that could be it, i live in iowa and its been below freezing these last couple of weeks which is about when i started noticing it
yeah, more like frets 11-3.. on my high e and b strings.. sound muted when i pick them. i don't understand? 10 sounds lively, nice... 14 does too.. in between there, on those two strings, no sound.. like its dead.. is it just cuz i have a cheap acoustic? (Epiphone DR-100) or does it have something to do with not stringing it correctly? any explanation/input would be appreciated
Fall city fall.. i remember listening to 1629. I liked 'the body discourse'
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It wouldnt be as good as the tube. Its a beginners amp, but they are well above average for that category. Its been a while since I played one. I seemed to like it for what it was though. It will be better than your L6 thats for sure.

Yeah, seems you get what you pay for lol. I'll keep exploring my options, think I'm ready to upgrade from the whole 'beginner's amp' category.
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Sell your line6 if possible. And scour craigslist day and night. Chevelle is a good band regardless of what the haters say

Ive seen plenty of Vyper Tube amps go for that price and I think it would suit you well with your budget.

EDIT: Just saw your post in EG, and a Vyper Tube would be miles better.

Hey man, what about the Peavy Vypr amps that are smaller, like the 15/30w amps? I'm a broke college student living in a dorm so i'm not really worried about being able to blast my shit, I just want it to sound good lol. In fact i play a lot into my headphones. Are the small Vypr amps as good (for tone) as Vypr tube amps?
Thanks guys... appreciate it. Just posted a What amp? thread in gear and accessories.
Hey guys, started playing guitar a couple years ago after i had a Squier Stratocaster sitting around my house for a solid 3-4 years. Started to develop my skill and starting to be critical of the sounds I'm getting...

Budget - preferably under 250$... understand could have to go up

Genres - Metal/Hard Rock most of the time. Favorite bands are always changing, but all time fav is definitely Chevelle. I know Pete Loeffler isn't the most talented guitar player of all time, but he's my personal favorite. Love his riffs. I like to play a lot heavier stuff though, too.. metalcore mostly. TDWP, Parkway Drive, Miss May I, ABR (if i get good enough)

New/Used Would go for used if it meant a significant price difference.

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Closest City Iowa City

Current Gear ESP LTD M-200 guitar, Line 6 Spider IV 30w amp.
What's up guys.. little background first.. I've only played guitar for about 2 years, I had a Squier Stratocaster since I was 12 but never played it until a couple years ago. I'm in college new and just bought my first upgrade, an ESP LTD M-200. I love the guitar, but I still hate some of the sounds I'm getting.

I have the Line 6 Spider IV 30w amp.. The channels on this amp are really frustrating me, none of them sound good any more. I like to play hard rock/metal.. mostly stuff like Chevelle or heavier like TDWP/Parkway Drive (preferably August Burns Red, etc. but i can't play their music yet)... so I spend most of my time on the metal/insane tones.. the problem is, with the gain up it sounds like shit. Regardless, I always play with a good amount of gain because its so weak without gain and i can't play the music i want to without gain. But the sound is so...loose, with a lot of gain.. The ringing sound of the distortion overpowers what i'm playing.. you can hear what i'm playing but its not like a crisp, tight sound.. its just..blah. It's still like that when the gain is like halfway up. Unless its like a quarter/off, it sounds like that, and if its that low i can't play what i want anyways.

This carries over to the other channels. The Clean/Twang channels are just..not for me lol. The blues channel sounds awful, like a metal-driven blues sound.. Crunch is supposed to be like a classic rock sound but just sounds like a weak version of the metal knob.

I've been playing on the red metal/insane green mostly but just doesn't sound like i want it to lol. Basically you can either chug or play openly but then you get a very thin/bland sound. generic. idk.

I guess my main point is, does anyone else have this amp and enjoy it? or have the same problems? Also if you have the 75w/150w, that model is a lot different. Their are custom channels and what not so i'm sure that sounds better. This one you can only choose from their channels and they all sound super generic to me. Thoughts?
thank you, ive actually looked a lot at them. seen a lot of the 'special' model ones but they are so cheap, why? ... and anyone else have a 15w spider 4? it seems like u cant really customize sound, just play their preset ones; but im kind of thinking thats just because im trying to play the metal and insane tones with my squier strat.
When i was about 12, never played before.. I wanted an electric guitar and my stepdad took me to the guitar shop and bought me a guitar. I didn't really have a choice in this, he also wanted to start playing and bought a Squier Stratocaster. Now, I'm 18 and I've only been playing about 1 1/2-2 years, but I want a new guitar because I'm at the point where I can actually play some shit but I like hard rock/metal and want a new guitar. I don't want to get something like strictly metal because I like some alt bands like old Offspring and Green Day, I love Chevelle, and I like heavier bands like August Burns Red etc. From my understanding, my Squier is made to play like blues and country which I hate. Also i have a Line 6 Spider IV amp. any suggestions for 200-300$ price range?