Original Song I posted in this thread.
Until Death - Cannabalistic Devourment

New song I just finished mixing by them.
Until Death Song Two

there facebook link!

Until Death Facebook


So I'm trying to start a little business recording bands, this is the first band I've properly recorded(apart from my own stuff)
I did not charge them, as I am working for free until I get a reputation.
The style may not be for everyone, but I am more keen on mix critics.
First up I HATE the kick sound, I hate it.
the reason I didn't change it is because I moulded the mix around it to try something "new" but after finishing it I really didn't like it, tried to put in a different kick, didn't fit the mix, so I had to live with it.
My monitoring situation isn't the best, shitty P.A speakers in mono and a pair of AKG k44 headphones, I really need monitors.

Until Death - Cannabalistic Devourment

Until Death Facebook Page

I'd be quite keen on ANY crit.
The mix was done quite quickly, and there is a lot that I would change, and there is a lot that I could do better, but without getting paid motivation is lacking, and I am a full time student, so time is scarce.
Anyway, no more excuses.
Tell me what you think!

Also, if you're keen, here is my recording things Facebook
ZanAri Records

Thanks for your time!

EDIT: Also, if this is in the wrong place, sorry! I don't know where else to put it :/
Thanks heap man!
Yeah, REALLY gotta re-record it!
Probably for the next release we do!

Glad you dig the song man!
Full version is up now!!!
Its just a demo mix, and I mixed it quite some time ago, so I've obviously gotten a whole lot better.

Full track is now up!!!

Be sure to tell me what you think!!!
heel up, I don't need finesse.
Thanks for the feedback man!
Yeah I seem what you mean!
First time I've really tried mixing real drums(only ever really use superior :/)
I think I'll revise this mix as soon as I get some Monitors and see how it goes.
Thanks heaps for the crit man!
really helps me get better.

Anymore feedback is more than welcome!

So my band just put up a teaser of a demo we are going to up soon!
If anyone and everyone could check it out and maybe even like the facebook page it would be MASSIVELY appreciated!

Full song should be up soon(whenever I talk to the screamer next, he is a bit iffy about some parts and thinks he can record them better)

Any feedback is welcome!
Feel free to rage if you hate it that much, any feedback is good and will help as I mixed/mastered the song.


So yeah, just need a little feedback on this.
Mixed it a while ago.

It's just on the band page.

Any crit?
I know its a short clip!
but thats all I am allowed to put up at the moment
Tracks are interesting man.
Not generally what I listen to.
But the production really suites the styles.
Sounds cool man.
Sounds could be better/more upfront.
Vocals sound good, maybe a little loose in spots.
Sounds good though.
Interesting track.
I've always struggled with the whole repetition in electronic music.
Never knew when to repeat something or change into a new melody.
The song is very formulaic.
Four of this, then four, then four of another thing.
Over and over.

Nightwind, It never really occurred to me to extend my melody lines over a few more bars instead of just repeating every four.
Thanks heaps for the feedback guys!
Really need it at this point as I'm just trying to find my feet and sound and what I do best.
The sounds ARE pretty stock, pretty much just layered them till I was in the ballpark of what I wanted, no post eq or(or not nearly as much as their should be)

I think I may try and change the whole song up as a whole.
And keep the ideas, just add more, and change it up a bit.

So I just sorta finished this.
Still gotta polish up some stuff.
Mainly keen on crit on the structure of it and the length.


Oh and if ya dig, sus out my other stuff on
Look for a used Cole Clark.

All solid woods.
Great craftsmanship.

Best bang for buck IMO.
Thanks for the awesome replies guys!

I'll have a look at layering more sounds on that kick!
I'll have a shot at a/bing it to some nice tracks I dig and try and get it punching a bit more.

More build ups and drops?

I'll have a shot.

I think my main problem with this style of stuff is I usually don't really repeat anything in the style of music I write now, just feels sort of odd.

Stylistically I guess i'm trying to sorta merge my love for really chill ambient tracks and tracks with huge catchy lead lines.

Thanks so much for the great replies guys!
Really appreciate it!


