somewhat unrelated but I thought you guys would be interested. I just got a job working on video editing for Wisconsin Athletics! I'll be editing stuff to go on the video boards, so like intro videos, hype videos, highlights and other stuff like that. So if any of you go to any Badgers football games this year odds are you'll see something I made on the big screen. Going to be very interesting and I'm very excited!
Saw Rocketman today, I liked it and it was definitely worth a watch. There were a few scenes where I was entranced by the cinematographic choices, and I wish I could have seen more of it. It seemed to me the stylistic choices were somewhat inconsistent throughout the movie. Pretty good performances from everyone, although I would be surprised if anyone earns any major nominations honestly.

Solid movie all around, I would say 6.5/10
I use peanut oil for the above stated reason, high smoke temp and helps not burn the butter when I go to baste the burger.

There are a lot of oils with high smoke temps but I use peanut oil because I really like how the taste interacts with the beef and rosemary. So good if done right
I made a really great burger today. I think after a couple years of experimenting this is the best burger I've ever made. Brioche bun toasted with butter, 23/77 ground beef seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Use peanut oil first in the pan and add butter and rosemary. Now beforehand I had placed the rosemary on top of the burger while basting, but I think that gives too strong of a taste and takes away from the beef. So this time I just let the rosemary sit in the pan and flavor the juices that I used to baste the burger. I cooked in a cast iron skillet over medium-high heat to get a perfect sear on a medium cooked burger. Some cheddar cheese on top and it was absolutely fantastic. Best way to cook a standard burger that I have ever tried. Obviously you can add whatever condiments you like, but for now I was just trying to perfect the actual burger part.

Unfortunately no pictures, but it won't be long before I make another burger like that and I'll post it here. Was so pumped I wanted to post anyway, it was a fucking awesome burger lol
remember that kid who called his mom a cunt and then came here to complain when his dad whooped him?
I've liked our picks so far. That's all.
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hey ehbacon when you make it in the film industry, ask your connections to use my songs for the soundtracks

done deal
What did y'all think of A Quiet Place? I think it's use of sound was absolutely phenomenal, it's the movie I refer to most when trying to build a good soundscape. Outstanding use of foley. Plot wise it was fine, most of my enjoyment came from a production side of it.
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Why would you be a film major when you can just watch all of Alfred Hitchcock's films instead?

I'm more on the production and post production side, so although HItchcock is great he doesn't really teach me how to create a properly lit shot.
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Wow let’s play who can spot the first year film studies major

That games not as fun when I begin my posts saying I am a film major

Also that's second year film major to you buddy
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I also don't think that Get Out is particularly original or clever, tbh. I just think Get Out is a rip-off of The Stepford Wives and the final twist is a copy of Being John Malkovich's. That being said, I think Get Out is solid for what it is, but it's just too similar, and inferior, if you've seen both those movies, so it becomes a bit distracting as you watch it.

Still, when you say that, it becomes a bit of the fanboyish argument of "if this movie's by director x, then it can't be bad", and yeah, of course it can. I'm not saying it's a terrible movie, as it is thoroughly entertaining, but I think the deeper elements Peele was going for don't work when you have a tonal mess where the comedy is much stronger than the horror, and characters that never properly develop, especially when you have a twist that, not only is obvious, but more importantly makes the main character's arc become nonsensical.

I understood your original reply to mean that you thought all the stuff I said was not put into the film purposefully. So that's why I mentioned Get Out, because we know that movie has so many purposeful, intricate details.

I really do think it's a clever movie. I think, for me, it did exactly what a film was supposed to do. For the first watch, I let it completely absorb me into the story and universe so I could go a long for the ride. I was surprised by the twist and in awe of it. I think if I had been sitting their trying to analyze the plot to figure it out the entire movie, I would've figured it out; but I also think that is a ridiculous way to watch a movie. That's my basic criteria for an enjoyable film, is just whether or not I can just get sucked in from the get go and be brought for the ride. There are obvious exceptions to this but for the most part that is what I look for.

My criteria for a good/great film is that it leaves me not only wanting to see it again, but dying to break down it's meanings and stylistic elements. This film has so many interesting meanings and stylistic elements that I consider it a great film. These meanings and elements may not be brand new to film, but they were not obvious and were well utilized in my opinion.

But when it comes down to it, it's all subjective anyway
Quote by seventh_angel
I approve that you went through all the trouble of applying significance to a bunch of stuff and that you're entitled to have that opinion, but I don't think it's as clever as you make it sound.

