thanks! That was a lot easier that I thought it would be...
I need help with figuring out how to do this type of half-life problem.

20.0g of a radioactive isotope are present at 1:00pm, and 5.0g remain at 2:00pm.

How many half-lives have gone by?
How long is the half-life of the isotope?
Predict how many grams will be left at 2:30PM
I like movies like this. "Kids" and "Ken Park" come to mind
Thank you very much cfrank =D
I can't wait for AAL to come out with more stuff. Haven't gotten the chance to see them here in atlanta yet =/ Everyone talks about periphery but I can not find any music by them as a band. Just short clips and samples that their guitarist has uploaded on sites. Do they have a demo or something out? I know their full length album is coming out april 20th
Mine is called F.A.C.T. it stands for ****ing Awesome Chocolate Thundah
The album title is interesting but nonetheless I'm extremely pumped for the new album. Seeing them in Atlanta in March
yeah every time I've seen them play they save Fingers like daggers for the last two songs. I don't really care for it either
After seeing the live videos of My Frailty, I'm even more excited to see this next month. GodofCheesecake. From what I've seen and heard their setlist is Cursing Akhenaten, A steady decline, Berzerker, My Frailty, Aspiration, Forging a future self, Fingers like Daggers
I see. I just got ahold of a classmate of mine and they confirmed that 0m/s is right. Thanks for the help cat =)
Well we had to construct this simple "roller coaster" and basically it looked like this \_/ one downward slope, a flat section, then an upward slope. We had a marble and placed it at the top of the slope and let it roll down. So would that be "starting from rest"?
This is a physics question about roller coasters.

Say the first part of a roller coaster is just a flat inclined plane and the car starts at the top of the inclined plane and rolls down to the bottom.

I need to find the starting kintetic energy. The formula I am given is K=(1/2)mVi^2. My problem is finding the initial velocity. Is the initial velocity 0m/s since the car is at the top of the plane and it simply rolls down without a push?
Raiders of the Lost Ark is a great one. Anything by John Williams really
My two favorite ones that I've come up with.

Answer the door. It's the guy that's ****ing your mom.

Oh my god! There's cheese in this quesadilla!
I just remembered that I have an old spare spring from one of my old guitars. Are there different types/tensions of springs? How do I know if I can use this spring on my ibanez?
I currently have an Ibanez RG 4exqm1 with D'addario .09s and I'm wanting to up the gauge so I can down tune (maybe down to drop C). I've heard that there are strings that are heavy on the bottom but light on top? What brand/gauge do you recommend I get?

Also, when changing to a higher gauge on a guitar with a floating trem will I have to do any other adjustments besides tightening up the springs on the bridge?
Well done. I appreciate your effort in attaching my face to my words. Makes it much more personal.
Quote by Perfection 101
It annoys me intensely, and I don't think I've ever used it unless I was mocking someone. The one that really infuriates me, though, is using "proper" instead of "very/really". I don't think you have that in the States, though?

No, people don't say that here but a lot of old people in the south say things like
"It's right busy in this store" using right instead of very. I don't get it but whatever haha
I've just come to associate it with the whole southern hick dialect that is everywhere down here which makes me dislike it even more haha

and I get that a lot RHCP
I've started noticing lately how much it really bothers me when people say a phrase like "It was real good" or "That movie was real scary." This just sounds so incorrect to me but it seems like I'm the only person who doesn't say this. Instead I say "really good" or "really scary".

I'm just wondering if I'm the only person that's bothered by this and just every other case where people use adjectives as adverbs.
This is the graph my friend drew up for me.

wyldething I just talked with a friend who knows a lot about physics and he told me that exact same thing with illustration. So I guess its just my teacher that is wrong
Quote by wyldething
Is this physics course calculus based? Because if it is, he just took the integral of the equation for each segment. Lets say the first segment is y = 2x, and since the integral of velocity is distance, then dy/dx = x^2. So the graph of the first segment would be x^2, etc.

Umm I don't know, we definitely haven't gotten into the math parts of this yet. This is the third week in high school physics.

and sure preid
i'm awful at it but i think you can get the idea =(
We're dealing with velocity and distance graphs currently and It is making me want to beat the **** out of something because I can not figure out these curves for the life of me.

I have this velocity graph

From that graph I gathered this about the 4 segments
A.1. Direction= Backwards
2. Interval Distance= Decreasing
3. Velocity is negative and decreasing
4. Acceleration is positive

B.1. Direction=Forward
2. I.D.= Increasing
3. v= + and increasing
4. a= positive

C.1. Direction= none
2. I.D= Constant
3. v= + and 0
4. a= 0

D.1. Direction= Forward
2. I.D.= Increasing
3. v= + and increasing
4. a= positive

The teacher wrote the correct graph on the board but I can't see how he got the answers at all. His graph looks like this

Could someone please explain to me how he got those curves?
Stevie Ray Vaughan - 61
David Gilmour - 86
Steve Vai - 64 HEAL
Santana - 56
Billy Gibbons - 12
Randy Rhoads - 39 HURT
If I have a problem like this
Find 3XY. Where X and Y are two different matrices, am I supposed to do the scaler multiplication first (multiplying 3 to matrix X) or am I supposed to multiply X and Y and THEN multiply 3 to the product matrix of X and Y?
Props for listening to the faceless haha. Well I'm using linux so wmp is out of the question haha
My music collection isn't that big really, only about 10GB, but my files are spread across several folders and directories and whatnot and I want to reorder them all into one nice folder Music->Artist->Album. That kind of thing. I use itunes as my media player and I was wondering how album artwork is handled. Is the artwork saved IN the music file or is it saved elsewhere? Any other tips for organizing my music?
Dream Theater and Between the Buried and Me
I tried several times to like them but I just couldn't for different reasons. BTBAM it was because I found the vocals to be just awful, I loved the technicality of the music but I couldn't get past the vocals. Eventually after easing into more heavier music i got into them. Dream Theater was hard just because I wasn't used to such long songs with odd structure
Protest The Hero most definitely
probably all those gangsta movies on bet where they hold the guns sideways
and I don't even live in a ****ty neighborhood lol
THE GBI?! are they like the FBI? except Grand rather than federal?

no. its the georgia bureau of investigation
Quote by SaintsofNowhere
So are you locked into your neighborhood with no way out?

idk i haventy tried i just know that there are cops still parked at the entrance of the neighborhood
so there was a shooting at a graduation party a few houses up from me. We thought it was just fire crackers but then it got dead quiet and we saw a bunch of people running through back yards. Then there were a ton of sirens and Our neighbor who works for the gbi informed us as best he could. Apparently some guys came to crash the party. A fight started and 9 shots were fired. From what he said, one man was shot in the side. Then a helicoptor landed and the guy had to be life flighted out. The neighborhood is still blocked off.

scariest **** i've ever seen with my own eyes. Never knew helicopters were so intense...

anyone ever had a similar experience?
Jason Statham most definitely
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he got it

I got that a long time ago bud
Anyone know of a free program I can use to do this. One that won't leave watermarks or anything?