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I've heard they used JCM 900s. When I saw them a couple of weeks or so back I remember one of the guitarists was using a Dual Rectifier.

doubt they could get one to sound that heavy.

hughes and kettner tri-amps, peavey 5150's and dual rectos are some of the amps they use/used.
they do have a pretty mean tone.
yeah i heard that if you smoke the same cigs as slash you play like him.
should start drink bottles of jack daniels aswell.
maybe even get a top hat.
does it matter?
or is it for some project or some jizz?

so i covered the tide by the spill canvas and would like some constructive crit on it by people who know music.
So the cover is at HERE THE TIDE COVER

I will crit back but i am not great at it.
Thanks very much for checking it out.
So any of the awesome regulars gunna answers?

come on i neeeeed help.
Thanks for quick responses dudes. mucho appreciated.
Hmm the seymour one is probably more expensive than the Boost 'N' Buff here in aus.
and ive heard the boost and buff is really good. and heard nothing of the seymour one.
WHOA the boss NS-2 is really cheap although i have heard that the decimator decimates it.
Ill go look on dimarzio's site now and check out some reviews on there pups.
Most metalcore bands i see uses 5150/6505's so you are going to get a usable metalcore tone from it.
and seeming you live in the US they are damn cheap second hand.
Hey peoples.
In sections so skip ahead to whatever you wanna reply about. genres and such at the end of post.

So i am thinking of starting to buy some pedals to better my tone and ability to make up cool spacey sounding riffs.
I was thinking first off i would start with bettering my tone instead of getting a wah and delay straight away i would get a EQ and a clean boost pedal.
I was thinking something along the line of the following. *warning i am quite a noob at pedals and such so my list is sorta crappy*

MI Audio Boost 'n' Buff (only $150 so very very cheap in aus compared to other pedals)
Maybe a Behringer delay pedal (heard they were exact copys of boss delays and VERY cheap)
Boss dd-3 delay
MXR 10 band eq(do i really need a 10 band?)
ISP Decimator(****ing hate the hum i get from my tsl and im sure there will be more with pedals)
Crybaby wah(WILL be modding this)

Thats what i thought for pedals(again i havent really looked that far into pedals and the like).
so basically i want.
Noise suppresor.
Maybe overdrive pedal?(tube screamer? maxon? again i can and will be modding it if its crap)

I really wouldnt mind my sound being tighter. although it is fairly ok now.

now onto the pickups


So i have two guitar that need new pups.
First one a Ibanez Rg Maple thru neck with rosewood fret board(should be a big factor in tone) and basswood body.
I was thinking of getting some seymour duncans for this guitar. maybe a jb(heard it is trebly and may not suit the basswood body of my rg) or a custom custom for the bridge. As of now i am only changing bridge pickups for these guitars as i dotn have the cash to change both pickups on each one.

Second one a J&D les paul copy mahogany body and neck.
For this i was thinking of a emg 81 in the bridge as i can get one for very very very cheap. people say it adds more gain aswell so thats a plus.

So recommend Pickups for these guitars if you can. styles of music etc will be listed at bottom of this giant post.

So a small question here.
If i got a preamp say a engl e-350 or mesa boogie V-twin pedal preamp could i run it with my tsl? like through the effects loop bypassing the tsl's preamp and going straight to the power amp but still be able to use the tsl's pre?
Cause if so this would be awesome as i could have many tonal possibilities.
Or would it end up being to complex of a rig?
Im thinking if i use some sort of a/b box between the two it would work.

Now the style of music i play in my band is metalcore apparently(record label dude told us so. so we will stick with it).
Although that is not all I play. i like playing really everything.
I should just say opeth as they cover everything.
For the pickups and such i want REALLY good pinch harmonics. i can pull em off decently now but i wouldnt mind them being easier to pull of and maybe louder.


and so sorry about the huge post.
i really didnt intend for it to be so gigantic. i just thought it would be easier to doing everything in one hit instead of many small threads.

and sorry about spelling and grammar mistakes aswell as i am not to good at them.

Oh and things need to be farly cheap. i will buy the most necesarry(sp?) things soonest and work towards the rest latter.
And if you could maybe put the things you reccomend in a list you think would be best to buy them in?

Thanks very very much for any help given and for reading this.
(oh and if you cant understand any part of my post tell me)

EDIT: Oh shizz also add on a good pedal tuner to that list. like one that can also do intonation. so good.
i hope that is all the problem with your amps dude cause that would be poo if they both had something really bad going on with em.
ohh and btw how much you purchase your peavey for?

and hope your amps are all good once you get em back.
hmm im thinking it COULD be some fault of your own.
maybe dodgey leads you have?
maybe cab?
cause i mean that would be the ****test luck having two amps blow on ya.

ohh and does that ibanez thermion stand up to the 6505 at all?
or does the 6505 destroy it to pieces.

i was thinking of buying one but decided to buy my tsl instead as i liked its tones much more than the ibanez.
i wannnnt./
im not sure lol.
i think i want these things.

Emg 81 or 85 pickup for my lp copy.
Unsure on what for my ibanez but most likely i will get a seymour jb.
ISP decimator(not sure if i actually need this in my rigs as there is hardly any noise anywasy)

thats about all that i actually could get. and i am actually getting em. and before christmas because my band just got a really really cool gig.

but i wish i could get the following.
engl e-350(is that the model?) pre-amp.
mesa v-twin guitar pre-amp pedal.
and maybe a new cab or some speakers.

not much but yeah im sorta thinkig of what i could actually get. not wishing for ridiculous things.

