I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but there is a lot of pages here now with a lot of info. Basically I have a stock gcb95 and I'm wanting to upgrade. I'm thinking a red fasel and new pot would help, but I'm confused as to which pot does what. I'm sure there are differences between pots, but I don't know how I go about picking one on eBay. I'll probably end up doing the tre bypass too as I'm sure that could only help. And any advice on how to get rid of picking up radio frequencies?

Edit: I use my wah with both clean tone and distorted, mostly distortion though.
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there's normally a sticker on the pedal listing the voltage, polarity and stuff like that. there should be a similar sticker on any power supply you use. (or as tim/greeny says, the manufacturer's website should give you the info... though often it doesn't, as they want you to buy their own-brand power supply )

there's a good info thread there- there's a pic in the 2nd post where the sticker is deciphered for you.

you also have to be sure if the power supply is AC or DC. I forgot about that yesterday, sorry.

capital letters are overrated

Thanks again Dave.
Thanks for the info. I'll do some looking around. I'm going to be a poor college student soon so I really can't drop a bunch of money on anything. But batteries are expensive so I'm thinking a cheap power source will be better than nothing
Being as I'm still new to the whole pedal thing, how does the 9v power supply work? (As in will any ac to 9v adapter work for any pedal?), and how durable/ dependable are the adapters with multiple 9v plugs coming off of one ac plug? Or is it common/ better to have a dedicated ac to dc power supply to each pedal? I use the term "dedicated" lightly since they will be powered by the same power strip.
Ha thanks Dave, I'll let you know when I've mastered it
It's been a long time since I've posted in the forums. I'll start out by saying I usually play my acoustic, but I do have an electric with a peavey 6505 amp. Since I don't play my electric that often, I never really had any pedals until recently at a garage sale I got a pretty much new Dunlop crybaby wah for $15. Playing with that is a ton of fun. I didn't truly know how entertaining it was to mess around with pedals, so I've been looking for more lately.
Last night I found an ibanez ts9 tube screamer (again in like brand new condition) on Craigslist for $40. I messed around with it last night and wow that thing is awesome. I'm definitely going to be looking for a few more pedals in my future. Sorry I this post is pointless, I just don't really have any friends that play, and I was looking for a place to express my happiness. Also, any advice on technique for using a wah pedal?
I picked a great time to start checking out the forums again! This could get as big as troll face. Damn I love this site, I don't know why I ever stopped coming here.
Won't let me upload pics from my iphone, they're too large.. I'm at work bored as hell
theyre attention *****s? . If they can be covered with Pants and a long sleeve shirt theyre okay i guess, but if theyre like on the hands (below the wrists), feet, neck, face/head, thats just tacky and silly. anywho, thats my opinion on the subject.
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This reminds me, I need to get some stuff ready for the last weekend of hunting season this weekend, because after I fill my freezer with big game, I will get more serious about hunting waterfowl. Happy Thanksgiving, mine will consist of a fresh farm raised 27 lb. turkey.
Thanks W4RP1G. got it. i'll check these out tonight!
being named "Randy", I get alot of Austin Powers comments. I like my name... so no point in changing it. That and I have many nicknames, most of which I'm not too sure how I got them.
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Can you guys shut the fuck up about all the furry shit? Seriously.

Agreed. albeit the chat thread, this furry talk is kinda f*cked.
Go out to dinner then get wasted with friends, but thats like every weekend, so.....
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Ah, can't help you then!

It's all good, fearlessleadersaurus.
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There's 2 messaging systems. There's the one we used earlier, built into the forums and then there's one on your profile.

At the top right of the page click 'MY PROFILE'.

I got your reply, but thats it for both systems.
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That's another thing. The cost, is just nuts.

Over here, a tin of any type of Skoal starts at 15$, where the average (for like citrus and mint and whatnot) is 16$ to 18$ for a tin.

So that right there is a huge turn off. It's even more of a piss off knowing that in the states there's places you can get a tin for 1.69$ (kentucky).

HOLY BALLS! If it were $15 a tin here I would have been spending over $150 a week! wow its only like $4 here for cope and probably around $4-$5 for skoal.
Thinking more about this now. I wish I had someone telling me "don't start". Seriously, man its bad stuff. I don't wanna preach, but from experience, I can tell you what you have to look forward to; sore gumline, torn up cheek and innner mouth, dependence of a morning and after-meal buzz and many others throughout the day, bad breath, girlfriend won't kiss you while you have one (not open mouth anyways), having to "gut it" when there's no place to spit, sore throat, you get sick easier, higher risk of cancer, and the list goes on and on. I cant tell you what to do, but answer me this; Why do you want to start? I'm curious because I cant remember what caused me to start.
I chewed copenhagen for a little over six years. I quit 11 weeks ago and I feel so much better. Its a huge waste of money and can be addicting at times. I advise you to not start. I was a little young (14) when I started, but it was kinda the normal thing to do around here. I got up to about a can and a half a day, the price adds up quick (thats about $40 a week). Dont start, bud.
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I realized that I had some of that stuff saved on my computer already, so I uploaded them and sent you the download links. Check your private messages.

I dont have any messages
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Well there you go. Try listening to Nile, Origin, Brain Drill, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Spawn of Possession, Behemoth, Belphegor, Cryptopsy, Hour of Penance, Viraemia, Slaughterbox, Devourment, Decapitated, The Faceless, Necrophagist, Psycroptic, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Gorgasm, Cannibal Corpse, Blotted Science, Obscura, or any generic modern brutal/technical death metal band. And those are just some of the more well known. There are literally thousands of bands like that.

