Hi all.

So i have thought about my gear and such and the main thing i need to upgrade at the moment is my cab, as the cab i have now is pretty ****.
Im looking for something tight as i play heavy music that requires tightness but i also value my cleans alot, a few bands that come to mind are misery signals, as i lay dying, august burns red etc etc.

I am looking at something moderatly priced, not too expensive, lets say my budget is $2000 AUS but id prefer to spend around $1500.
Probably a mainstream brand, so nothing boutique, i have to be able to purchase it within Australia.

At the moment i have a JCM 2000 tsl BUT i am getting a Hughes & Kettner Triamp mk2 In the near future, so i want something that will do both justice.

Here is a few stores websites that are Australian.
Muso's Corner Link

Billy Hydes Link

Allans Link

Also im fine with ebaying stuff.

So if any could make some recommendations it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi all.

So i did a cover of lyrical lies by cute is what we aim for.
Took about 20 minutes.
All recorded through garageband.

Constructive crit please.

Also i may be a few days late with the crit back as in going to be away from the internet until wednesday.

Lyrical Lies - Cute Is What We Aim For

Thanks heaps.
Oh dude i know aye!
Was pretty farking shocking.
But i had a cold so meh, and to prove i can sing go to and check out the song scars fade mistakes denote, i do all the clean singing in that.

Read the lyrics and you will understand the story behind the song, or atleast have a better idea of what the song is about.

Probably hitting up a real studio soon to retrack the whole thing again just so its perfect.
I think it turned out pretty good for about an hour and a half of time overall put into writing and recording the song.

Cheers for checking it out bro.
Appreciate it muchly.
If you get L cable ends(which you most certainly will) work out how far you need, like the two L's and abit inbetween just incase.
I think you should lay it all out and measure it up and see if it would fit.
So you want a pedalboard and a case for it yeah?

I recommend building the board and buying the case for it.

How big of a pedalboard do you wanna have??
Im sorry man, but, you're going to die.
Hi all.

We are a band from Australia and are a two piece.
We have one demo track(still good quality, better then alot of demos i've heard) up on our myspace.
I would really appreciate it if you guys could check us out and maybe give us abit of crit back on the song we have up.

Well i hope you enjoy it.

He is a ****ing TERRIBLE sweeper.
Unless his sweeping is MUCH better then the Betcha Can't Play this video.

I can sweep better them him, literally.

proof >

And that video is sloppy as fark and rushed for a band i was auditioning for.
Hey all.

So yeah i just put up a new song.
Well two new songs actually but one new new one.
One is called "Generous Toes" and the other one is called " I Once Met An Octopus Named Forever"

Wouldnt mind some crit on them.
The Generous toes one is pretty rough.
First take everything.
Drums recorded without a metronome.
Wrote the guitar over the drums.
Gunna add some yellin/norma style singing.

So yeah check it out and tell me what ya think.


First thing, get some GOOD quality recordings, dont be afraid to spend some dosh on them because this is what will get peoples attention.
After you have the good quality tracks recorded,mixed, mastered and completely finished upload one to your myspace, NEVER upload every new song, release them spaced out so you have a fairly constant stream of new stuff going onto your page to keep some hype up.

Add HEAPS of friends on myspace, im not talking a couple hundred im talking a couple thousand or tens of thousands, the more the better.
Your myspace is a big part of your bands promotion so use it well.
The more plays/views and friends you have the more likely you are to get bigger and more gigs.
Dont add heaps of people before the good song is up because then people will assume all your music will sounds like it does now(not saying not good, just not pro).
The better your myspace song is done the more plays and friend requests you will get.

Organise a gig yourselves and ask a few bands to play it and maybe an out of town band to headline and HOPE they will do the same for you when they put on shows/get shows.
Reccomend other bands you are friends with to play a show if you get one, build strong relationships betweens bands, i scratch your back you scratch mine type of thing.

Talk to local management companys to get shows, ask them if they can put you on a show or if they have any empty slots and are looking for bands.
Enter as many battle of the bands comps as you can, winning one of these usually means more shows and interest.

Hope i helped out a little.

About the No more tears solo cover(really tired so i didnt watch both, sorrrry):

Cool cover dude.

A few little timing issues, not really hitting it pot on etc.
I think abit much vibrato in some parts.
Pretty good man.
This is an awesome solo and you did it good.

Thats pretty good man, especially for learning it the same day.

Dont really like the tone though.

abit sketchy here and there but overall pretty great man.

Crit mine??
Pretty cool cover.

Abit loose though man, really tighten the alternate picking runs up abit and clean em up, just work on em slow and perfect them.
Some parts are abit messy, like rushing notes.

