Hey erock how did they sound in the basswood guitars you had them in?
Was it bad or good?

and sorry for thread hijacking.

But yes new amp most deffenatly.
The pickups will cost more than the amp.
Maybe spend the money on a cab for your vj your getting for christmas?
or for Pedals for it.
i think using your money that way would be a much smarter idea.
Ohh god dude.
for such a big gig i would aim for a set of all originals.

How did you come by such a gig?
know the person setting it up?

because i could not see a band playing such a good gig and it being there first show and only having a set of two original songs.

smoke em if ya got em - parkway drive.

fast from the begining(wtf spelling?). and the video version has ****ing asweom pinch harmonics in the breakdown.
Oh crazy. hahaha no offense taken at all dude(or chickdude) after this is what the thread is made for.
intro drums are wrong.
so are the verse drums they sound like a variation of the intro.
The little interlude "fate fell short" part is wrong on drums. he is just doing the hat stuff not the cow bell stuff which really makes it sound awesome.
The fill is wrong next. but good. it is a damn hard fill so i didnt expect it to be spot on. i cant play it and i practice this song alot.
okay i am going to say the whole thing is wrong on drums.
seems like the drummer just came in and winged it.

Guitar seems to be ookay. not exact.
But pretty near. and good.

i like the backing vox better than the lead.
although he isnt to bad at that type of tomesque voice.

way pretty good though.
sorry for my over crit on the drums.
i just play drums and that is one of the songs i play so i sorta listened to them more than anything.

but yeah over all good.
but i just dont like those drums at all.
Thanks dudes.

Yeah the guitar sounds isnt the best. still okay i think.
its crap cause i dont have a mixer so i have to crank the mic volume and such on the computer plus i have to have the mics about 2 inches away from the strings.
bit of a bitch but if it gets the job done.

emo vox how?
the style of singing?
hahah i always thought my voice was quite unemotional. may hyave tried abit to hard then.
next time i record it i will dull it down abit.

thanks for the crit guys.
greatly appreciated.
Its okay.
feels wierd to not play with it once youve played with it for a while.
helps old strings feel good again.
but you can do that anyway with lemon oil and something to rub it onto the strings.

but its okay.
try it out.
its cheap.
so why not.
Hey all.

well i covered hey there delilah by plain white t's alittle while back and just uploaded it a couple days ago.
so yes i would like some crit.

warning for everyone though.

i learnt the song the night i heard it fully for the first time. not a wise decision i must say.
the vocal melody in some parts i dont know how high to go so it isnt to great.
i am also sight reading the guitar and the parts where i stop i am scrolling down the page.

but otherthan that i think it is decent.
better than my spill canvas cover.
and people seem to like it abit.

thanks very much for everyone who listens and comment.

i will c4c but it may take me some time to crit back as i am quite busy.

thanks very much.


it is the first song.

Hey man.

sorry for such a late reply been very very busy with band stuff and stuff.

but yeah pretty schmick cover.
guitar is great.
although like everyone has said you have quite a low voice.
i think mine was like that like last year.
i have NO idea how i got higher.
i think i tried singing stuff just out of my range and singing things in falceto.
and i do a music course at tafe(like unversity type thing) and they have group lessons and after one of those my range increased lots.

but yeah man really good.
dont listen to the song that much though so i dont know how it compares to the original.
just going of yours it sounds good as. i didnt notice any bad notes or like bad highs and you held notes well.

sorry if my crit isnt to good. first time i have.

but anyways good stuff.
if she doesnt do something about it.
like in the bed and he trys to make a move she isnt worth your time.
she is just a cheater.

but if he does and she doesnt want it **** him up.
Thanks for all the recommendations peoples.

he said the 5150/6505 sounded to marshally or something.

i THINK he hates mids.
because marshall's are middy and so are 5150's(or so ive heard).

i really would LOVE hime to get a bogner because ive heard the ubershall is one of the best high gain amps.

