Learn to sweep and just alternate between two 3 string arpeggios or 5 strng arpeggios.
sounds cool.

CoB solos are pretty cool.

Bed of razors is quite easy aswell.

Why not improv over a backing track?

Then when people ask that solos by you can be all cool and say ohh i just made it up.

Far beyond the sun is cool aswell.

So it perpetual burn.
Quote by Esp_kill07
didnt have anything to post but I remembered something immature and dumb. when I was playing halo with a buddy on campaign theres this alien with that sword that kills you with one hit. well he was coming after us and we ran inside a building and I told my buddy STFU or else he might here us. he was screaming really loud then I noticed wait im dumb how the heck can he here us lol.

damn dude you should have just killed the sword elite.
If it was halo one should have just busted a cap in his head with the Magnum or jus stuck his face.
Or if it was h2 Shoot him with the battle rifle and stick him.
Sword elites are easy to kill.
Why hide?

And ts wouldnt you notice you dont have a keyboard or mouse first?

Man i wanna play counter strike right now.

Better aquire it.
I usually record with a 58 but the otehr day i decided to try a 57 i have lying around here.
Didnt like the 57 at all.
Much prefer the 58.
seemed less harsh or something.

i am not sure.

I shall try again some day soon.
may have been positioning of the mic maybe.

EDIT: also when i mic drums for recording i use a 58. I hate how the 57 is so directional. and as i can only mic the kit with two mics i need something that will capture mostly everything. but i may from time to time use the 57 as a bass mic.
Both at once.

Its not hard.

god if you have any skills at all your penis should be able to go back inside your pants itself.
Ashton makes a cheap tube combo.
well worth a look at.
good value aswell.
Pretty versatile.
Isnt there like some dude who can reccomend you tubes for it?

And there are packs or sets you can buy with like pre and power and they have like catagories like high gain and such.

But jjs methinks will be most reccomended.
Quote by hopespaul
i got a killer price, but good luck finding one in your area. they;re quite hard to find nowadays, or you can buy them new (~$1000) , but they're just called differently now (6505)

You didnt answer his question at all.

And 7 years.
Thats a hella slong time.
Change the tubes and if it sound worse than before put in the old ones.

EDIT: and its quite a hot looking amp. wayyyy better looking that 6505's imo.
Power tubes methinks.

My marshall was having volume issues and new power tubes made that all better.
But i did get new power tubes AND a new set of pre tubes.

so new power tubes.
Burning it is like burning $100 dollars.
quite silly.
Ghost reveries as its the only full album i have by them.
Although every single opeth song i have heard has been good.
Whoa thats an awesome awesome awesome guitar.
the first picture of it with just one coat of lacquer on it looks great aswell.
beautiful guitar.
Get someone to record them for you?

i could. although my recording quality isnt to great. and plus im fairly lazy.

ask a drummer from a band.
if he isnt a **** he should record them for you.

or just download a good drum program.
i had one.
it was good but hard to use.
easy for basic stuff though.
Quote by jimmy666page666
Even if it is muddy at lower volums most of my friends have 10-30 watt SS MG's + spiders they wont know that its muddy : only i will haha

Does it even matter if they dont know its muddy?
YOU will.
they arent dropping the money on the amp. YOU are.

What you said right there gives me the impression you're buying(or wanting buy) the amp just for looks and so you have a better amp than them.
i am probably wrong(i hope i am).
i use 11's.
They do the job pretty good.
and they can still go up to E easily.
Whatever they are now i think they are not good at it.

i dont like triviums new stuff. not half as much as i liked there older stuff.

Heard bullets newest song and thought it was complete ****.

this is strictly imo btw.

p1ayingw1thf1re is right that they can go in either.
What colour do your tubes glow?

im pretty sure you are screwed methinks.

my amp started spazzing out with fuses and the tubes needed to be replaced. but as you have found out it it not the fuse then yeaaaah.

hopefully its just tubes.

sucks that its just out of warranty.
first page of everything you wanted to know about tubes thread has this.

but i am not sure.
i have jj(tesla) el34 power amp tubes and eh 12ax7 pre amp tubes in my marshall and it sound pretty good. although it is quite trebely and have to have my presence near zero or its just to much.
Quote by carrotjames
I have a 900 and probably am biased but 800's can be pretty expensive. Plus the 900 has the two channels which for me is convenience. 2000's are nice especially the TSL with the midi controls, makes it so simple to operate live. But I s'pose its a comprimise between convenience and a bit of sound quality, but the 800 and 900 are both great amps.

