i've tripped on shrooms, acid, mescaline and dmt
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Wouldn't mind having sex with someone I didn't have feelings for.

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i was joking fag. And its snowing in north augusta nothing can bring me down. even some brown spic talking shit from argentina.

why would you assume he's brown? it's not like argentina's in central america or something.
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This was discussed briefly in the off-topic thread yesterday.

hmm too bad i don't really check the forum daily. my bad?
damn, you guys smoke drugs at parties?

whats wrong with kids nowadays.....
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It's very sad that I know what video you're talking about, and the name of the chick in the video.

i need some info on this ^ :p
i thought this thread was going to be about drinkin' OE while listening to the wu tang clan....

ts, you disappoint me.
So here's the deal, i have a folder full of pictures that i wanna post on facebook, but all the pictrues there are huge (723x482)...So im gonna have to make them smaller. So here goes my question, is there any way i can get all the pictures on that folder and resize them all at once?
i guess ug hates crossover =/
I don't really know if anybody likes them around here, but im looking for the lyrics to this song: If anybody can get them for me that would be awesome, also talk about this awesome band.

i find this kinda pathetic, but i voted for him.
****ty band, there are better ones
super ****ing jail. it doesnt get better than this
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I can't think of anything else that has ruined so many lives, caused so many injuries, deaths and regrets other then alcohol. And of course, it's perfectly legal and accepted.

hmmm tobacco maybe?
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I feel the need to correct you.

Old school hip hop is not nwa, biggies, etc. You have to go further back than that, like Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious five.

The artists you mentioned belong to the 'golden age' of hip hop, not the 'old school'.

i consider old school wutang,public enemy,n.w.a...hell even the beastie boys (well actually they were a hardcore punk band at first)
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Do not neglect the classic rock factor. Livin on a prayer, Sweet child o mine etc. Hell even some ****ing journey. Everyone loves journey.

yeah i can do some classic rock, im just trying to stay away from hard techno people here kinda hate it cause of the ultra music festival....
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Alright, I'll give you some.

As mentioned:

NIN - Great Destroyer

MGMT - Electric Feel

Maybe some One Day as a Lion, songs like "Wild International"

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

That's all I can think of, hoped it helped you a little.

yeah thanks man everything helps. Ill be coming back tonight so i can check out all the bands and songs. Keep 'em coming!
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The only cover I've seen of that is live and in terrible quality.

Not sure it's what TS is looking for.

nothing too crazy so everybody can enjoy. I may go as far as municipal waste but thats it. I would be better if you guys can like give me songs in particular so i dont have to look so much i need at least 100 songs
thank you guys i appreciate it. Actually people in here are weird and theyre not into hard techno or whatever, if anything they're into rock type elektro (a.k.a hispter elektro)...

**** like this and this

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But why Marilyn Manson?

yeah i really dont see how that's party music. keep 'em coming guys!
so me and my friends are throwing a huge party on saturday and we need some music. There are gonna be punks, metalheads,hipsters, and everything in between...

so far we are planning on putting old school hip hop (biggie, nwa, beastie voys, bone thugs) old school punk (buzzcocks, ramones, misfits), post punk and dance music (depeche mode, new order,joy division) elektro (boys noize ,shameboy, the subs) reggae and any music that we may find suitable for a party,

any suggestions? (song names and artist would be great)

pd: i will close this thread when im done =)
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jumped on stage at misery signals concert took the mike and did vocals for a part then stage dived the video is now on youtube

drink a ****load of budwaiser
i lol'd
i dont get it, what's the bill about?
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they're picks made by record labels with the name of a new band to help kick off the band

i know what youre talking about, my friend got like a huge bag of picks from blacktide, and guitar center was the sponsor or whatever
How the **** is this thread funny at all?
how about Giantallica?

edit: or evebn better intelligiantallica!
sounds like they may be giants
bukake. i was in the middle
ew chickenfoot.
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I usually puke/die after drinking 60 oz. of cough syrup.

How do I avoid this?

robotripping is awesome.
how old are u ts?
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I'm sure Pit will think of something. I remember when it was shameful to be a 06er.

haha ****ing good times
wtf is music

edit: more than 7 thats for sure
you guys seriously make sick. please show some ****ing respect.

im sorry for your loss ts.
its a jackallllll
take charizard with you
**** that, getting drunk and high at the same time ftw.