Depends on the scale of your guitar neck.

On my Les Paul (24.75) I use Elixir .11's and they're easily the best strings I've ever put on it.
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Is it a normal thing to park on sidewalks there? O_o

So long as there's not a double yellow line (like the one behind the car) then... yeah.
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A few years back there was a guy, Grundy something I think his name was, and he claimed to be dying for a long time. But then just recovered - he had been faking it the whole time. He even posted as his wife from his deathbed.

Whatever happened about that?

EDIT: Found it:

Holy shit, that was fake?!
She's nothing spectacular, but she is a lot of fun.

2004 LCR
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i dont think you remember the pit correctly but ok

You could be correct, your posts are giving me the beginnings of a brain haemorrhage which could have altered my memory...
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But that is how I relax.

I'll forgive you then to relaxation.
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My God what happened to light-heartedness around here? Forgive me for having a title that I gave myself half a decade ago
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Wow, what an insightful thread. I'm sure it will be filled with just as insightful posts.

**** yourself, attention *****.

This is The Pit dude. Unless things have changed in the last 4 years, there's stupid posts all the time. Crack open a cold one, take a deep breath and relax
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Your most recent post was like 15 months ago. That's not really a "long while".

As I've said in another thread already, I've posted a couple of times, only to threads that I've been linked to by friends. Actually logging on and browsing, different thing.

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why capitalize every word in title

For the reason that when something is titled, whether it be a novel, film, game or even an essay, the first word is generally capitalised. Sometimes connectives such as 'in' and 'a' (examples from my thread title) are lower case, but I chose to capitalise because I wanted to

Also, just seen that MatrixClaw has become a mod! Congrats man!
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He died years ago though. How long has it been since you last logged on?

I've posted a couple of times last year and year before but not really browsed properly in a looong time.
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RIP Kensai

Well I just found out after logging on for the first time in years... Wow...
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The NS-2 is still the best noise gate pedal on the market IMO.

MXR and ISP both have a sore lack of options and control on the pedal, and ISP is way too damn expensive - it seems like they thrive off of the false idea that the NS-2 "kills your tone". I've done extensive tests with the NS, I'm on my second one - it doesn't affect my tone at all. So... I don't know what people are doing wrong with it.

...What happened to the first one?
Wow. Some things never change.

Hi guys.
JVM is average at best. My 2 cents for an ultra versatile amp?

It's stereo amp, and I don't think it's tube. However, for a stereo amp, it is very good. Don't plug guitar into it; just use it as hi-fi if it works.
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my bad man

i'm just hearing alot of critisim (which i want) but not much detailed advice (which i also want)

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Slow down, focus on only using your wrist to pick and relax.

You have much work to do and it will take a lot of time, don't rush and don't post back here for a while because you won't have improved.

Sounds like pretty plain and simple advice to me.
Don't talk about gas.
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The animated ones take more time so please be patient

Few pages back now but thanks very much sashki
Another post:

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I played one today. It sounds digital. I know it's like a 6505 but it's just WAY 2 quite.

Obvious troll and *reported*
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The TS9 and TS808 are built better.

No... They're really not

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The Maxon has true bypass but that doesn't really matter

Yes... It really does.

The Maxon is a real Tubescreamer, not a clone. OD808 all the way
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Roland Jazz Chorus.
Very very nice
But I agree with the comments that playing in a band situation and playing with a mate.

Still, awesome NAD
So agreed. I've been saying for a long time, if you buy a 5150/6505 with the intention of having great cleans, you're doing it wrong.
Can't listen to clips yet, but HNGD Seriously though Derek, how many times have you owned a 5150 now? xD

Gratz, and please get a Herbert soon, you'll love yourself for it

I'm a tory, always have been.
The 6505 is tight for sure. It's the reason I'd take one over a Recto anyday. But trust me, a 6505+ owner, a Maxon will work *wonders* for you
Until the next piece of gear

Gorgeous rig. IMHO could do with a Maxon OD808 to tighten it up, an EQ and a Decimator. Other than that top marks
Tbh I find that I can cover pretty much any aspect of metal I want with the Einstein no problem. A boost is always nice though
Haven't played the Mesa but I own the Einstein and it's *damn* versatile and would definitely recommend one over a lot of gear that I've tried.
It starts sounding at it's best as you approach volume 3

In any case, I run my 6505+ (Head) with much less bass than that.
Why people will pay extortionate amounts extra for a product that is inferior, but popular,
How time travels so fast after the clock hits 12:00,
Women (obvious),
How people can get up at whatever time they need to no matter what,
The male ego,
The power of music,
Blind faith,
The power of loss and how it affects people,
Social groups,
How you can sometimes be surrounded by people but often feel alone,

Will post more as I think of them.
A further Santa hat request for Gir would be awesome if at all possible, thanks

Maxon OD808 for sure.
Oh and ^ The Maxon raeps the Ibanez.
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I'd like to see ONE person on here try to honestly claim that they can tremolo pick faster with their wrist than their arm.

Guitarist who trem picks faster with wrist than arm clocking in.
Cabinets won't make you louder as you're putting the same amount of power through them.
Cabinets don't amplify. Amplifiers do that.

It will give you a 'fuller' sound as you'll be dispersing more air, but there won't be a difference in dB.
Definitely get a new amp - Modulated effects + modelling amps doesn't sound pretty.