That being said, I'm not the biggest fan of overusing metaphors in movies, so.

I would agree with you if the movie was by a random director and writer, but Peele has already proven that he can be that clever with Get Out.
Idk if yall knew this but I'm a film major, just saw Us for the second time and this is going to be a long post about how great it is.

Okay so the first thing I want to praise is the location of the opening scene. The location of a theme park sets the tone so well, the muddled screams in the background while she walks onto the moonlit beach are so chilling. I know this is by far not the first horror movie to do this, but it was done so well none the less.

I've been digging through the movie to try and find the meaning and logic of it. It is, on the surface, a pretty confusing movie. What I've decided upon is that the logic of the film is a metaphor. Everything that happens in the film refers back to the metaphor/metaphors. The logic doesn't reflect the logic of our world because the film doesn't take place in our world.

One of the meanings of the film per Jordan Peele is that in society, we tend to blame others for our problems and look at others as the monsters. This film makes us reflect on ourselves and face the fact that we ourselves can be the monsters. Many people wonder why Jason and Pluto are still tethered at times when they are both on the surface. I think that is because the characters themselves, because of their innocence (they're still young children,) do not fit the metaphor. Jason isn't a monster, therefore his tether isn't a monster. This also means that the logic of the movie that is based around this metaphor doesn't apply to them. This is also the reason that Jason and Pluto are the only pair in the film not actively trying to kill each other. If Pluto wanted to kill Jason, he would've done it when he had him trapped in the closet. They were just innocent kids, dropped in a fucked up society that they had no part in creating. That's why I think their tether is stronger than any other pair in the film.

Another theme is the grouping and division of society. One example is pretty obvious, and that is of the hierarchy of class. In the film, there is literally one oppressed group under ground (the under class), and one free group above ground (the upper class.) A major point in the movie is that all the differences in these groups are circumstantial; that's why the twist is so important. Without the twist, we think of the tethers as evil, lesser beings. Because of the Aidelade and Red switch, we know that there is no difference between the clones and us. If a tether spend their whole life in our culture, it would be exactly like us and vice versa. This deepens the meaning of the theme to not only grouping and division, but the fact that said grouping and division is arbitrary. Continuing with this idea of a theme revolving around division, this is also where the "Hands across America" comes in. I was very puzzled at the significance of the chain the tethers created once they got to the current world, but then I reminded myself that the film's logic is based off metaphors. The movie ends with a chain, which is the best metaphor of all for the themes of the film. The chain is supposed to represent unity and togetherness, but if you take a step back and look at the chain, it forms a literal line through America. The chain isn't a symbol of unity, it's in fact a symbol of the exact opposite. The chain is once again an example of a divided society, and the chain visualizes that division.

Another thing I picked up on with my second watch is the pattern of using inanimate objects to represent or foreshadow actual scenes in the movie. The first and more obvious example of this is the Michael Jackson shirt, which carries on through the costumes of the tethers in the future: an all red jumpsuit (thriller) and one glove (billy jean.) This one has been talked about the most so there's really not much to say about it.

The second example I found was the repeated use of 11:11. The number is used four times in the movie: Jeremiah 11:11, the score of the baseball game on the TV, the time on the clock, and the number of the ambulance they take shelter in. I believe that the number 1111 reflects the shot of the tethered family standing side-by-side in the drive way. The position of the family clearly mirrors the formation of the group of numbers 1111.

The last example I have found is the scissors. The scissors have multiple meanings for me. The first is a tie back to the theme of division and grouping. The scissors are symmetrical, representing the tethered pair, but scissors are a tool used to split things in half. The tethered use scissors to literally cut the tether. For evidence of this we can refer to the scene where Red is explaining the revolt to Aidelade: Red makes the connected people from the paper that she says represent a tethered pair, then uses the scissors to separate them and break the tether. The second meaning of the scissors is a reflection of another main shot in the movie. If you look at the handle of the scissors, the holes are shaped in the form of two identical human heads looking in opposite directions. This is a direct mirror of the scene where young Aidelade and Red first meet in the mirror house.

Also shoutout to the scene where Jason kills Kitty with a geode for the Rock beats Scissors subtle metaphor/joke.

I could go on and on about all the theories I have an all the things I've noticed; such a great movie. I was shocked and the generally negative attitude people here had about it.