Midi controls on a tsl?
modded tsl?
or have i not looked at the back of my amp long enough?
Try to start a conversation with her about like current movies at the cinemas and such the casually say hey wanna go see that movie. i dunno.

just ask her to the movies methinks.
if she doesnt want to go she isnt interested.
if she does she is or she thinks of you as a friend.
Its good because its not as forward as being like hey wanna go out .


i dunno.

seems like your friend is a stud.

its okay he wont find happiness.
he will go through girls like i dunno something that goes through things fast.
And he will end up being lonely.
Quote by .arkness:.
Cheapest way would be to get a guitar to input thingy jack. I dunno the name. Basically it converts the size of a guitar lead jack to the size of a normal headphone jack. Just plug that into the microphone input of your computer and download Audacity. It'll cost $4 maximum.

That is the cheapest way.
And works quite well.
Quote by Zaphod_Beeblebr
That's not true at all, the Decimator is good enough that I can put my 50 watt tube amp on just over half volume and stand right in front of it without any feedback, the NS-2 just sucks.

So can i. without a noise gate.

Depends on the amp.

And i have heard that 5150's are very proun(sp?) to feedback.

But as to the thread starters question i have no idea.

Maybe mess around with stuff until you find a good spot for it?
Turn down you gain?
DO NOT pay $3300 for a ts half stack. complete rip off.

If you are interested in the marshall dsl/tsl series amps just get one used off ebay.
For a half stack they go for around $2000 - $2500(probably cheaper) very very often.

I have no reccomendations as i really cant be bothered at the moment sorry.

but ill probably see this thread again and comment.

but you should check out the marshall tsl/dsl's the tsl is quite versitile and has enough gain for most things(i play metalcore and use it. no pedals just amp).

and NEVER ever pay what is on their website or what is the tag price. you can ALWAYS get it cheaper. unless used.

I seriously think you could probably bargain a tsl half stack down to around 2800 or maybe even 2600.

i got my head(tsl100) for 2k at allans and that was a year and a half ago before the JVM's and Vintage Moderns came out.
i dont see why you wouldnt have noticed that you needed to go to the toilet before ****ting yourself. strange. seems that you have not mastered the art of controling your own bowels.

none from me.
maybe once when i was in like 3rd grade i dropped a pie at lunch time and people laughed at me. then i had to pick the pie up in put it in the bin.
pretty bad.
hey sorry to thread hijack but would aiming a fan at your amp be bad for it?
like to cool it.
as my amp getts quite and it is summer here and it gets very ****ing hot.
and i dont want my amp to overheat.

so would a fan hurt my amp/tubes at all? and would it cause buzz?

and sorry for hijack.
i played a ad at allans music and i didnt like it all.
Probably because it was eq'ed bad and it was nearly cranked at all.
Played a tiny terror at my local store and it was ****ing awesome.
But it was cranked.

So i would say tiny terror from what i have actually played.
But out of what i have heard id go rocker.
Quote by Jimbleton
order of thickness maybe?

Mine is about this.

Lead channel(i use this for about 90% of what i play riffs and solos).
Treble: 9
Mid: 4
Bass: 9
Reverb: 2 - 3
Tone shift button in(pretty sure this scoops mids)
Deep button usually on (adds bass methinks)
Volume: 4ish at gigs and pract
Gain: 8 - 10

Crunch(havent changed this since i did a gig and everyone used my gear so my eq got messed around with)
Treble: 8
Mid: 2
Bass: 5
Presence: 0 - 1
Reverb: 2 - 3
Tone shift button out.
Volume: usually around 4ish at gigs and practice
Vpr switch out(with vpr in it just sounds like utter crap compared to out)
Gain: 8

Despite my lead channel having very little mids my amp cuts through the mix quite well.
****s all over the ashton the other guitarist uses(not his).

Maybe mine cuts through because i have a mid orientated amp (marshall) aand a basswood bodied guitar?

Anyways i quite like the sound that is produced with these settings and my guitar. suits what my band plays.

EDIT: Also MXFNCK ima check out those settings and what they sound like. What buttons do you have in?
From the youtube video i have heard of it it can do metal quite decently.

to find the video search seymour duncan blackouts.
the dudes playing a ibanez.

