I really don't mind either, but I'm leaning a little closer to a closed, but again, I'm not picky, I'm just looking for whats good in the price range.
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The PX100s and KSC75 aren't in-ear btw They're "supraaural" headphones which means the earpieces lay on your ears instead of around them. All the same, they still definitely don't block out sound, but they're great.

I'll try to see what I can find regarding those ones you're considering.

Thanks, after reading a few reviews, the Sony V150s are just walkman headphones in a different package. I'd still like to hear what anyone thinks of those panasonics and sony xd100s though.
Turn it around is a classic hardcore record, but wake the dead shows better songwriting and is way more melodic, both albums rule nonetheless.

I've got a medium Wake the dead shirt for sale if anyone wants it. It's got the grip reaper in the front and Comeback Kid in a large circle on the back.
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Does it really have to be around-the-ear headphones? Because the best one's that I know for that money are the Sennheiser PX100 and Koss KSC75, which aren't around-the-ear...

If they must be that type, sorry, I don't think I can help you with that.

I'm not really a fan of in ear headphones as they don't block as much sound out, which I like when listening to some phat jamz.

I'm really just looking for the best around ear headphones I can get for that price, not the best headphones in the world.

How's about these?
I need some cheaper (less than $30) around ear headphones that still sound good for most kinds of music, something with a little more bass would help too.

I skimmed through the thread and these two came up, are they any good?
If i do get an EQ, how would I set it up, and how do I decide how many bands I need?
Is there any specific EQ that sticks out among the others?
Wassup, I'm running through a Crate Blue Voodoo half stack, a custom cab with celestions and I love the way it sounds by itself (I've always been a little bit of a purist when it comes to my setup), but I feel I could get a little better sound out of with with a good EQ or something else to help me shape the tone.

I was thinking the BBE Sonic Maximizer, as my friend has it and his Mesa sounds so much better with it at shows, but I was wondering if there was anything else that may be available or that sounds good before I make my decision.

I'd really appreciate suggestions as to what would help me shape my tone up a little. I play pretty much everything, but I'm looking for something that'll clean up my heavy distortion at shows and such.
Just get a new one mate, they're no more than 5 bucks and take less than an hour to shape. Having a broken nut like that could really mess with the sound and intonation of the guitar.
missing out on a good deal!
$95 for guitar and neck or $70 for guitar and $30 for neck alone.
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i can only find one -

if you can find others link them and i'll add them in.

Most of the stuff was done through PM and such, and the deals were over a year ago. I'll just start from here on out.
I can throw in the neck for $95 if you want. That's 95 for the guitar+neck, something you'd buy a cheap squire for.
I've done at least four solid deals which have been logged in this thread and my name still only has one mark.
Selling the Razorback V i made a while back that I just don't have the time/money to finish. It's setup for a FR and 2 humbuckers, made of mahogany, maple, birch and black walnut. Has a few flaws(finish, sand marks, ect) but anyone can fix those easily with some sandpaper.

Really sad to let it go, but I simply need cash and probably won't ever get a chance to work on it, so I might as well make a few bucks off it.

Selling for $70+ shipping, not looking for anything to trade and if you live near enough you can pick it up. It's the body only, but I can include the hardware shown if you want (sans the neck).

Just a heads up, the Ibanez Edge III is probably one of the worst trems out there, and LFR can vary from amazing, to a step up from an Edge III. It really depends on the make of the LFR, some are even better then the original, but in most cases a OFR will beat just about anything out there.
I got an old Dano-Style guitar at my local swap meet for a steal. Safe to say it's seen better day, as it's really beat up and ghetto rigged. Who ever owned it before me apparently lost the pickguard and put a wood block in the cavity to hold the pickup in place, thus there are no knobs or other electronics, only a single pickup that had it's wires attached to some speaker wire and an input. So this means you can't replace the cable, or lower volume/setting. On top of that, the has some bad frets, causing dead spots on several location, it also needs a new nut and new tuners as well.

Other than that, it's still pretty good. The pickup it has sounds amazing, despite the annoying buzz due to lack of shielding. So I'm gonna be putting in quite a lot of work on this guitar, including fixing the electronics, fixing the neck, new tuners, straps, and a new nut. I'm leaving the finish on there due to the fact that the nitro finish it has, combined with the natural relicing makes it looks rather nifty.

