People hate on them, but I dig KRK Rokit 5's
I have some I use as secondary monitors to my Dynaudio BM5s and they are just great to listen on/turn up loud/vibe to.
Once you learn them well enough they are also decent to mix on.
May be slightly above your price range though, maybe look used.
Whipped up this cover the other day.
Lemme know what you think, give it a share or like or whatever if you dig it!
Hit me with a link to your stuff if you want me to check it out/crit it.


Ay UG.
So I usually don't release my own music and i thought why not give it a good old try.
So here's a little song I wrote

hmu with a link of your own stuff you want me to check out if you leave a comment!

Hey bruhs,
My band just dropped a fresh little clip for out newest single "Six Feet Down"
Let me know what ya think!

Hey guys,
So my band did a clip for a cover we did, the song is originally a rap song by Danny Brown.
I recorded it all at my studio, pretty stoked with how it all came out.

please check it out & leave a link to your music in your comment if you want me to crit back.

suh dude.
First off dope job on your first metalcore song with vox, mine definitely weren't anywhere near as good when i started out haha.
To the crit:
Vocals: Your voice sounds slightly weak in the performance, mix wise I'd say compress it to death and maybe try having a parallel channel of distortion to thicken it up slightly/add more grit. with the clean vocals compress more, add more high end, add delay, turn down that reverb and choose a larger hall and they should sound a heap better.
Lyrically you can also tell English isn't your first language, so I understand why some sentences don't make sense. maybe try proof reading your lyrics more, but this is hard to improve on and an understandable fault.
Guitars: guitars sound rad, tone is good and playing is great, no faults here.
Drums: written well & fit the song perfectly.
Bass: lol bass.
Overall song writing is solid, song works from start to finish and has no real harsh transitions. only issue is the start almost serves no purpose, so i'd cut that.

If you can be so kind, to crit mine?
Dude this sooooooooooooooooooooo goood.
Absolutely murdered it.
I actually think this is easily one of the best covers I've ever seen on this forum.
Good work dude.
Sub'd to you on youtube, keep up the sick work.

If you can be bothered check out my Coldplay cover:
Hey man!
First off the playing is really good, definitely no issue there.

The only things I can be critical of are mix elements/how you've mixed the song:
The Clean guitars are too loud, I'd turn them down a small amount, although this may fit the aesthetic of the genre you're writing for and I may just be too unfamiliar with it to appreciate how things are generally leveled.
You're kick drum is not powerful enough, I'd turn up the sub lows and compress it a little more, or find a new sample.
Same goes for the snare drum, I'll actually PM you a link to a snare drum I have up on my drum sample store that could be of use to you.
I think overall the track is really good, it's just lacking a pro mix, which is understandable.

My Thread:
Overall super dope.
But as I continue listening it feels like your rhythm guitars are far too low in the mix, they also sound slightly thin, this could be due to the leveling, but you may have high passed them too high.

As Silvadolla said, your snares slightly thin, turn up your snare close mic and maybe give her a slight bit more of 200hzish

I'd probably opt for a tone change with your lead in sections, it gets a little samey, the variation would add more interest to the track.

Apart from that the writing and composition of the track is awesome.

If you could, please crit my cover here:
You should be able to get fantastic results from some of the free LePoulin and TSE sims if you're down to tweak a little?
Do you mainly want the sort of plug and play features of GR5?
Hey bruhs,
I just uploaded this cover of "magic" by coldplay.
I hope you dig it, but if you don't let me know whats up.

Drop your link in your comment if you want me to hit up your video with some crit.

If you dig the recording or anything, check out my studios page in my sig, I do a lot of work online and I'd love to work with some fellow UG brothers.

Dope job man, great vibrato.
Only a few string rings, so I'd mainly focus on tighten up your muting technique, which shouldn't be too much of a challenge for you!

If you wouldn't mind criting my cover here's my thread!
Duuuude, sick cover.
Nothing really to crit at all, playing is on point.
Only thing I could mention is maybe your guitars volume is slightly too loud compared to the song, although,thats sort of hard to figure out though, because obviously your playing should be the focal point of the video.

How do you like the JS100?
I was considering picking one up myself.

Here's a link to my cover/thread if you wouldn't mind checking it out .
Cheers man!
Really appreciate it!
Thanks so much for for checking it out/giving it a listen.
So my band Ocean Sleeper just dropped a new single.
We're from Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.
The song is titled "Sewn Shut" and was written, recorded, mixed & mastered at my Studio, ZanAri Records.

We also have another song titled "Breaking Free" that I suggest you check out if you dig this.