Edit: forgot to mention I had been pondering about the shot where the frisbee flies by at the beach and lands in the circle perfectly. I'm pretty sure I've figured it out. The frisbee in the exact same colors as the tethered uniforms. When the frisbee lands on the dotted towel, there is suddenly a red circle (tethered) among the purple circles (the normal surface people.) It's more foreshadowing.
I brought Brady up because he was bashing Rodgers. And big-T another bad troll attempt, I know you are smarter than you are being.
lmao why does he intimidate Pats fans so much? You have 6 rings, how big of an ego do you have to have to be so obsessed with shitting on another player just to prove yours is better?
Quote by big-T
Hm let's see, Aaron Rodgers and Bacon say Aaron Rodgers is a great guy
However his own FAMILY, friends and former team mates who put up a huge chunk of his stats say he's a tosser.

So was Peyton Manning, at least Rodgers hasn't teabagged a physio though

Poor troll attempt.

and btw, Brady would've been out for the season week 1 if he was in Rodgers position.
the VIkings and the Patriots fans think this confirms he is weak skinned, no bias there I'm sure.

The dude doesn't likes his privacy and his "friend" should've asked him first before he wrote that article. And let's get one thing straight, that dude is acting like he was trying to do Aaron a favor by writing that article but we all know that he was again just trying to get a little spotlight at the cost of his friend. If he was actually doing it for Aaron, he would've run it by him first.

that's the article he is referring too and I would see how someone wouldn't like some of the stuff that was written here to come out big-T

Calling him a nerdy dude, telling a story about how he cried relentlessly after a terrible performance and getting boo'd, writing about how in love with Jessica Simpson he was. The article brought up a large part of his personal life, and he has been pretty clear that he is not comfortable sharing a lot of his personal life with the media, good or bad. I would be mad about this article too.

Also in other Rodgers news, it came out today that he played the season with a tibial plateau fracture and MCL sprain. I think he gets a mulligan on the somewhat "off" season statistically. That goes beyond Brett Favre levels of toughness. That is absolutely insane. To say this dude is not a good leader after that, man I would be so infuriated if I were him.
Rodgers clapped back finally. ooooohh boy
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Its what I do when I make it as well. Definitely investing in a meat shaver soon though

Got any recommendations on rolls? I've been looking around for some italian sub rolls but they aren't easy to come by here
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Wiz wit

My man

'til I die!
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ehbacon That looks delicious. How'd you do the meat?

It was! Bought a chuck steak for $5, froze if for 2 and a half hours, then sliced it with a knife into thin slices myself. Good option if you don't have a butcher close by.
yo calling all my Philly people MyLastPostOnUG whywefight Jako215 I made some cheesesteaks, what yall think?

Two sources, Jennings and his brother, are the only ones who actually have a totally negative opinion of him; and both of them are literally only doing it for the second in the spotlight it gives them. Finley has some criticisms but has an overall positive opinion of Rodgers and the team. Jennings is just a receiver who is pissed that his career ended the second he left GB, who has changed his story about 12 different times to try and milk fame from Rodgers and the Packers as long as he can. First the dude said that he was just frustrated Rodgers didn't do more to try and keep him on the team, then he changed that story to Rodgers actively trying to get him off the team. There's nobody who can refute those statements but Rodgers, who has clearly decided to take the high road about it.

It's really sad to see one of my childhood heroes just trash the team and Rodgers for no good reason. Used to love this dude and now I legit cannot stand him. Unprofessional twat.

Also even if Jennings wasn't a giant asshole, one player not liking Rodgers throughout his whole career does not mean that he is a scumbag. He's not a perfect dude, but he's a damn good quarterback and there are about 50x more teammates that have nothing but good things to say about him.

Edit: multiple famous and credible ex-packers coming out now saying that the article is BS.
Insane bleacher report article about the downfall of GB today. What do you know, Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley back at it talking shit about Rodgers. Its pretty depressing that that is literally the only way they can stay relevant.

A lot of pretty outlandish things being said about McCarthy too. That Rodgers always resented MM for passing up on him with the 49ers in the draft, which is ridiculous for so many reasons. First McCarthy barely had any power in that draft, second they had a pretty good personal relationship according to both of them and their stories about working with each other. Whether or not they agreed on the field is a different story. Also accusations that he would get massages during meetings that he would have assistants run, which I think is the most absurd claim in the article.