EDIT: oh and maybe a dd-3 delay pedal or behringer delay pedal(heard its the same as the boss) and a wah of sorts as my multi effects sucks and i have to use it for a new song i made up.
why do you have like no bass at all?
and i have heard the 81 is a very like trebly pickup sowouldnt your settings just sound really reeally harsh.
but lower the treble and mids.
and that should stop the feeedback abit.
Less gain maybe?
OH god that guitar is sexy as fark.
would totally buy it if it was in aus.
btw how much would it cost to ship to australia?
because i am looking for a new guitar.
and so is the other guitarist in my band.
if it can be shipped to Australia im pretty sure one of us could purchase it.
dude you can get the dsl much cheaper than $2400.
or is that the marshall cab and head?
because if you went into a store with cash you could get it really really cheap.
or off ebay. they are always on there. with cabs.
at like $1500-$2000 aus.

but dont use the mg cab.
a bad cab wont let your amp shine.
Quote by Wickedlester_71
too much to carry around?....sheesh!
Believe me dude...hes not gonna buy a little 30 watter combo to play Metallica through.......and BTW....nice band....

why wouldnt he?
if it sounds better why not?
dude you are just being stupid and narrow minded.
you do not need a half stack to play metallica.
30 watts is more than enough.
my bands previous rythm guitarist had a mg100dfx and my marshall tsl on the 25 watt setting crushed his amp at full volume.

and thanks for the compliment on my band
wickedlester is a tard.
i play live gigs and i regret buying my halfstack
it is both to much to carry around and to loud.
listen to the other guys they know whats up.
Hey dudes.

so this is a little band of mine that has just like formed.
we are from The Latrobe Valley victoria AUS.
and are just starting out.
and need some feedback on our music.
so seeming you guys are all muso's id figure you could help.
so yeah come check it out.
a record label dude said we were like METALCORE. but he heard our other songs aswell.

and tell me what you think of it?
thanks much.
two words hidden cameras.

or just like i dunno.
maybe like drunkness may work. but she wont get drunk with you.
so just play it cool and watch her while she sleeps. hopefully she sleeps nude.
yeah i think emo.
but coool.
hey with the ada could you like plug it in your effects loop?
could you run it through your existing power amp?
and could you say like switch between your amps pre-amp and the ada?
or can you only run it through a power amp?
and sorry for thread hijacking.
****ing stupid h-1001's with there new headstock.
i would probably be lay-bying a h-1000 right now if it wasnt for the new headstock.
how does agathis compare to basswood?
because ive seen many a post saying basswood is ****.
and i love my basswood ibanez.
i tried a ltd the other day which was agathis and it was bad. but it had a flame maple top on it so that may have not made it sound as agathisy than a full agathis guitar.
play with the songs your trying to play.
then know the rythm and timing and such.
and if the drummer is off get them to learn how to play drum properly.
cause a drummer who cant stay in time is either bad or is just beginning.
yeah those singles coils wont help hum at all.
when i plug my friends single coiled equiped guitar into my tsl its like a sea of hum.
but with my ibanez which has buckers it is extremely quite.
tis apparently a grand tremelo indeed.
i havent heard anything bad about it.
maybe use the search button for more results.
but yeah. ive only heard good things about it.
Quote by cob1712
2nd question if this i have to buy a pair of them, then instead of the 81's hows the HZ H4....thats passive and cheaper.......thats standard pickup used by ESP these day in ALL their guitars !!!

no no and some more no.
ESP uses seymour duncans and active emgs in their guitars.
LTD (esp cheaper version) uses seymour duncans and active emgs in models 400 and up(not exactly sure if its 400 and up) and uses either the ltd pickups or passive emgs in their cheaper guitars i.e 200 and down.
not exact but yer.
Quote by Hultan
He doesn't seem to care about cash, he just want the best amp for versatility. And since it is the Marshall sound he wants in it, it has to be a Marshall.

what about oranges?
yeah dude dont try and be so like narrow choicey.
or you may not get the best you can for your cash.
if you want a cool rough looking like job go the spray paint.
i did it to my ashton. and in the places it has sort of wore away it looks really cool.
Quote by electricsnake
i agree with the first part, but i don't think i need an attenuator at my house at least, my parents usually let me crank it, i live in the middle of nowhere so neighbors don't usually hear it or don't care. So basically my amp will sound way better at a gig but not as great at low volumes?

u crank a 100 watt tube amp?
are you deaf yet?
and your amp should be cool.
but yeaah.
maybe a ashton tube head.
they arent bad at all.
my friend got one the other day. and it is pretty damn good for 600 bucks.
you couldnt get better for you money.
not even used.
but yeah check em out.
and queue(**** that word looks wierd) closing of the thread

EDIT: the clown guy was originally the drummer. and he can play drums well. joey came in and stole his spot.
pretty awesome.
clicked aswell cause im cool.
surprised this thread doesnt have more pages.
where are you getting these prices from?
check out bmusic for the best prices on ltd/esp guitars.
or there the best ive seen.
sorry i just thought you meant the truss rod was the cause for the detuning.
just dont have the amp on the floor and it shouldnt be to much of a problem.
and wouldnt the xtlive have like patches you could choose by just like steeping on a pedal or button or something?
hmm. once you get it in tune without the locking nut on doo some whammying like pull-ups and such. then retune. and do it again. then retune.

or add a spring.
my floyd also has a problem with the springs not pulling enough so like screws are way in the wood.
just tighten them up. or you could change the shape of them.
like maybe put the middle spring closer to the top one.
or maybe v shape the springs.

and floyds are not hard to set-up if you have a lttiel bit of patience.
and its not your truss rod that is making you guitar de-tune.
i have read that the windsor is very much like a jcm 800.
but hey if that orange is going for cheap id pick it up.
whoa that ibanez is fooking expensive.
umm rg but god thats pricey.
i would personally choose the schecter cause i wouldnt wanna spend 400 dollars more on a guitar.