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Uhmm.. You know the "betcha can't play this" videos on youtube are parodies?

The ones with Herman li actually playing?

thats a relief.
I don't like herman li because he is sloppy as ****.
I saw one video of his "betcha cant play this" lick with the sweeping and taps.
I was amazed at how bad it was done.
I could play it better, even when i first heard it.

I think the reason guitarists bash him and dont like him is because many non guitarists think he is god or extremely good.
It gets anoying.

I dont like his sloppyness.
I think the music is okay, really dont like the singer.
Appreciate the cool use of effects and the cool sounding solos, hate the fact he cant play them.

AND tightness isnt everything live, my band played THE WORST we had EVER played at my last gig, but people loved us and said it was our BEST show ever because ****ing moved.
And by move i mean move.
It was ENTERTAINING, musicians and bands are in the entertainment industry.
And the type of music we play movement is nearly everything live.

/end pointless rant.
Hey all.

So my band just put up a new song.

It is sorta like TDWP, AILD styles.

It is called scars fade, mistakes denote.

Crit it for me?
And my clean singing most of all.


Thanks much for any crit good or bad.
Tones pretty bad.

Screaming is the best thing.
But the talking in the new song is pretty bad.

Screamer is EASYILY the best thing.

Reminds me of the old screamer of this band called the bright star alliance (AMAZING band AMAZING screamer)

You guys need better quality recordings and songs.
Same sorta style.
Just more solid.
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depends on the money situation at the end of the year pretty much. if i can afford it ill get the powerball but ive always got the laney to fall back on. thanx for your help

Seriously dude play the powerball before you buy.

I was disappointed NOT worth amount they ask for it imo.
Quote by samlocke14
oh, the framus cobra just came to mind. thats EL34 isnt it?

And its like $4k.

Its EL34 but i think its switchable to 6l6(correct me if im wrong)

EDIT: every cobra ive heard has been versatile. well versatile enough.
Quote by samlocke14
i have narrowed my new amp choices down but im still having trouble choosing. i am buying off ebay coz australia sucks and i live in a shit small town that stocks nothing good. i play metal but love my cleans.

i will be gigging and band practicing with whatever head i get.

peavey 6505/5150. main concern: every metalcore band uses them. fizzy at low volumes, cleans.

engl powerball/special edition/fireball/invader. main concerns: price and lack of experience with them.

Krank rev 1: main concerns: none

mesa rectifier: main concerns: none

budget 1500-2000 AUD

You dont have enough money for nearly all of those amps.

If you even consider the powerball, get a noisegate.
The gate on them ****ing sucks MASSIVELY and they are SUPER noisey without it on.

Invader isnt ballsy enough(i compared it to a triple recto and a powerball)

What mesa rectifier?
Dont even consider the triple, WAY to loud.

With the budget you have, look at bugeras.
Try one yourself.

And this guy has NO chance of getting an uberschall or bogner of any kind.
Unless he more then doubles his budget and waits for a very long time for one to pop up on Australia ebay(ive only ever seen one).

I hear the special edition is meant to be the best of all the ENGL's.
I would check it out, BUT you dont have enough cash.

Is the 2k with a cab??
If it your TOTAL budget, just look at a Bugera and a decent cab.

Ebay Australia or Ebay US?
Quote by bucketmark
LOL boss gt-8, 995$ in Australia.....mmmmmmmmm no thanks. Should i just a get a metal muff and wah? ( i really want a goodish cheap multi-fx with good distortion) < does that even exist?

Dude wtf??

they are not that much.

Ive seen billy hydes selling them for $450 or something.
I am using 12's on my Ibanez in drop B at the moment.

It feels okay.
Abit tight.
And i don't know why, Because i was playing 11's in standard on my lp.
Although i did jump from 9's in drop B to 12's lol.

Play whatever you feel is comfortable.

Start with like 12's and see if you like them.
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High end Line 6 such as the Vetta and Flextone

Off topic
But I dont know about flextones.

My friend has one.

We tried using it for band practice mic'd up for our other guitarist(when he played guitar, now plays bass) all it was was mushy fuzzy bad.

even unmic'd it sounded shitty.

Although it would be the way its toned.
But for the brief time i spent trying to get something usable(5-10 minutes) i couldn't.

I was very disappointed.

Although he did get the amp for free so i spose it was worth it for him.

And if you were going to get an amp for this style of music.
get a Bugera 333xl.
Seriously awesome, especially for the price.

