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Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet for My Valentine are both great thrash bands, but you guys obsess over the kvlt too much. Anthrax was the true and famous founder of thrash metal, from which those bands rose.

Anthrax? I can't believe they named there band that after 9/11.
I was wondering how tall the guys from Emmure are, can you help me out?
I heard Randy Blythe has a 14 inch penis. That thug can clog a toilet with his piss!
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Or maybe even emmure.

If you can handle it.

I heard they did the impossible and played a breakdown for over 2 minutes! They must've been really tired after that spectacle!
Triggers are untr00.
LOL. That's not very environmentally friendly.

grvm Scions.
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Now go listen to City Of Evil by Avenged Sevenfold, that's the best modern thrash album.

For sure, but don't you think that's a little too obscure?
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Yeah, I mean, environmental radicals who PIMP THEMSELVES OUT TO SELL CARS make real authentic art.

This band blows.

Care to elaborate? This sounds amusing.
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I've just listened to The Crusade (the trivium album) on youtube

Nice man! Now you're a thrash veteran!
I would love to see Jairo Tormentor playing with Cavalera Conspiracy and taking over all writing.... And changing the name to Sepulturo.
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So are Korpiklaani.

Nothing but a cheaper, less alcoholic rip-off.
MHDrunk's band is Drunk Metal. An innovation like none other.
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^yeah I agree... Two Hunters is way better in terms of composition, Diadem I almost can't listen to

Two Hunters actually has a few good moments. Like when the vocals come in on I Will Lay Down My Bones... The two middle songs are incredibly boring, and the first song is okay, yet a little too fruity and artfaggy.
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My opinion is the exact opposite of your's. The end to the last song gets me every time, esp. with those female vocals.

EDIT - ..wait..first as in Diadem of 12 stars? or their earlier demo thing?

Yes, I mean Diadem. I can't remember a single riff in the whole album. Not a single movement. Every part seems to be there just to be there. The songs go nowhere.
Pirate metal doesn't exist.
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Ha, ya man. I'm really into his more obscure stuff, you know? Like Valleys of Neptune and Villanova Junction. But my two favorites are Little Wing and Machine Gun. I LOVE Machine Gun at the Fillmore East (the 11:36 one, not the 13:37 one).

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What I think he meant was that it's cool if you don't like hippies, at least I think. I don't want to be putting words in his mouth.

I think it's a 40 year old dude, posing as a girl.
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im not trying to use reverse psychology. im just honestly saying im sorry you hate me or people like me i guess. hate is a strong word, but if you feel that way im sorry.

"wow, thats pretty great."
No, you're good to go.
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wow, thats pretty great. im sorry you feel that way.

Your reverse psychology isn't working.
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thanks, maybe its just the ones you know.

Nope, I hate you too.
The Nordlands aren't very good, but Hammerheart has a special place in my heart due to it being my first. Twilight is good too.

The first 3 slay everything though.
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I would drop all my complaints if the "singers" actually sung for once. It irritates my ears and no, that does not make me ignorant. It just sounds like pure shyt. I know you all say screaming and growling takes as much talent as singing really doesn't and I can sound easily sound like them if I felt like sounding like my throat's been penetrated all night.

Black metal and death metal are supposed to be extreme and inaccessible. It's supposed to shock and sound terrible to most people. Bands like Blasphemy, Beherit, Autopsy, and Sarcofago obviously aren't for everyone. It's an acquired taste.
I hate hippies that are in their late-teens and early-twenties. They're just really annoying.
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???He changed his name to dimebag after the glam phase

I was kidding. Power Metal is the only Pantera album that I like, though.
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Funny how everyone says Cynic are overrated now. They deserve the attention they are getting. Two years ago, people wouldn't be saying this, at least most of them.

I don't think they're overrated, I just don't think they're any good.
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All the technical ability in the world wont make it sound good. Just saying.

The same could be said about any one of your favorite bands.
And I'm pretty sure his name is Diamond Darrell. Don't patronize him by calling him Dimebag.
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Me or the pantera fan

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Pantera fans are faggot who workship dime and cant listen to anithing else + They play deans and think their music is so non-conformist that they can bash anyone else.

Example ( Real example ) : ahahahahha you were 10 when dimebag died, so eat **** you ****in cocksucking emo faggot **** YOU AND YOUR AVENGED SEVENFOLD MOTHER****ING **** YOUR THE FANBOY YOU CHILD CHILD 14 years old and trying to tell me things about music you were just a little kid when pantera was around let me guess you think zeppelin are gods .... just a hunch , now THEY are terrible and have fanboys... and you honestly like slash, now what has HE done for music, besides wearing a top hat a smoking and looking like a homeless ****

Give it up. You don't look tough.
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I enjoy metal but I hate stupid sh/it like growling and screaming while the others play as fast as they can. If they had some guitar talent and good vocals then I'd give stuff like cannibal corpse some credit. And something that really bothers me is that all the "extreme metalheads" especially on this site act all tough and cool because they listen to more "heavier" metal while they put down "bad" bands that are metalcore or other genres. If they want people to stop judging them and having stereotypes, maybe they should stop being elitist pricks first.



Rambo - Lead Guitar
Hulk Hogan - Rhythm Guitar
Darth Vader - Bass
The Hulk - Drums
A Fucking Tyrannosaur - Vocals
I think the metalheads who act like metal is the most technical, hardest, and most meaningful genre are more annoying than the ones who are SATANIKKK DESECRATOR'S OF PRIEST COCKS AND NUN ASSES.
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nebiru showed the substance thread this the other day...I lol'd.

Also, hcmanu, you can quit trolling.

That chick has the exact same face as my 10 month old cousin.
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Metal songs have no structure and are just random notes.

All metal heads are elitist pricks who have long hair and wear black

Metal heads are uneducated and satanists.

I'm... none of those

This applies to most metal, 'cept I graduated from 8th grade so I have some education.
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this band is total win \m/

some people are just ignorant about music, they cant appreciate the difficulty and skill it takes to play metal.

ur ghey
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what should I do?

Kill yourself.