive posts, and they will be dealt with.

Consider this an unofficial warning, before I start giving out real ones.

EDIT: Oh, and here's what I believe the score should be:

Rolling Stones 32
Soundgarden 30
Megadeth 32
The Foo Fighters 30
Primus 24
The Beatles 22
The Doors 19
Dream Theater 25
Tom Jones 9
Strapping Young Lad 5

Zoot messed it up by sneakily taking 10 from DT, and adding one to Rolling Stones. Assuming the post before him is correct, these should be the right scores at this point. The maths aren't right - there seem to be 2 missing points somehow, but who knows where they've gone - but this will do.

Now, go!
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UG will not help you pirate software.

Seriously, if you want Guitar Pro, pay for it. It's excellent software, so the developers deserve some support.
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The pear is allowed when it's used in applicable circumstances. When it's not spammed like crazy it's alright.
No it isn't. It's still banned in all circumstances, because some of you kids just can't control yourself.
No they don't.
Please post this in the Recordings forum.
Please don't use the UG forum to promote your videos. We don't allow advertising here, other than in the Promote Your Band forum.
Please do not post links to your blog or advertise it in any other way.
I like EZDrummer. It does what the name says: it's a very easy to use drum program with fairly good samples. Downside is that you're limited to whatever each separate kit offers you; mixing samples from two different kits is a bit of a hassle. I'm looking to try out Superior Drummer, see what that's like.

First post in Drum forum. Arrright!
It'd be pointless to instruct him, seeing as the human race would be doomed without any means of reproduction.
Sit the fuck down.
Eden by Hooverphonic (Belgian band)
No Sound But The Wind by Editors (piano version)
Sigh No More by Mumford & Sons (sadly, no banjo)

We've only been performing for a short time. It's been a great run so far though, and we're hoping to make it last a lot longer, so hopefully we can add a few more to this list.

Link to some of our recordings in my sig. Yes, I'm shamelessly advertising, so suck it.
Locked because this is the wrong forum for cover songs. Please post your cover in the Covers subforum:
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↑ Also, you can display many additional posts per page via the address bar to save a lot of time in your search.
Never more than 40, actually, so I don't see why you can't just use the 40ppp setting via the Control Panel instead.
Please consult the Site Feedback forum for more information on this. For some countries, certain tabs are indeed blocked, but UG is working on obtaining the necessary licenses so they can be displayed again.
Enough with this clever advertising scheme.
Guitar, yes, yes, yes, yes.

But I hope you don't think your idea is very innovative or anything. It already exists, and I'm just answering yes because I'm looking to get something like it.
^ Indeed, you can't.

Username changes are disabled on UG because the process is a strain on the website servers. We only occasionally allow it for privacy reasons (e.g. a user who used his real name as his username and wants it gone), but other than that we don't normally allow usernames to be changed, I'm afraid.
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Ain't you a Doctor? or studying to be one anyway?

Because if so, thanks for that, now people might understand.
First master's year now, so yes, in a few years I will be.

And like I said, I didn't even say anything about quantity vs. quality of life considerations.

EDIT: Also, using chronic patients as "guinea pigs" for medical research? Am I reading that right? Whoever came up with that needs MRI to check if their brain is still there.
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Oh btw, this is basically my opinion, however the response im getting is that it will hinder medical research.
Yes, because fortunes spent on needlessly and pointlessly keeping people alive for as long as humanly possible - and I'm even putting all issues regarding quality of life aside here - doesn't hinder medical research at all.
Bumping this because this seems to be a site-wide problem and it still isn't fixed. Just wondering if there's an update on this.
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How much is the shipping?

Please post in the Bad Advertising forum if you want to report about specific problematic ads. However, be sure to read the posting guidelines of that forum thoroughly before posting! General complaints about ads will not help anyone, but if you include specifics, the UG staff will be able to help you out.
No more Hebrew, or else warnings. Please respect the other members of this forum.
You can't advertise your video on UG. Please read the Rules.
^ What he said is correct. We're only human, we're all just people with different reactions to different situations. So yes, depending on which moderator is dealing with a situation (also on which moderator is online at the moment), similar situations may be dealt with differently.

Initially, that is, because as has been said, we're not a bunch of lone wolves who only trust our own judgement. The rest of the mod team will surely intervene should a faulty decision have been made by one moderator.

But as I said, we're only human; you can't expect from us a systematic, or in other words robotic, response to every possible situation. On some situations we have a clear policy, on other situations we operate more on instinct and common sense... But as I said, that's all you can expect from us, we're just people like everyone else. We do our best!

Lastly, don't worry, I don't see your post as a complaint; and even if it was, you have every right to speak your mind.
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It's mostly just nudes in there.
And drunks.

I'm so guilty
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Pretty small junk if it can be an avatar.
Brace for impact, brah.
The rules themselves are good guidelines. If you read through them thorougly, you'll have a good idea of what the general code of behaviour on UG is, and what is and isn't acceptable for the UG mods.

Not every specific situation is described in the rules, to avoid making it a rulebook the size of a football stadium. But from the general descriptions and with some common sense, you should be able to deduce the specifics. For example, the "no spam" and "no vulgar content" rules are very general, but it's kind of obvious that UG, being a 13+ website, isn't the place to discuss shock porn websites, for example.

We don't really operate on the basis of specific guidelines other than the rules, but if you really want something to hang on to, remember these three things:
1) The rules generally contain all the info you need on how to behave on UG;
2) If something specific in the rules isn't clear to you, feel free to ask a moderator;
3) One moderator's decision is almost always backed by the rest of the moderator team, so there aren't really any "one mod's hate post is another mod's joke" issues. Should you feel you've been treated improperly, again, feel free to ask another moderator.

Hope that helps.
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dude I have you on msn, facebook, ..
Yes but back on UG. Holy shit!
Enough is enough, don't spoil the fun.
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change everything to my name, like cas once did
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bring the UG naked club back ! I still fap to the pic LadyHellraiser uploaded there
Holy shit, you're back?

Is it obvious maybe that I was into competitive battling for quite a while?
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Charizard uses defog!

Stealth Rock is no longer active!

Problem, Jan?
Charizard needs to switch in before it can use Defog, thereby losing 50% of its HP.

Now, assuming it doesn't get bashed by its opponent on the turn it wastes on Defog (and that's a big assumption), it's left with half of its HP for the rest of the game, so pretty much any neutral attack can easily take it out.

But let's assume it doesn't get destroyed instantly (another big assumption). Now here's the biggest problem: Charizard can't switch out. As soon as it does, all the opponent has to do is bring Stealth Rock back in play, and Charizard will effectively be knocked out, as switching it back in will take it out.

So in short, it can either be a sitting duck with half its HP, or switch out to safety but die anyway.

Problem, Ryan?

I'm such a Pokémon nerd

Starmie, because I'd own the shit out of almost every single one of you.