EL34's no 84's unless i made a typo somewhere. and if i did sorry for that.

so i think he just hates mids.

when i go to the store with him i will tell him not to ask what type of tubes the amps have so he isnt bias(right word?) towwards certain amps.

so Yngwi3 i think his hate for el34s is because they are in mid orientated amps(maybe i dunno? just going of marshall and such) and he must just like mid scooped tones.

but i am almost sure he will grow out of that.
ahhh the thing is he HATES el34's.
so basically the amps that come stock with el34's he WONT try just for the fact that he hates el34's.

so that rules out the h&k and some engls.
what other amps have you listed that run el34's stock?

i have NO idea why he hates all amps that run el34's.
but i am pretty sure he doesnt have good enough ears to pick el34's from 6l6's so i dunno.

thanks again.
hmm i think matamp maybe hard to get.

like importing and such. cause im pretty sure no one supplies them over here.
and i dont think he would like the idea of paying for something he hasnt tried.
he does make a good point.

its just sooo much money. more money than i could dream of spending on an amp.
but i spose that is a good reason for him to research.

thanks for all the comments and recommendations guys. will help me when i try out amps.
and i will try not to push my thoughts of things onto him.

lol. awesome.

yeah it was quiet impatient of me to ask that like 5 minutes after making the thread.
OH GOD. i am just looking out for my friend like i said in the first post.

i DO NOT want him to spend a huge amount of money and then regret it.
would you want your friend to do that?

thanks hakanku. we will try and check out a mark iv when we go to the store.
thanks for the lovely comment someoneyou knew.
clearly you win the biggest **** of ug award.

yes i would like him to get a versitile amp.
as i have heard the rectos cleans suck.

anyone going to actually recommend an amp?

thanks for all comment so far though.
hey all.
i hope my title got your attention or this is totally gay.

so my friend wants a mesa triple recto.
he has alot of money to spend.
lets say a limit of 8k AUS with cab.

versatility is good.
but he is in a metalcore band.
so nice tight sounding distrotion is good.
he likes bands like parkway drive and i killed the prom queen so yep.

so choose.

i personally think there are MUCH better amps he could get but he says he is inlove with the triple recto.
spose tone IS personal preferance.
but i just dont want him to drop a wad of cash on something he will regret.

thanks soo much for any help given.

EDIT: he also HATES any amp with el34's. he seriously wont even try an amp with el34s just because of the fact it has el34's (el34's are a type of tube)
You fail for posting.

EDIT: see i fail for posting aswell so therefore 2 fails = win.
anyone know what band is playing on the tv at the start?

yeah the video is okay.
but i havent watched it all.

but yes anyone know what band is on tv at the start?


EDIT: found out what the band was by searching the comments.
None now.
had my li pierced but i swallowed the ball on the back and then took it out so i didnt swallow the ring but it closed up over night.
going to get snake bites done if i can be ****ed to go and get some needle so i can pierce it.

question to all people with lip piercings.
any of you peoples got like a flap or like sorta skinny type stuff on the inside of your mouth around where you got pierced?
cause i have and it is anoying as ****. i swear some day i will bite part of my lip off just so it goes away.
whoa zebrano wood looks sexay.
good luck with the build dude.
should be great if it turns out good(wtf that seems wierd. way to late to be up).
I was hoping it was hoax like the travis barker thing.
but sadly it wasnt.
i just hope someone just hacked there official website and myspace.

but R.I.P enjoyed the music he made.
Quote by cashewchaching
compared to the rest of music? rock really isn't that complicated.