Sewn Shut < Click Here if the embed doesnt work

Breaking Free

Ocean Sleeper
Quote by matarroano
Thanks for your reply and advice. I thought I had to pick 8's. Read somewhere they would be a better fit.

The 5's have quite an exaggerated low end, so I assume the 8's would be far too bass heavy.
Buy yourself some 0000 grade steel wool and tape and do it yourself.
Really easy mod, and it should give the neck a nicer more satin feel.
Looks like you don't have too many great options in your price range(using Thomann as a reference)
I'd be shooting for KRK Rokits(5's or 6's)or the HS5's or 8's you listed if they can be had within budget.
As long as you learn the monitors you buy, you should have a decent time getting your mixes to translate well on other systems.
Seconding the Scarlett, heard nothing but good things as an entry level interface.
Monitors are perfect for the application.
I suggest the KRK Rokit 5's as they sound pleasing to the ear, they aren't super accurate, but that are nice to listen to, which sounds like is your main priority.
If you ever get into mixing etc they will carry you a long way as you learn their sound and how they translate.
I own a pair myself, along with some Dynaudios and they are great tracking speakers and a second reference to the Dynaudios.
The amp sims aren't weighing you down.
It may be the impulses you're using.
Look for LolzGreg ASEM recto impulse, super super good impulse.
This chain should work straight off the bat
TSE 808 > Lecto > LolzGreg
Tweak and you can achieve great results.

Some peoples workflow doesn't work best with sims, but this is the individual making the sim not work, not the other way around.

Both my recorded tones & Sim tones fit and are dope, both systems can do the same things, just different flavours.
Real amp is always funner/more creative, at least for me, as more variables are involved.
Hey guys.

So I put these together the other night as a quick audition for the Australian band "Confession" and I'd be stoked if you could check em out for me!

The original vocal lines weren't too creative so It felt awkward doing anything different with them over the top of the old ones.
Crits on my overall singing voice and how I could improve it would be great.
I think a big problem I have at the moment is sliding up to the note at the start not just hitting it dead on.

Check em out!

Confession - Gimme ADD
Confession - The Long Way Home
Hey guyssss,

So I recently sponsored a rap battle with a days recording time.
Pretty great idea, good exposure, meet some cool people and get my name out.
The winner was a guy name JRam.
He came up with the bass line at the studio, I wrote the rest of the beat, they wrote the lyrics.
I mixed/mastered/produced.
Pretty happy for my first attempt at Hip Hop, really dig the style and I think I will be doing ALOT more of it.

So here it is!
Tell me what you think!
Jram Ft.Codix - What It's Worth

Also a link to my studio/recording page ZanAri Records
This is a really really cool idea.

Lie, Now Sleep
Lie, Now Sleep Facebook
Why you mad though?
Other people enjoy this style of music.
Go away and be a **** somewhere else.
Hey guys,

So my band just put up our debut track!
The track is titled "Obey" and was recorded with Callan Orr of Dream on Dreamer at Avalanche Studios in Melbourne.
Our album is going to be released later this year.
It is being mixed and mastered by Joey Sturgis(TDWP, WCAR, AA!, TCM, etc)
Would be super stoked if you went and had a listen and maybe gave us a like if you dig it!

Lie, Now Sleep

Solid playing broseph!
Some little sloppy bits here and there, but overall a very solid cover.
Cover an Architects tune!
Thanks heaps man!
Chorus has strings under it to add some fullness, plus the delay guitar.
Hey all,

So I decided to bite the bullet and put up a cover of this song as I've wanted to for quite some time.
Added some leads + strings to spice it up a bit.

Hope you guys dig.
Would def be keen on some constructive crit on this, not very keen on the mix, or what converting it did to it.

Heartburn cover!

Hey guys.

So this is the band I play for, we are called Missouri Breaks(facebook link)
Here is a Youtube link to a Pre-Production track from our album.
The track is titled "Consequences"
Missouri Breaks - Consequences

This song features guest vocals from Micheal Mcleod from fellow Melbourne band "Dream On, Dreamer "

Our debut album is set to be released late 2011/early 2012.
It is to be titled "Adversity"

If you guys could check us out and maybe chuck us a "like" it would be greatly appreciated!
Missouri Breaks Facebook

Thanks guys!!
Thanks guys!
Glad people dig it!

I think the timing will come once we start playing together more, I don't think she's ever really been in a band/jam type situation(apart from the odd jam here and there)

We should have a new cover up this coming week!
Good first cover man, solid playing.