So my band is called "The Difference is Sand And Sea"
and we have a PROPER recording of one of our songs now.

It is called "Myspace Is Only Good For Girls".
Check it out.

The difference Is Sand And sea

^ ^ myspace link

Tell me what you think of it.

We also are releasing a new track at around 3.5k plays.

Thanks for any crit.
dude thats weak.
Harden the **** Up.


Get better at guitar then start a new band.

Be better then them.

Its not hard.
Quote by Pinky19
I could possibly get he Classic 30. I think they had it there, but my only other options are trying the 6505 and then maybe ebaying a 5150, and a Bugera 6202 which would be to loud I think.


Peavey 5150, probably to loud
Classic 30 with OD
Vyper 30

Those are my options.

I played a bugera 333xl at a music store the other day at volumes you could talk over.
It sounded killer.
But it is loud.
And having a 120watt tube amp is not for playing quietly.

I think the Vypyr would be the go.
Its cheap.
And does what you need.
Headphone is an output not an input.

Plug it into the mic in/line in on your computer.
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Carton of piss? It means beer!

No, im pretty sure it means a carton of urine.

Could go for a nice carton of piss right now.

And depending on how good a friend he is of yours.

I say $10-$15 if he is not th closest.
$6 if he is close.
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Surely is. Probably let it go for for $250 to someone who isn't going to **** me around, because I just lost my job so I need to scratch together enough for a few mortgage payments until I find a new one. They are really good guitars though, very underrated.

Pm'd You about the guitar.
I you can make it to Moe In Gippsland once a week for practice my bands looking for a guitarist.

rythm or lead.

Links in my sig.

hey all.

Shitty thread title i know.

But im in need of a boost.

Im looking at the MI Audio boost and buff(cause its cheap her in Aus) or the BBE Boosta Grande(also can get very cheap, cheaper then the MI Audio).

Im look for a clean boost.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Also looking for something to tighten up my overall sound and maybe add abit of gain.
Was looking at a Zakk Wylde OD Or a Tubescreamer Type pedal.

So i hope someone can help me out.
Especially with the Boost.

Quote by imgooley
Orange can do a lot of things, from The MC5, to Pop Punk type things, to Wolfmother to The Sword and other sludge/stoner bands.

A Tool sound to me is kinda a sludgey sound, which is why I think a Thunderverb would be a good fit. As would Matamp.

well i dont listen to tool soo

hahaha sorta outta place giving advice here.

But from what is see from the amps he has he want something fairly high gain.

Especially for the AILD stuff.

So i thought oranges wouldnt be the best of amps for what he wants.
Quote by imgooley
Because an Orange amp sounds different than a JCM 800.

Like the Thunderverb, for example.

Also: Matamp. And Roccaforte amps.

Look at the other amps listed.

None really seem to close to what orange does.

EDIT: im unfamiliar with reason amps so if thats anything like an orange im FORKED.
Quote by timzee117
have you looked into orange?

he said a jcm 800 wasnt his style.
Why would an orange be?
Yeah dude that IS the new name.
Oh god i know.
It like long and doesnt even have good impact.
But we have to stick with it now cause we have got some attention and good good gigs.

Our name used to be Amber rain.
Both bad names.
But yeah.
I dont think they(screamers) really thought of the names that long.

Cheers for checking us out man.
Yeah both the screamers are practicing the zen of screaming i think.
So hopefully theyll step it up a notch.
Hey all.

So i am in this band.
We have a very long name.

We are a 5 piece band from Gippsland In Australia.

I sing and play guitar in this band(so please comment on the singing).

The recording we have up now is just a sampler thing i recorded in my lounge room with my drummer.
And later the screamers and bassist added some stuff.
ALL the bass and screams are panned hard left for some ungodly reason.
Maybe cause garageband was being gay?
And it is just the end of the song.

But yeah check us out.
We are going into the studio and the end of this month/the start of next month.

So yeah please crit our song.
More songs soon i hope.


And please try to keep it constructive.

And i would like to hear some comments on how i could improve my singing also.
It would be cool.

And sorry about the not the greatest of quality recording.
Why not a bugera?

They are cheap enough in Aus.

So i decided to cover Where The City Meets The Sea By The Getaway Plan on drums.
Hope you enjoy.
Its a TAD out of sync.

A couple mistakes but it took me ages to sync it up so i thought why not.