Just people trying to make a buck capitalizing off of a dude's firing. Pathetic.
Phillies are the greatest team ever assembled.
Okay I know this isn't a college basketball thread but there isn't one and I need to brag about my bracket real quick. Currently I'm ranked 11,870 out of the 17.2 million brackets submitted to ESPN, so better than 99.93% of brackets. I had 14/16 sweet sixteen teams, 7/8 elite eight teams, and still have all four final four teams in. I'll probably never have this good of a bracket again, so I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts. Here's the bracket if anyone is curious:

I have Duke vs. Texas Tech and Virginia vs. Kentucky in the final four, and Virginia beating Duke in the championship game. only game I missed from the sweet sixteen was Purdue over Tennessee and that went to overtime.
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They made it so there's equal players on each side of the kicker. You can't overload one side.

Also Jordy retired so not signing him lol. I assume we and the other teams must have low balled.

Worse than that, you couldn't get a running start before the kick, which meant that everyone from the kicking team would get to the ball 10 yards down field about a second slower at least than before. That's why there was only like 3 or 4 successful onside kicks in the entirety of last season including the playoffs.
So they haven't changed the onside kick back? Am I the only one who thinks that was an absolutely atrocious rule change?
Quote by TSmitty6
Wow these games are about to be long.

At least the onside kick stays!

It will only effect the amount of reviews that happen within 2 minutes of the game ending, so won't be a huge deal. Also I haven't seen anything about the onside kick, are they changing it back to what it used to be like before last year? Because last year's kickoff rules absolutely murdered the onside kick.
Anyone see Us? Just saw it and it was fantastic.
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I want the Hawks to sign Jordy Nelson tomorrow.

Think he has anything left in the tank to be a good WR3? ehbacon

Honestly don't think he will do much for any QB other than Rodgers, they have such a great chemistry but he doesnt really have much left physically. I'd love if we signed him but looks like that will not happen.

Matthews and Cobb gone today. Rodgers and Crosby are the only players left from the Super Bowl team. Crazy, grew up with those guys. Met Cobb a couple times and he was a very nice guy. Never got to meet Clay but my Dad did and he said good things. Both Packers greats and will be missed.
Good day for the Packers yesterday. Bringing back Mo Wilkerson and Geronimo today was also very good. Man this is going to be an interesting year for this team.
MyLastPostOnUG we done did it fam
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How do others do it in parody channels? Do they have to pay royalties or something?

So copyright is pretty murky, but what I've learned from school is that if your use of the product isnt fair use, then you have to license it. This is usually only a real issue for real productions, TV shows, movies, stuff like that. Fair Use is murky as well, basically to meet standards of fair use the use of a copyrighted material had to be transformative from the original material and appropriate in amount used. These requirements aren't great because theres no objective amount of transformativeness or approptiateness that would make the use fair or not.

If something is fair use, the company that has the copyright cannot legally claim your content.

So how that translates to youtube is that most often people using copyrighted content either get licensed if they are big youtubers like Casey Neistat, or they take copyright claims saying that the company will monetize your video. Recently, there has been an influx of companies copyright striking videos, which blocks the video from being viewed world wide. There is only a set number of times you can have this happen to a channel before your channel is completely banned, I'm one strike away.

The illegal thing about it all is that if companies can claim content on youtube even it is clearly fair use and nothing can be done about it. The company claims it, and you can file a dispute through YouTube about the claim. But guess who gets to review your dispute? The company that claimed the video in the first place, not a third party. That means nothing ever happens to these illegal claims and companies can keep stealing peoples content and monetizing it for themselves without any repercussions. The NFL is very much guilty of this. It is 100% undeniably illegal and it honestly boggles my mind how nobody has done anything about it.
Quote by TSmitty6

I must have missed the original post. So you have a channel that has highlights on it or something to this effect?

Yeah Packers highlights for the most part. Pretty small, and it's only a hobby. Wish the NFL would stop fucking me though
Got a chance to talk to an NFL Digital Media rep about the whole thing but nothing very productive came of it. He basically confirmed to me that they actually did have an actual person/people monitoring my channel to make sure I don't post anything they don't like after the first strike they put on me. I called them out on their inconsistencies with actually enforcing their policies to which they had no answers for. I also low key called them out on some borderline illegal stuff they've done with copyright that go beyond what they've done to my channel, also no answers for. I did get an email for their DMCA agent office which I couldn't find online so that was something good that came out of it. They definitely haven't heard the last from me.
I need to vent.

