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From Gippsland Australia.


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Ashes By Morning


From Gippsland Australia

Ashes By Morning
Hey all.

So check out my band the captives.

We are from Gippsland Victoria Australia.

We play originals ranging from funk to celticesque punk to punk.

We have live tracks on our myspace aswell as one studio recorded track(not the final mastered version).

I play drums in the band.

So yeah check us out.
It would be GREATLY appreciated.

All feedback and comments are welcome.

Thank you.


So i just went through some old recordings and decided to uplaod this to my myspace.

It just has heavy vox at the start.

And yep.

Check it out and tell me what you think please.



All crit is welcome.

C4C aswell.

Only ever partially ripped a nail off.

Never cut my fingers.
Ohh i get ya.

Yep more on the way soon.

Just didnt have the time to record the rest of the guitat.
And i had a mad head ache after recording.

Ill post in here once the full length is done.

Hopefully you like it just as much.
Wait what? lol.

i dont understand haha.

But thats for the crit dude.

Glad you liked it.
Sound pretty cool man.

Abit repetative for my liking.
But also cool.

Loved the synth at the end.

The screaming was crazy.
Very Screamy.

Sorry i cant give a more indepth crit of it.

But pretty cool.

And thanks for the crit on mine.
Hey all.

So i recorded a song today.
Not to long.
About a minute.
Still needed vox and some real bass guitar.
Probably re-record the whole thing if i can be bothered.

Here it is.


Its titled new heavy song needs vox.

Ill try and c4c.
But i may be alittle late in replying.

Heres my thing.
Wasnt actually the one i intended.

But bleh.
Recorded this in an hour or so.

The lead thing at the start was one take and yeah.
So sloppy.

But yer excuses.

May add vox later on but its night now and once i had nearly finished the guitar i had a really really bad head ache.

Enjoy(if you can)



Doing something now.
Just recorded guitar.
Doing drums now.
Not sure if it should have vox.
cant really be bothered.

Should be up by tonight.

Pretty sketchy though.
Yeah i sorta noticed when watching it that they were off.
And the timing was a bitch sketchy.

Thanks for the constructive crit guys.

lol and the nobody can sound good comment.
Personal preferance.
Im the guy doing backup vocals and lead guitar.

In the black shirt.

He is taking lessons now i think.

And i disagree with the anyone can scream comment.
Not everyone can scream correctly and/or sound good.

Thanks very much for the crit.
And hopefully i didnt come of as too much of a wanker in this comment.
Hey all.

I just found some video of my band playing a battle of the bands.
And id like to know what you all think of how we sounded.
Not everyones type of music but try to be open minded.

We are the first band to play.

Youtube video HERE


And i will try and C4C.

Feedback is much appreciated.
Yeah bro practice that shizz with the song and learn it properly.

Some notes are off.
And with the part at 1:38 to 2:00 play the high notes in a octave power chord thing.
Like the root and the octave.

And the solo man.
How the doesnt even come in.

Need way more practice in timing and the structure of the song.

IF you practiced those two things it would be MUCH better.

EDIT: Crit my your guardian angel cover? LINK TO THREAD *click*
Never actually heard the real song.

But its pretty good.
Except in the flasetto parts.
Its abit to soft to hear the vox.

Pretty good though man.

And thanks for criting mine.
So many views so little comments.

Come on comment people.

Wait is this a bump?
If so i will delete this.
Hey all.

Well i covered The red Jumpsuit Apparatus's Your Guardian Angel.

The song has no backing vocals.
And i had a cold when i recorded it.
No ending.
I am working on getting the last high note before it goes into the full band thing.

So check it out for me please?
I will TRY to C4C but i am lazy.

I would like any opinions on it.


Can be found here at my sideprojects myspace.

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Quote by ValoRhoads
for drop C, tune the whole guitar down one step, then tune the 6th string down another step, and that's drop C
so it should be

as long as it's temporary it's not gonna hurt the truss, if it is permanent then yeah the truss should be adjusted


I dont know what ****ing drop c you tune to but tis wrong.
Looking to jam with anyone really.
I play guitar, drums and sing abit.
In gippsland.
Churchill to be exact.
Can you get parametric pedal eqs?
Never seen one.
Quote by Gibson_Left
TSL's suck monkey dick.

The DSL's are where its at

Yeah they are quite similar amps dude.

But yeah to each ther own.

And yes i have heard one madison is just a rip of a tsl.
but made out of much ****tier materials.
Quote by jordan8865
Yeah you're right... That's why Guitar World says ". . . OD1 and OD2 offer the hottest, most aggressive and wickedly refined high-gain sounds that have ever screamed from a stock Marshall."

I'm sure they meant to say it sucks.

Payed reviews?

I wouldnt trust magazine reviews.

Magazines that advertise the amps they are reviewing.

But its all personal preferance anyways.

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How bout a ashton viper tube combo?

They sound decent.
And are cheap.

Very good value for money.
Ahh singing thread?
And warm up?
Just go up chromatically huming the notes of your guitar.
And get singing lessons.
Even if you only get one.
You will notice the difference.
I did.
I have heard locking tuners and a graphite nut(or some other good nut or some shizz) is just as good as a locking nut.

Chris brodericks ibanez has no locking nut and a floyd.
Great looking guitar dude.
Cant wait to see the finished product.
Should look awesome.

Why the volute?
I personally dislike them.
Probably one of the only things i would change on my ibanez as it sort of gets in the way if i want to put my thumb up on the headstock.

Would look nice in a trans blue.
Or maybe trans black or grey.

But natural should look awesome aswell.
That looks amazing.
One of the best finishes ive ever seen on a guitar.
Caparison Horus.
Cause they are DAMN sexy.

And a Nice rack set-up.
So you can have versitility.

Tis what i would do with the type of cash you have.
Black star - carcass.
Whoa is melbourne really sold out?
****ing suckass if it is.
Ill just have to go to a regional show then.
Hopefully BMTH and TRS are playing those shows aswell.
Quote by NFFC_1865
Theyre from youre city arent they?

Why yes, yes they are.
Someone likes the getaway plan.

And ive no idea what this thread is about.
My tafe just go a vc30 in.
Its okay.
Good for classic rock style stuff.
Havent really put it past 3ish though.
Cleans were okay.
BUT i HARDLY eq'ed it at all.
Sorta just plugged and played.
No tweaking.

But for classic rock its a nice amp.