Tell me what you think of it and the quality.

just two mics on my kit ran through garageband.



Just leave your link in your post and ill get back to it(got broad band now so i will be able to crit em quick).
Police around my area are okay i think.

Although once me and my friend were trying to walk to another friends house(he lives in the middle of nowhere) and we decided to start hitch hiking and then the cops stopped.

They just asked us to empty our pockets and patted down my friend(dunno why they didnt pat down me).

After that they asked where we were going and gave us a lift to my mates place.
Was pretty good of them.

So the police around my area are pretty okay.
They do their job well.

Its 000 in Aus.
Tooth brush?

Use your pick to get it off?
Ill do it?
I can do the screaming and guitar.
Online ofcourse.

Just send me whatever you have and a tab for the guitar(if there is two) and i will record it then write whatever needs to be written.

i can scream various different styles so ya.

But yeah hit me up a msg on here.

Also if you want to here my playing/screaming check the links in my sig.

The ashes by morning one isnt me screaming or singing btw.
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what a stupid bitch , hope she gets pregnant soon. those type of girl disgust me!


**** loads of girls do it.

Doesnt mean they should get pregnant.

Im sure you wouldnt be complaining if it had happened to you.
Thanks for helping dudes.

Ill change over the tube in the morning(to tired atm) and if it doesnt work ill be back.

Thanks again.

Is mixing unmatched power tubes dangerous?

Reason being is one of my power tubes went bad and i have a replacement power tube lying around but im not sure if it is harmful or not.

Could i just put it in?

Its already been in the amp before.

Thanks for any help given.
The tubes were replaced the middle of last yearish(i think).
ALL tubes were replaced.

It has been moved around a fair bit.

But i wouldnt think tubes would go bad this fast.

Any other way i can test if its microphonic?.

Thanks for the help.

I hope its just a tube.
Speakers cost wayy to much.
Hey all.

So the other day my amp just started squealing.

Not like feedback.

LIke high pitch squealing.

It still squeals even when i have the output mute button on and doesnt squeal when i turn it to stand-by.

The squealing isnt effect by my volume or gain.

So im HOPING its the speakers.

Or it will suck.

So yes can anyone shed ANY light on my squealing problem.
It is not like feedback squeal at all.

And it wasnt my guitar lead.

Thanks for any help given.
Quote by VintageZen
Sounds like you have a beginners rig. I personally wouldnt suggest hanging on to that RP for too long. Start collecting real pedals at point.

He should get a new amp and hang on to it(the rp) instead of selling it then spending money on good pedals and having a crappy amp.

But umm buy a new amp.

New amp first.

Unless your guitars are unplayable.

Multi-fx arent bad at all.

I use a yamaha multi effects for my delay, wah and chorus sounds and it sounds quite damn good.
The guitarist from a band called the getaway plan uses a gt8 with his h&k triamp and his tone is awesome.

So go it.

But it set it up right.

I hear the things are quite the fiddly thing.

So prepare for fiddling.
Dont leds just clip in a certain way?.

Maybe they just clip more tubelike?

Depending on the tone you like.

I use my marshall for metalcore.

I like it.

lol and i brought my marshall cause it was "smoother" than a 6l6 amp i was testing it against(ibanez somethingorother).
Not the sole reason i brought it.
But it made me not even think of the other amp anymore.

Anyways yes depending on what tone you like for heavy metal.
Rule break?

Two threads containing the same thing.
Different titles.

So tired.

Ill check it out.

Quality recordings are usually good.

Whooaaaa guitar is way to hard to hear.

Singer needs work.
Like in every way.
His phrasing is pretty bad.

The changes arent good.
Practice them.


And improve guitar tone.

Screaming is abit meh.

Not crap.
But not good.

Get the drummer a metronome.

What are you recording with?

The drums sound pretty decently recorded.

The guitar tones a real let down.
Way to fuzzy and undefined.

Record with less gain and more mids.

Double, triple track the guitar etc.

Hate your band photos aswell.
Look to sad.
And whiney.

Try to be more hardcore.
As lame as it sounds.
Look tougher.
Not scared.


Everyone should get lessons.

And metronomes.
Ohh and btw when i saw TDWP play the other day they were using triple recs.
I think recto would be the answer to your question.

BTF use rectos.
TDWP use rectos.
DDG use (i think) rectos.

Underoath uses i duno.
Many amps.

And kse uses H&K Triamps (ithink) but they have also used rectos.

So a dual recto.