I just spent the day editing a video that was highlights of Super Bowl 45 with the Packers radio broadcast instead of television. It took me a while to make, it was an all day project. This type of video usually does pretty well, I was expecting that it could be my first video to break 100k views at some point in the future.

I upload the video to youtube and within an hour in is blocked by the NFL.

Now this would usually bum me out but not enrage me, but here is the thing. This is the 3rd time the NFL has manually given my channel a copyright strike in the past couple months, each time it was a video over 10 minutes long and each time it was within an hour of posting when it had barely any views. This means someone working for the NFL saw my video and manually blocked it from being viewed on youtube.

The only way I can explain this is that someone working for the NFL is subscribed to my channel and is striking any video that meets a certain criteria as soon as I upload it.

This all started in September when I uploaded radio highlights for the week 1 come back against the Bears. In two days that video got 38k views and gained my channel 500 subscribers and the NFL saw it and strikes it. Ever since they then they have been pulling this horseshit. And the thing is, if they strike a video of mine one more time, my channel will be totally deleted off YouTube. So the next video I make they could be the last.

And the most bullshit thing about it that they are specifically attacking my channel, that doesnt even average 1k views a video and never just uses plain TV broadcast footage and reuploads it. All of my videos are edited and much different than anything the NFL has put out. Yet they attack my channel and leave others like Highlight Heaven, who just reuploads the literal broadcast footage.

I'm beyond pissed.
Quote by necrosis1193
Also, I feel like you are sorely underestimating the complexity of the Patriots offense. It's notorious for being one of the most complex in the league. The flipside of having that brilliant Belichick-Brady braintrust strategizing is that you need a very smart group of players to run it effectively. There's a reason a lot of players only seem to have success there, or seem incapable of replicating past success in Foxboro. Complex gameplans from brilliant coaches outsmarting the other team are harder to run, too.

One thing I will give you: Tom has had the same offensive coordinator for the vast majority of his "superhuman" seasons. Brady was effective under Charlie Weis, but nothing that amazing. Aside from a three-year stint with Bill O'Brien, Josh McDaniels has been Tom's only OC since 2006. Not only does that stability do wonders, but it's hard to argue that he's not a huge part of coming up with those extremely effective schemes. If he wasn't, they wouldn't have kept him for the better part of a decade.

On the flip side, I think you are underestimating the intelligence of the average successful NFL QB. I understand the complexity of the Patriots offense, but I also believe that most NFL starting caliber QBs are intelligent enough to effectively run the complex offense. And I think the top tier QBs in the league could run it just as effectively as Brady if not more effectively.
Quote by AllJudasPriest
So we have 149 years of gridiron football, as well as 99 years of this particular league to choose from but none of that matters. A game barely four years ago, coincidentally featuring your favorite team, was the start of pro football.

And in case you want some more salt. The 2014 Packers defense needs to be commended, at least for the Championship game. The D and ST gave the O the ball in Seattle's redzone how many times in the 1st Q? That same O put up two field goals in that early going, despite the first attempt taking place with the O within five yards of the end zone. I remember that game well and Rodgers consistently laid an egg.

I'm not gonna respond to the rest of your post because I honestly dont care enough but this I do care about and you are flat out wrong. Nobody has watched this game more times than me. The defense played great for 55 minutes, then absolutely had the choke job of the century in the last 5 minutes. They not only let the Seahawks have two full touchdown drives in 3 minutes, they also failed to stop what I have to believe is the ugliest successful 2 point conversion in NFL history. A ball thrown 10 yards horizontally and 40 yards in the air, somehow not batted defended by anyone on the team.

The special teams, however, were absolutely horrible outside of Crosby all game. They let up a fake field goal touch down and a converted onside kick. Giving up both of those in an NFC Championship should be enough to get a special teams coordinator fired on the spot. Absolutely inexcusable and the exact opposite of "should be commemorated".

Yall can argue with me about NFL stuff and I'll be wrong a lot of the time, but please save yourself the time of arguing with me about strictly Packers stuff.
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Imagine if I spent as much time making charts and doing analyses like Necro. Might fucking do it for the weirdest stats, like yards moved per game for linemen weighing over 350 pounds.

Please do this. Always see DBak69 never giving an inch to his man, would love to see if it's actually that often he doesnt move