From the list you have there, and from the ones I have listened to from that list, I must say that I can appreciate the skill it takes to play death metal, but the lyrics just kinda ruin it for me. I wish I could get into the lyrics becuase musically, I like it, but lets face it, not only can I not understand a damn word anybody is saying , when I actually do look up the lyrics, they tend to be the most asinine group of words thrown together. No hate intended.
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When you write a cool riff and realize that it's from another song.

or its soo close that anybody that hears it is like "you just took it from (insert song title here) and changed one note"...
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I think there's a very simple reason why A7X get a lot of hate.

It's because they make it easy for people to hate them.

Cheesy-ass stage names? Accessible, radio-metal? Popular?

Seems like a recipe made to incite frothing rage in internet dweebs and tr00 metal fans.

Tr00 metal fans don't like popular bands?
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I don't think they'd make my top twenty or even fifty, but I quite enjoy them.

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Exactly! I'm feeling pretty ****ed right now but anway..

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Does anyone here know how to fix a TV lamp? And if not could you direct me to a thread that would?

I think you need a new amp
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Glad I could help, but ignore the second link I posted, apparently those downloads don't work anymore

As for gluing to pieces together, that's a common practice of every guitar manufacturer, but it usually has a purpose, like mixing 2 different tonewoods to get a more full sound. Gibson has been using maple tops to brighten up their guitars a bit for many years, for example.

Yeah that makes sense. and I noticed the links dont work either oh well life goes on. I'll figure it out, either way, it's going to be fun to build one.
W4RP1G. those links are great! Thanks for the info. And about the 1/2", that was just an example (a bad one at that). There is plenty of wood in the shop that is 1" and 1 1/2" thick, maybe some thicker, but I was just wondering of building a body with two layers. hmmm, I really don't know how to describe doing what I am thinking about doing. I will read more into those links later tonight. Thanks!
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That was not funny.

I obviously thought otherwise. Me and many others found it funny enough to be on a SNL "Best Of" movie.
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wow, thanks whoomit. and about the 1/2" body thing, I meant I would be doing all the routing on one 1/2" piece, then glue that to another 1/2" piece making the overall thickness 1". I would plan the build to have the pickup rout only 1/2" deep and the neck pocket rout only 1/2" deep. I hope that makes sense. If not, forget about it . Well I have plenty of wood in the shop (almost all secondhand/reclaimed), so maybe I'll just draw out a design, build it, see how it works, then learn by trial and error . I am very interested in doing this, and there are alot of great resources here. Thanks again
Wow, I just realized how long that post actually is. Sorry for any confusion.
Hello everyone. I have been looking at quite a few different guitar builds in this forum and I think I'm going to give it a whirl. I'm mostly just looking for tips i guess (I have looked through the "essential links" thread). So I'm thinking I'm just going to draw out a template for the body? I tend to over-think everything in life, so is building a guitar simple or complicated?
I'm going to do something basic.
6 string solid body
I'm thinking TOM bridge, but I dont know if I want string thru body or what.
One humbucker w/ coil tap/ tone knob and volume
Bolt on neck 24 frets
Im not sure what wood I'm going to use for the neck,body,head, but I think ebony for the fretboard.
Other than that, I think I can just make more decisions as I go.

My list of tools are as follows; Table saw, band saw, scroll saw, jigsaws, compound miter saw, various handsaws, jointer, drill press and other power drills, planer (i dont have any hand planes, but I can always buy one if needed), various rasps and files, hand router, table router, dremel, plenty of clamps. Other than average hand tools, thats about it for my arsenal of wood working tools. I consider myself proficient in the use of each of these tools, so I am confident in my abilities. But again, I overthink EVERYTHING! I tend to have OCD when I'm trying to be creative, like everything has to be perfect, so just tell me not to worry if I'm making a big deal out of building a guitar. Sorry for rambling...
Carrying on, I understand neck pocket depth, and neck construction, BUT, how EXACTLY is a truss rod held in place on each end? Is it due to the combination of; the ends being square and fitting tight, therefore not allowing the whole thing to turn? And should the neck be mounted laterally flat to the body, or should it have a slight angle on the plane to the body? Should I cut a scarf joint for the headstock, or make the neck and head from one piece of wood? Does it matter if the pickup pockets are too deep? Here's an idea, for simplicity's sake lets say I want the body to be 1" thick, can't a just glue two 1/2" boards together? If so, why couldnt I just do all the routing on one of these 1/2" boards, then glue it on top of another board? would that affect sound/tone negatively since its not one piece of wood (thickness-wise)?
Sorry for all the questions, I'm just in an OCD creative mood right now, and all these questions are running through my head. I've been planning the idea in my head now for a while, I'm just hesitant to act becuase I want to make sure its going to be perfect.
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Pure ****in' genius right there!!!! Everyone in my office is staring at me for laughing so hard!!! Where did that fat naked dude come from?

^THIS. they have no idea why I'm laughihg
If only grip-pod would make a 5 point adjustable foregrip. That would be the ultimate forergrip IMO. Swiveling option would be nice too. And Iron, I'm not biased, I love ALL guns
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Oh ho ho, this guy really threw down the gloves here.

oh snap.