Tone is a bit scooped for my liking, but it does fit well over the top of the original.
Good stuff!
Good man.
Your main problems are her not knowing the lyrics, so she sounds really unsure in parts, and changes words mid word
She struggles a bit to keep time.
Also the timing off the guitars is off in parts, and the playing gets a little sloppy here and there.

Still good man!
Keep at it!

I say re-do this cover in another month or so of practicing it and compare the two!

Also, you may want to try in your next version double tracking the guitars, have one panned hard left and one hard right, this makes more space for the vocals, drums and bass to fit in and makes the mix much easier to pick things out.
Maybe just double track the distorted bits and leave the clean in the middle.
Thanks for the positive feedback guys!!

Yeah, the delay at the start I was unsure if I should have left them really loud, or leave them in the back more.
Thanks guys!
I will pass it on to her!

Very solid playing too Tibouk, first time I've ever heard that Foo Fighters song, completely different side of dave i've never heard before.
Hey guys.

Me and a friend did this cover today!
Hope you guys enjoy!

I really need a new acoustic :/
and a new better camera.

Youtube Gnarls Barkley - Crazy Acoustic cover

Thanks for your time guys!

New song I just finished mixing by them.
Until Death Song Two

And again there facebook link!

Until Death Facebook
Thanks heaps for the feedback Necromicon.

And thank you very much ShevanelFlip!
So stoked people dig!

Well setting for drums are as follows.
Overheads are Superior Drummer The Metal Foundry.
Hi-passed around 700ish and compressed slightly.
Kick is mainly The Metal Foundry default kick with some heavy processing, mainly scooping mids, slight bump in the bass(maybe a shelf too), a bit of a boost in 3k and maybe higher.
Not sure how much I compressed it.
That is blended with an eq'ed Steven Slate Drums kick 10, then to the master kick drum group and eq'ed again with similar settings, then Gclip on it(and maybe a comp again)

Snare is mainly slate snare 10 z1 and z4(I think?) or snare 2, blended with the stock metal foundry snare compressed REALLY hard, not sure on the eqing, probably cutting a little bit of the mids, boosting the thump of the snare(i think around 200hz) and a high shelf to add some brightness.
Sent to master snare group, gclip and probably eq'ed and compressed again.

Toms are the Steven Slate Drums Maple toms, not sure on my settings here, thinking compressed with a 4 to 1 ratio, not sure on my attack and release times, all the tails of the toms are automated to fade out quicker(the original tails took up too much space in the mix) then sent to master tom group and gclipped.

Bass guitar is split into two channels, one the grind channel(all dirty) which is hi passed relatively high(700ish maybe) and has a overdrive on it.
second channel is just lows.
Then sent to master bass group which I THINK had Ampeg SVX on it(SVT-4 amp) and then limited to all hell(so there is minimal volume changes)

Guitar I think is LePou Legion, with the Catharsis S-Press High impulse.
All knobs at noon, with an overdrive in front.
It may be Lepou LE456, not quite sure(I can look tomorrow if you would really like to know, I don't mind)
Sent to master guitar group with a hi/low pass and a cut at 4kish.

Vocals are about 4 tracks through most of the whole thing(vocalist was really tight).
Unsure of what I did eq wise, limited hard.
The master vocal group was then sent to a effect buss with delay and reverb and another channel with an overdrive on it to add some more grit to the vocals.

Recording at home with a M-Audio 2626 with reaper.
Vocal mic was a SM7b(AWESOME mic)
Shit man, when I clicked the link I DID NOT expect that!
Awesome song and awesome voice man!
Really good playing too!
Dig it a hell of a lot.
Thanks heaps for the feedback man!
Really means a lot!
And I'm REALLY glad you dig it.

Yeah, there was something weird going on with the highs and I couldn't quite pinpoint it, and then I sent them a mix revision and they dug it so we just went with it.

I think I've over compensated with it, instead of making it sit in the mix I have just turned it up and cranked the highs so it cuts, it really sticks out, in a bad way.

Guitar tone is modelling, it is easily my weakest point, I've never really tried tweaking it, I usually just hi pass/lowpass and maybe a small cuts, but never really tweaked the knobs as I would with a real amp, I don't know why I haven't, I guess I'm just lazy and really don't actually know what I'm looking for/doing, I'm so used to real amps :/

Thanks again man!
I think I may try to implement prices soon, I'm glad that people actually think it is work paying for!
I don't really know where to set the prices, I want to be affordable so I can get bands in, but I don't want to end up doing 100 hours of work and only getting $50 for it, I guess that something I will have to think about more.


Also, checked your original, AWESOME stuff man, really did not expect that at all!