And think your guitar may be a tad out of tune??

crit mine?
Good cover man, well done.

Only bit that is abit sketchy is the alternate picking run, not quite perfect, but still good.
And not holding note/s long enough.

4 stars.
Good cover man.

Only thing i can say is it isnt super tight.
And seems like you're struggling abit in some parts, mainly the verse and intro/chorus riff.
All that is down picked(i think, although my memory is sketchy) and i dont think you are down picking the start etc.

But wicked job, especially seeming as you've only been playing for a yearish.

crit mine?
Quote by Adam Loeke
For a really cheap solution is to use a SM57 into an xlr cable into a 1/4"phono plug adapter into a 1/4" phono to 1/8" stereo phono plug. Run that right into the mic input on the computer.


Best and easiest solution on the cheap.

Check out the clips on my page and my side projects myspace, EVERYTHING is recorded using just a sm58 plugged straight into the computer then into Audacity.

Also i like the sound of a 58 on my cab more then a 57, although i may have just been that the 57 i used was abit dodgey seeming as they are basically industry standard.
Hey all.

So i did this like tonight/last night whatever.
Short little clip of just the intro of Alaska by Between The Buried and Me.

pretty sloppy but i wanted to put it up quick for a band i am trying to get into.
Ill probably re-do it and also do the Selkies solo aswell so subscribe if you wanna hear that.

Yeah any crit would be great, ESPECIALLY on my technique, any part of my technique i could improve etc.
So yeah any crit is greatly appreciated.

CLICK for youtube

Rate and comment on it if you like.

H&K Triamp Mk2.

Awesome awesome amp, clarity, nice cleans, good mid gain, epic looks.

The invader just didnt seem to have it for me.
And a mesa trip rec>powerball>invader.
Although the trip and the powerball are sorta on par as each had there own benefits.
the triple had a nice thick lead tone, but was abit flubby for fast stuff.
The powerball was abit thiner for leads but tighter for fast riffs , but it had a HORRIBLE amount of noise and the built in noise gate sucks hard.

The H&K has been the only high end amp ive played that has seemed worth the dosh(6k rrp AUS)

I think you should look into the H&K, see if you can find a store that has one and play it.

And bulletrock you have epic skillz for a 13 year old, how long you been playing man??
Wait how do we know what country he is from?

ill assume Australia.

Ashton viper, cheap, good and gets the job done.
If you cant get it sounding usable/good either learn to dial in an amp and/or tighten up your picking/technique/playign in general.

Are we talking Head/cab or combo?

Save abit more dosh and get a Bugera, people bash it but the people who do are mostly people who band wagon and have never played the thing.
Slays most(havent played every ) amp in its price range.
The 333xl>6262 IMO.

I am assuming you are from Australia so this is what im basing my recomendations on.
The Ashton viper and Bugera 6262/333/333xl are your best options, and your only options in that price range.

EDIT: wait you're probably not from australia, so go used. and i still stand behind my bugera recomendation.
As people have said your budget for monitors is bad.

i second the KRK's.
Whoever clicke no fails at taste buds.

Pepsi is like Flat coke.
if i wanted flat coke id flatten it myself.

Coke, hands down.
Live in Budokan - Ozzy Osbourne

City & Colour Live
Guitar 1: Custom Esp h with old school cockstock, if anyone has seen the 2008 ESP catalogue the Custom h at the start with the airbrushing ****ING HOT!

Guitar 2: Ltd EC-1000 deluxe alpine white with emgs

Amp: Hughes and Kettner Triamp mark 2 with matching cab

And im done.
BEST rig I've ever played through, destroys the ENGLs, Mesas and Marshalls I've tried out. And any amp I've heard live.

Maybe some form of rack effects, but i dont need them.
My dream rig is epicly simple at the moment.
Quote by fairycake92
they dont...brixton was packed..and dir en grey..bmth and msi arent sellouts lol

How did BMTH sell out?
They made a musical progression as a band, a rather large one but there new stuff is no more commercially viable then there old stuff.

There all stuff was more sell out and trendy i think, trying to tap into the thriving deathcore scene.

Although they did state that they were getting out of the dying deathcore scene.
So may sell out alittle bit, but there music is much more intricate and thought out.
Not just riffs in harmonic minor all the time.
Quote by synyster rev
there are alot of great guitar players i respect but an outstander that i think will become well recognised in decades to come is synyster gates of aveneged sevenfold

Lol wut?

Jeff loomis
Chris Broderick

Someone should tally all the answer daily and come up with who is in first place.
My friends cat randomly walks around his house and screams.

Its cool when i am talking to him on the phone and i hear his cat screaming.
If i ever send my mum to get me music related stuff i tell her not to buy it if its above the lowest price i can find.
And i tell her exactly what it is.
And if i can i order ahead and just have her pick it up.