Sounds pretty good.

havent heard the cleans though.

EDIT: wait im thinking jvm. So disregard my statement.
If they sold them cheap in aus id buy on.

there are clips on youtube of them.

bad clips.
but still clips.
engl, 5150, laney vh (or vr or something. the three channel one) or dsl.

not the rocker or jcm800.

Quote by Say Ocean
Not same tone, less versatile. Go for a two channel dual rec. ****ing killer amp

Why are the two channel dual rectos better than the new three channel ones?

What makes them better?
SM58 and another mic plugged straight in, if your computer doesnt have to mic ins/line ins use like a splitter thing. For drums have one on the bass drum and as an over head.

Then just mic the guitar amp.

Check out my bands recordings.

That is just a sm58 and a peavey mic used for the kit and the 58 for the amp and vocals.
And recorded all in audacity with no effects/mixing done other than just volume levels.
Yeah he is great.

and his balance is incredible.

and the piruets(spelling? wtf. spinning things lol) he does.

way cool.
Battle of the bands/festival gig my band did on saturday.
Second gig. was a great second gig.
Meet some really cool people and watched some awesome bands.

only 2 for now.

would upload more but lazyness.

more on my bands space if ya wanna see them
Thanks everyone for your crit.

i Should be getting voice lessons soon.
and i am going to be practicing along with my keyboard just doing notes and such so that should get the vocals abit better.

I will most likely re record it as i have a better way to record now and i actually know the song.

The reason i sight read was because i didnt know the song and i wanted to record it like straight away.
i really should have put more time into it.

Ohh and i will get around to criting everyones stuff as soon as possible.
just been like flooded with band stuff due to an up coming battle of the bands.
but i WILL get around to it.

Thanks again guys for the crit really appreciate that people would actually take the time and tell me what they think about my music.

Quote by trunks1504
I was originally going to buy a used Rect-o-verb combo, which I tried out in the store and absolutely loved the distortion tones, but I went back the next day and it was sold.

Get a rect-o-verb then.
seriously dude thats alot of cash to drop on an amp that you arent happy with.
if you want a recto-o-verb save up some more and get one.

and yeah play the b-52 alot like climhazzard said.
really try it out.

but i mean if you like the rect-o-verb more than both the recto and b-52 get a rect-o-verb.

Quote by hethamulburton
Wow, that's cool, I didn't know we had that many females here

YAY!!! Goirls!!!

... Damn... they are all SCENE though...

Hey i got one to . . .

lol nah.
but umm cool?

Stalker aye.
what fun.
Stalk me?


wait now that i actually look tehre is alot of boobies.

damn myspace girls and there need for attention by taking photos of themselves in nothing.
Quote by meh!
That said, I was at a small gathering of people recently (5 or 6 of us for my girlfriend's birthday). Anyway, she was sitting on me quite happily (in a neutral way, in a room full of people :p).

Anyway, she was a bit tipsy and there was a guy who played guitar there he played along to the i-pod for a bit and kept trying to make me take it, cause he knew I played. I kept refusing cause: I can play for crowds fine, but little groups make me feel like it's an exam.

Anyway, eventually I took the guitar and I was basically just holding it, playing it so quietly (it was an unplugged mint green strat) and about 20 seconds later I literally had to hold my girlfriend away from my neck and the rest of me for the sake of decency.

Obviously it's not really the same, ie. we already go out, but I thought i'd share that vaguely relevant story.

I think gf's just are really proud and they want everyone to know you are there so they like yeaaah.

same with my gf after i had a gig saturday.
she was like yeah.
burnt her good.
now im sad cause im not going to see her for a week.

but i have none because i am uncool.
Yeah your bassists amp must not be turned up enough.

Still your drummer really needs to learn how to play soft.
How many pairs of sicks does he go through in a month?
And if he is breaking skins.
like putting holes in them or tearing them in the middle (not undoing from the side of the rim) alot he REALLY should learn how to.

Talk to your drummer about it nicely.
not like a dick just say hey you reckon you could hit alittle bit softer because we cant hear ourselves.
He should oblige(sp?).
And if he doesnt he is just a wang.

Another solution is saying your amp is maxed out on volume and actually turn it down.
this will make him play softer or you just wont be able to jam.

Whoa long post.