been no stranger to the land of jp's! this is i believe my 6th jp in my lifetime. i even have a MM headstock tattooed on my calf with JP's real signature tattooed on there. i'm a punisher, so what. lol
I haven't logged into here in quite some time so I thought I'd drop by and show you the newest babe!

Custom Ernie Ball Music Man JP12 in Ocean Aqua Flake.
Roasted Maple Neck, Rosewood Fingerboard, Gold Hardware
Everything else spec wise is stock. Dimarzio CL/LF set.
Here are some videos and pics!

Yes. Hand them out. Aren't you curious as to how? Let me let you find out.
I just got off work. Give me a ween to put in my mouth. VOTE!
bumps. bring on dat cack yo
Neapolitan, but I'm sure I can make an exception.
by the way, it's my friends band. not mine! haha. it's much appreciated, tho. really.
spunk, here i come
Only one vote/blow job a day! No takers for the salty rimjob?
I can smoke... pole? If you deliver the goods.
Don't doubt. When in doubt, throw it to your neighbors annoying Schnauzer.
Go vote for my friends in Vitosus.

You don't have to regester or anything. just two clicks of your finger.

If you do so and comment here, I'll personally give you a blow job or rim job of your choice.
Salty or not.
ah wait. i see your post. i'll have to pass on that. thanks, tho!
Just putting this out there to see what kind of offers I get. Looking to either trade or sell. Throw me some offers. Comes with the ibanez hardshell case, trem.
Signed and numbered. #895
This this is way clean for being almost 20 years old. would give it a 9.5
pictures here:
Additional pictures on request.
I'm selling a natural one for 600, but it has emg's in it. :/
That's a great looking guitar. I'm gonna sit on that for a while. It's tempting!
That's a great looking guitar. Very tempting..
I found a guitar that I really want so I'm selling this to try to fund that.
I was running this baby A/B with a Mark IV in a band with two guitar players. I figured I can just keep with one amp for now.
I would say this amp (cosmetically) is about a 9.5
There are a few little scuffs in the toltex but nothing really noticable.
It's a killer amp, I just really have little (logical) use for it and would much rather have the guitar.
Comes with footswitch.

Please help me fund my dream guitar.

1050 shipped.

Thank you,
anyone with a youtube account! I need your help!
well, my niece needs your help!
can you please do us a favor and go here:
rate her five stars and leave a nice comment.
please please please do this?
my niece would do anything to meet or get something from taylor swift.
you can't tell me that this isn't adorable.
please, it would take one minute and it would mean a lot to us.
i'm pretty postivie it's the tuner. we bought new stings for it today but i won't put them on until i get new tuners
oh okay. i'm not too pissed because this was a great deal for the bass in the first place.
can you recommend any place i can get some good gold bass tuners?
well it's like i'm tuning it up, it starts to tighten, then makes a popping noise and detunes a tad. when i get to that point again, it does it over again.
i don't know if this will do anything but here is a picture
hey i just picked up a five string bass for my cousin and when i try to tune the bottom string, it feels like it has stripped out. it turns to a point then makes a popping noise and loosens. is it a bad tuner?
what are you looking to trade for the sg? i'm trying to sell my dean ML.
let me know if you're interested.
i haven't played the d activator pickups, but i heard they were crap.
and i believe they are NOT active.
those cost 130 new...
petrucci fan? that's a nice 7, hope you sell it.
i posted a thread up to sell mine but no one was interested.
bump. nobody out there want a kickass 7 string?
are they black? or... covered? or... what?
well unless i get a good offer, this won't be going anywhere.
befriend me.
maybe one day.
i hardly play this guitar anymore and i want to see if anyone would like to trade for it.
i'll consider pretty much anything. i bought this last year at a local shop for $650
it's a pure shred guitar.
the neck is super think like a wizard.
it's coil tap as well.

here's a link to a short video

let me know if you're interested.

well the seven string is the only thing i'm looking to part with really.
unless you want a dean backwoods 6 string banjo.

here's a clip of it.
i'll take some pictures in a while.
i have a cort viva 7 string i'll be happy to trade for that beauty
it's a pure shredders dream.
dude! i freakin want that! but i just bought a gibson explorer and new dimarzo pickups.
i'm with abcdboy, you looking for any trades? i have a sick 7 string i'm looking to part with.
the se has a way better neck joint.
the honeyburst standard.

like this one

i had a gold top not too long ago.
i gave it to my ex girlfriend for her birthday.
dumb me.