So this is just a little dubstep/something/notdubstep song I've been working on.

Its only the first 1:50 of it, still trying to figure out what goes next(anyone got any ideas? haha)

Here is a link.
Dropbox Link(streaming player)

And A link to my Facebook page
Facebook Page link

So I would be really stoked if someone gave me some opinions.
I'm not really that good at writing this style of music just yet.
Still learning.
And finding out what I want to make.

Cemetery - Silverchair
Roboturner - Between The Buried And Me
94 Hours - As I Lay Dying
Hopeless - For The Fallen Dreams
00:00 - Confide
Tone Tone Semi-Tone Tone Tone Tone Semi-Tone

BAM you now know every Maj-Scale.

Flatten the 3rd and 5th and you now have every standard Min-Scale.

Now you know the Minor scales.

I would suggest brushing up on your theory knowledge a LOT whilst teaching him.
Aim to be miles ahead.
Push your self hard to be a better teacher, and because of that you will become a much better player.

Main things I would choose for a beginner is Technique, Scales, Chords and Fun.
The fun factor will either make or break what a student thinks of a teacher.

Easy way to get finger co-ordination started is just 1234 alternate picked.
Up and down the neck(both downs and ups)
My RGT used to be tight as ****.

Now she has loosened up a bit.

Play with her a lot and it should get it loose.

Or lube it up first.
Teach him how to play Smoke On The Water properly.
And the whole thing.

So when someone goes "Hey, what songs do you know?" he will go "Smoke On The Water" and they will be like pfft thats a noob as **** song "o rly?" * he starts shredding the solo*

Have you had lessons before?
If so, take ALL THE BAD THINGS your previous teacher/s did/do and make them GOOD things.
Basic chords/Scales first.

The second kids stop being challenged is the second they get bored.
But make sure you aren't pushing him TOO hard(if he is the type of person that gives up if something is too hard)

Always keep the lessons exciting, but do not rush it.
The last thing you want is a sloppy player.
Get him to practice to a metronome.

Once he has some basic scales/chords down and has knows the major/min formulas off by heart start him on forming other scales.
Test him.
Whilst the kids at home get him to write down a few scales just using the formula and get him to bring it in the next week and see if he nailed it.

Always keep it positive!
Don't fill the kids head with shit.
But don't bum him out.

I could go on and on and on about this but I think thats all you'll really need for it.

Have confidence AND PRACTICE HARD.
Teaching him should make YOU better.

Good luck!
Hahaha "UG's next record producer"

****ing TROLL

So I need a flight case and I think it would be fun/a good learning experience to build my own.

Anyone have any experience doing this?
Anyone get decent results building their own?

I'm think Aluminium with memory foam interior and an adjustable length(pretty much an extra bit of foam cut to the headstock of each guitar I own)

Its for an Ibanez RG or LTD MV.

Cheers for any help given.
My Bad Monkey has been left in since the day I bought it.
No problems, works as good as the day I got it.

Although it WILL drain batteries if you run off batteries.
But if you go off a power supply you're sweet.
He NEARLY got a whole rig for $800.
Dude pulled out after everything was confirmed and shit.
Dude probably sold it to someone else, don't blame him.
It was a MIM jazz and Hartke head and a GK cab.

I think I'm going to get him to try out some of those Bugera Ampeg looking clones.
See if they are any good.
And then if they are, get one of those new(cheap) and a used 4x10 cab(possibley Warwick)

Also missed out on an awesome Ray on OzBass.
That forum seems to have the BEST deals but they always seem to be sold by the time I get to them.
Or the users are non-responsive.

Thinking it will be a Jazz or Ray now.
The guying buying it likes Jazz's most, and I've heard from some people on a metal recording forum I frequent that they are a great recording bass.

cheers for the help so far guys!
Keep the suggestions comin!
Take your amp to a store and ask if you can try out some pedals.
Start with tubescreamer type pedals with the usual Volume 10 tone 5 gain 0.
Go from there.
6262 with boost.
Second hand cab, something decent.
Nothing really.
Just what suits my band.
Which is pretty generic core stuff.

