I think horizons was 5150.
Never heard of them recording rectos.
I think Cobras and 6505's/5150's
Dude thats sick!
Enjoy it heaps, and awesome quality aswell!
Only thing i can hear as a problem(if even) if some pitching in the vocals, although it sorta fits it really well.
Also abit of loseness in parts, but i think it all suits the song pretty well.
Cheers bro!
Yeah, that solo thing was sort of thrown in because i had a huge empty space.
I was messing around with some tambourine and maybe some harmonica and percussion to emphasize parts.

Thanks heaps for the constructive crit!
Hey all.

So tonight i wanted to record something with my new mic.
I went to record something on my acoustic and BAM the bridge snapped, so i had to use an oldish song i've been sitting on.
The Acoustic guitars dont sound too great, but they had to do.

This is just a sort of Sampler of the final product that i will be recording in a month when i get back from hawaii(woo holiday)

The song is called "looks are everything"
Its the first song on the player.
Well now if the time to start reading up on everything and anything you can get your hands on.
Go download reaper now and become familiar with its features and see if you like it.
As an alternative to real drums you could program with a program like Drummer From Hell Or Superior Drummer. < there album is all programmed drums (i think DFH or Superior Drummer, not sure which one anymore)
But programs like that cost abit of dosh, although there are other ways to "acquire" them.

Would you be willing to go used?
Also, saving abit more would help alot.
Best to buy something decent now then upgrade to something again soon.

Be prepared to do alot of saving, starting a studio involves alot of dosh!
Interface first for sure.

What are you planning to do exactly?
Planning to record live drums?
You'll need a minimum or 4 in's then(oh's, kick, snare)

Go check out reaper too, best program i've used(i've used PT LE, Nuendo/Cubase)

Interface should be your first concern.
What is your budget?
If they are getting caught in the bridge etc cut the ends before you try and pull them out.
If its stuck in a floyd, i have no idea, get a better floyd?
Never happened to me and im rocking a TRS 2 on my ibanez, which is said to be one of the worst ibanez floyds.

If its getting stuck in the trem cavity, take the back plate off when stringing.

If none of those help, re-phrase your question so its understandable.
tubes ARE the answer to this problem.

I changed from stock to a full JJ set and the difference was HUGE.

a TSL easily has enough gain then i'd ever want, and my gain is at 4 on the lead channel(only channel i use) and my tubes are old as now.
Running a boost infront does help alot.

I run my amp at maybe 2(with VPR on if im practicing) or around 3 - 4 without VPR on for band practice and it plenty enough gain.

Pick up a nice boost(i recommend a TS-7 and modding it to 808 cause its cheap) and an eq and i think you would be able to achieve nearly anything with your amp.
hahaha thats shits genius if its reals, soo soo ****ing stupid.

Anyone know 100% if its real or not?
Quote by holycow

The most untasteful soloing i've ever heard in a song imo.
And its not really an epic song either.
**** i just HATE that song hahahahahah.

She can play guitar decent though.
Just her/her writers over played like ****.

I've no idea why her producer would have even let those solos into the song.
Can play drunk, never tried tech playing drunk though, more singing and chording stuff, so pretty much not thinking type of playing.

Only ever played drums stoned, never guitar.
Me and a mate had a ****ing EPIC jam, so like prog rocky one part was, i thought it was ****ing amazing and just smiled like a ****er the whole time.
We recorded it too, didnt actually sound TOO bad, very groovey.
You dont anything at tafe?
Try a Cert 4 in music, there is your theoretical and practical music stuff.
For Music production/;Sound Engineering i've no idea what Brisbane has.
In melbs We have JMC, RMIT and i think SAE are the main ones.

If you're interested in mainly the sound engineering stuff go out and get yourself a Mbox to learn pro tools on as thats what every one of the places your looking at will run.
Hey all,

So recently my acoustic bridge broke, the bridge started snapping and is nearly completely broken.
Although it is repairable, i'd really like another acoustic as i've never been to fond of its tone.

So today i was browsing ebay and i stumbled across a few Fairclough Acoustics for resonably cheap($250-$300)
All of them have solid tops and Ebony Boards/Bridges.
All of them are solid Spruce tops with rosewood back and sides
They all look pretty damn good too!

Here is the link to the guitar:
Fairclough Acoustic

Also i found some "Artist" brand acoustic.
Quite keen on this one Artist Acoustic

Spruce north american spruce top, rosewood back and sides, rosewood bridge and board.

So if anyone could shine some light on which one they think is better it would be great.

You're running a program right to like interface with the interface that interfaces with the computer?

But yeah just plug your guitar into one of the input jacks then go into your program(if you dont have one get reaper, best free one hands down, best out of any for me actually) enable the input you're plugged into, turn on the monitor track feature(in reaper it looks like a speaker) and you will hopefully hear guitar.
If you dont have an amp sim program i suggest getting one of the LePou ones, awesome amp sim.

Hopefully my post was understandable and helped.
Cool nad dude.