Here are some pics of it how it stands now. Sorry about the horrible quality.

I used to use Jazz picks when i first started until I realized that it was detrimental to my picking and wouldn't allow me to alternate pick right. I started using regular full sized picks and my picking has gotten better, but I'm curious to see if it was me, or the picks that messed with my picking.
^ But what if the values don't match? Would I fry the amp or just change the sound?
Got it off with a dremel, but I don't know why Vox had to make it so difficult to get to the pot board. I had to unscrew everything else, unscrew the board (which was attached by two awkwardly placed screws) and finally I was able to get to the pots. The local shop doesn't carry the type of pot that's used in the amp so I'll have to order them online.

Until then, are there any do's and don'ts I should know about? Would there be any adverse effects if I used a different kind of pot? And is there any reason why the pots are mounted directly to the board?
I wouldn't say we're friends anymore. It's not the fact that he broke it, but how he acted when he broke it.

Anyways, I called the local repair shop and they said they would charge $120 to repair it! Outrageous for just a simple fix. Although I admit it's not so simple due to one of the pot screws being stripped, making it damn near impossible to take it off.
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What did your friend do to them? Are you sure the knobs haven't just come loose and so spin, withour turning the pot?

I have no clue what he did to them, I let him borrow it and now the knobs are done. I know for a fact they aren't loose, as they don't work at all and are ready to come apart.
Once again I can't thank you guys enough for this, I'll use my multimeter just to be sure I won't be zapped, but you guys helped clear things up.
Alright, thanks a lot for the help guys. Do you by any chance know where I can get the pots cheap online? I can't look in the amp now, but tomorrow I'm gonna open it up and find out the tapers and values.
If I recall correctly the Valvetronix series only has like a singe tube preamp, so I should be good then, right?
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amp should be unplugged. Don't know about hybrids like that one, but for tube amps, you gotta drain the power even when it's unplugged. They hold a little bit of juice I believe.

and google it to find the manual or something where they tell you pot values and tapers.

How would I go about draining the power? Just letting it sit?
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all you have to do is buy new pots that match the values and taper of the old ones. they'll say the taper and value on them somewhere.

So I just get the new pots, take the old ones out and solder new ones in? Is there something I should be worried about in terms of electricity? Thanks for the info, btw.
My old Vox Valvetronix has three pots that need to be replaced, they just turn 360 degrees because my friend ruined them. I have to replace the pots, which I need some help doing. I have experience soldering and with electronics, but really don't know much about amps. What kind of pots would I need for each knob and are there any precautions I should take when changing them?

Help would be really appreciated.
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Wow, some of you are more conspiracy minded than I would ever imagine...

I do not know stonyman65, otherwise I wouldn't have tried to contact him through here. I did in fact google the company name after Capitol One credit card company wouldn't let me put my logo on my personal account card, and did happen to see this post in the list.

I would not normally think to "advertise" in a forum such as this--I was a mod for frankenstraat for quite a while so I know how these places work. I have looked through other threads, but have only had time and inclination to post here because this is where my name was mentioned (the thread TITLE, I believe).

I direct this only at the people whom it concerns: If you want to know something about me then ASK, it's much wiser to do so than to assume while being misinformed (and if my math is correct, 2009 - 1991 is not 20).

To everyone else: If you can paint what you want on your own guitars then that's great. If you don't have the ability yourself to paint what you would like to have on there, then ask me and I'll see what I can do to help you.

In that case welcome to the forums, your expertise is highly welcome and useful, especially in this DIY forum. You could help a lot of people in here, so hopefully you decide to browse through a little and give some advice to aspiring painters.

Here's a good tutorial on how to tolex it.

When you're taking the original tolex off, you just peel it off and you'll most likely need a belt sander to sand the old glue off the cabinet and get it nice and smooth.
They still usually have a thin coat of satin or semigloss, so take some 200 to rough it up a bit and work you way up to 280, then do the staining procedure and give it a nice rub with some high grit and just add some semi-gloss.
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lol, there's been like 50 people asking him for trades. He's made it very clear he doesn't wanna trade.

Free bump to you, my man.
Alright, I'm lowering it to 65+free shipping to lower 48 states. I really need cash.
Looks like you really don't know how the economy works, my man.
I'm in the LA area and I've got an EHX Metal Muff for sale, 70 bucks, it's in excellent condition.