Rock is an extremely broad genre.

so stfu before you make yourself look more of a fool.
I can get a fairly decent drum sound with a sm57 and 58.
58 positioned about hi hats sorta aiming at them
then i i have the 57 on the bass drum.

sounds good.
easily good enough for demos.
Hey peoples of the audacity thread.
My audacity seems to be broekn or some shizz.
i have been trying to open it and it comes up with a temporarywindow.
and sometimes it says there is another progran with fl studio in use.
hmm it is quite crazy.
it wanted internet access the first time it happened but i blocked it because audacity has never wanted it before.
i also installed the vst enabeler(sp?) before it messed up and i put some like vst plug-ins in the audacity plug-in folder but i have taken them out now as i thought they where the problem.

so if anyone could give me some help and such it would be GREATLY appreciated.
it sucks reaaal hard because all my records are recorded with audacity and i was meant to record some tracks for my bands today aswell.

so yes thanks in advanced to anyone who helps.
This thread is just gunna be full of posts saying get a new amp.
dude dont bump your thread every five minutes.
there is a ultimate tubes thread aswell.
but the groove tubes are RE-BRANDED tubes.
they MAY be the same as the tung sols they MAY not be.
the tube thread answers these question i think.

sorry if i sorta came off like a prick then.
didnt mean to.
wouldnt the video be classed as child porn?
cause wasnt the peoples under age?
just saying. but probably not.

i think people have at my old school.
but no one got caught i dont think.
my old school was the most unexciting school ever. no fights at all.
or action.

why has ug just started to have an obsession with 4chan?
wtf is up with that.
Quote by olif8
It's spelt weird.

whoa never realised i spelt it wrong. crazy.
and yes we all want a laugh.
would be cool if you could.
just so much better.
i mean all alien has got is alot of drool.

so predator ftw.
the thing i was talking to has like a fully legit myspace.
comments. many pics.
all of it.
so im doubting it was a dude.
unless someone hacked both her msn and myspace.
im thinking she was just trying to burn someone by making them make a fool of themselves and cyber with her.
then BAM.
tells her friends and the kid gets a rep for cybering with people for life.
deleted the other thread.
**** that was some hardcore noobery.
and now my other ie pages have frozen so no doubt im gunna end up like triple posting.
ill hook ye up with some pics of the girl although i dont know what she looks like myself.
i would totally aswell.
what why would you want pics?
of a msn convo.
man my threads are utter garbage.
hey alll.
so whoa just had probably the wierdest night of msn ever.
so it all started off with this chick adding my band on myspace.
so i accept and we start talking through commenst and such joking and the like.
she asks me to add her on msn and i do cause i am bored as hell.
now we start talking and she is saying she loves me and **** and im like yeah lets get married so we do.
then she starts wanting to cyber with me and for some reason i was scared. like back in the day i use to ask people this in a joking manner.
but a girl to ask me? wtf.
so im like yeah totally(sarcasm here).
and im like you start.
and she is like proper cybering and im doing like a really ****ty version of the blood ninja cyber sex things(not exactjust the same concept of being a wierdo).
and she is like come one be serious.
so i keep talking to her.
and it comes up again.
and she starts off again and i do the same thing.
ohh btw the whole time she has been saying how she wanted to fark me. wierd.
and she says she is touching herself and shiz and im like yeah whatever.
and then she is like what would you do if i was being naughty right now and i was like yeah say you're naughty.
and yes.
and then she is going on about how she screamed my name and shizz.
and she is touching herself.
yeah just wierd.
i was scared.

what would have you done?

now to the actual point of the thread.

im sure there is way better than my ****ty story.
oh btw i am not a good story teller and im tired and yeah. not good with the english lol.


so yeah wierdest experience?

im sure its been done before.
i second the idea of the used f-30/50.
its cleans sounds gooood. VERY good.
check it out on youtube.
Throw oranges back.
Unless you're a poop shot.
And in that case just beat them.
Ashton viper combo.
Listen to it before you dismiss it.
WELL worth the money.
how anyone actually tried it with the effects pre bypassed(if you can do such a thing)?

i really wanna try it out.
it is farely cheap compared to other amps in aus aswell.
yeah when i played it at my local store i hated it.
like alot.
but prior to playing it i was playing a semi cranked tiny terror.
so that may have had something to do with me not liking it.
went through 49 pages of ass.