But how long did you own the TSL?

Spose you enjoyed the 6505 straight off the bat.
Keen to here them.
Also it seems like they are different sounding.

So yeah the other day my mummy dropped it, on its back.
It used to have one very small fracture crack on one side of the neck joint, now it has a crack both sides and one is wrapping right around to the middle of the back of the joint.
Also i tried to play it today and the e/a/d strings has like NO sustain, nearly snapped it myself it was so frustrating.

So im planning to fix it myself(i dont want to spend nearly as much i spent on it on a neck repair)
I've heard that numerous different glues are best/good for the job, mostly people recommend titebond original.
Ill try and get up some pics for everyone to see of the cracks.

Anyone familiar with re setting a set neck?
My main problem is taking the neck out, i've heard a heat gun works really well?
But im unsure how to use it correctly so i dont ruined the finish.

Really pissed me off aswell as i just bought new pups for it, new roller saddles and a tusq nut.

So yeah cheers for any help anyone can give me.
Choice new amp bro!

I'd love to hear one of those in person boosted, only ever tried it in my local store that has **** all, still sounded ****ing killer though.
Lets hope this works as i dont know how to put profile pics into blah blah blah splah.

I like this one cause im wearing a dress.

^ cool effects.

Both old though
Too keen to play shows again.
can't wait for the new year.
Quote by EMGs_rule
You should probably see a doctor about that....

I loled.

Its amazing these women(and men) can't see they are being blatantly trolled.
hahaha, that group is hilarious.

Best trolling ever.
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I hope you're joking.


45 yes to 17 No.
Seems that way to me, unless everyone thinks seeing movies is the primary factor in poon acquisition.
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Get a triamp, just cause i want one.
And it'll do the sounds you're after.
I wouldn't say perfect at all, But it is always very very fitting for the music.

I agree that he gets some amazing results out of his pod/Pod farm.
Although as previously stated it isn't the best place to start for a beginner engineer, learn to mic a cab well and get that down pat then learn to use modelers etc.

Same goes for drums, a lot of people seem to just throw samples at the drums and completely neglect to get good solid sounds prior.
Sure it may get the desired results but one day you'll have a project that samples just don't fit that well.

All that said, Joey Is amazing at what he does. very talented bloke.
The sound quality's decent because they aren't overloading the mic with loud.

Although I've seen a few that use good mics etc.

I wouldn't say 99% use the digital cameras audio.
Im sure it got closed for a reason brah, Making another one is just asking for it to get closed.

"TS what are you going to be using to track into PT?
What interface?

And how do you like the e609?
Have you tested it up against a 57?
Im looking into getting a e609 myself as i want some variation from my 57."

Quoted myself.
Get your **** and leave.
Go to your best friends house and stay there and if there parents ask, tell them what the haps is.
Even stay in a park or something until you can find a place to stay.
You could always stay at one friends house one night and another another night etc etc.

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i dont know why people complain about behringers casing, sure its not as tough as a boss but they are flimsy at all.
I've literally jumped on my od and its still fine after the 2 years ive had it.

Sorta off topic, but does anyone know which behringer delay is the boss clone?

This thread makes me want to get a cc300
TS what are you going to be using to track into PT?
What interface?

And how do you like the e609?
Have you tested it up against a 57?
Im looking into getting a e609 myself as i want some variation from my 57.
Quote by DiveRightIn63
i think if you actually sang, it'd sound better than the way you do it..

hahahahahaahahahahaha fair enough bro.

Teach me how to sing yeah?
Hi all.

so today i did a cover of 30H!3's Dont Trust Me, acousticly.
Did a few things different to it, was a fun song to cover.
And a while ago i did Simple Enough by NeverShoutNever.

So i would love it if you could crit them for me so i could improve next time i cover a song.

Thanks heaps!!

Also check out my originals if you want!
And the song WeHeardOurHeartBeat featuring BenJury doing all the vocals, amazing singing in that song.


You need a new amp.
not the best forum to ask man.
I recommend heading over to gearslutz and asking those guys as i think you will recieve much better answers.
Cool song instrumentally, tones not the best though.
The sweeps are cool as.

Are you guys like a serious band, or just a side project thing to a main band?
Because if you guys are trying to make a go of it i think you guys need a better vocalist to be honest, he really cant scream well.

Just checked out eat' em up, thats a sick song too!
You guys should hit up a good studio and record some tracks, and maybe think about getting a better vocalist if he cant step it up abit.
But to be honest, he sounds like he will never be that good of a screamer.

Sorry to sound so harsh about the screamer, but the songs you guys are doing would be great if you had a better screamer.

C4C Mine?
Hi all,

So a dude i talk to on msn said hey make a video of you playing a couple sweeps.
So i wrote a simple chords progression thing and then messed about with a few solo ideas over the top.

The video is the fruit of 3 and a half hours work of writing/recording.

Id like somke crit on it, more on the technique side.


Yeah i was looking at that, thought the orange would have been out of budget for some reason.

I think thats probably my best bet.