Ring GC and put on on hold for whatever your mums name is and find out the price they have it for at the same time.


Was 6 for dream theater but then every letter was a link, awesome.

Fat guys in tight jeans = NO.
Looks bad extremely bad and emphasises the fatness and stomache.

Girls jeans are comfier.
Not ball chrushingly tight ones, but sorta tight/sorta loose ones work great.

I like them, although i have toruble finding girls jeans that arent too short for me.

Also skinny jeans have there benefits.
Your pants dont fall down as easy as baggy jeans as they hug to you more.
Pants cant get caught on something as easily or grabbed.
Usually dont go under your shoes and trip you up.
Dont get caught in your skatey weels(baggys do on occasion).

And plus i like the way they look.

I also wear regular jeans and semi baggy jeans.


I usually wear my girls jeans as i have 7 pairs of them compared to 1 regular and one baggyish.

best pants are pirate pants, nice loose and comfy.
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I had engrown toenails cut out...twice on each foot. Needles going into the end of your toes isn't fun.

The doctor my friend went to to get his ingrown toe-nail cut cut it before the anesthesia(spelling?) had kicked in, must have sucked a dick.

But umm i got nothing, maybe like toothache, or hurt toe, maybe nail going into my foot and hitting a nerve.

Wait maybe getting hit in the face, hurt noses hurt.
You have enough dosh to afford much better amps then the 3 you chose.

Stop ignoring the advice people are trying to give you.

Look used and find a good deal.
hey all.


So i just did this track over the past couple days.
Pretty chill song.
Alot of sounds going on.

Really wish i could record it at a higher quality so everything was perfect.

tell me what you think?


Quote by Iriathz
Is it possible to scan your computer whilst in Safe Mode?

If so, try that.

lol wut?
The computer does not turn on. at all.

And ill sniff away.
Hey peeps.

So ma computer wont turn on.

I opened it up and gave the fan abit of a clean and removed the ram to get some dust off of the motherboard.

Put it back together.

Pushed the button, Nothing.

Nothing at all.

checked the power cable and its working.
Checked if everything was plugged into the motherboard etc just incase i had knocked something out, everything is plugged in fine.

Sooo anyone wanna help?

Sucks bad cause i dont even own the computer, its rented.
Quote by Squish
try flicking the switch on your power supply, sometimes when my comp gets a surge i have to turn the power supply off and on to get it started again. honestly you could have a number of problems, have any more details?

No more details to give.

Thats all i did and all that happens.

And sorry didnt know there was a comp thread, havent been on in ages.

And im on a laptop atm not my desktop, i knew id get people saying that.

Fast replies.
Hey peeps.

So ma computer wont turn on.

I opened it up and gave the fan abit of a clean and removed the ram to get some dust off of the motherboard.

Put it back together.

Pushed the button, Nothing.

Nothing at all.

checked the power cable and its working.
Checked if everything was plugged into the motherboard etc just incase i had knocked something out, everything is plugged in fine.

Sooo anyone wanna help?

Sucks bad cause i dont even own the computer, its rented.
Quote by Highwaytohell
What so you can follow some gay looking fad of people playing with thier guitar low.
It ****s up your technique, and can give you carpal tunnel. I know, it happened to my bassist.

The trend i see now with alot of heavy brootz bands is that they play there guitar high.

Although alot of them are doing alot of sweeping so its very helpful to have it high.

And why do you need a long strap for your playing style?>

Makes no sense.
Isnt the 333xl a copy of the jsx?
I read it somewhere, probably wrong.

Have you played a bugera?
Play one and see if you like it.

the clips ive heard of the 6262 vs 5150 i actually liked the 6262 better.

Also, when i played a 333xl at Allans music i was amazed.
really really good for the money.
Had a pretty awesome tone for sweeps.
And pinches where the easiest thing ever.

Only problem i had with it is that the gain didn't reduce gain, just saturation.
And it didn't clean up at all with the volume knob.
And i like to use both of those things with my amp.

I liked it so much i was actually going to put a deposit on it right there and have a two amp set-up.

A ENGL Powerball, ENGL Invader and a Mesa Trip Rec didnt do that for me.
IMO FAR too overpriced in Australia for what they put out.
None of the amps were worth buying for the price tag.
If the best part of each amp was in one amp i wouldn't have a problem with buying it.
But sadly none of the amps lived up to expectation and the hype.

The only amp that has lived up to and exceeded expectations was the Bugera 333xl.

Play the amp before dismissing it man.
Quote by Danyg

Yeah they're good made, but they're parodies.

This one?

seems incredibly well made.