Although I do indulge in teh shred a lot, and incorporate fast runs and sweeps into our music.

With the boost my tone is nice and tight, enough gain for anything I'd ever need(with my amps gain on 3), Cuts through the mix well, not flubby on palms.
The boost just adds so so so much to it.
I really don't see how I was happy with out it now.

I can have nice smooth lead tones with my neck pup and more cutting leads with bridge.

DEFINITELY get a boost before you buy a new amp.
Buy one second hand.
If you don't dig it sell it.
Simple as that, you probably won't even lose ANY money if you get a nice deal on the boost.
Don't get a flextone.
I remember having to use one in a band I was in at some band practices when I CBF taking my Marshall.
Shit was TERRIBLE.
Even through the house P.A so its not like I was pushing the speaker or anything to create such a terrible muddy disgusting tone.
It was just a shit amp.
Maybe okay for practice at home.
Not in a bad situation.
It just did not cut at all.

Rocking JB/Jazz In my paul copy and a JB in the bridge of my LTD.
Good tones.

Get a boost pedal and an eq or something.
Get a TS-7 and mod it, or buy a TS-9, Maxon OD808 or Bad monkey.
I am rocking a bad monkey at the moment and it adds SO MUCH to my tone its ****ing ridiculous.
I didn't have it in this last band prac and my tone just wasn't there.

Get a nice/decent boost and boost that 600.
Bass budget is up to maybe $1400.
Looking used mainly.

Amp probably around the sameish.


So my bass player is looking to get a nice new bass.
He is set on getting a Fender Jazz or Precision bass, maybe a MM stingray if we can find one for the right price.

We play in Drop B and he uses 130 gauge strings.

I have NO idea what is good in a bass guitar for low tunings and metalcore type music.
I found a nice 70's RI fender P bass that he would dig and the price is decent.
I just have no idea if Ash is a good bass wood haha.

he is looking at getting a decent bass amp.
Was thinking of a Warwick 5.2 or 3.2 and matching cab.
But again, my bass amp knowledge is limited, and so are his funds.

So if any could point me in the right direction and help me become more educated in this area it would be GREATLY appreciated.


No wonder I don't frequent this forum anymore.

Start reading.

And don't just post a thread because you think your question is unanswered.
Its answered, and in detail.

I could link you to a thread full of what CPU is best to get.
But nah.

Righto ****face.

That was my point exactly.

But your toneport may no have phantom power for condensers.

Toneport can achieve good quality recordings.
Its all in your mixing abilities.

Also, make the switch to reaper.
Sammo_boi hit the nail on the head.

Reaper for sure.
Quote by Mike-T93
One thing I noticed is a CD is listed as fully uncompressed. That's only true if you record at 44.1kHz 16-bit. Studios record at 192kHz 24-bit, and many consumer sound cards record at 96kHz 24-bit. So, the 800MB will only be true if you record at 44.1kHz 16-bit quality. I'm not sure about any particular software you're using, but the RAM might be irrelevant on that end because most software just caches the raw tracks to the hard drive.

A LOT of studios record at 44.1khz, not 192lkhz.

Go to Gearslutz op and get your help there.
This place is NOT the best place to be asking such questions.
Quote by Xisuma
i have been using fruity loops for a few years, and now im recording instruments and mixing demos of tracks that im going to make into a CD. So i might be a total amateur, but im enthusiastic and getting some good results with my music at the moment. Im also trying to move over to reaper, but that program isn't to user friendly.

As far as research goes, i have been researching for a long time, but it is very difficult for me to find relevant information, or at least something that isn't outdated. I find it difficult to get answers out of reading, i usually just end up asking someone directly because they will be relating directly to me.

By stock sound card would you be referring to a creative one? Ive had a look at this Saffire pro and im struggling to picture where it fits in to my recording process. I imagine it means i can plug in a bunch of instruments and have a jam or record simultaneously? also does it allow me to use my own VSTs on it?

As far as im going with this? well i am currently working on setting up a record label so i can legitimately release my own music. I also have friend who want to record music and put it out on my label. From there im just going to see where that goes but i will always be writing and recording music and i want to keep improving at these things.

I have 2TB and 2 backing it up.

Thanks for your post and your time. can you recommend a place to get the right sort of information? i just stumbled onto a magazine i used to read i will be having a look there next.

Sorry if I came off as a douche last comment.
Wasn't having the greatest day.

From my experience Reaper has been the MOST user friendly I've used(Pro tools, Cubase/Nuendo, Ableton)
EXTREMELY easy to use, ESPECIALLY if you read the manual(which everyone seems to neglect)
Reaper is extremely customizable.
Can look how you want.
Keys can function how you want.
It comes with great plugins from the second you download it.
Pretty much everything you need to produce a record right from the get go without having to buy plugins or anything else.

I know what you mean about that, it always seems better to just ask the question instead of trying to relate to someone elses question.

Yes, because in this game(recording music at a amateur/professional/whatever level) you WON'T be using a stock(creative etc) sound card to listen back or to record your music.
You will be using you interface(most likely FireWire for the reason I said before) as the converters will be better and are purpose built for high quality audio re-production.

The saffire pro is a very good unit for its price, offering good converters and good onboard pres and plenty of in's and out's.
You seem to think that your interface has anything to do with your use of VST's the ONLY interfaces where this matters is if you are using Pro Tools, then you can't even use VST's(unless you have a VST to RTAS wrapper) you have to use RTAS plugins(or TDM, but i doubt you are going to get a HD system)

Okay, so at this point in time you want the best bang for your buck really.
Have you thought about how much you are going to budget for monitors(speakers)?
Thats a whole other can of worms in its self.
Same as the interface choice.

With the hard drive thing, it is better to have two different drives.
One with all your system files etc and one with your recording stuff on it.
Google "optimizing my computer for recording" or something like that.
It will help you get a firmer grasp on why you should split it up between two drives(less cluttered drives, easier for the computer to find things straight away etc)

What type of music are you recording?

The first place i would advise you to join up to is GearSlutz
Although, in this game A LOT of different opinions and "facts" will be thrown at you, so really be willing to look at every side of a story and opinion so you don't go jumping into buying something that wasn't right for you.

Also, about what Comrade Curry said.
Pro Tools may be the dominator of the industry.
But that in no way means YOU need to use it.
MANY producers of good high quality recordings don't use Pro Tools.
I doubt you have a massive budget so a PT HD rig would be out of the question.
So you buying say an 003 or 002 or an MBOX or something would be a waste of money IMO as there are better Interfaces for the price out there.

Do you have any experience with audio production in the first place?

It seems like you've done little to no research on what people use when recording music.
You won't be using some form of stock "sound card"
You will be using a interface.
Most likely FireWire as it is better for recording multiple tracks of audio at the same time then USB 2.0

You will need a firewire card, most likely a Texas Instruments one as I have heard they are the best for such applications.

How far do you want to go with this?
If you intend on recording bands and such i suggest getting two 500gb drives.
Or two 1tb drives.

i7 or i5 processor.

Upwards of 2gb's of ram.

You really just have to use common sense and look in the right places for information on building a DAW.

this forum is certainly not the correct place to be asking such a question as I've never really seen anyone with any audio production experience post here.

Also, the noise isn't that big of an issue.
As long as you aren't running heaps of cards with fans on them you should be in the clear.

In a mix you really won't be able to hear any additional noise(depending on what you are doing of course)

EDIT: you also need to factor in buying an interface and the costs.

Reasonably cheap and highly recommended.

So I'm repairing my acoustic for the second time round, re-glueing on the bridge.
The first time i did it quite sub-par.
The clamping really didn't get everywhere.

This time i'm using this method( because at the moment i really don't have the dosh to get any new clamps, and i NEED the acoustic for a gig i'm playing this friday.

so TL;DR I was wondering how much the tone will change if i glue AND bolt the bridge to the acoustic?

I'm thinking it will deaden the top somewhat?
Making it less resonant.

if anyone with more experience could give me some help with this it would be AWESOME.

She'll be right, i've bashed my 58 more than a few times and it still works just fine.